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I have thought this for a long, long while now. Imagine a Fallout located in a post- apocalyptic version of Disney World.. The sheer mass of content and backstory that they could produce from such a location would be outstanding. Secret pre-war technology being designed and produced underground for the government, family-fun-bots gone postal with time, maybe repopulated resorts or something? anyway it would at least make interesting DLC. As for improvements-- they should REALLY work on the graphics and setting aspects of the game. I absolutely hated the mojave. It felt empty and i couldn't feel any sort of attachment to the peoples of the Strip. I want as much love and affection and attention to go into Fallout 5 as there was put into Skyrim. As for go-karts or cars... Fallout isn't a racing game or a car game. I consider fallout a strategy/adventure so if anything, incorporate more elements of an RTS or tower defense game like with the idea of creating a base, outpost, or town in which you may need to defend from raiders or hire defenses. Lastly, in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, every once in a while I would see some cool decorations (like a Nuka-Cola Clock or Fridge or various other Pre-War memorabilia) and I would think "Why can't i have this in my house?" So Bethesda, give us some functional collectibles or something along those lines, I want some cool shiz for mah house. That is all bitches.

i know im not the poster of this, but i get the point, turn fallout into something like asassins creed 3, were you build, upgrade, and take over. build up the pre-war buildings, and use them, build fences and gates, new buildings, kind of like a freestyle place game, (as in command and conquer were u can place where ever you want.) i like the idea for one, i know it would be hard, but i would love to play it if you made it. I think the guns in New Vegas just seemed nerfed(tesla Beaton cannon) compared to what was available in Fo3 and the whole dps concept just needs to go away and the same with lack of ammo in New Vegas. Also Karma didn't mean jack in New Vegas and that really bugged me. Furthermore nothing was really left unexplored in New Vegas compared to Fo3. I mean in New Vegas everything was owned most buildings were occupied and all the best toys were bought not found. I think Fo5 needs to return to a more explorable setting like Fo3.

I feel that when you clear out a location like a roboco facility you don't get any rewards because if you think about it you have just taken over a facility that once produced programable killing machines. I mean in Fo3 during the superhero's gambit quest the ex roboco mechanic was actually able to build his own robot army. You should be able to do quests for the BoS or any other key group that allows you to take over key locations and restore them to their former pre-war glory. It would also be cool that once you reach the end of the campaign you could be able to slowly take back and clear out the wasteland by systematically improving on old settlements building new ones and of course by killing all threats (at this point spawn points can be destroyed and captured in some way). Maybe you truly beat the game by turning the ruins of where ever fallout 5 may take place into a safe heaven for all. And assuming this is done in alliance with the BoS the BoS will use this as a base of forward operations to take back the U.S. or maybe even China.

I was thinking of being able to rebuild a car or a motorbike. but the only way to do it would be to search the wasteland for pieces of cars and bikes and other stuff to mod the vehicles, the pieces scattered all over the wasteland must be hard to find. in a way i could be a little bit like rage.

Personally I think if they do add vehicles they should also have to make the world much larger they said new vegas and fallout 3 were the same size but it felt like new vegas was so much smaller. And as for the weapons it would be nice if you could biuld a few custom weapons of your own, cause personally always installing the same mods on a weapon got boring after a while.

This may be out of place for fallout, but i would enjoy the way the weapons handled in RAGE. If they could merge that feeling of gunplay into Fallout 5, i could die a happy man.

And screw this MMO idea. Fallout games have NO place being an MMO.

co-op...idk. could be fun. But that's the point of followers in NV. It would be difficult to work a co-op fallout. There is so much story and lore in these games that you could be working one mission, your friend another, he misses out on your quest, you his, and requiring you both to be present for a particular quest, or all quests even to keep things fair XP-wise, i think it would be a hard nut to crack.

I would appreciate more types of weapons in game, with a plethora of mods to choose from for each. I especially loved the multiple types of ammo in NV.

On the weapons, I would like the ability to further customize them. Get the tools proper to clean the weapon up. So my beefed out assault rifle doesn't look identical to the one in the store that has no modifications performed.

Tone down the rate at which weapons decay? If that is even the proper word for what i mean.

I have often wondered if having the ability to move while in VATS could be useful. Maybe make it a perk that unlock for your final level reward?

