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I decided to see the communities opinion on the best to worst followers. Instead of giving a list, I will mark each follower and then score them. Here goes:

The statsEdit

  • Charon:

-Durability:***1/2 Comes with mediocre leather armour, but can take a good few hits before going down.

-Weapons:***+1/2 His powerful shotgun compensates for his poor switchblade.

-Weight:*** Doesn't carry as much as other followers, but can hold enough

-Adaptability:****1/2 Can handle small guns well, has the best explosives, will use stimpacks. Also a good sneaking choice. Can be taken on with any karma.

-Other: Nothing extra about him. Opens up a unique dialogue choice with the G.E.C.K but nothing else.

  • Clover:

-Durability:**1/2 Has flimsy pre-war spring outfit. Although it means she takes any armour, you have to find her some before she dies.

-Weapons:**1/2 A sawed-off shotgun and a Chinese sword are both mediocre weapons in their own class.

-Weight:**1/2 Has one of the lowest thresholds for weight.

-Adaptability:*** She will wear most armours (most have a higher DR than pre-war outfits). Will take explosives onboard, and good with small guns. Can be deadly with the right melee weapon.

  • Jericho:


Has decent armour and will take many hits before going down, though he is no tank.


A Chinese Assault Rifle and a sledgehammer makes him strong in both kinds of combat.

-Weight:**1/2 Has a low carry weight.

-Adaptability:***1/2 Will take big guns in his stride, as well as small guns and melee weapons. Deadly when given big gins boosters and a Gatling laser or Minigun.

-Other: Can be humorous once given cigarettes.

  • Butch:

-Durability: **

Has a low pain threshold and has tunnel snakes outfit with low DR.


Carries a 10mm pistol (must be given the ammo for it) and a unique switchblade.


Has a low weight capacity


Only his small guns and unarmed increase, sadly. Unarmed is ok, considering he may run out of ammunition.

-Other: Gives haircuts on the go.

  • Sergeant RL-3


Although generally resistant, he is weak to explosive, and pulse weapons.


Although he cannot be given new weapons, he has a plasma rifle and a flamer with unlimited ammunition. Has the second best default weapon load-out.


Can carry the most as his weapons do not count. Easily becomes a walking(or floating) armoury.


Cannot use any weapons other than his load-out. He has no adaptability.

- Can be funny with his commmie-bashing commentary in the background.

  • Star Paladin Cross


Basically soaks up damage with her power armour.


Has a laser pistol and a super sledge, which is an okay load-out, if you can stand her doing melee without giving her extra weaponry.


Can carry a fair amount, but the power armour and super sledge weigh her down.


Gets a high energy guns skill, small guns skill and big guns skill, making her quite adaptable at ranged combat.

-Other: She can go hostile if you hack a red terminal or pick a red lock, so be careful. She will leave for the citadel.

  • Fawkes:


Takes death claw strikes like a scratch and laser shots like a tickle, And this is without armour.


Has a laser Gatling with unlimited ammo, as well as a super sledge. A loadout that cannot go wrong.


Can carry alot of weight, but his equipment goes against this.


It is unlikely he will change his equipment due to it's high damage rating. He cannot take armour onboard.

-Other: NPC's in places such as Republic of Dave and Reilly's Rangers may rub a Super mutant the wrong way. You need a charisma of 10 to overcome this. Otherwise expect a bloodbath.

--I-am-a-panda 23:06, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

The scoreboard:Edit




4.Star Paladin cross

5.Sergeant Rl-3



Numbers 2-5 were the hardest to choose, and is pretty close choice. if I had the choice, they would all be 2, but alas they cannot be.

So what do you think? Make you're own if you wish to. --I-am-a-panda 23:05, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

Fawkes is definitely powerful, but he gets in the way all the time.
Star Paladin Cross is also good, but she's way too tactical and never goes in guns blazing getting the job done quick.
I haven't tried the neutral karma followers yet.
I use Charon on my good karma character and Jericho on my evil karma character.
Dcruze 05:34, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

Crow's Picks:Edit

I chose my picks on the basis of adaptability and humor value.

1. Charon. He has a medium carry weight over all, but after listening to Clover whine and Jericho cough and complain, Charon's dialog made me feel warm and fuzzy. "I've got your back", "Be careful" and "What can I do for you" beats "I'm bo-ored", *cough*, "Cigarettes are getting hard to find these days" and "I didn't come out here to play Santa Claus". Charon also stays within a good distance, and I didn't have to bail him out nearly as much as Jericho or Clover.

2. Clover. I had a glitch that made her double-wield (and spawn) shotguns, so I gave her the Terrible Shotgun and she spawned another and never needed any more ammo. The best pair I had was Charon and Clover. She was also killer with a Shishkebab.

3. Fawkes. An incredible tank, Fawkes was awesome in the Capital Wasteland, but horrible in the subway and sewer tunnels. Bonus is the great weapon (Gatling Laser) and no need to supply him with ammo.

4. Star Paladin Cross. An incredible tough girl. Just don't do anything bad, or she'll leave you.

5. Jericho. A medium-tough guy. I got him killed alot, even with power armor. He disappeared on me in the Library archives-I got a message that he was dead, so I hired Charon (already had Clover) and combed the Library for his body, since he was loaded with my stash of Nuka-Cola trucks from the Children's Wing (plus I wanted to scavenge some more Power Armor). I couldn't find Jericho anywhere. Later in the game, I got a message that he had returned to Moriarty's, but I could never find him again. Bastard still has my Nuka-Cola trucks.

6. Butch. Whiny sucker. I shot his ass in the Muddy Rudder.

7. Seargent R1-3. I never got a chance to use him, since his availability and my karma were never in sync.

8. Dogmeat. I got him killed so many times that the last time I got him, I sent him to Vault 101 and left him there. I loved having a dog with me, but wished there had been an option to alter his tactics.

thecrystalcrow 0:55 21 February 2009


♠ I think the list will change, depending on your style-of-play. Meaning if you like to go into a place, guns blazing, you'll have Fawkes and Star Paladin Cross at the top of your list. But if your a stealthy character, you'll skip Fawkes (since he can't go into stealth mode), and probably have someone more versatile at your side like Charon or Clover. In general, Fawkes is the best tank, and Charon I think has the best versatility. They both get top spot in those respective slots primarily because you really don't have to give them more powerful weapons and such to make them more effective, they both have decent carrying capacity, and they're both REALLY good at what they do. Star Paladin Cross comes in a close second for an 'in-your-face' style of play, since she can pretty much outtank Fawkes ONLY if you give her the T-51B Power Armor. Clover on the other hand, comes a close second to Charon in terms of versatility. IMO anyway. Magnum101 23:09, 21 February 2009 (UTC) fawkes has to be the best and next is cross just give them some good guns and watch the massacre begin.Maccy Man the man with no plan. 20:40, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

Charon has to be the best hes good at everything his shotgun is really powerful and if needs be can be equipt with frags or better melee weapons

star paladin cross comes 2nd as with t51b her super sledge and maybe a gatling laser or minigun can be incredibly pwnage

fawkes is ok he is really powerful but can get in the way sumtimes and eqipting his wep is slow

clover and jericho are about the same equipting them with power armour and good melee weps can own

sergant rl-3 ive never used im using for the 1st time on my new play bt seams to be a very good tanker

butch is lame

i usally never give my follower better weapons and ammo because i suppose they will run out really easily is it worth it ?