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I am doing the quest Finding the Gardens of Eden, and currently I am in Vault 87, right by the door to The living Quarters, but every time I try to enter the door, the game crashes. Are there any other way around the door, or can I fix it somehow?

The game also seem to crash when I approach different areas, like the Arlington Library. The game used to crash when I crossed a line, but I managed to go around it and enter the library anyway. The same thing happened when I walked south from the entrace of The Cathedral. It also crashes every now and then, but that's the only time it's been at the same place several times.

There also seem to be some missing game files, such as the Enclave Hellfire Armor and Helmet, Feral ghoul reaver and some sciency-technological (appears in several factories and Project Purity) item you (probably) can't interract with. The Hellfire armor items isn't missing, just the looks, but my character looks like a giant red transparent square with a yellow exclamation mark on it. I play in first-person mode so it isn't really a major issue, but it would be nice to have it fixed.

I should also add that I got the game and the add-ons as an .iso file from an irl friend which I trust.