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Soundtrack suggestions yo By anonymouses

if it's timeperiod appropriate there gotta be one buddy holly song

Educate By Cody W.

My only suggestion is to add an educational element to the game. For the amount of time one plays the game and remembers locations and ingredients for such and such things, an element of validity would add for a 10 to 12 hours of youthful life a day not simply wasted! I am far from saying the game is bad, I love the games, I would just like to see some real science and engineering elements, something to step away from the game and feel I was entertained and learned something worth remembering, such as:

Making use of a true Periodic Table and processes to formulate compounds. Creating such things like medicine or make food or drink additives, even weaponizing chemicals.(of course with some missing components to prevent kids around the world from blowing themselves up). I would basically like to see the basic elements and some of the basic compounds they make up in our everyday lives that in the post-apocalyptic world would be invaluable to know-(drop the nuka-cola and add the chemistry lab). With engineering, like in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, forging metals with ore and smelting alloys to form weapons and using other materials to form equipment, using math equations to hack computers or in use of other things in the game- basic equations: "quadratic"-triangle formula; circle formula; etc. Real reading materials one might find in a class room, when you find a skill book in the game you should need to read it and take a quiz at the end of the book to get a percentage of the skill based on your score! Make the game entertaining and educational.

It doesn't have to be overly burdened with education around every corner but when an idea come up to put something of fantasy in the game think of something with educational benefit!

And from lightly reading the other posts, the idea of realism is a reoccurring one.

Cody W

(1) better crafting. let us craft amunition bandoliers out of of leather. and let us create satchels and pistol belts to spruce up our characters appearance aswell as increasing weight limit

(2) add vehicles. we could repair cars and motor bikes with scrap metal, scrap electronics, glue, sheet metal, tires, repair kits, and wrenches. and there could be vehicle warfare between factions and working trainlines. maybe each faction would have supply trains that you could attack.

(3) make the map huge. fallout new vegas had such a small map and hardcore mode was not great because it was so easy to find food and water. have tons of forests untouched by nuclear holocaust and snowy mountains with hidden bunkers and working vaults.

(4) let us choose who to play as at the start of the game Raider/ghoul/vault dweller/explorer/android/BOS member/NCR soldier/NCR citizen and mercenary.

(5) let us have the option of turning on a hunger/thirst/sleep meter. i did not like having to turn on hardcore mod just to have to eat/drink to survive.

(6) each character should have their own storyline such as the vault dweller might have a campaign where they start as a child (like fallout 3) but the vault is attacked by raiders and you a child at the time are saved by an explorer called charles whowas looking for vault 65 where the us government was said to have survived. he raises you untill your 18 then you goout on your own and you can search for a crew to help you find vault 65 or you can just explore and do quests.

(7) have better quests. you there should be "caravan missions" that are unlimited (that is to say they pop up around the map randomly but never end) in these missions you would travel across the map or to other lands (such as new reno and utah) and you would get paid everyday for protecting the caravan and ensuring it reaches its destination.

(8) add the abillity to send your own caravans on trading missions (you need 1000 NCR dollers or caps to organize your own caravan) you can plan the caravans routes and choose what to trade.

(9) let us set up permanant campfires that act as fast travel ponts and camps where you can store gear and send your companions to. once you send a companion to your camp they will set up a tent.

(10) add bedrolls and pots and pans and canteens. bedrolls can be used for sleeping and pots/pans can be used at campfires. canteens could be filled with water.

(11) better stealth. give us stealth kills and disguises. it is very annoying when you kill someone with a silent weapon and out of sight and suddenly the whole town is down on you.

(12) more customization. let us choose single items of clothing instead of full outfits. for example. the abillity to remove or equip a bandolier or backpack with another outfit.

(13) add backpacks. seriously, it would increase carry wight and could also be used cosmetically.

(14) add stuff from mods. have houses that you can barricade and turn into hideouts. have camping gearlike tents and campfire makingtools and sandbags spread around the map.

(15) add the option to take off the pip boy and pip boy glove, i dont likethe glove or the chunky pip boy.

(15) replace the pip boy 3000 with a lighter more customizable model called the pip boy 4000 which has a flat screen connected to the arm with straps. it does not have a flashlight function nor does it have an items section. (this is to increase realism and to replace the items menu with a seperate backpack that manages gear.

(16) the pip boy 4000 should have no maps. you must find paper maps and upload their data to your pip boy 4000.

please bring C4 and fat mines and the detonator also gold bars to it. please please please extend past ending this is one of the things i liked about fallout 3

I believe Bethesda has done a phenomenal job with the Fallout franchise, but there are some things I'd like the developers to keep in mind. I believe that the Fallout series isn't about the individuals or even the factions, but about humanity as a whole. However, the gameplay has always been about the growth and development of the unknown character; not only through their physical development (skills, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., etc.), but also their mentality and perspectives towards the people and the world around them, both of which have always had equal importance on how the player plays the game, which in turn influences the outcome of the game. Having said this, I'd now like to throw in my two cents about what I'd like to see in Fallout 4:


  • My biggest complaint (aside from bugs of course) about Fallout 3 was the cut-and-dry nature of the karma system. Being told what was good and what was bad ruined one of the most important themes of the Fallout games: the ambiguity of human morality under duress. For example, the opening of Fallout 3, being abandoned by your father with no explanation at all, is a perfect setup for a game that stresses the concept of individual thought and action. However, once you find Dad and he is given the opportunity to explain himself, the game tethers your forgiving him to supporting the Brotherhood, and staying angry with him to supporting the Enclave (which you can't even technically do (though this general issue was addressed in Fallout: New Vegas)). Granted you can express your anger for him towards the Brotherhood and still complete quests for the Brotherhood, the game still pushes you towards one or the other. This leads me to my next point.
  • Another important theme in the Fallout games is the power of the individual. While I did say that the series has always been about humanity as a whole, a common occurrence in Fallout games is that despite the size and strength of conflicting groups and factions, the balance of power is always fragile enough to be tipped by the individual, whether through violence or reason. However, in Fallout 3 and New Vegas the power of the Lone Wanderer and the Courier respectively is inconsistent. For example, in New Vegas, the Courier can create a treaty between the Brotherhood and the NCR, two groups that have been fighting for decades, but cannot create a treaty between the Brotherhood and the Legion, two groups who you would think would already have an alliance due to their mutual hatred of the NCR. Granted, the Legion has societal views opposing the use of modern technology, the Courier can potentially have the power to convince the Khans to betray the Legion and work with the NCR, who very arguably have a greater conflict than the Legion and the Brotherhood have, so why can't the Courier influence Caesar to at least temporarily "forgive" the Brotherhood's use of technology and advanced weaponry, yet convince Khans to at least temporarily forgive the NCR for slaughtering their women and children? To raise the bar even further, if both the Brotherhood and the Khans were both at one point great and powerful organizations, why can't the Courier help them become that again? Why is it just because a group has smaller numbers, a group is automatically a minor faction? Basically, the player character needs to have a potential for unlimited power that declines and specifies towards the end of the game.
  • While I'll argue to death the superiority of the faction system over the karma system, I believe that the faction system in New Vegas is flawed by not being flawed enough. Take the Goodsprings/Powder Ganger quest at the very beginning of New Vegas. Say you support Goodsprings and kill all of the Powder Gangers. How do the Powder Gangers know that the Courier was the one who led the attack, or at least how are they able to identify the Courier when he comes by one of their camps? The Courier's faction reputation, to a certain extent, should have a decent amount of influence from how the player wants to be viewed by that faction. For example, if the player wants to support the NCR, but not be attacked by the Legion, a faction disguise combined with a high charisma and/or speech and/or sneak skill should allow the Courier to lie in order to further infiltrate the Legion, and not just hide from foot soldiers.
  • This leads to another suggestion: mixing skills. The Fallout 3 and New Vegas pushed player characters towards creating a "generic character" (the smartypants, the knucklehead, the people-person, etc.), which forced the player characters to also have a certain attitude for the most part. What I would like to see at the least is these skills being used for unexpected purposes and outcomes. For example, instead of using speech to create alliances, maybe using unarmed or melee to brutally kill a faction leader in front of that faction causes the player character's reputation for that faction to skyrocket and later help with negotiations, or maybe multiple uses of a high speech skill can be used to incite violence between two previously allied groups. Tying back to the concept of a more powerful player character, I believe that skills shouldn't be tied to outcomes, and that a player character should be able to use any of their skills to achieve any outcome, as long as they have a high enough skill level (killing a faction leader with unarmed or melee should be a difficult feat; guns or energy weapons would be easier but wouldn't gain the respect of the faction, though a sneaky assassination with guns combined with speech could achieve the same outcome). Encouraging a diverse range of skills and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. also creates the potential for more interesting perks and dialogue options, such as having a high sneak and speech allowing you to lie your way out of conflicts. Providing all of these options forces the player to think about how their skills can be applied to situations in order to achieve their goals, rather than how they should use foresight to build their character in order to achieve their goals.
  • I have four more simple and straightforward suggestions: 1. Fix as many bugs as possible. That's a no-brainer. 2. Have the potential for at least one DLC companion per DLC to become a permanent companion in the main game. This could've been very easily done in New Vegas with Dean Domino, Follow-Chalk, and Ulysses, without messing up the storyline or doing much additional work. 3. Continue to make references to real American culture as well as previous Fallout games. Referencing events in previous games reinforces the idea that all of these games, despite not directly having anything to do with each other, are all part of the never-ending story of humanity. Referencing American culture whether through the old songs on the radio stations or the quests that have parallels to movies like Beyond Thunderdome and Land of the Dead in Fallout 3 will make the game appear as a more realistic possibility than it actually is, and reinforce the theme of the struggle of creating a lasting society and culture. To kick it up a notch, maybe have radio stations play music from the 50's and 60's and add pre-war clothes from those decades as well to show the cycle of societal and cultural progression. 4. Keep the graphics and the player interface the same for the most part. This will add to the artistic value of the Fallout series by reinforcing the concept of it all being one world. That isn't to say don't use a better game engine or improve collision and lip-synching, but try to make the character models for NPC's and player characters the same for the most part to reinforce that whether you're in the Capital Wasteland, the Mojave Wasteland, or whatever's next, that all of these events are occurring in the same world each time, but that the world (and war) never changes.

Unlike many of these posts from Fallout fans, I believe Bethseda has done a great job and only ask to consider these few things for Fallout 4....

  • Stable gameplay
  • more realism
  • A more hardcore hardcore mode
  • I also like the idea of being able to employ people in my house, like skyrim: hearthfire, but on a grander scale. For example, I want to buy a house like tenpenny tower and employ people and charge rent.


  • There is no question Fallout 4 should be set in New York City. There are just so many options to play with: several landmarks (Statue of Liberty, brooklyn bridge, empire state building, time square, etc, etc, etc,...) Also, you have all the borrows: Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, and could even be taken inland and north to Buffalo, Canadien border etc,... Plus DLC's would allow easy and sensible access to Boston, New Jersy, etc,...
  • Next, please allow more vertical exploration (perfect with New York City). Allow characters to jump from building to building and to climb.
  • Next, please continue to make stealth one of many major character class developments. A ninja build is always my focus and would really like a few enhancements to this character class type. For Example: Stealth (Ninja gear) focused armor (would be relatively weak while allowing for great mobility and stealth capability). An effective ninja character would require immense strategy and could not just run in guns blazing, unless of course player takes dr and dt perks. I cant stress enough vertical exploration with ninja characters excelling tremendously at this, utilizing premptive strike (shadows and invisible cloak perk!!!) and attack and flee strategies.
  • Lastly, with weapons, please have a Ninja-to sword. Straight bladed ninja-sword. There must be a unique version that is extremely powerful with chance to instakill and can be swung at incredibly high speeds. Damage would also be significantly higher compared to standard version (coated in futuristic diamond lazer cutting steel technology) Would be unbelievbally amazing! RyanOldSchoolFOfan (talk) 22:58, October 20, 2012 (UTC) RyanOldSchoolFOfan

  • continued playability via entry points to randomised maps like: city ruins, sewers, mutant/ghoul/brotherhood/caesars legion strongholds etc. going back to a familiar area gets a bit boring, but still having a largish world with these entry points spread out through it. by randomised i'm thinking the game could choose from many different 'parts' connected randomly each time.
  • continuous missions via npc's beyond the storyline. like skyrim but not so simplistic as go to A, kill B. somehow 'chain' them (again randomly if possible) so they become more like ministorylines. e.g: find recluse in (randomised) sewer who knows where a secret cache can be found in (randomised) city ruins, possible random people needing help here and there.
  • money sinks back at your chosen hometown (one of the aforementioned strongholds maybe?) like maintenance, paying guards? maybe having to replace killed guards with people you rescue in some missions. expanding the investment in traders option from fallout 3.
  • prefer realism, so leave out v.a.t.s, (save some programming there :) the skyrim combat was nice. so NO becoming master of absolutely everything like you could do in fallout 3.