For the love of anything you hold sacred, DO NOT put Fallout 5 in the middle of a location that is ALREADY a wasteland like you did NV. The is a desert. It is already a wasteland....Fallout 3! Now that was some lush playground. Want the city? Downtown D.C baby. Tunnels? you bet! Suburbs?? Check. Mountains??!! got'em.

Make followers inventory completely controllable by the PC. So we can decide what our followers wear, what they use, and allow the followers the ability to collect gear, weapons, and items ( stimpaks, ammo, food, etc ) on their own as you explore.

Allow us to modify our followers tactics to a deeper level. Like for instance, to only fire IF i fire, not because they feel like it. Also allow our followers to use MODIFIED weapons. If i hand my follower a sniper rifle with a suppressor, it is because i want to be what does my follower do? For some reason removes all my mods and the suppressor and fires away with reckless abandon despite our attempts at being stealthy.

I do not see the need to build our own home. Instead how about the option to buy, or earn a home in some of the towns in the game? Make some decrepit homes, shanties, and other ramshackle things you find out in the wasteland viable to be shelter for long term.

Create enemies that get HIGHLY aggressive at night. Or during certain weather conditions, that way all of these viable shelter options you find while exploring can be put to use to wait out the weather, or the night, whichever you prefer. But along this, i think the "wait" function needs to be removed, or altered to only work in TOWNS.

Fast travel. Yeah its cool i guess. But we have all been spoiled by the ability to just "poof" anywhere and everywhere, and i think that needs to change. Perhaps something similar to Red Dead Redemption, where you have fast travel, but it is only accessible in towns, and only takes you to other towns. Or Dragon's Dogma, where you can fast travel BACK to the main hub, but the only way you fast travel anywhere else is with the help of some sort of way crystal ( port crystal i know but i mean for Fallout ). So my idea is fast travel is viable as a mission reward early to mid game that allows you to teleport to any TOWN ( not just any place you have discovered ) even in mid combat, BUT, you can only teleport TO towns. Not just anywhere. Running to your destinations would add longetivity to the game, and to make this viable, incorporate a sprint ability. Add perks to increase sprint speed/duration. Armor weight affects run speed already. Remove this "run faster with your weapon put away" nonsense. Of course later ( much ) in the game you could be rewarded with an upgrade to your pip boy that would allow you to teleport to other locations besides towns but only so long as you purchase the "receiver" port from a Robco Vendor ( make them Semi expensive, they break down over time (( can be repaired)) that you can place at key locations to be able to teleport around faster than running, but not to EVERY location. Say there are 300 locations. You get 100 Tele-ceivers from Robco vendors around the map. Placement wouldn't be crucial, but it would have you make a choice with each one.

Massive amounts of enemies, random encounters in the wild, ambushes, rescues, etc.

Enemy....freaking....respawns...More of them. Faster. Every few days. Sometimes i get that wild hair to just set my eyes on the horizon and make for the ridgeline, and nothing makes me more peeved than having this awesome rifle, with scope, special explosive ammo ( .50 ), suppressor equipped....and not having a friggin thing to shoot.

This may be just me, but i would like to be able to "interact" with my surroundings a bit more. Utilize them to my advantage. If i need to distract an enemy, i could shoot a can off a wall nearby, and the enemy should go to investigate...not just immediately know the there must a guy waaaay out there with a silenced sniper rifle shooting at me...

Last one. the sound quality. In VATS, the weapons sound awesome...outside of VATS...not so much. In NV, i rolled Maria for the longest while....and it pissed me off to no end when i would fire my weapon outside of VATS and it sounded like a go***mn pop gun...but in VATS, it sounded like a real firearm.

I think that alot of these ideas are briliant! riding animals or go carts! make your own homes! references from fable and assassains creed are perfect. I think you should be able to have as many followers as you can find and the new location sould be in sanfranciso! think about it! you can have mutated sharks and giant squid in the bay and recreating alcatraz! and sometimes in the buildings you cant go in they should fall and crumble. and more clothes selection. something more sexy and alot more masks.i also think you should get married too! and have kids you can build and plant on your own property which you can customize and expand. even hire workers. have afarm for your family to live off of you wife can sell them can give you half the profits like skyrim.oh and it would also be nice if you could choose to be a ghoul :) you guys really should look these over. oh and please let us ride animals! oh oh almost forgot to tell you guys! we should be able to buy a bunch a those two-headed cows! (i can never remember there names).

