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Intro Edit

Alright everyone who is bored waiting for the next Fallout New Vegas DLC i have a task for you. Near Searchlight Airport there is a way to glich yourself out of the game map. What i am trying to do is explore the area outside the map and see what i can find!

Goal Edit

My goal is to try to find testing areas (like in Elder Scrolls Oblivion with the Frostcraig Spire glitch) and other things out of map they may hint about future DLCs. Please Join me in this task, any help is appretiated. If you find anything outside the map or about future DLCs please report back to me.

Thank you and good luck, Halomasterjk 21:23, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

Link to Glitch Tutorial on youtube [1]

Kris Perry 31/10/17- I used the magnum jump glitch to jump out from the fort from there i headed east, trying to catch a glimpse of Arizona is out of the question but it's know obvious to me why Caesar wants to take over the west, the land in the east is terrible, all up and down, no inhabitable areas.

Kade Britt (aka FalloutNINJA101)-Hey man can explain in detail how to use this glithc to get out of the map because I've never even heard of it. But once I can do it, I'd love to help out. There probably is something out there like the Beta Tesla Cannon from Broken Steel.

Standing atop the highest and most southerly mountain, to the south is the edge of the world, the east the end of the river can be seen, north and west is all rocky desert, the lucky 38? is nowhere to be seen. my only solace? climbed the mountain in time for the perfect sunrise :). anyway i'll keep looking let us know if you find anything interesting. --Mgriller 23:58, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

fyi don't bother swimming the length of the river, you just come to an impassable cliff at the southern end. you can enter the nuclear test site in amongst the craters, nothing valuable but thought was worth mentioning. also if you had cass as a companion (even though she couldn't get out the map and is nowhere near you) when you walk west she keeps saying things like "don't let them bury you in Vault City" might be relevent. --Mgriller 00:44, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

Kade-Look at the Searchlight Airport page there are 2 ways to get out of the map. Mgriller- thanks for all the hard work, i must admit the sunset on the mountain tops are brilliant! Thanks for all the help guys! Halomasterjk 00:31, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

You do realise just how big a area you have got to explore before you fall off the end of the world? Just head straight for the edge of the map and keep running to see what I mean. Oh and most the test cells I have seen exist in different worlds. User avatar tagUser Avatar talk 01:18, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

GhostAvatar- Yeah i started to realize how ridiculously large the map its crazy. Can you tell me where the test cells are? or do you have to find them using console commands? Halomasterjk 02:18, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

If you go to the entrance of Crescent Cavern West, there is a pile of rocks to the right that will allow you to access the entire map and can be accomplished with minimal effort. I finally was able to explore that large empty area west of Mojave Outpost and can easily access Legate's Camp. It's mostly mountains and empty space, perfect for adding new map data. I even left the entire map area; pretty cool, in my opinion. Anonymous-April 5, 2011


Does anyone know if there is anything south of the water found after walking for about 20 minutes south of the map? It appears as if the game is generating more water the more you swim. 06:23, December 9, 2012 (UTC)

i found one to the south and above the nightstalker cave to the east and south of mojave outpost. went to the other side of the mojave outpost fence, walked to the end of the highway. nothing out there that i could find... but my icon was totally outside the "map" nothing but a lot of hills... didnt go all that far, just about 2 inches south of the "map" edge. will be exploring further... may find back entrance to the divide, or even all the way up to the north west mutant encampment... or even east to the river...

Michael Smith December 24th 2013 Chippiesavalanche

I utilized the Searchlight out-of-map glitch and played around outside the map for about 10 hours total. Reached the map's fall-off zone by heading West. You fall off the map and then land in a seemingly endless(and slightly irradiated) ocean. I intend to return at some point, but this time I'll bring hundreds of Rad X and Rad Away with to compensate for the radiation and get as far. If you wanna explore the ocean, don't plan on going at all without rad away. Considering I only found water to the west, and "Michael Smith" only found water to the south, its safe to assume that the entire map is surrounded by this ocean. Never the less, I intend to continue heading due-west and looking for the alleged "Vault City" that Cass keeps talking about. If you are looking for secret loot on the fringes of the map, you're out of luck I'm afraid. I've circled the map several times and found nothing.

Sam Bowden, May 12 2014

I've found a way to explore off map to the west. If you climb the hill just behind the two graves near the pass to canyon wreckage, you can drop down behind the entrance to the lonesome road. So far just miles of empty mountains...still walking.


West of map