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Roleplaying is an optional way of playing the game. This can be for just a short, brief time, or the entire game. Here are some ideas on who/what to roleplay. Keep in mind, these are just a few ideas. Feel free to add any more you think of and create your own!


Slow down: You don't need to run and jump everywhere. Take a walk through the desert, watch the sun go down, relax. Besides, how can you run from Goodsprings to New Vegas without resting or eating?

Do not fast travel as often: Try to walk to places instead of fast traveling. It is understandable if you are a merchant, going back and forth, but in that case fast travel to a location near town and walk from there.

If you are up to it, play realistically: Turn the HUD opacity all the way down so that you can't see your ammo, health, compass, or crosshair. If you want even more of a challenge, turn the difficulty up as well. This is real wasteland survival.

Watch your weight: No, you are not going on a diet. Try to limit what you are carrying; for example, only carry a primary weapon, a sidearm, a knife and some grenades for your weapons. Store some Stimpacks at your house and only carry a few with you, or only have one set at a time; keep the rest in your house. How can you carry a minigun, Fatman, and 5 different small guns at the same time?

Eat and sleep: Try to eat at least once a day, preferably twice. Return to your house every night or two to get some sleep. Remember to carry food and drink with you on your journeys, enough for a day's work.

Realistic injuries:

- If one of your legs is crippled, walk slower than your max speed, and if both legs are crippled, walk very slowly.

- After major battles, rest (wait or sleep) in order to recover from whatever injuries you may have suffered.

- When one of your arms is crippled, rely on one-handed guns like pistols or melee weapons like knives.

- If your chest or head has been crippled, don't eat. It would hurt to swallow.

The Lone Wanderer: This one is relatively simple to play, but it requires a certain mindset. You are a man or a woman who was chosen to carry the fateful package of the Platinum Chip. You were captured, shot and promptly rescued by the good doctor of Goodsprings. Due to the bullet to the head, you're suffering from amnesia and cannot really remember anything apart from the fact that you were shot.

With the help of the people you encounter, you piece together what happened and why, though you never quite remember your past. You might have been a Hardcore Survivalist or a Technological Genius (this can be reflected on what you tag). But now you find that although you somehow know the basics, you can't recall where you learned them from. (Explains how your character knows how to hack, pick locks, skin an animal, etc.)

With nothing else to go on and the only memory being that of the man who shot you and caused this mess, you set out looking for answers. Along the way you can either save or destroy the Mojave.

Vegas Resistance:You had enough of the petty wasteland factions; NCR trying to throw their ideals at you and the Legion trying to throw you on a cross. So what do you do? You fight them. Kill any legionary or NCR personnel on sight. Wear merc clothes and use a rifle like a Service Rifle or Vermin Rifle. For a sidearm, have a 10mm or 9mm pistol. Use explosives for ambushes only; the Resistance is not well-founded. You rely on killing or raiding for supplies. Ideally, you have the Sneak, Guns and Explosives tags, because you will be using hit-and-run tactics. Have Raul or Arcade with you and for a hideout, use Wolfhorn Ranch. It has high areas to scout on and plants for food.

Legion Ambusher/Scout: You are an elite scout for the legion on your first mission. You will need binoculars, a Sniper Rifle and a Machete. Make only Healing Powder and eat at least two pieces of food per day. Keep eye on the rangers and NCR stations and occasionally raid the camps with a companion. Find a camp; the Viper encampment is a great spot to raid caravans. Make sure Caeser wins at Hoover Dam, or, alternatively, you can just stay at the camp and live forever as a scavenger scout.

NCR 1st Recon:You are in the NCR's 1st Recon sharpshooter division. Use a Hunting Rifle. Wear a 1st Recon beret, a pair of sunglasses, and any NCR armor (excluding Ranger armor). Use Boone as a spotter. You can do recon on Legion camps, snipe the Legion, and stay at Camp McCarren in the 1st Recon tent, unless you get them sent to Camp Forlorn Hope, where you would be on the front line killing Legionaries instead of Fiends.

NCR Veteran Ranger:Wear Ranger Combat armor. Use the Ranger Sequoia or a Hunting Revolver for a sidearm, with your main weapon being an AMR, Trail Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Assault Carbine, or Hunting Rifle; or something different if preferred. It really all depends on what range you are most effective at. You can live anywhere where there are Rangers stationed (preferably Camp Golf). Remember, you are a seasoned Ranger who has served the Rangers for 20 years or more. You are a silent and deadly killer, and don't show any mercy.

NCR Patrol Ranger:You are a Ranger, only recently completing training, and have little experience in the field. However, as a Ranger, you are still top-notch. You will be staying at any of the numerous Ranger camps placed around the Mojave Wasteland. For weapons, you may use any of the same weapons Veterans use (except the Ranger Sequoia). Of course, wear anything Rangers wear!

The Hunter, and the Hunted

Being shot in the head has its repercussions! As a result of the traumatic brain injury you received, you have lost all ability to feel empathy. On the downside, you are also now a paranoid schizophreniac who believes someone is hunting you down. As a result, you must constantly be on the move (never stay in one place, like a town, for more than a day) and must cover your tracks by all possible means (such as hiding bodies). This includes hunting down anyone who has any connection to you (Mr. House, Benny, Ulysses, etc) and murdering them. You must also kill anyone who you encounter along your journeys such as Doc Mitchell and people like Trudy in Goodsprings if you decide to ask her about Benny. This also means you can't have any companions aside from Rex. If you want to actually finish the game, you can side with Yes Man. You can still complete quests for resources, money, and xp, but you must kill the questgiver and those who you meet during the quest when it is finished or else your hunter might use them to track you down. Once you develop a reputation with a faction, you are enemies with that faction (there are exceptions, such as if it causes you to fail the "Wild Card" main questline). You don't (have) to kill the merchants you meet, but it is encouraged. Cannibalism is also strongly encouraged!

Assassin-You are the quintessential cold-blooded killer. Carry a pistol, a long-ranged rifle, and a melee weapon. Specific load-outs are dependent on your faction, including:

Vault 13's Legacy - You grew up in Arroyo & you're the son of the Chosen One. After passing your trial, you journey out & become a courier, but get shot in the head. Once you finish the courier job you decide which side you'll take in the fight. For roleplay, keep your Vault 13 Armored Suit for the entire game & a 10mm gun of some kind.

Van Graff Weapons - Gauss Rifle, Plasma Defender, Ripper Clothing - Van Graff Combat Armor

Caesars Legion Weapons - Hunting Rifle, Machete, .357 Magnum Clothing - Legion Armor (any kind)

Omertas Weapons - Sniper Rifle, 10mm Pistol, Combat Knife Clothing - Grimy Pre-War Suit, Pre-War Hat, Sunglasses

Make a living, with killing others being your main source of income.


Assassin (Second) - I see a lot of assassin type characters on here. I am an assassin on pretty much every game I play. If I can't be an assassin on it I don't play. So, by my finest suggestion, here it is: Class Setup. First, if you have all of the DLC or just the one for this armor, get the[1]. It has a nice DT and provides night vision. If you do not, I would use the NCR Veteran Ranger armor. If you can't afford to get THAT, then anything in the Medium weight range is good. For the weapons, I usually take the Anti-Materiel Rifle (Modded out if possible), a Silenced 22. SMG (For light-armored foes), and the cosmic knife (Clean). If you can't get the cosmic knife try getting Chance's Knife. For any other guns I would do the riot shotgun for emergency's and a Fire Axe or similar in case your foe is heavy-armored. Reputations: Well, when I play, I generally am enemy's with everyone. The BoS is alright, and the strip is usually where I assign myself jobs so I try to be liked there. Otherwise it's up to you. Backstory: You woke up in your snipers nest as usual. You were scouting the Legion. Then all of a sudden, lights out. You awake to see a barrel sticking in your face. Bang... Lights out... forever..? NO. Victor digs you up and brings you to the doc. It takes weeks, but you recover. Then you set out to do one thing... Kill. S.P.E.C.I.A.L and Tag skills: Alright. For special, I would put three into agility and 2 into perception. For tags, Sneak (Obviously), Guns, and Melee. As for caps, if you are on a PC, do player.additem 0000000f and then however many caps you think you should get for assassinating a target of your choice.

Vegas Saints: After being propositioned to work for Mr. House, you kill him as his interests oppose the NCR. After killing him you take the Lucky 38 as your own and live in the Presidential Suite. After upgrading it to house more than 7 people, you begin recruiting people for your crew, the Vegas Saints. You are not NCR but you strongly support it and do whatever you can to help it with no reward expected. To give your crew the Merc look, equip them all with leather armor. Crew members are your companions.

Boone: Your second-in-command and sharpshooter. Remove his Beret and Sunglasses. Equip him with a better Sniper Rifle, and a Combat Knife for melee.

Veronica: Procurement specialist, you take her out to gather supplies for the crew, as with no expected reward from the NCR your crew needs ways of supporting itself.

Cass: She's the wild card of the group. Skilled with explosives, she's the one to take when stuff needs blowing up. To make her more attractive, equip her with a Ballcap with Glasses, and then equip her with Biker Goggles.

Arcade: Your team's medic. When someone gets injured by Cass's dynamite, Arcade will patch them up. He is also the "science guy" of the group, able to hack and work with computers and medicine. He mostly stays at the clubhouse.

Raul: You've given Raul something to fill his life after the death of his sister. After rescuing him from Black Mountain, Raul will maintain the weapons and machinery in your clubhouse, serving as your mechanic.

Rex: Your group's mascot and trusty dog. Handy for scouting and finding useful items.

ED-E: Can be used for recon and surveillance due to his speed and advanced optics. Take him with you on recon and surveillance.

Lily: The group's "grandma", she keeps morale up and watches the clubhouse.

Each crew member can be used for certain missions. For example, when it comes to sniping and surveillance, take Boone and ED-E.


NCR General

Be either a field-handy Commander or a do-nothing-at-all Desk Jockey.

You are a Brigadier General in the NCR Supply Corp. whom was leading a very important high-paying job (delivering the platinum chip) and as you made your way to New Vegas from your Nipton Office (changed for role-playing purposes) you are intercepted by Benny and shot. When you wake up and see how Doc Mitchell has patched you up you see the possibility of you being recognized as a General has been greatly reduced, and therefore most Soldiers both NCR and Legion don't recognize you, except for Colonel Hsu, General Oliver, and Major Knight. Whom all know the details of your mission. First thing you need to do is make way to the Nipton Hotel where your office is. When you arrive and find the Legion you know you're outnumbered and you play it cool and agree with what they've done. Get some NCR gear off of your former staff at the Hotel and do the introductory missions (remembering details about yourself as you continue - be creative and make them up!) Once you get invited to go to The Fort You have an urge to go to the Nellis AFB. Once inside the Base you see that some nut is wearing your highly (over) decorated uniform (Boomers jumpsuit) and some other fool is wearing your hat! (Boomers hat) Court-Martial the guy (by firing squad) whom is wearing your uniform and take it back. Then with the hat you can do the same thing OR alternatively, you could steal a Ranger's Hat OR if you want to be a First-Recon General get the Beret off of Boone.

Now that you have your Uniform sorted you realize it's time you got a squad of Soldiers to Protect/Serve you and obtain Boone in the process re-enlisting him as a Lieutenant dressing him in Trooper armor. If you chose to be the field-handy sort help out wherever possible e.g. Trooper recovery missions (Ranger Morales is a good one) Investigator (Hard Luck Blues) and take it to Caesar's Legion by doing the Morale missions at Camp Forlorn Hope and taking Legion positions as well as doing the main storyline for the NCR. Or if you're the do-nothing-at-all Desk Jockey do missions based in/around Camp McCarran as General Oliver's Second-in-Command (use the Office on the first floor by the bathrooms) then eventually the NCR storyline because your scheduled updates don't go through, Hoover Dam is under performing since General Oliver arrived, and you're sick of Caesars Legion raiding all of your supplies.Other than that you do as you please but within reason.

AND REMEMBER: As a General, you control the fate of the Mojave Wasteland contingent of NCR troopers - will you make sure the Soldiers of the NCR are ready to fight as well making sure the Civilians are protected? Or are your interests purely business and strive to only gain NCR-friendly results?

It's all up to you, General. We're counting on you.