Well i wanna make a few contributions as well. I would say add some more realism to it by that i mean give a sprint button for the love of god. Maybe a cover system for those really long raider firefights. And you need time for wounds to heal "kind of like alone in the dark* and destroyable armor. And TONS of customization. I saw this in the fourm somewhere (not my idea) but some said a journal i say this because i don't like that clunky pip boy and glove. I also think you should make the characters a little more attractive cuz there all look the same and lifeless. I think you should have the option as to where you start your game maybe something like: Raiders/Vault Dwellers/ Military/ LoneWolf/ Survivalist. Which in turn give you special perks. And maybe a torture system for when you have to interrogate someone for information. and if you capture 2 torture 1 to make the other 1 talk. I think there should be eating and drinking animations (easting and drinking also helps you heal faster over a long period of time like lets say you broke your leg. And also life threatening wounds I mean wounds that will bleed like if your character gets stabbed you need to bandage it up and apply pressure or stitches which leads to my next thing First Aid i think this skill should replace the medicine skill this skill will allow you to stitch wounds asses wounds heal others. I think there should be a water purification process like boiling it. and also add a "broken" feature like if your arm is crippled for a while and a raider or someone hits your arm with a sledge hammer it will break and you cant use you arm until you get it check out by a doc and like i was saying with the long term damage doctors could heal you instantly (i mean make your charator wait a month (30 seconds)). I also think that there should be a "Disguise" Feature like walking into a raider camp wearing a blastmaster armor then they will accept you. kind of like what NV did with the faction armor. I think backpacks would be good adding storage space / weight in which you can carry. I think weapons should be more improvised like a metal rod or a hammer. and Sneak attacks i want to an actually animation like standing up a smashing the ammer into their skull or maybe a necksnap like maybe look at what splinter cell did with conviction shoot out lights natural shadows last spot people saw you that kind of stuff (im not saying copy them just get a general idea from them) And silencers for all of us sneaky assassins out there. I think that the knife is great in its self i would just say add a lil more variety like double edged knives and maybe add them to the hand to hand combat system. And while on hand to hand i think that that should be like overhauled if anyone has every played the warriors (the one about the gang in coney island) maybe a h2h combat system like that with ground and pound features maybe a counter punch and or a disarm counter. Melee combat should have a light attack and power attack options that can cause crippling damage and laceration (depending on the weapon used baseball bat vs knife) sorry im so all over the place im just typing as it all comes to mind and i also think that there should be scarcs like player gets hit with shrapnel from a grenade it will leave a scar. I think smoking should be a feature which can calm the player down making aim more steady giving them more power/courage. and drinking actually gets you drunk and maybe the idea of marring someone or maybe a little u know what ;O . The Music i Think music should be imported off the xbox into the radio stations (for people whith xbox's). Moving bodies this is a goo idea to me because if you sneaking through a i dont know super duper mart and its littered with raiders you should be able to carry their bodies and hide them places like dark corner or hahah lol in the fridge maybe xD but raiders dont care about dead bodies hahaa . its been like what 200yr since the bombs feel maybe not all mutions are horriable maybe you have a heightned sence of hearing and smell or sight like eagle eye iron sights i loved it NV it should be in 4. And i personally like the saddist armor i think you should be able to make ear necklaces from you foes or people you have had revenge on. and maybe hang their fingers on your belt or like the concept art have them hanging by the scalp. Bow and arrows should be in there without a doubt. And also probally the biggest realistic thing this game can do is hit detection. what i mean by this (idk the exact term) if i shoot a raider 4 times in the with a 9mm hand gun why the hell is he still charging at me and why do i die when i get shot whit a itty bitty 10mm in the foot. thats all i really wanna say ive asked for so much but if only 1 think is added please give me a realistic looking sprint!

___________________________________________________________________________________ FALLOUT 4 IDEAS

For one i think that they should completely do away with Caesar's legion and the NCR because with the option to destroy one or the other in lonesome road would make it impractical not to do so. I like the idea to have remnants of major factions from earlier games but keep them as minor factions. Another thing is that there should be more secret stuff, like secret cities, towns, bunkers, and loot, that you have to really think or just get lucky to find.


Brotherhood of steel- They should come back as either a major or a minor faction. If they're a minor faction they should be more like an outcast or a remnants group trying to finish something the rest of the brotherhood of steel game up on.

Enclave- Should return as a very hidden minor faction. Some of there quest should include playing as a mind controlled deathclaw.

Axiom/The Law- At the start of the game you enter a part of the wasteland patrolled by a western style regulator group called The Law. The law has a patrol outpost called Axiom where the regulators have a much more modern look. The regulators of axiom think they they could uphold the law better than "The Law," so the player has the choice to take over Old Law HQ and make it the New Axiom Prison.

CRAFTING/SCHEMATICS Crafting in skyrim was great but it took all the exploration out of the crafting process. In the next fallout i would like to see a return of schematics, alot of schematics. i think there should be schematics for every craftable weapon in previous fallout games and many more. I'm talking 50-100 schematics in the game. you can find schematics when exploring, buy them from merchants, get them for completing quest, or even loot them off dead bodies.

LOCKPICKING/HACKING I think the lockpicking system is fine although i think there shouldn't be a level requirement to pick certain locks, but hacking terminals needs to be completely redone.

VARIED GEOGRAPHIES I would like to see as least as much as desert/wasteland, tundra, marshland. But it would be nice to see areas like an over grown city that is now hard to tell apart from a jungle. I would also like to see more ruins of cities like in fallout 3, and maybe you could even explore buildings that have fallen over or even turned upside down.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ SORRY IF THERE ARE ANY SPELLING MISTAKES

fallout 4 IDEAS by j.smith go Bethesda updated things in bold are the ones I am most bothered about

please bring back the ability to extend game past ending this was one of the things i liked about fallout 3

and please bring back the ability to call in troops any where on the map but make it so you have to get the radio device that calls in the troops from a quest this was one of the things i liked about operation anchorage


and you should bring back the (modified fev virus from fallout 3 but you should be able to craft it and administer it to npc's to kill them but lose karma for it.)

creatures (1)= chickens non mutated - friendly (2)= ducks non mutated - friendly (3) big mutated snakes -enemy (4)=rabbit non mutated - friendly (5)= dog non mutated -friendly and non friendly (6)= big spider mutated -enemy and made friendly with animal friend perk ITEMS

(1) =YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO KILL AN ANIMAL OR HUMAN/OID AND TAKE ITS SKULL AND IT SHOULD NOT BE A QUEST ITEM (2) =NEW GUNS (3)= crossbow (4) =dart gun with lethal darts and knockout ones so you can knock out someone and chuck over a bridge so you dont lose karma and reputation



CONSUMABLES (1)= ALL FORMS OF NUKA COLA (2)= NUKA COLA APPLE (3)= nuka cola strawberry (4)= heroin (5)= cannabis (6)= speed (7)= cocaine (8)= bag of chips (9) = fresh apples (10)= fresh carrots (11) =fresh potatoes (12)= fresh pears


OTHER (1)= ABILITY TO DRIVE CARS (2) = ability to fly vertibirds and shoot things down with it. (3)= the ability to blow up buildings with explosive's (4) = crafting (5)= ability to burgle houses by j.smith




Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas were great additions to the fallout franchise, but like many people I think that they are more of a modern adaption than sequels to fallout 1 and 2.

Essentially what I want from fallout 4 is a game that requires no mods for a realistic and punishing wasteland and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of realism and harshness, but still allows for mods. Hardcore mode should still be optional, but should be MUCH more drastic than on new vegas.

I would like to see fallout 4 stay on the west coast, hopefully reaching north to arroyo and vault city and south past the LA boneyard and extending out past the colorado river. I hope it would include all the major factions from previous fallout games including remnants of those that were destroyed in cannon lore. It'd be nice to see a few hubologists in a hidden compound even just to make the universe feel concrete and continuous. Fallout 1 and 2 had a feeling of the wasteland really being desolate and vast and random encounters in certain areas could either devestate you or graciously reward you based on luck and the layout of the fight.

If fallout 4 does stay on the west coast, i hope it extends quite a ways to the east into the middle of the united states to facilitate my dream faction layout for the game. Far west coast would have NCR control, east of the colorado would have legion control. Mixed in in hidden bunkers would be enclave remnants, brotherhood remnants, both hiding and hoping to survive. On the eastern half of the united states, after the warrior became a part of the calculator and ushered in a new age for the Midwestern brotherhood they could have restored order to the east all the way out to the DC brotherhood and integrated both factions of the DC brotherhood. On the western half the NCR and legion, ravaged by the courier's nuclear devestation of their trade routes and mr house's securitron's kicking them out of nevada, would both be quite weakend and pushed back to their home territories. This primes the united states for a three way civil war between the newly forged brotherhood, the NCR, and the legion who would all be of approximately equal size and strength but very different ideals.

I hope to see a truly vast wasteland with many smaller towns like junktown and novac and modoc, and a few huge cities like new vegas and new reno (paralellism would be incredible with the gang run reno and the house run vegas, one a shining pillar of humanity and the other a den of evil and sin). I can't emphasise enough how much I want a vast amount of land area with many vaults, caves, and towns even if 80% of the land area is mostly empty the exploraton would be the best part.

