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Hello my fellow Nukapedians and friends. For those of you that do not know, my name is Leon and I run a (Hopefully) popular social segment dubbed the 'Strategic Nuclear Moose'. The entire point of the Moose is to provide entertainment to those who frequent Nukapedia, and to help ease our wait for the next Fallout title. Even more importantly, the Moose is an opportunity to involve as much of the Fallout community as possible, allowing those with ideas of grandeur to get their vision out and properly recognized. If you have never taken a look at this social blog, here are a couple links that can help you become more familiarized with the wonderful environment we've created:

Unfortunately though, I will no longer be able to continue updating the Moose, and I will be forced to hand the reins over to a new owner soon. As much as it pains me to do this, real-life obligations are calling for me, and I'll be having to spend most of the next 6 years away from this wonderful wiki. This is most certainly not a goodbye though, and I will be taking every chance to get back on here, say hello, and maybe even be productive and make an edit or two. :P Now! Onto business, jaa? There are many points of interest I would like to address before moving on:

  • Who is going to take over once I leave?
  • What new and/or improved features would you like to see in my final edition of the Moose? Would you rather see something left out instead?
  • What direction would you like to see the Moose take once the new leadership has been instilled?

Dragon Leon Skål!

Taking over the bar
The first issue I would like to tackle is the need for a protégé to take over during my absence. While the Moose is gradually evolving into a community-ran feature, it still needs a strong leader who understands how the Moose works and what needs to be done in order to keep the community interested and involved. Here is what to keep in mind before applying:

  • How socially adaptable are you? Have you ever been host to features that involve the community such as contests, polls, news digests, or even just a personal blog?
  • How active and flexible are you? The Moose requires a certain dedication to keep its spirit alive and fresh. The current idea is releasing a new edition every other weekend. How well does this fit into your schedule, and would you make any changes to how early -or late- you would prefer to release a new edition?
  • What vision can you bring to the table? The Moose isn't just about recycling the same old concepts over and over again. The Moose needs a constant stream of new ideas to keep the community interested. Are you willing to work with the community, and do you have what it takes to help the Moose grow with time?
  • Do you have an understanding of templates, here at Nukapedia? If not, are you willing to learn everything needed to keep the Moose updated? Are you willing to go out of the way to implement new templates and possibly even create your own custom templates?
  • The Strategic Nuclear Moose will still be my sole property, and will be moved to a proper Domain name upon my return. However, those who successfully take over will remain leaders of the Moose, and will be allowed to run sub-branches, allowing for collaborations and a broader range of creative flow. (New names will be required, however.) Proper credit will be given, and creative freedom will not become breached upon.

How to sign-up

  • Please list your name (User-Name) and a short biography.
  • Write out your reasons why you would like to take over the Moose, and how you plan on keeping the idea alive.
  • Write out your own personal vision of the Moose. You must write out an entire and proper edition, and it must include secondary sources from the community. For examples, look at the Patron's section or the Aces' Theater.
  • Once all of the applications have been entered and approved, there will be a community vote. Responsibility and ownership will be passed down to the winner. (Failure to uphold proper respect and responsibility will result in ownership being passed down to the next in line.)


Please sign your posts with four tildes. (~)

  • This is not so much an offer to fully take over, but to Under-write the Moose and ensure its short to medium term future. For those thinking of applying, I want to stress that this is a big task; one you may not fully appreciate until it's time to write it. I can commit to keeping it going on a Monthly Basis, but I feel it does need someone who can give it full attention and isn't distracted with the News, the Hole, and a soon to be announced new feature. Agent c (talk) 20:49, July 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Thanks a lot; it's good to know I can rely on you to help keep the Moose running. (For at least a little while.) I really hope we can find someone who can get the Moose back on its feet though. I have some big plans for the Moose when I come back, and I'm hoping we'll still be a familiar name so I don't have to start from scratch. Dragon Leon Skål!

For the next edition of the Moose, I was hoping to run a few ideas by the community to see what they think. If you like or hate an idea, make sure to say so. Do you maybe have an idea yourself that you'd like to see in the next edition? Then speak up and have your idea heard!