Gang Leader: Now that the companion glitch is here, you can now have six followers. This will allow you to start your own gang. You're probably gonna want to have a rough backround for this roleplay style, to better fit in as a Gang Leader. First off, think of a name. Any name could do, really, but a solid, regular name is best (not silly names, unfitting names, actor names, or famous people names; You don't want to be running around the wastes with a name like George Clooney). The next step is to acquire an appropriate uniform. This will show your status as leader. Wearing your gang's proper apparel alongside a possible helmet or weapon that let's everyone know you are the superior gangster. From that title, though, there are many ideas of what a gangster is, so choose a certain type of gangster according to it's roleplayability. There are also different kinds of gangs, too. You can be a greaser gang, which goes along the lines of the character Butch (from Fallout 3): Leather jacket, "Pompadour" or "Tunnel Snake" hairstyle, a switchblade, straight razor, baseball bat, and/or brass knuckles; Since you want to be intimidating to your enemies (or anybody, really), choose a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. that best fits a Greaser. You can be leader of a mob (grab a Shishkebab to mimic a typical flaming weapon of a mobster). If on the PC, you can use the console to create a good sized group of wastelander-looking people who will follow you in formation. You can go with the Mafia approach (which I do believe is synonomous with the Capone-era Gangsters): The format follows the look of a 1920s-1940s gangster. For appearance, you would probably go with Caucasian or Hispanic (and I am not trying to sound inappropriate here, but certain others were restricted in this sense...not to say you can't play as any other race, just following history), with either a Smooth Wave, Pompadour or Tunnel Snake for a hairstyle. Facial Hair can be any of the light styles (not Survivalist, Machiavellian, or Muttonchops, etc), a Rough Beard (not as a Greaser or Mafia member, it doesn't fit!), or simply no facial hair. For apparel as a Mafia Gangster, you can wear the Dirty Pre-War Business Wear, (the Grimy variant in New Vegas has a bug that rendered the meshes and textures with the same ones as the Dirty Business Wear, but still shows it's original appearance when dropped on the floor), or just about any of the clothes worn by gamblers (Dapper, Stylish, etc). Also very important is the wearing of Fedoras of any kind (You don't have to wear one) as well as eyewear: Tortoiseshell Glasses, Tinted Reading Glasses, Sunglasses and Eyeglasses all fit (and are optional, although they make your character appear as an authority figure) the bill for Gang Leader. The only difference with the setup is if you are directing towards the Viper and Jackal gangs. These are difficult to get into because they don't have a specified HQ, although you could make any settlement yours for the taking. For these gangs, most hairstyles and facial hairs work: They are comprised of many different survivors. Their uniform,however, consists of Mercenary clothing (Cruiser, Adventurer, Veteran, Charmer, Grunt, or Troublemaker), or simple light armor(s) (Leather, Leather Reinforced). They carry a multitude of different kinds of weapons, so pick one that suits you, or one that is unique (therefore signifying your authority). You should now have your wanted look for your character in the roleplay. After you have that in order, you need to settle. getting settled won't be easy, but it won't be hard either, in most cases. To start, you need to Collect. This means you should gather all your needed allies and friends together, and create a place for home, HQ, your own. If you are a Greaser, try the New Vegas area. Any place in that city works. If it's Mafia, Vegas wirks, but preferably Freeside, Westside, and Vegas itself. If you're in a raider gang (which is completely ludicrous; I figured I would keep that last sentence in as it wasn't my idea. Anyways, the Fiends would bust you for it), try around Vault 3 or Red Rock Canyon. If you want to be the Mobster, try Westside! It's perfect ti gather those unsettled Settlers and riots-give them some riot shotguns. And, like I said before, baseball bats, Shishkebabs, etc. Freeside is also great: The Kings provide many members for you to "convert" into mobbers. For a place to chill as a gangster, obvious approach is the casino strip. User:LukaSlayR13• 05:46, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

I suggest a casino or place of business the silver rush maybe for a greaser gang I suggest Freeside but setup at Mick and Ralphs maybe and constantly war with the Kings for a street gang I suggest doing the same thing I said for the greaser gang. The next step is gain an arsenal get weapons lot's of them. Then take out rivals or ally with them your choice after this is done setup shop by this I mean whatever your gangs proffesion is you can start to do it and build profits since your rival are out of the way now you can specialize from anything such as drug dealing arms dealing killers for hire robbing people and stores extortion prostitution gambling anythings possible. Then sit back watch your criminal empire grow. Heres some ideas for gangs feel free to place your own ideas here too.

Name:Black Hand


Uniform:Grimy Pre-War suits with fedoras

Profession:Murder for hire, Extortion

Headquarters:Lucky 38 Casino


Weapons:Baseball Bats, Laser RCW

Name:New Vegas Cartel


UniformPre War ParkStrller outfit sunglasses


Headquarters:Silver Rush

Rivals:Great Khans

WeaponsMachette,Service Rifle

Great Khan:You have been in the Khans all your life thats all you know you live in red rock canyon for weapons you have a Trail Carbine and a submachinegun what you do on a daily basis is wake up train then go hunting then come back you can also do missions for your tribe though this will gain you more respect within the tribe and maybe one day you will become the leader but before you do anything do the missions for Jack and Diane so you can get your Khan armour then if your a tough enough Khan maybe one day you can become a warrior and wear the Khans helmet but until then your just a lowly tribe member just getting by like every other Khan.

Fiend:Your a Fiend you live in Vault 3ou wear raider armour and a Fiend helmet and are adicted to chems and serve your leader Motor Runner attack rival tribes such as the Jackals,Vipers,and Scorpions. After you take out these tribes and prove yourself then Motor Runner will give you missions to start doing Guerilla attacks on the NCR such as raiding their towns shooting their officers stealing their chems then you have a choice to either kill Motot-Runner and take over the Fiends or let him live and continue to serve him its your choice.

Chairmen:Your part of the Chairmen you have a pompador you always wear suit. You start of as just a guard guarding The tops. Then you become a soldier you shoot up the omertas and white glove society with your partner boone. Then you become a bodyguard for Benny you have 22 silenced machinegun and wear pre war hat and sunglasses and follow Benny around and you kill who Benny says. Finally Benny thinks you now to much takes you out to the desert and shoots you but you live. So you come back and kill him. Then you become leader of Chairmen and your personal bodyguard is Boone and you walk around in Benny's suit and conduct chairmen business and Yes man is your right hand man you can make alliances with the other families or attack them. You can make the Chairmen legit or start a crime ring or two by sellings weapons drugs extorting. It is up to you what will the Chairmen's future be.

Kings Gang Member:You are a young man in freeside lifes hard thugs beat you up every day but your a good kid so you don't fight back. But one day its to much you go to the King asking for help you know he runs things around here. You tell him your problem he says he will take care of it but you have to do him a favor so you say ok. He tells you to find some info about a local gate guard named orris so you do as your told that wasn't to hard and you made some caps you start to like this. So you keep doing jobs for him until that one day you went to him for a job and as your talking a King busts thru the door saying King we got a problem turns out pacers in a jam he's in a shootout with some NCR people so yo go down there thats the day the day that changes your life the King hands you a gun and sends you to help Pace you kill every one of those NCR troopers. When you come back the King lets you join The Kings you do he puts the jacket on you an says welcome to the Kings that day is the proudest day of your life. From there you can do a few things as a King you are pretty free you pretty much do your own thing. You can either be a dealer sell to dixon, a guard stay at the gate when you see a local follow them or just a brawler get in fist fights or gun fights with non kings.

Garett: You grew up in Freeside your mom and dad where never there so you became a junkie. You got your stuff from the Garetts This goes on for years until one day the Garetts offer you a job as a guard so you guard the door for a day and they supply you with free chems as your payment you do this for about a week. Finally they see something bigger in you they offer you a job as either a pimp or an enforcer its your choice it depends on your character which one you want to do. If you are a pimp you should wear a nice suit and accept missions from brother then you get promoted to con artist you make people pay the garrets taxes. If you are an enforcer wear leather armor and take jobs from the sister then you get promoted to bounty hunter then you wear bounty hunter duster and kill Caleb after that you could kill Van Graffs or other local players maybe even random people who supposedly did the Garrets wrong.

Van Graff: You are a poor kid from freeside who never had anything. Your mom and dad got killed by the Omertas way back when the families just became civilized. So you grew up on the rough streets of Freeside by yourself eventually you got tired of being pushed around so you joined a local group of thugs and started makin a little money. But it still wasnt enough you wanted to make it big. So one night when you where sleeping in the abandoned house across from the Silver rush you see a bunch of guys with fancy weapons and armor roll up and shoot up the silver rush and kill everybody. You wanted that you wanted power like that so you waited a few years training getting ready to be a van graff because he knew they just didnt let anybody in he did his research asked around town so he knew these guys where the real deal. So finally the day came he went up to Gloria Van Graff and asked for a job she accepted and started him off with something easy as a thug who guards the door. But your grateful. You do great your first day you had to kill a guy but it was okay it wasnt the first time. So you went back inside after a long day Gloria then promotes you automatically to courier then you deliver a few packages. After that comes Soldier she promotes you to soldier and then you start going to deals with gloria making sure nothing goes wrong. Finally after a few years you become Gloria van graffs personal Assassin you and Jean Baptiste are the only ones who have the priviledge to be called assassin. As assassin Gloria sends you on one man hit jobs killing the Van Graffs enemies Kings,Garrets,Gun Runners,and eventually the strip families after you finish off the local gangs. Finally after all the killings all the jobs you hit Nero and Big Sal then the Van Graffs own New vegas from there you can even go so far as to take out NCR and Caesers Legion.

Xeno Soldier: You are a super soldier sent to Earth by the Emperor of the Xeno Fleet orbiting in the Solar System. In order to keep your people and fleet alive, your mission is to kill all inhabitants of the Mojave Desert so that your fleet can drain what little resources remain in this husk of a planet. Give your character a high Endurance, Intelligence, and Perception. Xeno Soldiers are good at hacking, repairing, and killing, so tag skills are Science, Guns, and Repair. Xeno Soldiers are instinctive surviors, so give your character Cannibal, Ghastly Scavenger, Toughness(2), Life Giver, Adamantium Skeleton, and Jury Rigging perks. You are armored with the Remnants Armor and the Veteran Ranger Helmet. As for weapons you carry the 12.7mm Submachine Gun, the Minigun, Light Machinegun, and the Shiskebab. Euclid's C-Finder is used as an orbital strike from one of the fleet ships. Helios One, Nellis Air Force Base, Hoover Dam, and REPCONN Testing Site are all important targets because they hold solar panels and electric turbines that can be used to power the fleet, and rockets that can fuel the fleet. Farms are secondary targets because they have the food needed to keep the fleet alive. You may also want to get the Monocyte Breeder and Sub-Dermal implants. Companions consist of Rex or ED-E. If you want a base try the Brotherhood of Steel hidden bunker. Hope you ENJOY.

Brotherhood Of Vegas: You are the founder of the newly created Brotherhood Of Vegas/BOV. BOV was created when you a paladin in the Brotherhood of Steel became sick of the lockdown that the current elder refused to lift, you and the companion Veronica(Can be found and the 188 trading post)approached the NCR at their new vegas embassy and created the new brotherhood that will work with the NCR to obtain all pre-war technology for the NCR for the good of vegas. Knowing that the current elder would not agree he must be overthrown not by the head paladin Hardin but by you activating the self destruct terminal found in the VR room of the hidden valley bunker level 2 floor(Hint - Leave veronica outside or you risk crushing her,first you must be able to wear power armour and have a large supply of all Power armour sets and energy weapons bought from the brotherhood shop stored in weapon lockers in the lucky 38 suite. I suggest using the fallout 3 T-45d power armour for patrols, try to recruit all humanoid companions that are able to wear the power armour and send them to the lucky 38 which you can use as your brotherhood HQ. Try not to get to far into the story line or somethings may become unavailable, each companion has their uses and depending on what you are doing should help you decide which to takeout on patrols, Boone for recon and scouting, veronica for close combat firefights, Arcade Gannon for treks through out the wastes ect. There are no real skill/perk requirments but I do suggest gettin 100 in energy weapons guns and speech, try to make your character a slow moving battle hardened tank that wander the wasteland highways scavenging for technolgy with other members of the Brotherhood and the Enclave type eye-bot ED-E.

Hunter: You wander the wastes, just you and your trusty rifle, maybe a pistol, and that knife, perfect for skinning and slicing meat. Give your character a high agility, maybe charisma for selling those goods? Also, give your character the Hunter perk. Suggestions for tag skills are Guns, Survival, Barter, and/or Melee Weapons. Pretty simple idea ; keep meat for yourself to cook, sell some, tan gecko hides and sell them, etc. To make it more challenging, play it on Hardcore mode.

Brotherhood of Steel Initiate/Knight/Scout/Paladin: You're a member of the (now hidden) Brotherhood of Steel, the Nevada chapter. Create a character with a high perception, probably strength and a few points into endurance (for those heavy weapons and bulky armor). Tag the Energy Weapons skill and any other that would apply to the Brotherhood rank you're choosing. After creating your character, visit the 188 Trading Post along Highway 95 and get Veronica as a follower. After that, head to the Hidden Valley. Take on quests for Elder McNamara and either -Spoiler- overthrow him to allow Head Paladin Hardin to take command or leave McNamara in charge. Finish the quests and obtain Power Armor training. You'll have a nice reputation with the Brotherhood and can wear T-51b Brotherhood Power Armor (remember to grab it from the groups McNamara sent out, like to the REPCONN HQ building)if you're role-playing as a Paladin. If you are an Initiate, Knight, or Scout, do what they would normally do. An Initiate would probably spend their day in the classroom of the bunker, learning. After that, maybe head to the range for some target practice. Then, on some days, maybe a rank higher then you sends you out on a training mission? A Knight would do similar activities to a Paladin and Initiate. Practice in the range, wander around, have an Initiate friend that you're helping train, etc. Now, as a Paladin, you should wear the T-51b Power Armor and use either a Guass Rifle, or a Laser Rifle. Like the other classes, shoot at the range, help out Knights and Initiates. As a Scout, you would go out on night missions and gather info. Maybe information regarding Nipton?