Fallout 4 should not get rid of primitive peoples, and it should see a return of some advanced research facilities with more insight into the pre war fears of the American people, perhaps with more preserved soldiers and other interesting experiments. Those were always a very fun and exciting thing to find.

I'd also like to see Bio-Med-Gel come back, perhaps as a requirement for some special perks and operations.

With a vast wasteland there would really have to be some real good caravans like in fallout 3. Doc Hoff and Lucky didnt get so well known by being killed to a couple of spear chucking dudes in football pads and the caravans in fallout 4 should be similarly strong. Too often in new vegas did caravans feel useless and disposable. They need to be the blood of the wasteland. Player owned caravans would also be a great addition to the gameplay, as perhaps part of a happy trails sized caravan company, allowing the player to eventually take over the company and have their own caravans and planned routes.

If caravans become important then investing in them and in stores could also become important. Investing in a general goods store like moira brown's craterside supply could outfit her with a weapon manufacturing center or a resturant or just guards and metal plating outside her shop. I Want to be able to affect the wasteland in positive ways that have a visual affect rather than just some simple karma variable that is easy to exploit by killing packs of junkies to offset my mindless murders.

Playing a part in a caravan route to find places on your map and have fast travel points unlocked was a very rewarding part of fallout 2, and shoudl return for fallout 4.

Speaking of murders, why if i shoot someone in the face in the middle of a crowd then run away and come back a week later everyone who saw the crime acts as if im a great guy? Its because the recorded dialogue doesnt account for the multiple possible ways you can develop a relationship in fallout. Doing some good and some bad deeds winds you up as a wild child in new vegas but conversation and NPC reactions never really seemed to match up to anything but pure adoration or pure hatred. I want there to be multiple types of reactions, and hated to not mean instant combat, but threats that could be avoided with speech checks and counter threats.

On the topic of murders, I understand that people dont care to investigate into the deaths of others because it is very commonplace, but they dont even react t or dispose of corpses. I hope to see this changed in fallout 4. Some should run away, others may loot the corpse, while like faction members would dispose of the corpse properly by dragging it off or burying it.

The poisons and darts in new vegas always sounded cool to me, but were never really easy enough to use for assassinations. I think that poisoning foods and placing them in people's houses or bribing cooks to put poison in their customers foods could be an interesting way to deal with some unwanted people in a more subtle way.

Using too many drugs could also have affects similar to poisons, the franchise already features addiction and withdrawls and mentions overdosing but never happens to the player character or companions and you cant inject someone with med-x several times to cause them to overdose. Fallout already is a M rated title and adding drug overdosing to the mix would not push that limit. Personally I think that a blood toxicity meter similar to in the witcher 2 would help balance drug use, because honestly in fallout 3 and fallout nv a heavy drug user has a much easier time than a character who stays clean. The fallout 3 mod "wanderer's edition" did overdosing and drug effects in a very interesting and subtle way.

I want electricity to really be important and be able to be manipulated in fallout 4. Activating the solar power plant in new vegas didnt seem to really affect anything and other than for faction reputation there didnt seem to be any reason not to get the weapon rather than helping people with power. It really did nothing. Water was important in fallout 3 and that makes sense for a wasteland trying to recover.

Including functional light switches, appliances, motors, and medical devices could be interesting. If a doctor has power in his lab he could perform more advanced surgeries and heal better than if he does not.

Electricity really functioning could have incredible mechanics for lighting and combat as well. Blowing up a generator outside a raider complex could shut down all the lights and attacking at night with night vision goggles could be a huge advantage. Individual light switches and circuit breakers that function could serve as distractions for npcs trying to figure out why the power is not on further disorienting their defences.

Why can't i choose the perk progression for my followers!? Seriously bethesda? This still isn't a feature of the franchise? Even in skyrim followers automatically level? Look at baldur's gate, one of the most famous games ever for character development. They allow you to customize everything about your followers from the day you meet them on. Why do developers not learn from others' successes? I am a little blown away, but I hope to see follower customization in fallout 4.

While i'm on the topic of followers, what happened to charisma based number of followers and the cult of personality perk from fallout 2? A very fun part of single player games is interacting with your followers and being required to go to many of the same locations with each follower is a huge hassle. Mods that extend the follower limit cannot rebalance combat around the size of your party, nor can they add in follower interactions which is desperately needed in fallout 4!

Crafting could also come into play with restoring power and water supplies to small towns or diverting it away from them towards others. Building wind mills and fixing generators could be important local quests that really affect the look of towns! Fixing a wind mill that powers a well causes locals to go and get water from it when they wouldnt usually. Farmers dump buckets on their crops rather than just scratching away with a rake all day.

There are honestly endless possibilities with the RADIANT AI system as displayed in skyrim and it should be expanded even MORE for fallout 4.

Random encounters should become more frequent and random as well. I dont like that there are only a set number of occurrences. What about like in fallout 2 where there could be pairing of random events you would normally face? I hated running into "Remnants of the master's army" early on, but when i ran into "A caravan fending off Remnants of the master's army" it could be a huge and game changing opportunity! I want to be able to look into NPC vs NPC combat in fallout 4 and have it be really random and dynamic and exciting!

By the way, in fallout 3 and new vegas, as well as in skyrim, i always seem to be shopping alone. NPCs never turn up in the shops i am in and talk to the shopkeeper or sell things. This could be a type of random encounter or scripted, but it would definitely make the universe feel fuller.

Faction vs Faction encounters like the van graafs versus ceaser's legion were so fun in fallout new vegas. Please make them come back and expand them to be more than just one time events. Troops being taken off trains and boats from time to time should persist and go out to do patrols until they are killed and eventually replaced. If a camp doesn't have anyone die for a long time perhaps they put up a couple reinforcements and entrench their position a little more. A camp that is always hunted and picked bare might shrink or even be abandoned over time. VISUALLY AS WELL! visual is becoming more and more important to gamers and seeing the results of your actions is a driving force for me.

Not all crafted items should be identical! this doesnt make sense! How is it that for 2 hours sitting at a workbench with nothing but duct tape, and a broken down lawn mower I can come out with an exact replica of every other flame sword in the wastes? My parts were surely different and my skill surely should play a part in the creation, where in fallout 3 and new vegas it really did not. Different appearances and brands for motorcycle tanks and different scrap metals like steel or tin would certainly make a difference but both would work for the purpose of crafting a makeshift item.

I want to see crafting become an essential part of the game. With vaults being opened for over 200 years and the only manufacturers of weapons being the enclave, van graafs and gun runners, there should not be an abundance so that every bandit and raider can have a pre war rifle or laser weapon. There shoudl be AT LEAST one homemade version of every item, weapon, and armor, allowing for more diverse looting and itemization.

Crafting should also become more simple and straightforward. Rather than an item requiring exact parts it should require generalized parts. For example building any rifle would require a rifle barrel, but nothing else would be as specific. Using cans, scrap metal, baseball bats, crutches, and other typical fallout items you could acheive different rifles with different looks but similar damage based on the rifle barrel. Perhaps in crafitng a laser pistol you would be required to provide a laser optics but be able to mish mash the rest of the pistol with conductors, gun grips, batteries, scopes, tubes, and other junk to create pistols with varying effectiveness.