If you could add anything REASONABLE you wanted to the next Fallout game, what would you add? For me, it would be the ability to crawl or lay down. Now only will this position allow you to hide more effectively, but if you're sniping something, it will greatly add to the stability of the Sniper Rifle. After all, ask anyone who shoots guns professionally. They'll tell you that the prone position (laying down) is much more accurate than the kneeling position.

I would also add to the map "available mission" markers. It's a pain going around everywhere and talking to everyone just to try and find a new mission. If we have a marker on the map for available missions, we wouldn't have to "hunt and peck" for quests.

I think that you should add the ability to ride an animal like a horse so u can have a bigger map are be able to make your own house some were with other peopple and make your own town .

Wouldn't it be a better to think of FO4 ideas first? - RASICTalk 16:32, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

I think they should up the graphics cause they used the same for new vegas as fallout 3, put alittle more time into fixing the bugs and polishing it up. - M.T.N

maybe they should involve some sort of ancient go-kart from the 50s in a museum and maybe they should give u a quest were somebody tries to repair it and u have to collect scape metal and other things like that to get it running again. Then they could add a time trail race in a racing course and if u beat the score you get a 100 caps. Now that would be a cool quest!

How about passing the time line a little more than 8-30ish years between games, so like 200 years and have in some larger towns (more improved) a "law enforcement" you know a "stop right there criminal scum" so instead of the whole damn town killing you, you can get tossed in a cell or surrender caps (if its a big settlement). Oh and to choose if you want to be a ghoul, super mutant or human...( sorry dude but thats a terrible idea i lkie the way theres almost no law inforsment like in Fo3 and i like how there are so citys but i wouldnt wan

I believe that there should be some sort of village or settlement that you can control and upgrade,this in turn would make a safe haven of sorts for the player to fall back on in times of distress. An example of these gameplay machanics at work are in assasins creed 2 and more notably assasins creed brotherhood, The ability to choose your faction/town should also be included, and as remarked below the ability to join the Enclave would be a very nice touch. Finally as said below the Enclave are mentioned to have a base located in Chicago this would make a great scene for Fallout 5 giving once again that Fallout 3 city wasteland feel that was so missed in NV.

I think that's a good idea but I for one am extremely fond of the idea that you get to join the enclave. I also think it should be someplace where its been some 200 years so its sort of green again and I think that every single faction has like a town or fort and they have skirmishes among each other, its just an idea but I think we should try to get bethseda to take a look at this all in favour post ' I '  :D

Fallout 5 ideas I think Fallout 5 should include a vault where you came come back to sleep,eat,and get purified.I would also like to vehicles because walking and fast traveling take to long.Fallout 5 should include a clothing customization like Fable.Or Fallout 5 should be a pre war game and somehow you survive the nuclear haulocaust and wake and have to get to the Vault.That would be one amazing game.I[[ think they should let you pick a vehicle like the big military trucks or the semis,or the cars and you would collect scrap medal to trade for parts or savage for parts and make monster trucks and the followers should not just get killed the should just go unconscious and build your own house/fort and construct you own armor and radiation groth  :)]]

The vehicle idea is horrible i mean that would take all the fun out of being adventureses.But starting out in the prewar time...thats somthing they should think about.Just think about it u work in the vault tec company,u have a wife and kids u hear about the nukes and try to get to ur famaily in tim or leave them behind,this of course would affect ur karma greatly.Then when u make it to the vault u live there u die there.. just as the overseer says.Uthen become ur grandson or whatever and begen to exploer,from there its up to bethesda...

Well i think they should add a spacial weapon called, Little Boy. I think they should add this because they added The Fat Man into the game and i think they should at least add the first atomic bomb EVER used in warfare. Note: The name Little Boy was the nickname for the very first atomic bomb ever used in warfare, It was detonated during World War 2 in Hiroshima, Japan.

EFF Fallout 5. I'm speculating about Fallout 7. I hope all my fav characters from Fallout: 5.75: Fraction of a Faction come back!! BILLYOCEAN 02:33, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

i would place it on the east coast in a town like miami with the neverglades and tribals if i could add anything i would add the ability to make a shack and a village even build machines

For all of you complainers that think Fallout should be like this game or that DON'T play fallout. Go play the game you want it to be like. Fallout 3 is the greatest game ever. I've played it four times and am on my fifth. I also played Fallout New Vegas twice but I still go back to 3. I would not like it to change. The creators are brilliant. With that said I think the next Fallout should take place in China. It's time to take the fight to those commie bast#*^s. You could possible be a member of the BOS. Your faction takes several vertibirds there and you all get shot down. You and maybe a couple of others survive and set up a camp. Now it's time to explore from Beijing to the Great Wall to Mount Everest to Hong Kong. Could you imagine mutated Siberian Tigers and Indian Elephants. 07:14, June 25, 2011 (UTC)BrettKramer67.22.8.248 07:14, June 25, 2011 (UTC) June 25, 2011