Cowboy: You're one of the most bad ass people in the wasteland. Make your character similar to the hunter, with High Agility and a decent Perception for that dynamite! Get the Cowboy perk and wear a Ranger Vest outfit. Keep a revolver, cowboy repeater(with all mods recommended),a knife or hatchet, and some dynamite. Wander around, camping wherever you can. Take some missions from Dhatri at Camp McCarran. Stay in Goodsprings either for a while, or actually live there (since it's very similar to the , Saloon, General Store, etc.).

Prospector: You wander the Mojave seeking fortune from the vast amount of goods scattered around. Wear an outfit most prospectors wear, like the Merc Charmer outfit. The same goes with guns. Make stops at the Prospector's Den or live there. Be sure to trade with any caravans passing by. Most importantly, just wander around! You never know what supplies and adventures await you (especially in the Mojave). If you manage to make enough caps, head to the Strip. If you don't want to go to the flashy, and elegant Strip, stick around in Freeside. Spend your caps at the Atomic Wrangler or, horde up those caps to retire some day. Just like Easy Pete.

NCR Ranger/Soldier: Become a member of the feared, yet respected NCR Rangers. Or, fight on the front lines as one of their soldiers! Wear NCR armor as a soldier and use a Service Rifle. If you find any troopers gathered together wandering, help them out! Find a Legion camp? Assault it. As a Ranger, find some Ranger Patrol armor and use either a hunting rifle or cowboy repeater. Visit the ranger camps or head to Camp Golf. Since the Rangers are considered "one man platoons" take out those legion raid camps when you spot one.

Caravan Guard: My personal favorite. You are a guard of caravans. You escort the merchandise to its location, and get your pay. Wait in Novac or any other places where Caravans stop by (188,around Freeside's outer entrance). Wear either Leather Armor or a merc outfit, and carry either a pistol or shotgun and ALWAYS keep it ready to fire. Use ammo that isn't for your current gun type,and sell it for pay. Keep pay relatively low. Maybe about, 60 caps? An idea for pay is half and half. If you guard the caravan to outside Vegas, perhaps get paid 40 caps at the 188 and then the other 40 (maybe even a 10 cap bonus) on arrival to Vegas. Be sure to pack some food. Note: Since you'll be walking along with the caravan, it lets you get a feel for how beautiful the land scape is. Considering it is in a wasteland.

Legion Member: You are one the Legion's (possible) thousand members. You respect your leader and has ideals that are pure,at least to you. Dress in Legion armor and use basic rifles and a machete. Also throwing spears. Carry around Bitter Drink and Healing Powder. Assault NCR squads when you come across them. Perhaps scout around for your camp? Follow any groups you see wandering the Mojave. Assist them when they come into conflict with the "mighty" NCR to simple Mole Rats and geckos. Follow the ranking. Perhaps one day you achieve the rank of Centurion, and you lead your soldiers to true victory.

Knight: You are a self-proclaimed knight. You don your Metal Armor/Metal Armor,Reinforced, and a Super Sledge,Machete, or any other crude, bludgeoning, slicing, weapon. Wander the wastes. You're not the brightest, so focus on Strength and Endurance. Are you good, and help the people of the wasteland, or bad, and demolish prospectors and wanders that you see? Find yourself a nice abandoned shack and live out of it. If you're really "crazy" you could follow a knight's code and get your followers to wear the same/similar attire.

Primm's Sheriff: Since the current Sheriff of Primm was killed,unfortunately, you are now the new sheriff! Equip the Sheriff's Duster and hat. Use 9mm pistol, maybe a single shotgun, anything that a law enforcement officer would probably wear. Think up self-made quests that could happen in Primm. Maybe a settler was attacked by geckos. Head out there and kill them, it is your job to keep the town safe. Give Deputy Beagle and Primm Slim orders. If you have to go out for a few days, assign Beagle as temporary sheriff.

Powder Ganger: The NCR imprisoned you in their "Correctional Facility". Laying down railroad tracks gave you guys access to a lot of dynamite. Look what happened to the facility, the prisoners now run it! Get on good terms with the Powder Gangers, wear their armor and always have a basic pistol or rifle, and of course, some dynamite! Keep shelter form the harshness of the Mojave at the facility. Create self-made quests for yourself. Maybe you need to collect more dynamite for everyone, set out and collect. Help them take over Goodsprings. This would give you a nice "safe house" to go to when nobody else in the land likes you.

Freeside Citizen: You are a citizen of Freeside. Everyday you are mugged by thugs hoping to stay alive. Same as you. Wander around Freeside. Try and get on good terms with the Kings and gain their protection. Become a thug yourself and kill people to simply stay alive. Visit Mick & Ralph's for a basic weapon. Merely a knife or baseball bat. Wander into Westside and other Squatter areas. Steal food from any building you can. Basic Rule, stay alive. To make this much, much harder, turn Hardcore mode on.

Westside Milita and/or Resident: You're one of the poorer people living around Vegas. The NCR at the Aerotech Office park don't have enough room for you. You're pretty good with a gun and get an offer to become a Westside Militia member, also you're now known as a citizen of the area. If you're mainly being a member of the militia, then wear leather armor and since you're pretty poor, probably a single shotgun. Keep a pistol/revolver or knife with you also. Set up shifts for yourself. Some days go on patrol around town and others just guard one of the entrances to Westside. For pay sell spare ammo to Miguel in his Pawn Shop, Westside Co-op, or Klamath Bob's Liquor Store.(same as the pay for a caravan guard). Because Westside isn't a very well funded community, pay shouldn't be too high. Maybe 20-30 caps? Try and eat either on hardcore mode or off. You could also use your pay to bet at The Thorn or,and to make more money, fund yourself for equipment to go down into the sewers and scavenge/"prospect", similarly to Saint James and Dermot. Stay at Casa Madrid. Another use for your "extra money" is to spend it on one of the prostitutes inside. Man, one of the things Fallout 3 had up on NV was it was way easier to roleplay. Oh, and I love the cowboy idea. Way cool.

Mafia/Gangster: You were nothing but a lowly Courier until your encounter with Benny. After you were shot you've decided you were to nice of a person, to giving well no more you decide to take your life in a different direction, absolute and complete power. You do not wear armor or have need for such wasteland advances, no no you wear only the best suit possible carry only a 9mm pistol and use your cunning charm and intellect to get what you want and if that doesn't work force is absolutely necessary... You start off small and work your way up to the top. Bringing whoever is willing to join you and destroying the power of whoever is not. You take out the big shots of the wasteland with only a mere bullet to the head such as, president Kimball of the NCR, General Oliver, the mighty Cesar, and even Robert House himself. No one is above you when people hear your name they dare not bad mouth you. you are the Don of the Mojave Wasteland, You own Las Vegas, Everyone knows your name, but thats not enough you want complete control and you will do anything to get what you want...

You are King Leonidas of Sparta, transported to the Nevada Wastes over thousands of years by a bullet that entered the Courier's forehead at exactly 88 miles per hour. Or perhaps you have been forced to travel though time setting things right. Or maybe you are just a product of dementia and brain damage caused by Benny's bullet and past remembrances of the cheesy action movies the Courier once loved. You travel the wastes wearing only a prostitute outfit and a metal helmet. You smite your enemies with anything sharp or stabby. Spears, machetes and knives are all good. You travel the wastes fighting hopeless battles, preferably in narrow valleys and crevices. Fight the blind deathclaw in Primm Pass with only a kitchen knife. Lure legionaries to the Devils Gullet and kick them in with a well placed ranger takedown, ensuring them that this is, in fact, Sparta, not Nevada as they erroneously believed only moments ago. Rhomb 05:00, November 29, 2010 (UTC)

Trizzip 01:41, December 3, 2010 (UTC)
Don't forget about the Great Khans. I'm RP'ing my current character as a Khan from out west that had recently moved to the mojave and became a courier. He has a high unarmed and melee skill and detests NCR. His backround makes no sense since the great khans wouldn't help Benny kill another khan.

On the westside militia one you can get paid by completing the white wash so that you get paid by the guy in the coop every week.

a vault 22 evictee mr. house has cruel kicked you out of your home

Or a Vault 3 survivor --Trizzip 17:27, December 10, 2010 (UTC)

Walker Texas Ranger: A character like chuck norris,but not one that goes around owning everyone using his fists, you are more like walker texas ranger. you would have a high unarmed skill and guns. basically just go around bringing texas justice to the bad guys, you could be a ranger for the NCR. you must learn the take down from ranger andy as it is like walkers roundhouse kick (when in 3rd person)and use the 44 magnum with the heavy frame as it looks like walkers handgun (or maria). wear any cowboy hat with something like the sheriff's duster or ranger vest outfit. you could use the ncr emergency radio to get trooper support as the trooper looks a little like walkers sidekick, trivette or travette however it's spelt. you could also use maria as a weapon as i have seen walker using a similar weapon.

Freeside Police: you take it upon yourself to bring some order to freeside. use the body guards as your police men and pay them by getting them to follow you. they help you bring order by helping you kill the freeside thugs who are a threat to freesides citizens. you should get idolised rep with freesde as you are the locals hero. also the kings member that comes up to you with with gifts from the king is bribing you to leave the king alone. whether you take this bribe or decide to shut the king down is up to you. you could live in the atomic wrangler and make sure the van graafs accross the street keep ther place. reverse pickpocket the freeside bodyguards so your deputy's have a uniform. (e.g. combat armor but you have mark 2 so you stand out, also i don't know how many there are but get them all to wear police hats. or you could just wear one to stand out) also give them all a similar weapon like the 44 magnum or the police pistol of dead money (i dont know how many there are). you could use the riot shotgun. have some sort of a deal with the gun runners or van graffs so they supply you with ammo for your men. find somewhere to have as police hq, maybe the place where you find fisto. take down any illegal weapons dealers or drug dealerds you find and help the followers in the old mormon fort, they respect you for helping freeside. you are the citizens of freesides last hope of maintaining some law and order and rebuilding its reputation in the wasteland. you could make a vow not to leave freeside until justice is served. this is especially hard on hardcore mode as you are voluntary and have to pay the bodyguards. leaving you with little money to buy food from the butcher in the street and water form the king by the water pipe. this may lead you to corruption by accepting bribes from the king and using your police status to shake people down for the wrangler. as you are voluntary your only way of getting paid legitametely (i can't spell) is by selling what you loot from freeside thugs. most of this money will go to paying for you police force (bodyguards). or you could play it as if you weren't voluntary and sell ammo or something to to mick and ralphs for weekly payment. you despise the securiton gatekeepers as they have no interest in protecting the citizens of freeside just the gates to the strip. which you also despise because you could never afford to get in and it just makes people lose all there caps then settle in freeside with no other place to go, this makes freeside more crowded with a higher crime rate which you hate.

Assassin: have a high sneak skill and take any missions which involve assassinating people. for example assassinating kimball or caeleb whatever his name is for the wrangler. but you work for anyone assassinating anyone. you could also make up your own targets such as ambassador crocker or even caesar. you could pretend to have an employer that gives you made up jobs. the twins in the wrangler are good for this and you can sell them something (ammo) in different amounts e.g. low pay for unimpoortant characters such as freeside locals but high pay for people like the king. you can make up your own style of assassin maybe a silensed sniper assassin who wears a suit and sunglasses (viva las vegas suits the part) or you could be a ninja that wears chinese stealth armor and uses only melee weapons like the machete and throwing knives, a ninja would also make use of lots of poison. another option could be a demolitionns expert using c4 mainly but dynamite, powder charges and mines as well to deal with your targets. time bombs are also an option (because c4 is so expensive you can drop the dynamite on the floor wait for your target then shoot it causing it ito explode.) whatever assassin you are you make use of the skeak guns and melee skills and possibly survival for poisons. some good weapons to use are most blade type melee weapns, slienced sniper, silenced 10mm pistol, silenced 12.7mm pistol, silenced 22 pistol, silenced varmint rifle (ratslayer), silenced 22 smg and silenced 12.7mm smg. make use of various disguises when killing poeple in those factions.