Fallout 4 can definitely benefit from more choices being made in which implants to use, and visual appearance of implants. I like that in old world blues you can get your heart removed and your spine removed but there didnt seem to be any negative consequences of this. Wouldn't electromagnetic weapons and electric weapons do more damage to the player with an electric heart?

Lets say i have crippled my arm 50 times, perhaps a perk could be unlocked for a prosthetic arm which gives penalties to weapons used in that arm but cant be crippled anymore or receive damage, and functions as an item that must be maintained similar to armor or weapons.

Combat does not need very many enhancements other than; dual wielding, full time grenade key, NPC reactions to primary needs, and more punishing visual and movement distorting effects from broken body parts.

Dual weilding one handed guns/energy weapons/fist weapons doesnt seem to be too strange for the fallout universe, perhaps at the expense of huge reloading times and decreased accuracy and increased strength requirements this could become an interesting feature like in skyrim. I would suggest it be a perk that requires a certain amount of strength and agility, so that npcs would not always dual wield when given the chance.

Dual weilding pistols could reduce the ap cost in vats and allow for more flashy gameplay relying on killing groups within one reload rather than spending a great deal of time taking cover while reloading.

A grenade hotkey would make using grenades a much more viable and less annoying proposition. Custom crafting long fuses for grenades is a feature I would enjoy, dropping grenades early then luring enemies into a pile of them as a booby trap similar to how c4 seems to function in new vegas.

Sure, in fallout 3 and new vegas NPCs eat and sleep, but does it affect their combat stats if they dont? Sleep deprivation should lower perception, allowing for the player character to stealth around sleepy NPCs easier than fully awake ones. This seems like a no brainer to me.

Once again I'm going to reference a fallout 3 mod called wanderer's edition. This mod made broken limbs a nightmare to deal with and using drugs for combat purposes a tough choice because of the disorientation on screen. Please bring this feature into fallout 4. Wow was it amazing.

I will continue to edit and expand my post as I feel interested, could someone please instruct me on what to do with my signature if i continue to edit the same post? 17:47, June 24, 2012 (UTC) SirNewbzAlot 17:47, June 24, 2012 (UTC) 19:23, June 27, 2012 (UTC) Editing/expanding my own post SirNewbzAlot


For one i think that they should completely do away with Caesar's legion and the NCR because with the option to destroy one or the other in lonesome road would make it impractical not to do so. I like the idea to have remnants of major factions from earlier games but keep them as minor factions.

My Name is Bill Cliffordson, I belive that the next fallout should include the Lone Wanderer being in control of their own faction, and be able to generate money and build their own settlement/base and conquer other settlements to become stronger and gain more recruits. All my freinds i have spoken to think this is a wicked idea! The money could be spent on improving Shops, business,etc. Basically this would cause alliances and huge wars between faction which im pretty sure most fallout fans would believe is AAMAZING!!!


I think the NCR and legion jumping all the way to New York is at the least, too soon, I think looking deeper into Midwest would be nice. Alot of people ask for a city terrian, which i ask for too, so I would like to see it based in the chicago and milwaukee area. I also would love to see a weather system, including a "Nuclear Winter". Ability to survive in weather conditions when its snowing by wearing outfits that keep you warm, and staying outside for too long could give you frostbite.

I think it would also be cool to be able to have a squad of companions traveling with you at the same time. All with there own agendas, perks, specialties, weapon prefrance, stories, and quest. Also adding to that idea, I would care to see squad commands, like "look through this building for something useful" or "guard this, while I go ahead" or maybe "flank this targert." that's just asking alittle too much, tho

Anyway I'd hate to be a drag, but transportation like cars and motorcycles would make the game somewhat too easy. On the otherhand maybe a subway that was rebuilt and could get the player from point A to point B, C, and D.. That seems cool. Even boats could work for water occurances. (Also for water I've read good ideas to have more enemies like "sharks" ,besides the occasional mirelurk within the water itself, and hand to hand or melee combat should be added if thats ever added)

I would also like to see more customization with armor and weapons. Mods are cool for weapon customization, but Me personaly, I dont touch a weapon if its ugly. I would want to see like painting insignias or adding little acessories that could hang off your weapon for "good luck". also instead of body armor covering the whole armor aspect, besides for head wear. I'd want to see body, leg, feet hands, shoulders, even under armor that could be painted with insignias and decorated as well. (just as another asking for too much, it also be awesome to get your character tattoos)

More abominations and radiated creatures would be nice.... I'd like to see executions too, like VATS has been very useful and should really be kept in the game, but watching people die in VATS just isn't gonna keep the game badass, executions should also be added just to attract the player's eye and raise his/her/ or hermaphrodite's confidence.

I know this was canceled but I really want to see fallout go online... Too many times have I wanted to play with my friends on fallout and we could only play single player.

I would honestly want to see more random encounters from raiders, mentally damaged people, or a honest person needing assistance like getting a cat out of a tree.

Starting your own faction could be nice, allying with several others. Including your own faction would also be owning your own Settlements, Farms, Forts,.. Casinos, and other fronts and such. Fortifying them would also be nice since me personally always hating having to go back to defend a territory once i had it in my possesion. Hiring workers, and mercenaries would also be cool.--Just Ideas 10:21, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

I think the story should be set after fallout 3 and balance and natural order is slowly being restored to the world thanks to your fathers water purification invention, so all the water is purified and the world is basically starting again, so then the humans want to get rid of the mutants as if they drink out of the water etc they taint it with radiation. But the super mutants get angry at this and want to bring the world back to it's apocalyptic state where everything was like fallout 3, so they get their hands on nuke blueprints and set out to create more nukes to end the world with. But the humans don't find out until after they have launched one at a city and completely destroyed it. So then the humans declare war against the super mutants and your job is to end it all by destroying the super humans and their nukes. I thought this was a great storyline, also they should add a house feature in to the game where you can claim any building that meets a certain criteria so any buildings in a certain size range, this would add so much more options to the game and greatly aid survival, not only that but any house you own can be customized like in the sims but only to a certain extent like moving furniture etc but not like totally extending the house.

__________________________________________________________________________________ I think it would be fun to see Southern Florida in a city like Miami. The dlcs could be in places like Cuba or Disney World. It would also be cool to see what happened to China after the Great War. You could start out as a predecessor of an American sleeper agent and be given access to all of his weapons to start out. Dlcs could be in places like India or Vietnam.


I don't know about story or weapon ideas, but for some reason, I would like to see The International Space Station as a place in this game. Weird. Otherwise, I agree with the person agreeing with thetrakas, who I also agree with.

_________________________________________________________________________________ I love all of thetrakas's ideas, especially on crafting and weapon mods, except for the intro. What if you start the game in a vault and some crazy old guy trains in like weapons and stuff, but he dies. so your the only one who knows how to use weapons when raiders or slavers or something breaks into the vault and attacks. every one in the vault should be rushed out a secret exit of the vault. while being chased by the enemy you get separated by your group, and start your adventure as the lone wanderer.

________________________________________________________________________________ FALLOUT 4 ideas By thetrakas

INTRO I think fallout 4 should start in a waiting room in pre-war times filling out a formality. This is where you write your name and your stats. Once you finish filling out the formality you get on a black bus. The bus takes you to the Vault-Tech Military Training Facility 5, VMTF5. Here you and four other people will learn gun usage and maintenance, weapon crafting, stealth, melee, lock picking and computer hacking, and get your pip-boy. Once you have finished your training you here some explosions in the distance and a radio broadcast that says Facility 2 has been hit. You and your group are hurried into a small room when the trainer of your group accesses a terminal. When he does that the back wall opens exposing a vault door, behind it are 5 cryogenic freezing pods that you are rushed into. Then as the vault door closes there is another explosion and some of the blast gets into the vault. And you go to a loading screen.