^Mount Everest isn't in China. Personally, I think the next game should be in America. There are still so many places that haven't been touched on. When the America setting gets old, then they can go overseas. Yes-Man 07:19, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

While I agree on more in depth clothing options, I do feel that faction-based clothes were an invaluable new direction. However, if vehicles were to re-enter the series, it would be best if it were only to balance out a loss of fast-travel. Personally, I feel the Lockpick and (if it is retained) Melee/Unarmed could use updating. For instance, Lockpick access shouldn't be based on skill level but skill level determines the difficulty of picking all locks; the allowed degrees to sucessfully pick a lock grow with skill, from 1°, being the most difficult, to 50°. The optional attack styles for Unarmed/Melee have always been welcome items, but maybe a few more situational attacks could improve upon them, say a throat-cut option for sneak attacks from behind. Lastly, while I know I'm not the only person who felt Hardcore mode fell short of it's title, I also know there are others who felt it didn't infringe on their gameplay, either. [WhatsYourBoggle - 21:10 June 27, 2011] Reminiscing about days playing Fallout 2, I remembered the ability to use explosives or missiles to destroy non-metal doors. I would like to see this come back in the next game. In the beginning levels it was nice to take out the frustration of a low lockpick skill on a wooden door. [WhatsYourBoggle - 14:01 July 16, 2011]

i think the place should be NY with BoS controlling southwest side chinese controling the north side they are in an all out war rumors of enclave secretly coming in on the east side you should be able to import your characeter from fallout 3 begining of the game you are captured by the chinese you are in a chinese base that is heavily guarded if you imported your data the enclave or BoS will come to rescue you if you did not import data then BoS will attack the base but you will only see explosions and out of reach battles you cant particapate in you escape the base and after a few feet you turn around in a cutscene and the base explodes and you black out you wake up in a BoS or enclave base depending who your with if you did not import it is BoS. other ideas you should be able to reach canada witch will be a huge chinese fort the enclave have turned the statue of liberty into a base and Bos has made the area around lake erie a fort. a dlc should be were if your with the Bos you take a boat to cleveland where the chinese have turned it into a strategic point in ambushing thee BoS but if youre with the enclave you head to delaware were the BoS spy camp is

I think that the game should start in a Vault Tech Milatary Training Facility in pre-war times. Thats where you create your character, all exept the face. When you first start the game your in an waiting room, you take a clip board off a desk thats where you put youre name and special (the special should be in check boxes). Once you're done with that you go through a door that was preiviously locked, and walk to a bus. The bus will take you to a "Vault Tech Milatary Training Facility" thats where they teach you how to use a weapon, create your skills, sneak, lock pick, hack a computor, and given a vault tech suit. Once you've learned all that, (or skipped it) you hear the bombs drop in the distance, hear a radio signal that says "Washington hit!!". You go into cryogenic freezing pods in a lead underground room with a vault door. As the vault door closes you see a brigh light and some of the blast enters the cracked vault door. the game goes into loading. When you wake up (the game stops loading) you see two men waliking around and one unfreezing you. still in the pod you see them open another pod and a feral goul jumps out and attacks the men. they quickly kill the goul, and you hear one guy say "keep an eye out this one might be feril. They realease you and you go into conversation with the first man. he tells you that youve been frozen for over 200 years and that you need to help him find the vault armament. Once you pick the lock or find the key you they will take you out side, load up the weapons, and the third guy will take you tawards a lake. Their he will knock you on the ground (you cant move) and draw his gun, then he gets shot by a fully auto weapon. The screen looks over at the people who shot him and its three men that play an important role through the whole game. They walk to you and notice your injurys and minor goulification they take you to a near by town and drop you off at an dcter who fixes you up ang gives you a face. The main story would be about a large walled-in civilization that is trying to take over the wastland. most people welcome the take over, but the feiw who know the truth are against it. The group of people who know about the civilizations intentions are a renaissance-like city who are hidden in the top of a mountain that you cant access untill middle of the main quest, when you discover the civilizations intintions to turn the poor people of the waists into slaves in order for them to create a large area for the rich people of the civilization. The last half of the main quest is attacks on the civilization after they start expanding(in one of the later attacks the civilization will be open for you to explore). Resulting in a war between the civilization and an army of factions that you can choose.