Exiled Ranger: you were a member of the desert rangers until they joined the ncr. you did not agree with the ncr and were exiled from the rangers. you hate caesars legion the most and kill any of them you see. you do not agree with the ncr but you do not hate them. howver you must get vilified rep with them as you are seen as a traitor to them. they attack you on sight and send there rangers after you. any veteran rangers you see were once a member of the desert rangers like you but they are now with the ncr. your main objective is to protect th people of nevada, ncr territory doesnt matter to you but in nevada you protect any wastelanders who deserve protecting. you also wish to gain revenge for yourself by killing hanlon the chief of the rangers who you blame for turning the desert rangers. take his ranger sequoia and use it as you weapon. you can also use any repeaster type weapon, i used the trail carbine scoped. (the desert rangers may have been good at melee if you wish to use that instead). wear the bounty hunter duster with the slave scarf (that looks like a hood). and if you choose to have a follower use veronica as what she wears is similar to what you wear. she was also exiled (sort of) from her group, so she could be the first member of your new desert rangers. or you could just travel alone as a lone ranger.

Last of the Tribals: your tribe lived in tribal village you were tough but one day when cazdore hunting you got injured and went to nearby friendly town goodsprings to get healed. upon returning to tribal village you find it overun by cazadores with the bodies of your tribe scattered around the place and many dead fiends. you also find the bodies of your former allies the great khans. your tribe had long been enemies of the finds, jackals and the nearby viper gang in bonnie springs. you now seek revenge on the fiends for slaghtering your tribe. but first you must ask for help from the great khans in red rock canyon. they cannot help you defeat the fiends as they have drug deals going on with them. however they can help you defeat your tribes old enemies the vipers.(this can be done by getting the vipers form bonnie springs to chase you to red rock canyon were the khans will kill them). you can then take the trail carbine of one of their leaders and use it is your primary weapon. you also don your tribes armor (any raider armor of the dead fiends, painspike is probably the best). you could also use the metal helmet reinforced as no one else wears or or the great khan spike helmet to honour your alliance with the great khans. you should have good rep with them and do there quests to repay them for avenging your tribe and helping you defeat the vipers. you should then defeat the fiend leaders including motor runner. when killing the fiends in vault 3 you should take the hatchets and throwing hatchets to use. the only weapons you can use are the hatchet, throwing hatchet and trail carbine or cowboy repeater. you should also make use of poisons. your primary skills should be melee, survival and guns or sneak. you sould not use chems only healing powder either because your tribe didn't know how or because you hate the drugged up fiends. however after competing a few quests for the khans you could pretend they taght you how to make and use chems. (you can actually make stimpaks at campfires).you could make friends with the ncr as they also attack the fiends. you could also help the legion or attack them depending on whether you wish to join them alone or rebuild your tribe and defend against them form destroying you like they did to so many others. after defeating the fiend leaders you should hunt down any remaining fiends and hunt down your tribes old enemies the vipers and jackals. you could attempt to rebuild your tribe with companions ang by restoring prospectors den and pretending the prospectors are your tribe members (try reverse pickpcketing raider armor onto them but make yourself unique by wearing a bandana or something).you can make allies for you newly restored tribe in the great khans, boomer, scorpions, the thorn, ncr/legion, powder gangers. you can also make new enemies out of these along with the old ones. if you make the powder gangers your allies you can make the ones from vault 19 allies with the great khans. choose how your new tribe acts, whether you raid small towns (goodsprings, primm, westside etc.) raid travelling caravans as they cross the mojave, make your money like mercenary's by accepting jobs, make money by dealing drugs like the khans, sell weapons and ammo like the gun runners, protect towns like goodsprings and primm from geckos or westside from fiends and the scorpian gang. you could also shake people down for money (you could pretend todo thids by completeing the whitewash and getting monely daily from the coop as shakedown money. or your tribe could become self sufficient without need of caps, hunting for food and using a lake or something for water. the future of your lost tribe is up to you! (you could have the mohican hairstyle and pretend you tribe was the mohicans making you the last of the mohicans)

Gladiator: you were a great victorious centurion for caesar defeating many tribes in the east. you planned to retire to your family in wolfhorn ranch but caesar went back on his promise. you escaped by defeating vulpes inulcta and the other members of the legion in Nipton. you reached wolfhorn ranch to find your family murdered. and members of caesars legion nearby. you must kill the legion members and bury your family (the gravestones on wolfhorn ranch). your are now hunted by the legion (vilified rep) and its assassins. after defeating its its assassins you make your way to the thorn were you become enslaved and turned into a gladiator. you take on every animal starting with 1 of the easiest then increasing until you finally reach 3 deathclaws. you can only use melee weapons (including throwing spears). after you defeat the most of a certain type of animal you must take on one of reds hunting challenges. when you have finished them you gain dinnerbell and your freedom from the thorn to be a gladiator for the legion. you make your way to cottonwood cove using your trusted machete and dinerbell. then defeat the legion explorer and take his disguise. you cannot be recognised by caesar and will exact your revenge. you must defeat the gladiators in the arena first and slowly improve your rep with the legion, then whent the time is right you go on a suicie mission and kill caesar gaining revenge for your family and then joining them in death.

NINJA: You are a f-ing NINJA! You wander all around the wasteland, assassinating your enemies. You're a mystery wrapped in riddles tied in a sudoku. No one knows what your face looks like. You always have a (combat) knife and a nice revolver with you. You rarely kill anyone who has already detected you. Instead, you attack from the darkness, they don't notice anything until the very last moment. Always be sure to have some stealth boys with you. You decide who you work for, maybe even for more then one army? In the end of course, you backstab 'em all! [Adviced outfit: Chinese Stealth armor] - [Adviced companions: Lily and ED-E (upgraded by the Followers)] - [Adviced weapons: Hunting revolver, combat knife] - [Adviced skills: lockpick, sneak, unarmed, melee] - [Adviced perks: Friend of the Night, travel Light, the Professional, Animal Friend, Mister Sandman, Light Step, Ninja] - [S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: high Agility, high Perception]

In reference to the Chuck Norris idea, that's more for Fallout 2. You could actually kick people then.

John Travolta: sent by the great Hubologists to spread the word, you arrive in New Vegas armed only with your good looks, disco dancing abilities, Benny's suit (or any black suit you can find if you want to go all Pulp Fiction), your charming speech, and every pistol in a fifteen mille radius. You talk to babies voiced by Bruce Willis, have a high Charisma and Luck, speech and guns are also important. You side with yourself and only advance far enough to start visiting other factions, you spend your free time on the strip or in a Deathclaws mouth (interpret that as yuou will) and you can breathe underwater (get the rebreather from the Boomers). New Perk Added!: Battlfield Career: Having Spread the Truth of Hubology Across the Wastes, You now have unlocked the ability to make terrible films about that are critically unsuscessful yet gain an avid cult film fanbase. You now have access to the Alien Blaster. You drink Atomic Cocktails, hit on the prsotitutes dancing at 4 AM when no one is around to see them on the Strip but they do their job anyways, punch random people in Primm (the OTHER New Vegas!) and, in the end, always reenact Tarantino films while listening to the fourties swing on the radio.--Kleiner352 04:27, January 3, 2011 (UTC)

Great Khan: You must wear any great khan armor and hate the ncr. there are lots of weapons you can use such as 10mm smg's, hunting shotguns, trail carbines etc. trade with the great khan trader and jack. do quests for the great khans and become papa khans heir, (complete we are legion with good rep with great khans). have a high unarmed and melee skill as the khans are tough. also have a high medicine or science skill and survival for making chems. teach jack how to make new chems and help decide the future of the khans. also lead the khans into an alliansce with the escaped convicts in vault 19. raid caravans and towns and split the spoils with your fellow khans. also attack any ncr patrols you come accross and even take over ncr settlements (restore better springs). go on drug runs for the khans by selling drugs to motor runner. you could also expand trade roots for the khans, possibly with dixon and contreras (he steals from ncr so you know he isnt that bad). get the perk toughness twice as the khans have to be tough, you could also get the sub dermal implant. unfortunatly no companions can wear great khan armor but you could give them metal armor with the khans spiked helmet or something. you could become the heir then seceretly kill papa khan and become the leasder of the great khans. the choice is yours whther you forgive the ncr or if you stick with the legion even if they crucify drug runners, or you could go independantly.

NCR Member:you start of as just a trooper for the ncr doin a mission for ranger jackson at the ncr's mojave outpost and gaining your service rifle. you can only wear trooper armor and tooper helmets and use your service rifle 9mm pistol and combat knife. you can be stationed at mcarren go on patrols searching for fiends, or you could be stationd at forlorn hope and guard the camp from the legion. or you could find a patrol and travel with it. when you have done a few easy quests and made up quests (eg delivery jobs, patrols) you get promoted to a unit leader, get private halford and keep him permanently as a companion and use the ncr emergency radio to get a trooper companion and patrol the mojave looking for fiends, jackals, vipers and legion to kill. take away your helmet so you stand out in your unit but keep the same weapons. do some more easy missions with your unit and get promoted to liuteneant or corporal or something and lead your troops into battle. wear a beret and use a 10mm pistol or smg. you are now not just the leader of your unit but you command a part of ncr's army. you must lead the attack on the ncrcf and retake it for the glory of the ncr. and also lead the attack on nelson and retake that for the ncr. and retake boulder city and rescue the hostages from the great khans. once you have completed these great victories you are recognised as a hero and are promoted to first recon sniper. you can do a mission with your whole unit (kill driver nephi) and then travel around with boone as snipers work in pairs. as first recon you take on the more difficult mission for ncr especially ones that involve assassination from a distance (eg you could be sent to snipe a centurian in cottonwood cove from the clifftops. you should also wear a first recon beret and use a soped weapon (sniper, hunting rifle, trail carbine). after many missions as an ncr sniper you become a ranger and take your special trainnig (all implants and the ranger takedown move form ranger andy) as a ranger you are situated in one of there camps around the mojave or at house resort in camp golf. wear ranger patrol armor and hats and use a cowboy repeater or trail carbine or something. you must protectit and do some missions for ncr. then you shoud kill motor runner and the other fiends from 3 card bounty. you should retake cottonwood cove by clever means ( you can't just go in there and shoot them all as rangers work alone and that would be impossible). you sould make up some very difficult missions (possibly involving khans, fiends, legion and maybe restoring quarry junction so that ncr has cement again). and eventually you earn you black armor, which you wear at all times. use a weapon like the anti material rifle or something and you are revered and respected by all as a veteran ranger. you could also use salvaged power armor and a light machinegun as an ncr heavy trooper.

Mobster: you are a mobster for the omertas. start off as a lowly thug with dirty pre war buisneswear and a pre war hat and as you work your way up the family you get better suits and hats such as suave gambler hats, benny's suit, amdbassadors crockers suit and viva las vegas. as a thug you just guard the gomorrah all day but you have ambition, you are more than just a guard, so after a while working there you ask cachino for a promotion. he makes you an enforcer. your job is to shake down stores for the omertas. a good one to do is the westside coop as you can collect about 10caops from there a week if you complete the white wash in a certain way. but you can shake down other shops as well for example you can steal things from mick and ralphs and pretending this is the payment (or sell the stolen goods to them as payment). you can do this with any store but you can also do it with street stalls.if someone doesnt pay up smash there place up with the baseball bat and maybe rough them up a bit. after doing this for a while you are moved up to the rank of soldier. as a soldier you get your own crew, a good member for your crew would be boone as he is always so serious, you can also use temporary companions and when dealing with affairs in freeside use the bogyguards. as a soldier you help the family to fight the rival gangs of new vegas. you can decide who this is but good ones are the chairmen and the kings and the van graffs but the white glove society could be used as well. you can raid their casinos and kill their men. other things to do as a soldier are dealing, you could deal weapons with the gun runners. but it is better to deal drugs. you can do this with motor runner in vault 3 and dixon in freeside or anyone else who can buy chems. some other rackets are prostitution (which the omertas specialise in) extortion which was mentioned above and you could take over the water pipe in freeside from the kings and charge people for water or just get a piece of the action with threats. you can also find out about cachino betraying the omertas and tell nero or big sal. when you do this you will be promoted to a button man. you kill whoever big sal tells you too. maybe ambassador crocker as he is head of the miliary piolice or the king as he is the head of an enemy gang. after making a few big kills you make your bones and become a capo regime the highest raank you will be able to reach with nero as the don and big sal as his underboss. as capo regime you can do any of the previous jobs and basically ovsee the gomorrah maybe work out alliances with other families like the chairmen or start wars with families like the white glove society. or maybe after a long loyal service nero will let you out of the omertas to start your own family as don. you could start in freeside using some of the previous rackets that nero gave you (dixon, water pump, mick and ralph's etc). weapons you can use as a mobster are sawn off shotguns, laser rcw's (look like tommy guns), silenced 22 pistol/smg, 10mm pistol, 12.7 pistol, riot shotgun, 44 magnum, police pistol and time bombs/c4. remember no one leaves the omertas but maybe you do to join a different family doing quests for them and taking simlilar missions with them (guard, drug dealer, hitman etc.) families you can do this for are the cairmen , whitegloves, kings , atomic wrangler and van graffs. the atomic wrangler is good as their quests are quite mobster orientated and they give you a room after some quests. the van graffs are good as they also have well suited quests and give you there own unique outfit to use.