MAIN QUEST Once you wake up you see 3 guys standing trying to access the pod terminals. One of the pods opens and a feral ghoul jumps out and attacks the guys. they quickly kill the ghoul and go on to the next pod, your pod. They open it and aggressively take you out side into the wasteland. They take you over to a carriage being pulled by two mutated horses that has two of the other people from your group tied up in the back. Before they can put on it the people tying you up get shot in the head and the carriage takes off. The man who shot your captures takes you to a town where you begin your quest to find the people who took your friends.

RAIDERS Raiders should use crudely crafted weapons made of animal hides bones and teeth, stone, sticks, and pre-war misc. There will also be some raiders who have special schematics weapons such as a group who uses weapons made out of cameras such as camera grenades and stun sticks that shock the enemy.

CRAFTING When you first start the game all you can craft is simple raider weapons and armor made out of bones, sticks, hide, stones and pre-war misc. You need to get the schematics to make the other weapons and armor. You can find these schematics or receive them as a reward for quest. Another system is the tinkering system where you can take a few misc items and put them together and hope to make a weapon or armor, although without the schematics the item will be drastically weaker.

WEAPON/ARMOR MODS With armor mods you can either strengthen, reinforce, or compact. With strengthen you can increase your armors damage threshold, with reinforce you can decrease deterioration, and with compact you can make your armor lighter. With weapons you will have mods like a pistol scope that can go on any pistol in the game or an energydrive that can go on any energy weapon to make it do more damage.

HACKING Terminal hacking in Fallout 3 and New Vegas was terrible and needs to change. My idea is that you should have overdrives that have 4 charges each and when you hack a terminal you should have to line up the four charges in the correct order to get passed each safety wall the harder the terminal the more safety walls. You can also hack robots.

REPAIR Weapons should be able to be "maintained" with tape, scrap metal, and weapon parts until it gets broken then your broken weapon gets turned into weapon parts of what ever that weapon is. ex- If you break a combat shotgun you will have shot gun parts that you can repair a double barrel or a single shot with.



Shishkebab- A flaming sword that burns enemies.Schematics

Frostblade- A frozen sword that slows enemies down.Schematics

Shocksword- An electrically charges sword that shocks enemies.Schematics

Chainsaw- A large powerful weapon that requires fuel that you can siphon from cars.

Ripper- A small industrial chainsaw requires no fuel.

Ballistic Fist- An open handed weapon that can use any kind of shell. More like the ones in Inglorious Bastards.

Power Fist- An electronic gauntlet that allows you to violently punch your enemies.

Fire/Frozen/Thunder Fist- You can choose one of these after doing a quest.

10mm Pistol- The famous 10mm that would be your first gun.

Plasma Drencher- Early pre-war plasma weapon that works kind of like a flamer.

Frost Rifle- Variant of the plasma rifle that shoots frozen plasma.

Corrosive Plasma Ammo- Plasma that does additional damage after it hits.

Gamma Rifle- uses mini-nukes for ammo not only does high damage but also delivers high concentrated amounts of radiation.

Camera Grenades- Either Flash or lethal grenades that can be made out of wire and the many disposable cameras around the wasteland.

Flare Gun- Just like the one from lonesome road.

Riot Shotgun- Found in almost all police stations.

Assault Rifle- Like the one from fallout 3.

Chinese Assault Rifle- Like the one from fallout 3.

Light Machine Gun- Like the one in New Vegas.

Marksman Carbine-Like the one in new Vegas.


My idea for fallout 4 is you start out in New York in a Nuclear Winter as a soldier maybe a marine that has been fully trained in weapons and survival, you start out in a Cryogenic (Sorry if spelt wrong. Basically a thing that freezes you) this can be like a Medical chamber / box that can be found in Fallout: New Vegas. You get out of the chamber and after you were meant to be in there for 100 to 150 years it turns out you have been in there for closer to 250 years. You get out and retrieve so basic gear which includes basic marine armor and a pistol, you exit the vault type building which has a vault door. Along with you gear you find a Pip-boy but instead of being a Pip-boy 3000 this is a Pip-boy 4000 which is even more advanced. (Instead of having a Pip-boy another way they could include this is one that was suggested by another member which is a journal, this could keep your quests in and instead of having the map and having to find locations as you wonder around New York your character automatically draws out the map including street names and areas which is another cool way of having the map. You could also have you stats and other things in here if you wanted too. After leaving the vault / vault like building that you were in you exit into a basement of a building which is rather small because of being mostly destroyed this exits out onto the middle of New York city. A lot of the buildings are still held together and are still very stable but have been destroyed to a certain level (The average height of a apartment block building (In the UK) ). You have no memory because of the errors that caused the Cryogenic chamber to open up so late, the only memories you have come back in small flash backs (Which occure across the game). The Flash Backs show you of Military people and famous people such as the President talking to both you and the other ten people that are stationed at you Cryogenic Vault (All ten are cryogenically frozen but most died (Maybe one could survive but maybe is long dead and his decendents live on as a possible companion or he himself lives on as a possible companion). You find raiders that attack you on first sight which gives you the basics on fighting, once you kill them you find some food, books (Which are readable), chems, clothing, weapons and some caps this triggers the rest of the tutorials helping you learn the basics of the game. You also find a note which says that there is a camp of survivors in one of the big buildings near Time Square, this is a lot like Megaton from Fallout 3 except it one large tall building. There are guards outside that ask you what you are doing here but with a bit of talking and maybe helping them out or using your speach skills you get in and speak to the mayor. The rest of the game involves having to find out what happened and eventually you get Flash Backs of the president talking to you a number of times, he wants you to do something special if you survive. The aim is to find out what he wanted from you via quests and survivors and books as well as the flash backs you get from doing / reading these things. Other things such as buildings and monuments give you flash backs as well. There is a lot more i would like to see from this game and i would definetly like to see it announced in 2012 but most of all i want it to be (And lots of other people from what i have read) IS TO BE A NUCLEAR WINTER!!! and TO BE IN NEW YORK.

As well as other things such as buyable / customization houses and lots of other things but most of all NUCLEAR WINTER and NEW YORK.

I do not take all the credit for this as some ideas came from other people in this forum and the other forum about this (None 2012 version) so credit given where credit is due. I have played all fallout games including fallout 1, fallout 2, fallout 3, Fallout Tactics, Fallout BoS, i would of palyed Van Buren and i will hopefully play Fallout Online, ( I have also played all DLC and read a lot of Lore) I hope they take any of our ideas on board and realise that what we want is a Nuclear Winter New York. Thanks

And as always Ron Perlman: War... War never changes! :)

Certainly Yakov's Fallout 4 and Mutants Rising, although outside a Fallout 2 link and some great RPG ideas, I'd love to have a STALKER-esque type of ending (and 'morale'), both the game, and the movie. -- 19:40, January 4, 2012 (UTC)

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My idea for fallout 4 would be that you and your friend fleeing the riots of Vancouver and decide to take refuge in Seattle. Suddenly when you get close to landing at the docks in the wharf a super mutant in the distance starts shooting in the distance and distracts you and you crash. the screen fades to black and you wake up in a camp in the neighbouring town of kirkland. You see a man washing some blood off your knee. After you start to feel better, he tells you a man named Aaron brought you here. You go to talk to him and thank him for saving you. You notice that your friend isn't there. You ask him where he is and he tells you to go check in the close settlement of Harocaster. He will give you a weapon to use according to your skills. At this time the skills menu and the s.p.e.c.i.a.l menu will pop up and you will choose your skills. Then he gives you the weapon and you're off to Harocaster. There you will get your next quest. That is my idea for the start of Fallout 4. In my idea this game will take you to the most famous landmarks in seattle such as the Space Needle.