i think you should choose which county you come from like america or asia and that sets you basic face and speach and then boy or girl then custumise face and then its a short vidio of you get on a large boat and when you between europe and america the bombs fall and a huge wave picks your boat up and crashes into the highly erateid newyork and then you choose wheater to stay in the rads and turn into a ghole or stay in the boat in the hibernation chambers meant for long trips where you either can choose to be a human or have someone spray the hibernation chamber with fev virus and be a spuermutant,if you choose to be a ghole you can walk around the city and when you get bored choose to do a job that levels up the skill until the year 200,meanwhile the human/super mutant where in a virtual town doing stuff and leveling up skill and humans wake up in the year 200 and human find the ship empty ecept for a few people being attack by gholes and find a few items lying around room like clothes and guns food and a pip boy off a dead vault scavenger and then a ghole breaks in the room and you have to kill it then you can choose to save the ship from gholes and take it over or leave it and explore the city,and super mutants wake up and find the dead supermutant vault scavenger and no ghole attacks but you can choose to kill all the people and the ship or be a nice little supermutant and save them or leave and then the ghole person can just wander around be or nice by finding the ship and killing his less intelegent brethren or help them but the part of the ship with other persons is locked and helping your brethren or saving the humans makes you reputaion go up with either gholes or human and does that for all classes and walking away does not reputation and killing the humans or saving them makes you leader of ship and then you can wander and your class makes diffrent talk options with diffrent classes like a perk repair skill lets you repair a car or chrasima lets you get a fixed car from someone or agilty lets you climb up walls and run fast so no need of car and attack lets you steal carsand all cars have a map but it only shows locations of old newyork and some are destroyed or there are more locations and if you find them by exploring or hearing about them they are added to your ampand your car can store stuff n the trunk and drive peeps round for quest and if your car blows up or you lose it you can buy or steal a new one and the stuff in your old car will be in its trunk and the fractions are human ghole supermutant or mixed and you can choose what your ship s fraction is and all are at war but mixed is like easy and affter a while of leveling up shops and other things will open up in your ship and you get some stuff for free or discount from the shops and gholes and super mutants are slightly healed by radiation and humans are healed by un radiated land and food and you can choose if you want to quit a quest and if you want you can go to a doctor and choose your class or race like asian or american and then boy or girl.

a dlc pack could be your the dead vault scavenger at the hibernation chamber and you start in a vault under the empire state building and the building starts crushing the vault and you escape into the sewer where you get rads but you dont find any radaway then you find a group of smart gholes and the give you a rad suit and a quest to find them fresh human meat and they send you to 3 locations and the first one is the sub way and the only entry way is far away and you dont find any humans so your sent to the crashed boat where your attacked by the gholes and they rip your suit and your rads quickly go up because the ship is next to the where the nuke was and you limp off to the hibernation chamber room and lock the door because the gholes are chasing you and your rads are at 980 and you try to crawl to some radaway on a shelf but die

just to let you know radiation goes away only after a few weeks and the nuke in new york went off earlyer so the wave from new york was already gone and if you choose human or super mutant you can see the human or supermutant in a other hibernation pod but cant kill them and thats the same for the vault scavenger the ghole is hard the human is medium and the supermutant is easy,and the statue of liberty is missing its torch and a quest you can sail to the island and go to the top and view newyork city

I for one would like to be able to kill anybody i feel like, if you kill someone who if afflicted with the main story line it affects it, not so your stuck on one path but get to chose the fate of the City because whenever i shot someone in the head with a shotgun at point blank and they just go unconscious it pisses me off. Anybody else like that idea?

Also i would like to add on that the whole green thing where grass is growing and all that stuff, it would take the feeling away from the game, the whole point to the game is living in a post apocalyptic wasteland, not a lush green meadow, it just would add on a whole different feeling to the game, not the one the developers intend.

I would want to own my own faction, not just join one but control one, like the Legion or NCR, just so you can rule the way you want to.