Sherriff: choose a town which you like and become it's protector. you can wear anything and use anything whatever suits you. you could be like an old cowboy sherriff wearing the sherriffs duster and a cowboy hat with a trusy cowbyoy repeater and revolver. or you could be like a modern police man using the police hat, sierra madre armor and the police pitol. you could be like dirty harry wearing a suit and gambler hat and using the 44 magnum. or you could be like a military police in combat armor with an assault rifle or combat shotgun. you could also do it ncr ranger wearing one of there outfit using a service rifle something. primms sherriff and freeside police have already been done. if you wanted to be goodsprings sherriff it would be better to be more of an old cowboy sherriff with sunny as your deput. you protect the town from geckos and coyotes etc. you also defend from powder gangs in particular eddies gang. you must try your best to defend from eddie and anyone who dies you take personally. westside militia has already been done but i think the militery police type would be better there. for novac you can use the motel room and have ranger andy as your depalong with boone and manny vargus as your er deputy's. you were hired after the nearby ranger station charlie was destroyed, the ncr type would be good here as there is a retired ranger and 2 retired first recon snipers. maybe you have also retired from the ncr. protect the town from the legion at nelson, gouls from repconn and mutant/nightkin from black mountain. if you wanted to help police the strip you could be like dirty harry if you are with house or dress like a member of the ncr military police with a cattle prod. you could also protect sloan from the deathclaws and pretend the mole rat is your pet. you could also be a freelance merc who protects for payment. for any of these you could use a companion as a deputy, cassidy looks the best for this. you should also always keep the sunset saspirilla deputy badge you andd your deputies, as some kind of identification.

Gang Leader: become the leader of your own gang. you could be raiders, mercs, caravan guards, hunters, canabals, assassins or sould use somewhere as your gang hq, maybe a small town like goodsprings, prospectors den, or a a cave/mine, or just a building somewhere (boulder city is abandoned except for a merchant who could be part of your gang. another good one is the ncrcf, it is a fort and your gang could defeat the powder gang to capture it. your gang should have its own uniform, this could be unique outfits or something simple like raider armor. but you should look unique somehow. weapons is something to consider as well, does your gang have a speciality, energy weapons, repeaters, snipers, axes, explosives etc. you should decide your gangs name and what it is like but here are some examples anyway;

Deathspikes-your gang wears metal armor and metal helmet reinforced as it has horns. you are a raider gang that pillages towns and caravans for supplies. you worship the bighorners for the strength and there mighty horns. you gang uses weapons such as the spiked knuckles and bladed gauntlet. you wear reinforced metal armor and use the cram opener. your hq is in jacobstown after you defeated the mutants there. it is safe there from your main enemy the ncr. you makes brahmin sacrafices to the bighorner gods. if your tribe cant find food you leave the mountain and eat people.

New Vegas Republic-you are a gang of militarised revolutionary's much like the ncr but with alot less numbers. you have normal troopers who wear combat armor and helmets with assault rifles or 10mm smg's. you also have heavy troopers who wear combat armor reinforced mark 2 and wield miniguns. you wear assassins suit or combat armor reinforced and use the riot shotgun. your headquarters is the ncrcf after defeating the powder gangers and you will soon launch an attack on primm.

  • the corleones- a mafia family that runs the lucky 38 casino on the strip. your main rivals are the other mob family the omertas you are at war with. their main racket is prostitution and yours is drug trafficking yo sell to dixon and motor runner. your gang wears grimy pre war buisnesswear as the omerteas wear dirty pre war buisnesswear (or the other way around). your men also wear suave gambler hats, you wear ambassador crockers suit/viva las vegas/deans tuxedo and authority glasses/sunglasses. your men use riot shotguns, 9mm smg's, silenceed 22 smg's and you use vances 9mm smg.

Celebrity; you spend your time on the strip gambling with your vast amounts of cash. choose a casino to live in. if you pick gomorah you should have access to the vip part of the casino and bar. you enjoy watching the dancers and bang hookers every so often. if you pick the tops you live in the presidential suite. when not gambling you watch the rad pack and other shows on. you could also live in the ultra luxe to show your true class. you live in theb bon vivant suite and also eat the high quality food from the restaurant. you also enjoy the swimming pool and gambling. you he a bogydyguard who always follows you so you dont really need a weapon. but if you have to use a hold ot weapomn, something small and unique like maria or lucky. your bodyguard could be any companion. you should give them high quality armor and weapons, like combat armor and a riot shotgun. a suit and sunglasses also looks cool. you could be a celebrety form the ncr and haave a ranger bodyguard by using the emergency radio. a good companion bodyguard is cass. good things to wear for men are benny's suit, deans tuxedo and viva las vegas and president kimballs suit. good things for women would be veras dress, ambassador crockers suit or formal wear or dapper gambler suit. authority glasses and sunglasses are also good. have rich friends as well, people like crocker and swank. you can choose yourfriends and people who you dislike depending on what your character is like. you could dislike nero and big sal but like mortimer. you could also use compaanions friends. you could have a wife/girlfriend or a husband/boyfriend. some good ones for these are joanna, marjorie, dazzle, cass/veronica and sarah. or crocker, mortimer, boone/arcade, swank and santiago from freeside. you could propose to thhem and give them a gift by reverse pickpocketing them something, like a frag grenade (bad joke). you could pretend there was a wedding and party somewhere when its busy, like the ultra luxe restaurant or the tops theatre. it is best if its a companion as they can follow you anywhere. you should go out with your frnds and do things that rich people do after the war. maybe go fishing (lakelurk killing). or hunting, stay at hunters ranch and hunt for geckos etc. you could also be racist to ghous as you are so up yourself and hate the poor people of freeside.

Enhanced Human/Android: You are a biologically enhanced human. You spend your time travelling the wastes helping any factions that you see fit. You were horribly injured when Benny shot you and were rescued by Doc Mitchell. However, part of your brain was destroyed and when it was replaced by an electronic one you became a lethal weapon. Any 'robot-like' attire will be fine; try wearing the recon armour and recon armour helmet with the rebreather (can be obtained from Jack during the Boomer's quest 'Volare!') You can use whichever combat style you prefer, but the power fist looks good with a set of recon armour. Your science skill should be fairly high, but other than that it's up to you!

Enraged Psychotic Killer: You are a killing machine. Hated by every faction, you wander aimlessly, killing anything and everything that crosses your path. You prefer a knife or cleaver, but a tire iron will do. You don't know why you do what you do, but you have come to accept it. The cannibal perk completes the picture to give you an even scarier quality. You can wear the wasteland surgeon outfit as the blood splatter just fits you perfectly. Whenever you kill anyone in the wastes, be sure to drag their body away from roads and paths, (you are being hunted by everyone so it would be a bad idea to let them find you).The bloody mess perk satisfies your need for slaughter.

Real Wastelander: turn difficulty up to very hard, play on hardcore mode and limit your inventory to one weapon, one set of armor and at most 8 stimpacks. don't use companions (how is a wastleander just going to be able to recruit an ex ncr sniper or robot dog). choose a town to live in and only use things according to your guys talents. if your character is highly intelligent and good at science do quests that use science, same with repair, speech etc. see how long you can survive for.

Robot: Beep Bop Boop Bop.

Slave: You have been captured by the Legion after your village was massacred. Dressed only in rags and collered, you work hard to please Caesar

Ghoul:this was easyer in fallout 3 since thare was a ghoul mask but you could make your guy have high rads and a deformed face if your just a citizen ware normal cloths but if your a merc use a rife and were leather armor

Tribe Leader: You are a leader of a tribe you where a bitter springs refugee but you rose up against the ncr and stayed in bitter springs and started a tribe from the other refugees. A good place for your tribe to be is bitter springs because there are alot of people there and they have weak clothes so you could reverse pickpocket them and give them your tribes uniform which could be anything from raider armor to leather armor to metal armor it really doesn't matter it all depends on what type of tribe you will have it could be an assassin tribe it could be a raider tribe it could be a trading tribe or hunting or farming or even a slaver tribe it all depends on your interests you should have sometype of religion like worship a god the god also depends on your interests but your tribe should mainly use melee weapons maybe jus you the leader could have 1 gun maybee a rifle or shotgun mainly made of wood and then try to pick just 1 melee weapon for your tribe to specialize in and when you find that weapon find alot of them then give them to bitter springs refugees 'your tribe' then after that kill the two ncr people there and live in one of their tents and then get boone and he could be your active tribe member who does stuff with you like raid towns and stuff. After that you basically live your life as a tribe leader make descisions to go to war make alliances with other tribes like the boomers the khans vipers jackals fiends. You should have at least 1 rival and 1 alliance but its your choice you could be like caesers legion and just conquer every other tribe. Or you could just be isolated and live in your own world. To make money you could contract kill trade with other tribes hunt or sell chems. Its all up to you you are their leader. Also don't forget to name your tribe it should have something to do with their god and what they do. Heres some ideas. Add to it if you want

Name- Shrouded Brothers



Weapon of Choice-Machette,throwing knives

Clothing-Raider painspike armor



Name-Spike Lords

God-Their leader "you"


Weapon of Choice:Nail board,hunting shotgun

Metal armor

Rival: Vipers



God:Atilla the Hun


Weapon of choice:Combat knife,throwing Spears

Clothing:Brahmin SKin outfit

Rival:Great Khans





Weapon of Choice:Thermic Lances,throwing spears

Clothing:Legion Praetorian armor

Rival:Caesers Legion


Name:Night Stalker Kin

God:Night Stalker

Profession:Hunters,Chem dealers

Clothing:Wasteland Settler outfit

Weapon of choice:Butcher knife

Rival:Great Khans


Name: Pinkie Pie S-4 P-8 E-4 C-7 I-4 A-6 L-7

Tag Skills: Sneak Barter Survival

God: Celestia

Profession: Cook, Trader, Chem taker

Clothing: Unarmored, poor, dresswear

Weapons of choice: Dart gun, explosives

Rival: Raiders

Ally: The Strip, Gun Runners

Name:Coyote Tribe

God:Boy raised by coyotes "you"


Clothing:Wasteland wanderer outfit

Weapon Of Choice:Knife,Throwing hatchets




God:Bignorners (make ritual sacrafices of brahmin to your bighorner god)


Clothing:metal armor with reinforced metal helmet like horns. you wear fully reinforced metal armor

Weapon of chopice: bladed guantlet/spiked knuckles, you use cram opener or love and hate


rivals:fiends/jackals/great khans

hidout:boulder city (bighorn saloon) or jacobstown

extra: you massacre any town that keeps bighorners.

also see my gang leader examples and last of the tribals if you want.

Courier: You travel the wasteland delivering things to people. You get the platinum chip to Mr. House but then refuse to help him. Do quests for the crimson caravan and maybe make up your own quests. Maybe Ringo is your best friend and you have to help him with the powder gangers. Or maybe he is your rival and you help the powder gangers kill him. You should find all the mojave express dropboxes. Maybe Trudy needs to send something to her twin sister at the strip. (The street vendor, they look identical!) Drop the thing in the box and ship it off to the strip and then get it there and sell it to the street vendor for payment. Wear a prospector outfit or a caravaneer outfit and have a pistol to defend yourself. Maybe you could catch up with a caravan and follow them for a while for protection. Remember: Always stay on the roads. You don't want to get robbed by powder gangers or eaten by coyotes.

Pacifist: This is a game where you don't kill anybody, at all, ever, for any reason. Why is this did something happen in your past that made you this way?

NCR Veteran Ranger Sniper

  • Be in good standing with the NCR (Liked or Idolized) and Vilified with Caesar's Legion. Any Legion members you see MUST die.
  • Wear NCR Veteran Combat armor and use any gun that the Veteran Rangers use: Anti-materiel rifle, Sniper Rifle, Brush Gun, Ranger Sequoia (I guess Scoped Hunting Rifle also)
  • Live in the NCR Ranger Safehouse
  • Have Boone in your party and give him NCR Veteran Ranger Combat Armor also. ED-E is also recommended due to his Enhanced Sensors perk.
  • Do the NCR's questline. 18:23, February 13, 2011 (UTC)


Name: Lil Myro S-3 P-7 E-3 C-3 I-9 A-7 L-8

Tag Skills: Science Barter Survival

You are Lil Myro--the grandson (or son, i can't remember how many years span the distance from FO2 to FO NV)of the legendary Myron. Your ancestor created jet, but created ROCKET! You are a gambling drug-dealer. You love living the high life. From the time you exit goodsprings, start upping your science, survival, and barter skills, then make and sell as many drugs as possible. Sell around freeside, sell to gunrunners and caravans, sell to anyone you can. You are Lil Myro, and you love to sell drugs. It's your life!