(DLC) 1: *CRUISE CONTROL* Takes you on a cruise ship to Hawaii where you have to stop an evil scientist from destroying the ship.

2: *WASHINGTON'S PEAK* Takes you to mount rushmore. It would be cool to see what happened to it after the war.

3: *DEATH CANYON* Takes you to the grand canyon. Wouldn't that be cool?

4: *PORT COLUMBIA* Takes you to portland. The idea is that it would be all flooded and you would have to strategicly find safe ways to go.

5: *RED HAVOC* Sends you back to Vancouver to stop the riots from spreading to Seattle. (This would only take place after the main story, like Broken Steel in Fallout 3)

COMPANIONS 00:59, January 17, 2012 (UTC)00:59, January 17, 2012 (UTC) 1: William: An old Mr. Handy living out in the wastes. (No Karma required) 2: Anna: A former merc that lives at the pike place market. (Neutral Karma) 3: Peter Tran: A homeless man that you can find in a gutter outside of an old bar. (Good Karma) 4: Dugan: An underprivileged, underpaid soldier in the Pike Place Army. (No Karma Required.) 5: Uno: The deejay of an evil propaganda radio station. (Bad Karma) 6: Rolph: A super mutant random encounter. (Neutral Karma) 7: Aaron: The man that saves you at the start. (Good Karma) 8: Tanya: An evil ghoul. (Bad Karma)

MAJOR TOWNS 23:04, January 17, 2012 (UTC)23:04, January 17, 2012 (UTC)~

Pike place market: A large important old market place.

Kirkland: Where you first start the game.

Fisherman's Wharf: On the wharf near where you crashed.

(There are many more smaller towns)

Fallout 4 Fallout 4 will go back to the way Fallout 3 did things, but with a few changes.

Story - The story of the games goes that you where part of a very wealthy family with the money to be part of a advanced version of the vault program. It takes the idea of the population fleeing to the vaults, but only a select few getting to be placed in a instant vault. this basically makes you sleep for a set number of years until the censers believed it would be right to wake you up. Well after about 280 years your personal vaults finally open up, along with the rest of your family's. Your mother, father, sister, your uncle, and younger brother all wake up and expect go find a new world for them and to find other more experienced survivors. well you put some clothes on and go out side with your family to see the new world. At first your greeted by a lush green field with no radiation, and as you and your family is cheering and smiling, a feral pack of starving dogs attack your family and your self. They horrifically rip off your uncles arm before you are able to fight them off. You stop the bleeding with a stimpack and docters bag, but it wont hold forever, so you and your family leave the vault to find others that can probably treat your uncles wound You make your way out of the long tunnel to the rest of New York only to find all most every thing dead except a couple of living green trees, but mostly just rubble and dirt. The sky is now blue, but this is the future of New York.

Main quest - The main quest will revolve around your part with the instant Vault project, and the secrets to the future of man kind that New York holds. The main enemy will be the common Wealth.

Factions The faction system in the game will be different in this installment. They will act kind of like the guilds in the Elder Scrolls series, but excess to one will lock you out of another if you advance beyond the beginning rank of its enemies.

The Brotherhood of Steel East - The Brotherhood of steel in this chapter will be the east coast faction from the Capital Wasteland. The West coast Faction will also be in the game and will be the focus of some of the quest line. The story line will revolve around finding and destroying a secret circle of prewar scientists. Enemy of Raiders, and Slavers

Enclave - The Enclave will be in this chapter of Fallout as well and will deal with them finding a new identity for them self and finding new members to keep the faction from completely dissolving. Enemy of the Slavers and collectors.

NCR - The NCR quest line will revolve around them getting a foot hold in New York and trying defeat the local Slavers and the Common Wealth. Enemy to the Slavers, Brotherhood of Steel, and Cesar's Legion.

Cesar's Legion - The story to the legion will involve power struggles and civil war within the Legion. Enemy to the Brotherhood of Steel, and NCR. Enemy to the NCR and The Dusters.

Slavers - The Slaver faction will deal mostly with finding and selling many people and soldiers around the wasteland, and near the end will focus on you stealing power from the leader. Enemy to the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Dusters - This faction is a group of bounty hunters and law men who work together to rid the wasteland of criminals and psychos. Their story line will revolve around trying to take down a Criminal Organization known as the collectors. Enemy to the slavers, Raiders, and collectors.

The Collectors - This faction is a dark group of assassins who work for every one and any one. Their story line will focus on assassinations and eventually the destruction of the Dusters. Enemy to the Enclave and Dusters.

The Raiders - This faction starts off as a small group of raiders searching for new members. Through the course of the story line you most work to pull other groups into yours through killing, kidnapping, and bribe. the story line will all so focus on evading a faction of the Brotherhood of Steal.

I really love thetrekas's ideas because of how kickass it would be to have been a person who was alive during the prewar era but was cryogenically frozen. I think that would make the coolest character ever.

Alright, I would like to see the whole "growing up" scenario much like Fallout 3 used. However, instead of growing up in a safe Vault, you grow up a slave, being traded/sold by traders throughout the location. I would like to see the new location as something like Midwest United States. Cities such as Chicago, IL, St. Louis, MO, and even up North like Michigan. Yeah.

CBHomans' Thoughts

Fallout 4 New York City, I agree with the masses, would be the setting. It's now the Empire Wasteland, hey, I'm a native New Yorker. Manhattan, like downtown DC in FO3, is the most wild, destroyed area. Brooklyn would be in a similar state, but not quite as obliterated. Staten Island, as the least affected by the war, is controlled by the powerful Island Dominion. Queens and the Bronx are midway, with scattered settlements. CHARACTER CREATION AND GAME START The player has a choice of three races, each with their own starting locations.

HUMAN You may be a vault-born human, from Vault 72 in the Bronx. As one of the "control vaults", there was no inherent flaw. Some time after the war, it opened. As it was located under Yankee Stadium, it became the central hub of the settlement that the Stadium has become. Humans are a well-rounded race, jacks-of-all-trades, masters of none.

GHOUL You may also choose to be a (non-feral) ghoul. You were once a human wastelander, but after you and your scavving group took an ill-fated trip to central Manhattan, you were ghoulified. You now reside in the remains of the Chrysler building. Ghouls are targets of racism and hate, but are hardy and radiation-immune.

ANDROID An escaped android from the Commonwealth, you start the game just after entering the Empire Wasteland. You were constructed at the Institute, and were lucky enough to flee far away. However, you are subject to fairly frequent random encounters with Institute agents. Androids are, in fact, weak to radiation, as their non-protected circuits can easily be fried, but also are hardy and naturally intelligent.

Main Quest Soon after completing a short tutorial that differs depending on your race, you are released into the wasteland. The totalitarian Staten Dominion is spreading, attempting to take the Empire Wasteland, and, if possible, the entire Eastern Seaboard. The player can either choose to side with them (negative karma) and bring the Dominion to true dominion (c what i did thar) of the Wasteland, or crush them and liberate Staten Island itself.