I agree with the faction/ settlement ruling idea. I also think that you should be able to form gangs/posses should you choose too; not factions, just larger groups of companions. (Brainstorm: Your gang liberates a town & they elect you leader.) I think that there's at least one more good location for a Fallout game in the US. I'd suggest Kentucky- lots of mountains to explore, coal mines (to turn to vaults?) and fort knox. I'd also love to see a vault where the world didn't go to hell, and the citizens left, forming a settlement around it, drawing power from the vault's reactor, but not like Vault City, just a normal but well off town. Also, raiders shouldn't attack you instantly, but try and extort you first. An extension of that thought is- running a caravan, with a pack Brahim, allowing you to carry hundreds of pounds of extra inventory. That's my opinions.

I think that its a great idea to involve cars/vehicles to fallout and you would be able to run creatures and people over. Also i agree with running your own faction or group.

A Fallout Game located in DisneyLand. Bethesda would never be able to get the rights but imagine the content!!! All of the parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, etc.) full of irradiated tourists (ghouls) and the different attractions we are all familiar with being turned apocalyptic. There would be so many possibilities with all of the hotels, rides, and pure square footage that Disney encompasses. I know that current Disney's entirety is much farther in time than when the bombs fall in fallout but it is still an awesome idea.

my thoughts, for sure a zone more like fallout 3, tons of tunnels and zones with lots and lots of exploring, make checking and looking at items everywhere worth doing still. tons and tons of quests like fallout 3 and 4, keep that up, more is always better. it's my fav thing knowing every area is fun to explore and kill threw and do quests in. lets get lost, lots of back peddling and oohh i missed this b4, stuff like that.

if possible, adding more bosses threw the zones ...bigger fights with bigger battles ..monsters that keep coming in hordes. maybe more aoe weapons that don't explode. i know this isn't call of duty, but adding a story line in the game that is kinda like that would be cool. (fallout/cod solo campaign if that is understood?, that linear game inside the huge sandbox world. like if cod offline campaign had the huge world fallout has on top of the linear run from start to finish. but long as this doesn't effect how awesome and huge and go anywhere the fallout games are. like some buildings can push you threw the building like that when you enter it.

more items to look for in the world to hook up your room rather then paying for a set up, finding it all to put together in the world. also after you cap out mobs get to easy and if you have a companion or companion and dog you don't have to kill anything. so keep it more challenging. make the zones as strong as you are, really the game doesn't really need levels like that. just give more options to pick from but keep the fighting hard all the way threw. usually half way threw the game i'm like stop killing my mobs for me dangit!!, so i need to chose keep companion for space or just leave them all ..witch makes them pointless to have. maybe even 1 battle that involves lots or all of the companions. like all at once or like say the dam in fallout 4 you could of had them all scattered threw the area to help you fight and do things. and if you got them killed or not get them prior that part was just that much harder to do. if you can do this and keep us feeling like we are growing in character and progression all the way till the end would be great.

make the choices mean more, fallout 4 was more so then 3 but lets try and kick it up even more with options and precautions. the game doesn't need mini games really like card games and gambling. i don't know anyone that really does that stuff, it's useless fluff.

also hey i still want to see a fallout mmo. make it happen, also what are you waiting for lets see a non animated fallout movie. this franchise and series is awesome and it can be a great movie. this movie called "the day" totally ripped off the kinda feel you created in your games. make one yourselves too and we will watch it.

The five Ds (Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and.. Dodge!) would be awesome! i agree with being able to crawl and crouch, also if you could slide along walls (like GoW) to be more stealthy. i dont think vehicles would be good but limiting fast travel and having a sprint option would be great. Also,in my opinion, there should be the option to make weapons and clothing more personalized with more editing options such as colour or more mods which actually change the way they look instead of being exactly the same as the way you bought it. And finally, Building you're own home and family would be cool.