For implant suggestions, strength and Endurance. Also, you can only use small pistols and submachine guns. No rifles, energy weapons, or bigger guns. You can also use explosives, since you are a scientific person, it is likely you would know how explosives work, therefor go ahead and raise that skill to suppoor your crappy guns skill. You can raise guns, but your low str. will keep you from using the better ones, and the RP requirements for this char is that you only use small arms anyway.

Overall, just have fun playing as a scummy drug dealer. Oh, and wear only suits if you can, or maybe even other light armors. Stay away from heavy armors and raider . I actually have a playthrough in the works for this one, LOL.

Oh, and one final note: Try to make as many drugs as possible, but UNIQUE drugs like rocket and slasher. Sell those once you've made a decent ammount of them. Poisons and anti-venom are acceptable too, but try to make more drugs than anything else.

Cannibal: get the perk obviously. find people kill them with your cleaver then drag them off to your cave. (cannibal jims cave is a good one). do the challenge meat of champions and store lots of strange meat. your an outcast thand only kill people dont talk to them. play on hardcore and only eat people for food. wear rags or something like the wasteland surgeon outfit as it's covered in blood.

Predator: wear any power helmet and raider armour and have a high strength, aggility and endurace and only kill people who are unarmed also your weapons shoud be: ycs(plasma caster),cram opener(wrist blades),plasma mines(mines, fatman(should you fail you shall blow your self to smitherines), and throwing spears, you only attack people that are armed and only attack unarmed people if they attack you first. your goal is to seek out something large in the mojave your ship crased but this is a test you must seek all 4 legendary creatures strating from weakest to strongest 1. night stalker (bloodborne cave) near bitter springs, gecko (fire root cavern) outside cottenwood cove,3. cazzadore (siver peak mine) outside jacobstown,4.deathclaw(dead wind cavern) outside novac. should you complete your training you shall become the elite of the elite

Dead Money Escapist: you barely survived the seirre madre but only armed with your holorifle you venture back to the mojave and slaghter anything that moves since the ghost people fried your brain and elijah done some *snooping* on your body you dont trust men or women your scecial should have 1 charisma and other than that its up to you oh and dont get any implant but the one that raises your dt by 4

Matt(fallout 2) but for use on fallout nerw vegas: only for people with the classic pack,you found the chosen one in vault 13 after you were captured by the intelligent deathclaws and now you escapted and found a route to the mojave you took a job up at the local mojave express in primm and found yourself shot in the head by a snake called benny. after you wke up at old man docs you finnd your pistol and armour still in your possesion even thougth the doc said u aint got nothin after you exit the house of doc yu feel your chin the last time your felt your chin was in vault 13 it was hairy (survivalist) or it was quite rough (rough beard) also have clean tag guns,science,repair or if you are playing on hardcore replace guns with survival have your special with a high luck and a quite high luck. feel free to edit the build in your game lioke if you prefre melee use melee instead because the special 5,5,5,5,8,5,7 isnt going to have any differace on melee to guns to explosives to energy weapons or even unarmed.

Merchant: sell things of your choice to people of the wasteland. you could be a wandering one and travel with a caravan or solo or with a companion as a bodyguard. or you could own a certain place. like a stall on freeside or an abandoned buuilding somewhere in a town. u can pretend people entering the building are customers or actually go out and sell to other shops and wandering merchants.

Goodsprings settler: You just go around in Goodsprings doing any necessary work. Wear a settler outfit. Save the town from Cobb and his gang and then clean up by putting the bodies in the cart thing outside the saloon. Eat some dinner at the saloon and talk a little. You can hunt geckos and sell their meat, hides and eggs to Trudy. Also you could butcher the bighorners and sell their stuff. Clear out the schoolhouse and scavenge.

please add more!

very cool thread. I had an idea for your classic wasteland "waster". Bolt action rifles (varmint, this machine) little ammo or food & water. Play on very hard with hardcore mode to have the ultimate desert wasteland experience.


I like all these ideas, although I have one that may sound a bit "out there" but I think it may or may not work.

Brotherhood Outcast (from Capital Wasteland): After the Brotherhood took over the Water Purifier, the Outcasts mainly broke up and rejoined the Brotherhood. You, however, didn't like this, and so you hiked west. You ran into the legion, and things didn't go so well, so you shot them with your trusty Laser Rifle. (For this I suggest a normal laser rifle, then attach all mods to make it "trusty". Also you should make your rep. with Legion very low... like... they want you to live forever permanently being slowly digested by a deathclaw.) After that you arrived into the Mojave. The NCR, mistaking you for a Brotherhood member, shot you in the head. Then you wake up in Goodsprings. After that, it's up to you. Start off with NCR as just below Neutral, and repair your rep. from there. Also you should look for combat work, as you are a power armored freak. I say you should also say you found a dead Brotherhood Member and used it to clean and fix your outcast armor, and that's why it's steel-colored and shiny again.

I have another idea for you all, I hope you enjoy.

Gammorrah Dancer: You shake it in front of the Gamorrah during the day, and shake it on somebodies lap during the night. Have a high Charisma to pick up clients more easily, use a straight razor silenced .22 pistol (maybe both?) for a weapon. Obviously speech will be highly important. Also, most Gommorah whores are addicted to something, maybe jet or psycho. Buffout is also an OK drug too. From there, get a client every day, maybe two. Dancing in the Casino until you earn the right to dance in Zoara.

Another couple of ideas for you to choose from.

WWI Soldier: You did wrong things in your lifetime, so you were sent to hell, which is a post-apocalyptic desert. You only have a Battle Rifle, Combat Knife, Trooper Helmet, and NCR Trooper Armor. You find that the NCR is looking for soldiers and you were one so you take the job.

A Psycho Psycho: You are a psycho that is addicted to Psycho. Perhaps you are a fiend, and you sell to Motor-Runner what you can spare. After all, for 22 caps you can buy another and have some left over. Or maybe you were a Local to Freeside who was addicted young, but you had one too many, and are now addicted AND a mass-murderer.

Jesus Christ, Son of God: You are Jesus! You have a high Speech, Charisma, and wear robes, it doesn't matter what robes, just make them robes. When a pack of Deathclaws charge you, you do not move, for they die by a Heart Attack because god does not want you to die yet. Then you enter Caesars camp, and then get lashed to a cross, but it takes days to die. Then you rise again, this time in Remnants' Power Armor and an Anti-Material Rifle in your hands, because God wants Caesar dead. After that you die permanently. The end.

Vault 101 Survivor (Fallout 3 Reference): You were just travelling along. You were 32 now, it had been years since the events of the war against the Enclave. You had given up your fancy technology, and gone back to your original Vault Suit. You had always kept it with you, along with your 10mm Pistol. Finally, a picture of your Girlfriend, Amata, printed on a Platinum Poker Chip. You were just walking along, Dogmeat, you, and good old Fawkes. You were headed see Fawkes Grandma, Lily. Who had always called him Jimmy for some reason. On your way, you get jumped by a man and a group of Great Khans. They Kill Fawkes, and sell Dogmeat to a group of Legion people. The man shoots you, and with what you think is your dying breath, Dogmeat kills the Legionaries, gets placed in a Mech. Replacer Machine, and you "Die." However, just as you cheated death when you activated the water purifier, you cheated death again. A robot rescued you. Now with only your pistol, some ammo, your Vault Suit, and a handful of Bobby Pins and Stimpacks, you set out to get your revenge, and to inform Lily of her Grandsons' Fate.

Nightstalker Child: You were born by a bleeding-out mother, who had been shot in the shoulder. That and you being born meant her death. However, luckily for you, a Nightstalker saw you and saved you. The Nightstalker went on to be the Legendary Nightstalker, and you its Human. You use only unarmed. With skills in Unarmed (obviously), Survival (obviously), and Medicine (there's nobody to patch you up, how do you think you keep from dying?). You do not know of other humans. Somehow, you have learned to talk to Nightstalkers. Eventually, the Legendary Nightstalker, your Master (if you want to name it, use the console command setactorfullname "[First] [Last]" to change it to something.) tells you to go and find your mothers body. Sure enough, you find it. She had set up a grenade trap but you jump over it. You enter and collect what she has there. After that, go around, kill random things (but no Nightstalkers) and take their stuff. Maybe eventually go to a trading post and sell it off. This is a kind-of Do this, do that, do nothing roleplay so it may just be a short little fun thing.

Nightkin: Benny's bullet must've messed with your brain a lot, because you now think that you're a Nightkin. Use Rebar Clubs and have a large stock of Stealth Boys. Live in Jacobstown, have Lily as your companion, and do something in the town. Perhaps you hunt the Nightstalkers, and sell their dropped items (I don't remember what they are.) to the local merchant. (I think it's the Ghoul in the town hall.) Oh, I almost forgot, wear raider armor of a sort, since it's patchwork and Super Mutants use patchwork armor.

Caravaneer: You run [Insert Character First Name Here] Caravans!!! You get Cass as she is an old Caravaneer who is your mentor and Caravan guard. Use Rex or ED-E for secondary companions. If you want to seem semi-realistic, use Rex. Or if you are a rich Caravan, use ED-E because you can afford to get him repaired. High Barter, Guns, and Explosives are key. Use maybe Varmint Rifle, 9mm Pistol, and Dynamite for weapons. Take the Tag! perk and tag survival. After all, you may be in-between towns. When you find a Travelling Merchant, combine your Caravans for added protection. But when you get close to your destination, stab them in the back and take their goods for yourself. Wear one of the "republican" outfits. (I don't know why they're called that, all I know is on the Console Commands list they have OutfitRepublican(01-04).)

King Cannibal: You're a cannibal, and you kill and eat anybody from a major faction. You attack some caravans at first, claiming they don't pay your toll. You have earned the respect of normal townsfolk, as you've killed all the gangs in the area. Also, only take part of the map, maybe the area from Goodsprings to Mojave Outpost? At which point you would kill powder gang, the legion at Nipton, and then you start just killing random people. Live around Goodsprings Source. There's a trailer with two beds in it near there. Also go to Jean Sky Diving and broadcast to your people. (Just sit at the chair, turn the radio on and talk to yourself.) Also take the star cap there, and when Malcolm Holmes comes, you kill him because he forgot to address you as "Your Highness". Always remember: It's good to be king!

Sexually Deprived Person: You were having the best night of your life, this girl had gone with you to the Goodsprings Graveyard for some fun. Only, apparently she was married, her husband came and shot you and that woman... AND JUST BEFORE SHE ENDED YOUR VIRGINITY!!! Luckily, the town doctor patches you up, and you head off. Goal: Have sex with the Vault 21 person (forgot her name) Joana, the girl in Gammorah, the other hooker in Gammorah, or Red Lucy, found in the Thorn. Once you have completed one of these goals, you're done with this one, if you're with the Gammorah ones, gamble all day, if with the Vault 21 chick, Walk around ahead of people like you're a tour guide for the Vault, if with Red Lucy, fight during the day, have fun during the night.

Retribution: You are on a mission... to save the Mojave through divine intervention. You take up your Holy Frag Grenades and your spiked knuckles, love and hate. You then exact gods will... to eliminate the human race. The whole world is corrupt, and you must purify it. So... yeah, use Holy Frags with Love and Hate, see how many kills you can get. Remember: 25 Kills = HOLY SH*T!!! HE'S GOT A NUKE!!!

Texas Red: Anybody hear the song "Big Iron" at some point in the game? Well it's a ballad. It tells the story of this outlaw who gets schooled by a ranger. Well, maybe you're Texas Red. Get a revolver and live in a town (Goodsprings works well). Until one day, Joe Cobb comes into town (you can pretend he's the ranger from the song). Go and kill him, then maybe kill the "lawmen" that come into town looking for Ringo. After that, maybe become a lone wanderer? It's all up to you.

Caesars Sister: The one woman with freedom east of the Colorado. You only have that right because you are the sister of Caesar. You wear Caesars armor (or if you want to play legit o/ don't have the computer version, just some legion armor) and use standard Legion weapons. Do the Legion questline, and save Caesar during the quest to save or kill him. You then finish things up, so forth. That's basically it.

Legion Frumentarii: Trained since a young child, you are the greatest of Caesar's Frumentarii. When spies on the Strip discovered the existence of the Platinum Chip, Caesar sent you to Primm to get hired by the Mojave Express and track down the courier transporting the chip. As luck would have it, you were given the chip. As you were making you way back to the Fort, you were ambushed by Benny and the Great Khans, shot in Goodsprings and buried in a shallow grave. After your resurrection, you set off to retrieve the chip and return it to Caesar. Tag Skills: Unarmed/Melee, Sneak, and Speech.

Have a high charisma. As a spy, you'll need other factions to like you so that you can get information out of them.

To avoid suspicion, you should keep at least a neutral reputation with other factions, but never give them an advantage over the Legion.

