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Hey. I do a youtube channel and it's mainly based around Fallout. Mainly Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I sometimes do discussion about general Fallout stuff but it would be a lot more fun and... successful if I had others, so it would be a real discussion. So far I've talked about the factions in New Vegas, the DLCs of New Vegas and Old World Blues specificly. Add me on Skype or I'll add you (mine is shadow.light10)

Some things I was planning on talking about for some videos was Fallout 3 vs New Vegas (as always, but more in depth, i.e gameplay, storyline, the "feel" of it etc etc) and future Fallout's, what other Fallouts would be like, what people want etc, and any other ideas you guys have.

Thanks for Reading and hope you decide to hit me up:)