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I know this has been brought up a few times in the past but where do you think the next fallout will take place.

As far as I know, no news has come out as far as where it will take place. I think it's reasonable to assume that the game will not take place on the west coast. I know two games isn't a lot of data to make assumptions on, but after focusing only on the west coast in the first two games, Bethesda went to the east coast for fallout 3. New Vegas went back to the west coast but was made by obsidian. It's been said before; it seems like Bethesda will focus on the east coast while maybe letting another company like obsidian handle going back to the west coast. So the midwest could be in the running, but i think it's safe to assume that the game will not take place on the west coast.

It's also pretty safe to assume that the game will take place in the United States of America. Fallout talks about the world at large, but so much of fallout has to do with riffing on America's Futuristic vision of the 50's that taking the game to another country seems like an odd choice.

So we're looking for an american east coast (or possibly midwest) location for fallout 4. Likely this location will include a major city. It's also likely that this city will include some type of distinguishing landmark(s). Fallout 3 had the Washington monument and the rest of the national mall, New Vegas brought the crazy skyline that could only be Las Vegas as well as the Hoover Damn.

So what cities are likely?

New York has been mentioned countless times and obviously has a ton of potential. But working against it is the fact that New York logically completely flattened if a nuclear war truly did breakout.

Boston has been mentioned a lot and for good reason. Also working for it is the fact that the Institute has already been mentioned and would be undoubtedly cool location. Working against it is the fact that boston doesn't really have any noticeable landmarks that would stand out while exploring.

Now here are two dark horse ideas that I haven't really heard yet but i think are decent ideas.

Orlando. A creepy abandoned amusement park very much based on 1950s type values seems very fallout. also it's surrounded by lots of swamps which could be boon as far as cool creatures to fight go. going against it however is the fact that disneyworld doesn't even come into existance until the late 60s. i could certainly imagine disneyworld existing in the fallout world... but it seems a bit odd to base a game mostly around a location that did not even exist when the fallout timeline splits from ours.

Now here is the idea that I think is really good, and I think might be the best idea for Fallout 4's location.


Sounds odd but think about it. Philly is a major city but not such a huge city that you would think it's destruction would be assured. Philly also has quite a few cool recognizable landmarks that would be cool to see in game play. Independence hall is recognizable as is the liberty bell... both are also far enough from the downtown center that it's reasonable to think they may have survived. also while not as well known of a structure, philly's city hall is very recognizable ( and has been in many movies, was once the tallest building in the world etc. also since it has 22 feet thick solid walls of granite it's very reasonable to think it would survive a nuclear holocaust... as well as just about anything. I just think there's a lot that can be done with the city and could make for a really good game.

for the record I think the game will take place in boston, but i think philly would better.

what do you think about these ideas? where do you think the game will take place? Where would you WANT the game to take place? 16:49, August 22, 2011 (UTC)