Legendary Thief (casino robber): you are like vikki and vance! have a hidout and a partner (cass if male or raul/arcade if female). rob people on the highway with your partner to make a living at first. (like caravans or mercenary's) you can sell there loot to a trusted dealer like alex at 188 or contreras. make sure you keep your identity hidden at first and often used disguises. but eventually decide robbing smal time isnt for you and your partner, you want to rob big time. the casinos!!! get a cool outfit, like the viva las vegas and give your partner one to (cass' is laready cool). and use either vances 9mm (or just 9mm with round barrel), a laser rcw or if you have honest hearts the .45 auto sub machine gun. give your partner in crime one of these weapons. buy a fake passport into the strip sneak your holdout weapon into the casino, make your way casually to the vault and start shooting. you must have a high lockpick and sneak skill. explosives is also cool when used with time bombs. when you rob the casino run and shoot anyone in your way. escape the strip back to your hideout and live on the money you made until again you need to rob a casino. you will be shot on sight at the strip which is realistic as you are now a famous criminal. it is also good to be vilified by the ncr so there rangers go after you. this makes it seem like you are really on the run.


Angry Wanderer: You were reborn from your grave in Goodsprings. Reborn with anger in your heart. You wander from civilization to civilization, sometimes going days without finding any. Sometimes you find an abandoned trailer or house, just to be careful lay a mine by every entrance. Scout about a half a mile radius around your temporary refuge to make sure the area is secure. Find a water source nearby, if there is none, pick some plants for some food. Every now and again you run into strangers while wandering. Sometimes you trade peacefully, sometimes you make them repair everything you have, then kill them for all they have. Just because they reminded you a little of Benny.--LegionSniper569 04:30, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

Vengeful Spirit:

Benny's attempted assassination was only the icing on the Sunday. You've been seething with rage for quite some time now - Caesar's Legion kidnapped your family, and now they're all dead. You don't care about politics, only vengeance. Be warned that this isn't an ideal character to roleplay as if you intend to explore much of the game, as this will cut off much of the Legion's quest line as well as make the game much harder to play due to making Legion an enemy early in the game.

Ideally, your character should tag the following skills: Guns (because, let's face it, you really want to blow Caesar's head off with a nice .44 Magnum), Repair (your father was a mechanic who made a living traveling the Mojave and repairing equipment for people - then Caesar captured him, but not before he taught you a thing or two about tinkering), and Survival (no family - what's a man to do? Your isolation has polished your survival instinct to a fine point). In terms of politics, your character shouldn't really push to any one side, although NCR is an ideal ally as they can supply you with better weapons and armor - not to mention that many of the missions they offer you for payment involve Caesar's Legion (the caps are just a nice bonus). You don't care much for the Strip nor for ruling anything - you're content to let NCR take over, so long as you get Caesar's head mounted on a stick (preferably a long, pointy one).

For this character, you should generally spend most of your time hunting down the Legion. Bringing Boone is a nice bonus, as he hates the Legion just as much as you do and will gladly assist in any of your schemes to bring Caesar to a rather unscrupulous end. Quests should really only be done if you're low on caps, and as part of the realism you should carry food and water and eat and sleep regularly. You're not above stealing to get what you want, but make sure that the majority of your ill-gotten gains stem from the Legion.

After all, you do hate them.

Uncanny Revolutionary:

After Benny's attempted assassination and hearing of the Legion's atrocities, and the NCR's lack of action, you decide to take matters in your own hands. With skill in Survival, Guns, and Explosives, you know how to get around, how to survive from nothing, and how to hold your own when oppressed. With your Speech skill you can convince others to join in and fight The Revolution in the East, after all, no sense in starting small if you're going to stay that way. Fire Bombs, knives, and a good, solid shotgun are your weapons, as well as your trusty, yet Weathered, 10mm Pistol. You use these along with unconventional tactics to remove the threat of Legion oppression, without the fear of NCR justice. And if they turn oppressor... well, the Revolution in the East will fight on. Viva la Revolution!

Drunkard- well, your drunk. You have a very low intelligence, high charisma and you constantly drink drink. You act drunk by punching people thatyou obviously couldn't kill with your hands then possibly sobering up and holding X to put away your weapons. You spend most of your timme in casinos or bars (or bars in casinos)wasting your money on slots or on vodka (becasuse you should also have a low luck with a high strength)You are pretty poor becasue all of your money goes to "the good stuff" Your main use is to be happy, angry, sad, bloodthirsty, kind, and oblivious all at the same time to be the drunkest persopn you can be without dieing

Shi Agent;

You are an agent of the Shi, sent from San Francisco to the Mojave to procure the technological resources scattering the area. The Big Empty, the Sierra Madre, the REPCONN buildings, Black Mountain, Hidden Valley, the entire region is full to bursting with old-world treasure troves ripe for the taking. The only real prerequisites for the build are the Asian racial template and high Science/Medicine and intelligence to fit with the Shi's stereotyping. Hand to hand is preferable, but not vital. Other skills and even details of the backstory are entirely up to you; are you a dangerous radical sent on the mission to negate the threat you posed to the carefully constructed veil of secrecy around the Emeror's true nature, or one of the Shi's most skilled and deadly warriors entrusted with a mission of the upmost importance?

ED-E of course makes the ideal companion for this roleplay, but Rex or even simply going solo would make an equal amount of sense.


You are a pre-war soldier who was in some form of cryo in a vault.When you came out you met the ncr who you help. Idealy you want to use a low cdn at start assault carbine. not much to say uhhhh use pre-war tactics.

For Honest Hearts roleplay go to Forum:Honest Hearts Roleplaying ideas


Ezekiel has told you of a secret location in Wolfhorn ranch to find a list of books. Your quest is to find all of the Mojave's skill books and commit them to memory as soon as possible. No companions, you have low charisma because you are a nerd. You would rather not kill but when cornered you will slap at enemies. Your good at sneaking and so-so with your scoped Laser rifle. People don't understand your big words and your no business man. :I'm level 9 with 3 books to go and quests are intact, no jumping ahead or going to the strip before Boulder. Sq


When you start a quest you start with only a few supplies. Your Strength is 4. What ever is on a dead enemy is what you use. Squalor 15:01, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

OVERLORD: Your rule the wastes. You can live in a place With a Throne. The red rock canyon, The Fort. Your can go to towns and see if they are worthy of you. If they are, you can make it your hometown, help them, give them smaller taxes, or whatever you want. If they are okay of a place, you can do give them regular taxes, you can still help them, live there for a day, or whatever you want. If you hate them, you can wipe them out, give them tests (give Primm a sheriff and see if you like them after that) If you think the town will be better after killing a certain person, sentence them to execution or whatever you want. To tax people have a high barter when it comes to quests or pickpocket people or if they don’t have enough to fill your needs, take things from their home, don’t worry to much about reputation, your companions (ED-E: Robot slave, Boone: follower up to the throne, Veronica: Scribe, Cass: Queen, Rex: your pet dog, Lily, the person who deals with people you don’t like {just send her away and do it yourself with her}, Raul: your royal mechanic) your SPECIAL depends on the type of ruler you want to be. High strength/agility for a dictator, high luck for a king, high charisma for a president. Answer Doc Mitchell’s questions how you would want to rule your country and some also choose your perks that way

Courier Six: You are one of six couriers hired by the Mojave Express to deliver strange packages to the New Vegas Strip. You are also known as "The Courier". You were carrying the parcel containing The Platinum Chip from Primm. However, you were intercepted by a man named Benny and some people part of a gang called the Great Khans. Benny shot you in the head twice and left you for dead; buried alive in a shallow grave in the Goodsprings Cemetery. You were dug out by Victor, a friendly Securitron under Mr. House's control. You were then nursed back to health by Doc Mitchell, the resident doctor of Goodsprings. To role play this one is simple: do whatever you want!

Mercenary: You are a Mercenary you should accept any job, are a freelance or contracted, maybe you ride with Caravan or ambush it, are you high payed with ncr or is your loyalty to Caesar's Legion. As a merc you should wear leather armour and as for weapons you should mainly use ranged guns, you could use a rifle,a pistol and a combat knife cause every merc has one. You should make your own quests and jobs like someone hire you to clean out and take supplies from vault 34 or siently kill papa khan. In all as a merc you should take jobs and kill people.

NCR Black Ops: You are an elite NCR covert operative. Your previous mission required that all traces of your former identity be removed from NCR records to make your cover as real as possible. No one in the NCR is aware of your true identity or objective and you are not recognized as NCR except by President Kimball and his cabinet. Communications with them is off limits however. You can and will do whatever it takes to advance the NCR's goals. Choose a main objective. Some good examples are assassinating Caesar and his elite officers, subdue all opposition in Freeside to pave the way for NCR control, or destroy the Vegas chapter of the Brotherhood of steel once and for all.

U.S. Military Android[Weaponized] Stationed within a top secret government bunker within the Mojave, and reawakened in a distant future, you slowly make your way about the Mojave, listening to the whispers, trying to discover what you were awakened to do. After a while, you hear tales of a 'NCR', the government of the land. Realizing your programming was to aide them, you set off. In your travels, you ran into a courier who was dying of cazador venom. Giving you their package and route, you set off to fulfill their dying wish, then embark on your own. As you arrived in a small town, you were shot in the head, scrambling some of your programming. Now you have 'free-will', and can choose your own path. What will you do?[Unarmed[I said weaponized!], science, repair; Also, raise all of your other combat skills up, as well as sneak. You are a weapon, after all.]

Name: Outlaw (Real name unknown)

Role: Most infamous serial killer in history

Body count: Expected to be 1100+, only an estimate.

Method: Always bullets. Never a knife. Never energy.

Appearance: Presumed male, avg height, dark hair, light skin.

Affiliations: Executed once perceived useless. All known contacts dead.

Origin: Unknown

Preference?: None. All worthy of death.

Evidence collected: Only bodies and bullet casings. Most bodies not recovered/complete.

Income: Unknown.

Bounty: 17.7 Million caps dead of alive (with proof). Offered by NCR.

This is a poster the NCR made about my character.

Wastelander: You woke up in a pile of debris, with tattered clothes no memory of prior events. You have a backpack and the gift of life, so you headed off into the sunset. After a couple hours of walking you stumble across the tiny town of Goodsprings. You are welcomed with open arms there. You felt that Goodsprings was a safe haven for you. Even so you felt that you had to explore what had once been the great Mojave desert. So you later took off into the barren wastes, to create your own destiny.

Name: Unknown

Skills: You are a master of guns (Guns, duh..) and persuasion (Speech). You are good at getting your own way, wether it be by words or at gun point, you always get the job done.


1 - .357 Magnum Revolver + Long Barrel

1 - Binoculars

X - Frag Grenades (Limit 25)

1 - Lever-Action Shotgun

1 - Melee Weapon


1 - Eyeglasses

1 - Old Cowboy Hat

1 - Roving Trader Outfit (Lots of Pockets!)


X - Rad-X Pills (Medicine for illness)

X - Water

X - Food


Apparel:NCR Fatigues or Combat Armour Weapons:Service Rifle (or if you have Honest Hearts the Survivalists Rifle)

       9mm Pistol and a Combat Knife

Skills :Tag Guns,Survival and either Repair or Lock pick

Locations:One of the Hidden Valley Bunkers,Coyote Mine,Nevada Highway Patrol Station or Ranger Station Foxtrot

Your are a Survivalist you knew the great war was coming and set up a base in one of the locations above. Pre war you lived in Good springs as a member of the National Guard you heard about the coming Armageddon from a friend in the C.I.A. and decided to leave civilization...just in time

Control Freak- You grew up in a small town back east, and as a kid it seemed you were always getting into trouble. It started off with small things like stealing but you eventually fell in with the local street gang. The gang members mentored you and taught you how to survive, however, were a natural criminal and managed to move up in the gang quickly. By the time you were 18 you were the gang's second in command, but that wasn't good enough for you. You snuck into the leader's bedroom one night, slit his throat, and assumed control of the gang. Unfortunately for you, someone found out what you had done, and many of your fellow gang members saw the former leader as family. The gang members chased you out of town and you were forced to wander the wastes. You eventually became a mercenary taking jobs and traveling wherever they took you. You recently took a job as a courier for the Mojave Express. You were ordered to deliver a Platinum chip to the Strip's overseer, Mr. House. While you were making your way to the Strip, just outside the small town of Goodsprings, you were ambushed by the Great Khans and Benny, tied up, and shot in the head. Somehow, you managed to survive and woke up in the Goodsprings' clinic a few days later. You hunt down the men who attempted to kill you and retrieve the Platinum Chip. After killing Benny, you decide to take a look around his room and discover Yes Man. He tells you what the Platinum Chip can do and how he could help you take over New Vegas and you cannot resist his offer. You should have bad karma for this build, also, you do not hate any of the other major factions(Legion & NCR), but you do not like them either, so you should try to maintain a neutral rep with them, you should have a good rep with the Powder Gangers because they remind you of your old gang, any other factions are up to you. Hope you all enjoy this build, and have fun.