  • Patron's Lounge - An idea I set up a while back for the community to visit for a little fun. Everything from games, to mini-challenges, even prizes were involved, yet it seemed as if no one was interested. Do you like the idea for the PL? If so, what improvements would you suggest? (Y:|N:)
  • Aces' Theater - This social feature allows for a nominated user to create content for the Moose without actually becoming a Patron. (For those of you who don't want to update your works regularly.) (Y:|N:)
  • Karaoke Corner - Every week, (Friday) users may upload a karaoke entry for the community to enjoy and vote on! (Y:|N:)
  • SNM Crier - The SNM Crier is a news-feed for everyone who wishes to stay updated on Moose events and releases. (Y:|N:)
  • Twitter-Feed - (Y:|N:)
  • Bi-Monthly Community Feedback - Once every other week, a feed-back forum will be posted to review community consensus on how the Moose is currently running. Ideas and criticism will be greatly appreciated in these forums. Votes will also be put up in these forums for new ideas and patron implementation. (Y:|N:)
  • SNM RPG - An idea that has been proposed to me is to start up a Fallout themed RPG for the Moose. While I've never been a game-master, this idea is still exciting for me, and I've already started work into the basic mechanics. Does this sound like something that would help keep you interested in the Moose? What would you like to see if this RPG comes to light? (Y:|N:)
  • Ask Series - For any of you that are familiar with SNM already, I am sure you have already noticed the Ask Marcus/Harry patrons. If not, why not give them a look real quick? What I propose is an option for the ask series to branch out, allowing other users to create similar ideas that can be incorporated as side features in the Moose. For instance: Ask Oliver - Where you can ask questions on General Olivers' methods and what he plans on doing after the war with the Legion. Or maybe even an Ask Caesar to explain the other side of the coin instead. (Y:|N:)
  • Gizmo's Workshop - A special side segment of the Moose to show-case exceptional mods in the Fallout community. We are also wanting to implement this feature further by the addition of a video series on how to use the G.E.C.K. to create mods yourself. (Y:|N:)
  • Tactical Atomic Panda - A recent project of mine is setting up a Fallout/Wasteland-esque store for all of you hardcore post-apocalyptic fans! We'll have everything from shirts, edibles, and even plushies! Have an idea for us that you would like for us to make? Then leave us some feedback here, because special orders and commissions are absolutely possible! (Y:|N:)

Comments/Additional Ideas/CriticismEdit

Please sign your posts with four tildes. (~)

  • 6 years? How, why? Energy X
    • Yeah, I know. :( I will be back home from Norway either August 2nd or August 3rd. I have a few family matters to attend to first - which should take me anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks - and then I will be joining the Navy as a diver under guaranteed enlistment. Dragon Leon Skål!
  • I wouldn't be able to run the entire thing, but looking at the list of ideas, I'd be more than happy to run a mod reviewal section, mostly after seeing Beyond Boulder Dome on the news and spotting the idea on here. I have more mods than I should have really, so I might as well make use of them. I was thinking of something similar to the polls, in that ideas can be sent to me via talk or in the comments. Sadly, I wouldn't be able to include a section to do with making mods yourself using the GECK, as upon experimenting, or more, pressing random things, I've come to the conclusion that I have no idea what I'm doing on that part. --Sign243Talk
    • I'll send you a message soon. :) Dragon Leon Skål!

Direction of the Moose
How much do you enjoy the Strategic Nuclear Moose? How do you feel about the gradual improvements that have been being made with each installment? If you would rather see the Moose take a new direction instead, or if you'd just rather see a few minor changes, then please mention so right here and now and we will see about making changes to suit your tastes. We here at the Strategic Nuclear Moose strive to make your experiences as pleasurable as possible.


Please sign your posts with four tildes. (~)

  • Is no one really interested? I'm surprised, I was expecting at least a few people to step up to the plate. Please make sure to contribute to this forum if you wish to see the Moose continue in my absence! If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them for you. Hope to see some feed-back soon! Dragon Leon Skål!

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