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Okay, here we go~

cant say my opinion represents what most Chinese would think bout Fallout world, while i mostly grow up in uk and barely remember how to write in chinese bt since im still originated there, so, i still feel safe to speak out few things in the game which westerners may not sense (of course, u don't have to, its just a game anyway)

Fallout world is freaking cool in western eyes, i perfectly agree, n that's why i into it like f**kin hell! XD But when it comes to anything relates to China, it can be a little ridiculous, i assume that's bcoz game designers are purely westerners, emmm

1) All Chinese in the game speak in terribly thick American accent, especially those in Operation Anchorage. I can still understand most they say but it is kinda like how some of your local Chinese take-away guy speak English LoL

2) China did not adopt capitalist reform, did not open up to the world in 1970s, China remained as an old skull Maoist/Communist aggressor until 2077: That's the pre-term of fallout's Great War, right? bt such scenario is simply impossible! China's economy was on the verge of total collapse by late 1970s, without capitalist reform, communist regime could not survive

3) After the Great War, loyalists in Taiwan restored mainland China as a monarchy, and an emperor has ruled China once again: It is likely that after the Great War, Chinese civilisation somehow reversed to its ancient form as how part of America have reversed to ancient Roman style, mentioning Caesar's Legion. But that won't come from Taiwan for sure. It is like saying after the war, England has managed to conquer entire U.S.A, which is too funny

4) Naming China's nuclear submarine as Shi Huang Di (First Emperor), which is the origin of powerful tribe of Shi in San Fran: the name of that sub is just like the Holy Hand Grenade, when you throw it out, it turns out as a mushroom cloud! or in another word, it is a bit tooooo much, it is like saying an American sub is named as 'All Mighty Founding Father George Washington'

As far as i'm noticed that would be all, bt hey! it's just a game! who cares anyway!!!

Being of Chinese descent myself (and fluent in Mandarin) I can agree that the Chinese voice acting sucks complete ass XD --Skire (talk) 23:42, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

1: that comes down to where the voice actors come from. Bethesda's budget ftw.

2: the 1970s as we know it never happened. Instead the world progressed to the future that the people living in the 1950's imagined - In the USA this was Disney's tomorrowland. In China it was a more perfect form of communism. Technology and social developments took a completely different path.

3:do you have a source for this claim? I am unaware of any canon material referring to The status of Taiwan at all, or China post war.

4: not so sure I agree. Although I appreciate it's a separate country, those sort of titles exist in North Korea. Agent c (talk) 23:49, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

Hey OP. You can't really compare the economy of our reality to that of the fallout universe. You don't account for divergence and the rise of fusion power. Not that much is known of China (in the fallout universe) before the great war. But considering they were the rivals of the USA, who knows what made them a superpower. 00:59, September 13, 2012 (UTC)

1. In addition to the comment about Bethesda having to hire off a budget, you're forgetting some important points about the Anchorage Reclamation simulation. In game it's stated that the historical accuracy of the entire sim was changed to the point it did not reflect reality. If it's training capabilities were stripped, I doubt keeping the Chinese soldiers articulate was a major issue.

2. The Divergence. Our history is not by default the history of the Fallout universe, there are countless differences between the two.

3. Fallout: Extreme... Thankfully it never happened. This was a cancelled project back from the Interplay days of Fallout, for all purposes this game could have been BOS a few years early. Regardless, Bethesda had nothing to do with the game and it's not canon.

4. Well George Washington does have a ship, in fact many ships bare the name of notable figures from American history. Shi Huang Di is a more interesting case because (according to wikipedia) using the given name of a Chinese Emporer was taboo, and they went by alternative titles. So it's not quite as overpowered.

Also this

XxSick DemonxX (talk) 03:42, September 13, 2012 (UTC)