Betrayed Spy: "My Name is (insert courier name here), I used to be an NCR spy until: "(phone call) We've got a Burn Notice on you"... When you're burned, you've got nothing, no money, no credit, no job history, you're stuck in whatever settlement they dump you in (Goodsprings). I'm out to look for the person who burned me to get revenge, and I'll fight anyone in my way, even if I have to fight other Californians." Basically, you hunt down the person who burned you (Hanlon, Moore, Hsu, Boyd, any of the officers or anyone who's important on the strip really, Benny just happened to be part of the plan), you start out neutral to every faction (you're burned, so no one in the mojave except for the person who burned you knows your true identity) and... well, you get the idea...

The King of New Vegas:

Forget everything you've learned about playing Fallout.

This RP requires you to create a character with these initial stats. S/3 P/3 E/1 C/6 I/10 A/7 L/10. Tag Skills: Guns, Survival, and Unarmed. Traits: Good Natured and Wild Wasteland

Follow all of the above rules stated under Realism.

Set difficulty to Easy. Turn up to Hard when fighting 'large' enemies. (i.e. Yao Guai, Cazadores, Nightkin, etc.)

Do not select perks that affect you in battle. (no increased damage, better criticals, no boosting AP, no x percent more damage, etc.) Only choose perks that make you smarter.

Try and avoid confrontation and battle whenever possible. Do not put yourself in unnecessary life threatening situations. And if you choose to do so, make sure you are very prepared to deal it. Sneak and negotiate your way through the game.

On each level up, only add skill points to a skill that you've used since the last level up. For instance, from level 2, you've picked a lot of locks, shot a lot guns, hacked a lot of computers, attempted/succeeded a lot of speech challenges, you would add skill points to Lockpick, Guns, Science, Speech upon reaching Level 3.

This RP playthrough requires a state of mind. Your character starts off as a slightly inexperienced courier, fearful for his Life. By the time you get to New Vegas, you will have a little experience. By the time you activate the Securitron upgrades, you will be even more experienced, and you will be questioning to yourself on which faction should rule New Vegas. By the time you deal with the Boomers, you will realize the best outcome would be for an independent New Vegas. By the time you finish your first DLC, (Honest Hearts or Dead Money) you return to the main quest a badass. When the time is right you will shut down Mister House. With the help of Yes Man, you will take on Mister House's role, as leader of New Vegas. Visit the casinos and win all of their money. This is payment to fund your upcoming war against NCR and Legion. Boomers will be allied with you. Have Arcade Gannon as a companion and complete his quest For Auld Lang Syne. As a matter of fact. Do companion glitch. Get every companion.

Arcade Gannon is your second in command. Your advisor. Your partner at the very top. This man knows what he's talking about. Keep him close by.

Veronica becomes your best friend. That one weird person that's embarrassing to be around because they dress funny, or they are naive as bumpkins, but you can't stop hanging out with them. You're gonna be King of New Vegas, and there's gonna be room at the top with her and the rest of your friends.

Boone is the veteran. Experienced on the battlefield and all. He doesn't talk much. But he can be a very valuable ally. Feel his judgmental, passive glare affect the way you make important decisions. He also acts as a type of bodyguard, although you may want to leave him at home when venturing into Legion territory. When the time comes to wipe out Legion, Boone is the perfect ally to have at your side.

Cassidy is a love interest. Trust me on this one. She'll be queen. This relationship is unofficially official. She knows she has a thing for you, but she won't admit it.

Rex is your dog. Woof woof.


Raul keeps all of the weapons and gear in check. He's your engineer. I would leave him at home.

I would leave Lily at Jacobstown but she can be a bodyguard if you want.

If you got the time and the know how, get ED-E and put him at home with Rex.

Lucky 38 becomes your castle. Your domain. With House out of the picture, you are now King. Establish your empire. Craft stimpacks and sell them to your allys, (Hotel upgrade monitor, Boomers, The Family, Novac, Goodsprings, etc.) Solve the problems on the New Vegas strip. The Chairmen at the Tops now work for you. The Omertas and the the White Gloves are iffy. They'll need to gain more trust. Sell em guns and stimpacks. Arm the people. When you are powerful enough, eradicate Caeser's Legion. Try and negotiate with NCR, but if you are left with no choice, you'll have to wipe them off the face of New Vegas. You are now the King. Not like a tyrant. More like a president. You are the New House. Have fun running your alliance.

The Mad Scientist: I'm surprised no one has thought of this yet. Simply tag Science, Medicine, and Energy Weapons and equip some sort of lab coat/scientist outfit. Put 9 points in intelligence, and a decent amount in perception and charisma. Make sure to put a decent amount of points into repair as well (Make that your 4th tag maybe). The most important part of this character is to make choices in quests not based on faction/karma but on the pursuit of science. If you need to harm an innocent in the name of science, do so! ___________________________________________________________________________________ -Grant-


S/6 P/7 E/7 C/5 I/6 A/4 L/5. Tag Skills: Explosives, Lockpick, and Speech. Traits: Four Eyes and Wild Wasteland

You are a born anarchist. your hate the NCR The Legion And anyone else you feel is taking advantage of the weak. you use any type of explosive you can find. Use the companion glitch to get your following. Perks are your descision, but Fight The Power! is a mandatory perk.

Assassin's Creed

You are a simple courier when you are attacked and left for dead for the package you are carrying by the Templar Benny. You are rescued by Victor who points you to the Assassin's Mentor: Mr House. He trains you to become a master Assassin and hunt down all the Templars.

Known Templars: NCR: Col. Hsu. Aaron Kimball Ranger Hanlon Major Knight Major Dhatri

Legion: Caesar Vulpes Inculta Cursor Lucullus

Others: Benny - Chairmen Nero - Omertas Big Sal - Omertas Papa Khan - Great Khan

Feel free to add any others you feel suitable.

High stealth and melee weapons required. Silent running perk required. Get lots of disguises and live in the Lucky 38 as the hide out.

this is a roleplay idea i do, NCR 171st Division Desert Ranger Unit 42 the reason i said 171 and 42 was the duster reads "171" and the helmet reads "42" on the NCR ranger combat helmet and armor. (you MUST be accepted or idolized by |NCR and have the NCR combat Ranger armor)

You are the best of the best of the Veteran Desert Rangers, Your CO Col. Hsu has made you 1st SGT. of the 171st Division of Desert Rangers and assigned youto Unit 42. Unit 42 is in charge of scouting the mojave and hunting down NCR enemies (Leigon, Powder Gangers, Feinds ETC) Your Staff SGT. Craig Boone (either staff sgt. of 1st recon or staff sgt of the desert rangers depending on what armor he has on) is your sniper spotter, you two work together as brothers in arms helping |NCR and bringing the NCR enemies down. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Chem Dealer of the Mojave

This is a bit of an indefinite game one. As you are a drug dealer, most people frown upon you, so joining with a faction should be harder. Let's start with stats.

OK Strength, Low Perception (do you really need it?), OK Endurance, Good Charisma (gotta sell chems somehow!), OK Intelligence (need it to make chems, yet all the chems must have dumbed you down), OK Agility, OK Luck. Feel free to modify these stats.

Tag skills are Science (Chems!), Survival (More Chems!), and either Melee Weapons or Guns (Defending the CHEMS!).

Wear Wasteland Settler armor, Memphis Kid outfit (worn by some Kings), Wasteland Doctor Fatigues (looks like something a druggie would wear), Merc Grunt Outfit, Merc Adventurer Outfit, or the Raider Badlands Outfit (only one that looks like a druggie).

Now, you can go three ways from here: Lowlife Druggie, Chem Cartel Kingpin, or Washed-Up Druggie (plus a secret one that I will share).

Lowlife Druggie Continue wearing the armors above. Keep making quick batches, only a bit of Turbo there, or a bit of Rocket there. Expand your skills into making basic foods and alcohol. Hang out with the Great Khans, selling chems around their small population. If you want a base, find a cave with a campfire, or maybe hang around Freeside. Expand your chem selection by buying Jet and other non-craftable chems from general stores. If you want to complete the game, go with Independent Vegas. Your chems will go everywhere.

Chem Cartel Kingpin Wear suits. You need to look good! You also can't keep making all the drugs. Mass produce one single drug. I suggest Rocket, as it is quite easy to make, but you can also go through with mass movement of drugs: buying them in small amounts, then selling them in large amounts. Again, hang out with the Great Khans, but also focus on the Raiders of Vault 3, and other people you find. Merchants are encouraged to be sold to. Keep the Tops presidential suite, or the High Roller suite if you are good at Blackjack. If you want, any other suites you can get can be used. Again, go with Independent Vegas or Mr. House. As you are a major figurehead in New Vegas, people will continue to buy, yet siding with the NCR or the Legion will probably get it shut down.

Washed-Up Druggie This one is a bit "iffy". Wear wastelander clothes, and slow down or stop chem-making. Instead, with your high Science skill, make Medicine instead! Hang out with the Followers, helping them out and making Freeside a better place. Every once in a while, take a drug or two, but try to stop it. Of course, the Old Mormon Fort is your home. Again, Independent Vegas, because the Followers will have a better influence in the Mojave, making it a better place overall.

The Secret Character: Trevor Phillips! This is one of my favorites. Wear a Merc Grunt outfit, lug around a rifle, pistol, or Fire Axe, and go berserk! Legion getting annoying? Chop their heads off! NCR on your nerves? Pop 'em in their heads! Hang out with the Great Khans, constantly farming drugs for (mostly) your own use! Go for Independence, baby! Drugs for everyone! (I will praise you as the lord of Fallout if you make a character that looks like him, and go on a rampage and film it.)

That's it! ___________________________________________________________________________________ Survivalist You were born very poor on a small farm in the waste. Your father taught you many things to survive on nothing. After raiders killed your family at the farm you've been on your own. Have survival skill up, invest in guns,sneak,medicine,and barter,melee'unarmed. Guns: so you can be better with guns,sneak: so you can take out prey and enemies out easy. Medicine: so you can craft better supplies. Barter: to sell your hide, and random things you find for higher prices. Melee: for more powerful melee attacks with your knife. Unarmed: cause you'll start out with nothing so invest in it for harder punches! Be friendly to poorer and weaker people and reside in goodsprings free side or west side. Must have hardest difficulty on with hardcore and HUD turned off. Don't take faction sides unless you feel what's right, and kill some raiders ;) get odd jobs here and there but every once and awhile leave the residences and wander and survive in the waste like you were taught :) have fun fellow wastelanders!!


Lone Survivor(Evil)

You were once part of a crew, they'd have had your back on anything, but then they all either died or turned on you when things you planned(and sometimes didn't) went awry.Living a few years out in the wasteland is bad for one's overall physical and mental health, but where others die, you thrive! Your main enemies are fiends, but kill any who cross you just to be safe. Tag Unarmed, Melee and Guns, you will mostly be getting involved in conflict, wear fiend/raider armor, you lived for years out in the wasteland, you're not likely to know how to wear power armor after just one session of training, are you. Carry a Machete of some kind, along with a small concealable blade, i.e. a knife or a straight razor as well as a small weapon, 9/10/357mm pistol and a grenade launcher as well as some dynamite or grenades, frag works best, but plasma or pulse if preferred. You'll want to go independent, so kill Mr House, Kimball and Caesar before Hoover Dam, but fight and kill Lanius and Oliver yourself, show New Vegas why you should be feared. Make allies of the Great Khans at least, possibly remind the three houses of their tribal heritage. But don't ally with the Brotherhood of Steel, they see you as vermin and should be punished for their egotism, the Boomers can be killed or spared, either works. Go out into the wasteland and slaughter, slaughter, slaughter.



You were found by Doc after you discovered a secret a fellow researcher wanted to take from you to win the West Coast Researcher Award. After losing this valuable piece of information you journey the world looking for a item to win the award.


Explore the world buying souvenirs from each major city


I saw a comment criticizing the game for making you a Clint Eastwood-like character. I thought about playing just such a character. A man with no name that just wanders the wastes wild west style, helping those in need but never staying in one place too long. Then I found just such a playthrough on YouTube and have been watching that. Just like a really bad b series photocopy of a classic Clint western ____________________________________________________________

Limited (Only works on pc) This one is fairly simple. After creating your character, console command some food, weapons, and lots of ammo. Make yourself ready for a long track through the wasteland with tons of good equipment. The catch? You're locked on hard-core, and you are not allowed to use anything except for the items you started with.


Deputy Beagle

Give yourself 10 luck in SPECIAL. 5 in every other category. Only tag skill that matters is Guns (I'd also recommend tagging Speech, but it's optional). Make your character look like Deputy Beagle. Use a 9mm pistol as your main weapon. Wear leather armor. Upon finishing with creating your character, head to Primm. When you get to Primm, kill Deputy Beagle. You are the real Beagle. He is just a clone. Speak to Johnson Nash and start the quest My Kind of Town. Appoint Sheriff Meyers as the Sheriff of Primm, finishing the quest. From that point forward it is your job as the deputy of Primm to protect the town. You can adventure in the wastes, but be sure to return to the town every couple of days to check on it. If you wish to finish the game, do the Mr. House ending. It is important to be loyal to your masters.