  I'm hoping bethesda learned from Skyrim that focusing on one gimmick doesn't make the game the best thing in the world. There was a reason why it didn't make Game of the Year because in all honesty it wasn't as good or as re-inventive as Oblivion or Fallout 3. I'm calling it Fallout 4 because New Vegas was not made by the bethesda team and was just referred to as New Vegas. What I was thinking was that an armor/ weapon making system would come into play like in Skyrim except you would be using a workbench. Customizing armor and weapons really needs to take effect like what if you were to find say a tee-shirt and a pair of armored raider pants. Take it to a workbench and combine the two to make a custom armor. Then, if you were to find dyes or prints you could apply them to the outfit to make it a different color or have a different design. The same could be applied to weapons like finding a scope and a pistol and combining the two, then finding or buying paints to change color. I'm also hoping bethesda will adopt a better Character Creation, maybe one like APB:Reloaded's or even better EVE Online's. I want to be able to immerse myself in that world and to do that I want to create a character and feel their story. bethesda, if your fans wanted to play a simple FPS we would play Call of Duty but we want a better experience than that. We want to play a well thought out story that is long because Skyrim's quests were as short as a pair of daisy dukes. It would be cool to see bethesda getting more involved with their fans by recruiting some modders to give their insight. We want a good game so why not get loyal fans to help? I know many console users who want mods and would like to try and create some but they do not have the know-how or computer to do so. So maybe a modding tool just for console users would be great. I mean Todd said he'd wanted to try and bring the modding community to console so maybe it'll happen. A for the story I want something that hasn't been done before, no Mcguffins. I already have an idea for a mod because of the fact that it's going to be set in the  Commonwealth which we all know is home to the android slaves. Tell me what you think about my ideas ~Sherlockian

Fallout 3 needs to stay true to the rest of the Fallout universe, not turn into Call of Duty: Apocalypse. It should be similar to the rest of the Fallout games. Starting in Vault, and being brought into the strange world outside, homes that are purchasable would be a nice touch, and Bethesda would benefit by taking inspiration from the many mods that are out there, much like they did with Fallout: New Vegas. But let's face it, apocalyptic city vs Nevada Desert? I'll take towering piles of rubble and dark Metro tunnels any day.

Okay, first of all, WOW. That's one load of text. You sure did take your time to write this. Good job.

Second, Fallout fucking 4 hasn't even been ANNOUNCED. We don't even know if 5 will EXIST. Also, see this: I COULD list everything on the page, but i won't because you can just go ahead and see on it yourself. Bethesda, if you don't mind me saying, did a shabby job on Fallout 3, straying from the originals in almost EVERYTHING. The lore, the original factions, the turn-based awesomeness. Your ideas might be good, but Bethesda's staff won't take a moment and look at them, they're just like that.

"I'm hoping Bethesda learned from Skyrim..."

Dude. Bethesda. Doesn't. Learn. They'll keep repeating the same games with just changing the engine and making the game an even badder RPG in so many ways. Fallout 4 is probably gonna be bad game, looking at how Bethesda has done Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

The rumors say it'll be in Boston with androids, and they will not use BOS or Super Mutants. This got me extremely angry, apparently, they're not doing this because people are angry at how they messed up the lore earlier, and do not want them involved, even thought it's been in every single fallout game. Ever. That's a new level of stupidity.

Also, look at the goddamn fucking metacritic scores that Skyrim and Fallout 3 got. Seriously? 9? And Fallout: New Vegas got 8? Because of these shitty metacritic scores, Bethesda will continue to mock the franchise with terrible games when they can do SO MUCH better.

I could go on and on about Bethesda's incompetence, but i won't. To answer one of the questions, what i would personally add to the next fallout game is actual RPG elements, a good story, maybe going back to Arroyo in first person, would be amazing. Obsidian should tackle the game itself, the world building and the story, Bethesda can make a bugfest engine and just use it.

Generally, they should erase all of their shit they did badly in Fallout 3 and Skyrim, and work their way to make a game vaguely similar to Fallout 1 and 2, not talking about graphics or gameplay, but the fucking story. This is all, by the way, talking from personal preferences and facts that ARE there, no matter how much you might deny it.

Bethesda is pretty much destroying franchises as we knew them, which is bad, and i'm hoping that they add actual good development choices to the next game. -Miskoculum

I think you're a little too attached to Fallout 1 and 2. I played them, yeah, they were alright, but they're nothing worth bragging about. Also, opinions are not facts, no matter how hard you try. :)

How about for the setting it can be in this time frame but again he gets frozen or something and waits till the future where robots biological warfare SPACE and other stuff will be available instead of being stuck in old times.

WOW what a horrible idea. ^^^

It's amazing how Sherlockian (in the side-scrolling line of text) was amazingly accurate considering that it hadn't even been announced at the time.

I think it would sick for a Fallout game to take place in Chicago. It's not as new of a city as Las Vegas and not as old as Boston or Washington D.C but there is a lot that Bethesda can do with city as big an cultured as Chicago. I'd love to see it be done, I'm sure they would do it very well. And have the main villain be located in the Sears Tower or the Hancock Building. I also want the to be a mission that goes into United Center(Home of the Blackhawks) and maybe a city in Wrigley Field with a rivaling city in U.S Cellular Field.

