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Fallout florida would be insane. Who wouldnt wanna explore a post apocalyptic,run down ruined disney world??? Plus you have all kinds of other interesting locations like kennedy space center and universal,not to mention the city and surrounding towns. I think it would be alot of fun. But alas I think they would run into a problem with disney not letting them use disney world...... Thats my pick for the next Fallout location though. I like Bethesda alot,and have yet to play a game by them that I didnt love,so whatever they decide to do,I have faith that it will be a great game. Just HURRRRYYY!!! hahaha I am soo ready for a new fallout!!!DaleChaos 05:43, January 31, 2012 (UTC)Dale Chaos

An old game in the spirit of Wasteland called Fountain of Dreams was made in 1988 takes place in Florida after the bombs fell, burying most of Florida in the ocean the thing is the game isn't really recommended as far a Wasteland goes but you could still try it as it is abandonware.The characters of the game are looking for the Fountain of Youth...Waters of life ie similiar to Fallout 3 03:48, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

I think Florida would be a great location. You have a big worl class city with MiamI that hasa diverse population. You have beaches, swamps and city / suburban sprawl. I think Orlando and the theme parks wuld make a great DLC. Whatever they do I just hope its back east and preferably in the south. Atlanta could be another good option, I want a game with some new factions and different dynamics than what goes on in the other games

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