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WHich companion do you guys see as being the best? i.e as in the perks they give as well as fighting power. I know that boone has an average perk but has a very good marksman long range advantage. I also know that lili is the goddess of fighting power, carrying an assault rifle and being very enduring, however her perk doesn't help me at all.

ALso which companion is better out of ed-e and rex? I find ed-e to b better, his perk can be annoying at times, however he is powerful with his ranged attacks.

What do you guys think? Azzy G33 11:50, April 10, 2012 (UTC)

- For long ranged combat, nothing beats Boone paired with ED-E - it is practically impossible to miss anything or be ambushed. - For short ranged combat, have to say Lily because she is "hench" and uses a good combination of weapons to begin with. - For non-combat utility, it's a toss up between Raul and Veronica; for Repair-using characters, it has to be Veronica because Raul's main function is obsolete with high Repair and Veronica is more powerful in combat after Dead Money.

Personally, I use Arcade early in the game because I find his quest triggers easy to get early on, then I switch to Boone and ED-E, with a dash of Veronica when on long trips. However, after Lonesome Road, I can use ED-E for the things I would use Veronica for. By the way, I only allied with the Legion in one save for the achievement, so I don't worry about Boone shooting people randomly. Q-35 19:23, April 22, 2012 (UTC)