I Personally think Fallout has to be based in the U.S, as the vaults play an important part of the universe and they were only in the U.S tho there is mention of possible vaults in Canada. A DLC pack that takes you to another country would be good. I also like to see Fallout Shelter turned into a bigger game in itself with Age of Empires/Empire Earth style gameplay, I reckon that would be awesomeNick3258 (talk) 16:48, December 5, 2015 (UTC)

I think fallout 5 should continue the trend of being on the east coast and go to New York. I think the brotherhood of steel should take over the Empire State Building and I think that there should be a clan/group who wants to completely takeover Manhattan and control all business in New York and will kill anyone for any technology. The Minutemen should branch out to New York and have a quest to "reclaim NYC" as a reference to when the British took New York City in the revolutionary war. Before the brotherhood can take the Empire State Building however, the player has to help rid it of super mutants and feral ghouls.

It should be more depressing than F4, like F3. And it's time that main story become something other than searching someone. We can continue from where we left F:NW (assuming that next game will be developed by obsidian) since i'm really fed up with Enclave(They weren't in F4, but still) and BoS. Fallout universe's tribes are really interesting and they were in the spot in the originals, so we should see them more. And I hope next time if we ever become sentinel, general etc game must make us feel it, instead of being a foot soldier all time regardless of our title. 15:08, May 9, 2016 (UTC)

Fallout 5 Year:2317 Setting:Sioux Falls,south dakota & its surroundings. Main factions -global tsardom -new california repuclic -caesars legion -yggdrasilian harmony -ankylonian ecosystem -brotherhood of steel -common guard -powder gangers -tsardom of lunarfort -fallecimiento (own faction)

Minor factions -privateers (pardoned thieves,raiders or other groups by global tsardom. Currently five groups in alliance with global tsardom,since annhilation of bonemen of carfields by ncrand other group betrayed global tsardom in missile system heist,reaver movement.)

flesh circle
great khans
ministry of flames
the railroad

Other minor factions -synthetic order -reaver movement -the apax bank (operates from classified vault apax.has own private military force.)

wealth protectors

-bonemen of carfield remnants -painted bonemen -feaster bonemen -black sheeps -children of atom -followers of apocalypse -radface legion -the wendigos -circle of steel -treeminders -mercenarys (3 powerful)

job done
delivery court

-super mutants -krodmyriats -raiders -scavengers -wastelanders

There are two great settings that could make Fallout 5 a great game. The first setting is in China; we hear all about China's role in the war, but how does the country fare today? Is it a total wasteland like the U.S.? Are there places of sanctuary that the bombs never got to? And what do they think of the U.S.? Do they think the U.S. launched the first nukes, or did they actually launch the first nukes in the war? Is the fight for survival in China different than it is in the U.S., and if so, how? Are there still people plotting to launch nukes anywhere, even in the very country they reside in? There are a lot of questions about China that could certainly be answered in a Fallout game set in China, and it could certainly be GOTY material if done right.

How about an idea where you play as a time traveler who needs to time travel to all past games to unlock something in his time(secret vault, important base etc.

Another great setting for Fallout 5 would take inspiration from FF7. It takes place several years from Fallout 4, in the midwest. Here, some of the most elite wastelanders in the U.S. have built the biggest city there is in the country. Not only that, it also looks like a normal city, with much less in the way of ruins and more in the way of normal 60's and even 70's aesthetics. The city flourishes, and is not only home to humans, but also ghouls and super mutants too, although due to discrimination by the citizens as well as insecurities by it's elite investors, they are discriminated, living in segregated sections of the city. The city has also benefited nearby settlements; very few look like scrapyards, either in part or whole. In terms of a story, you get to influence the story by picking your own character background first: You can be a Vault Dweller, Ex-Raider, or a Survivalist, with the ability to unlock different backgrounds upon completing the game. The story involves you working with a group to do two things: Kill one of the city's elite for messing with someone important, and stop any plans they have to launch nukes. But then things go wrong, you realize there's a greater threat out there that needs to be addressed, and that the fate of this city is in your hands; it is possible to preserve it as it is, with all the good and bad, change it for the better/worse, or destroy it. Along the way, things you wrong in the beginning might begin to actually look right, enemies can become neutral, and some of the things you thought were right turn out to be wrong. Again, GOTY material if done right, but will require more effort than possibly Fallout 3 + 4. I would think it would be worth it, however. -- 00:53, December 27, 2016 (UTC)