The following ideas are made by ShinningKnight (apologies if anyone has already had similar ideas): I believe the next Fallout game should be set before the Great War where we get to see stuff like Vault-Tec,REPCONN and Rob-co when they were at the height of their power. Maybe your character could play a role of trying to stop the war but ultimately fails, then after deciding to survive the disaster he or she gets into a Vault but one that opens up after 10 or 20 years after the bombs fall and try to rebuild civilisation, there are so many things that could be done with a prequel to the series. DLC could take the form of seeing important mentioned only events: such as the first battle of Hoover Dam or the massacre at Bitter Springs or even setting up events that we have all seen such as the creation of Liberty Prime etc. It could be a prequel to the Fallout series, they could include some things from the cancelled Van Buren Fallout 3.

Just a quick contribution

I believe that an immsersive character condition bar down the right-hand side of the screen, with icons representing things such as radiation, power armor charge level (wink wink), and other things such as electrostatic interference, which could lead to an old-world facility (wink wink). It is not necessary for it to be these items, but a more realistic approach to survival in itself would be extremely rewarding. With New Vegas, I enjoyed the 'paving a new future' ideals, but tips to the old-world such as lonesome road and old-world blues just wasn't capitilised on, including the technology. I believe reviewing many mods, and moderating them, may be in order here. Also, what about a moral compass? Good and Bad is rarely so black and white. So what about you being voilent but moral? Or passive but hating and prejudiced.

Stranger Trouble (talk) 10:24, August 10, 2012 (UTC) Stranger Trouble's ideas of where fallout 4 should take place: _____________________________________________________

I think that 4 should take place either somewhere in Texas (close to san antonio and dallas), Alaska or the Hawaiian Islands. Texas because the place is full of history that could be given a fallout world spin on and interesting locations to apocalize, like the san antonio river walk or downtown dallas. Alaska and Hawaii because they would be major changes of scenery and would allow for more survival mechanics (body heat gauge for Alaska and for Hawaii having to travel across likely irradiated oceans to get to the other isles). I also think it would be really interesting to have the option of the main character being a ghoul because of how radiation effects them and also how they are viewed in the society of the fallout universe. If they went the Hawaii route they could just have the player be a ghoul from the start and keep the game balanced by having almost everyone one the isles be ghouls or super mutants. Alaska would give Bethesda a chance to come up with a whole new host of fallout style flora and fauna as well as area specific versions of old favorites. Anyway that's all i've got so far, looks kinda underwhelming when i look at all the other entries. :P

I don't want a Fallout like Fallout: New Vegas. It is a complete fail to try to make a Fallout with the spirit of the first ones (and yes I am a great fan of both Fallout and Wasteland). Fallout needs new horizons, I want either a Fallout like Fallout 3 with real new advanced mechanisms or a Fallout in China to see what happened in the other side (even if we had a preview of it during a quest of Point Lookout, the best Fallout quest yet for me with a fucking background). ________________________________________________________________________________________

Fallout 4 Idea's

1) Brotherhood of Steel should return as a major faction, owning several bases 2) You should be able to join the BoS and progress through ranks 3) More weapon mods, mabey a "Mini game" when modding or pay gunsmiths to do it for you 4) clothing customisation/crafting, adding bits to clothing 5) Ability to continue game after final main quest 6) If set in SF, alcatraz island could be a survivor island possibly with BoS/ wastelanders (Like metro) and you go on a quest with a team to scavinge through the ruins of SF 7) A vault like 101 and 112 with pnon-hostile people 8) like the past 2 fallout games a major war between factions, possibly missions similar to mercs 2, where a faction owns an outpost but working with a faction allows that outpost to be taken over by another faction.

  Fallout 4 Idea's

1) First a sort of 'enchantment' for weapons (not mods things for bullets and sharp weapons and such. Such as finding barrels of radiation and dipping bullets and or melee weapons in it increasing damage for a time. 2)The ability to create and join factions. If created you can buy buildings that can be made into bases or outposts. Wage wars on other factions. And create your own uniforms and logos. If joined you can rise through the ranks and eventually become leader. 3)Choose what race you want to be if you are a ghoul you are immune to radiation,and feral ghouls wont attack you but you will be treated badly by humans and wont get some quest from them. If you are a mutant you strength and agility are set to a higher level but your intelligence and charisma are very low. 4)

Fallout 4 Ideas 1)Player should be able to establish his own town/faction. Will full customization features, be able to build a fort anywhere in the wastes like Wasteland Defense mod. Be able to tailor the NPCs living or guarding the area to the players preference dressing them as raiders, regular people, mercenaries, etc. With added dialouge and attitude of whatever style they are.

(1) I think it would be awesome if the player starts in a Pre war world (as a young Child) Witnessing he's/Her parents Get accepted into Vault 107 (unofficial Vault) [Reference to fallout 3, letter from vault tec] Time then skips to when you are 10 years old (at the time of the war) Nukes are going off at every single capital city in the United States. Players will Have to run with the rest of their family to reach the vault (smiler to Skyrim when escaping from the dragon) Once you have arrived at the vault players will have to make their way to the atrium for an assembly officially welcoming the residents to the vault Time will skip to the next day, vault tec - technician introduces all the children their pip-boy's

About 40 years after the vault doors sealed shut their has been an increasingly large amount of viruses going around the vault About 15 years after that, the Viruses start mutating and becoming lethal the overseer has no choice but to open the vault 55 years after originally being sealed shut (During this time the player will take the role of grandchild of the original vault dweller (customization here) before the dwellers leave the vault, all residents will watch a video instructing everyone of how to leave the vault in an orderly manor (fallout 2 video) at this time your main character is a teenager (16 year old boy/girl

Your fellow vault dwellers will become the founders of a new settlement (Player choices name)

The player then does a few errands around the settlement eg: collect spare parts from the abandoned vault, Collect water, food

Their will become a point where the overseer inevitably banishes the vault dweller (still haven't thought of how) and left the dweller to fend for himself

Their will be a point where the player will be able to reach a vault tec outpost and find out about the experiments in the vault as well as watch Live video cams from inside other vaults and witness the horror

This has been my first Edit

my ideas for fallout 4.

(1) set the game in countries apart from america. russia or ireland would be good.

(2) make the game more realistic. enemies should die with about 5 rounds. i dont like having to empty a full mag into a raider head to kill him.

(3) have better weapon design and first person view. let us see our characters legs while we are moving and have realistic animations in first person such as the player turning a valve or falling over.

(4) add present day weaponry. ak47s, M4s colts, m14s. and the like.

(5) replace the pip boy 300, with perhaps a small tablet that is strapped to the players arm, or perhaps a little gps with inbuilt radio stations and other features.

(6) add more customization options. we should be able to adjust our characters age and equip individual items of clothing such as gloves, bandoliers, backpacks, and shoes.

(7) add vehicles. we need motor bikes and jeeps and modefied trucks and more.

(8) have better AI. i hated fallout 3 escort missions where you had to escort stupid AIS around the place. they would often wail straight into a wall and not even turn. and every time an enemy showed up the people i had to escort would start fleeing and they wouldnt follow me even when the enemy was dead.

(9) make the world massive.

(10) have tons of side quests

(11) dont make the plot too over involving. i hate games where you have a massive role or where your a big hero or something. i prefer better storylines where you are just an ordinary wastelander/scavenger/vault dweller trying to find someone or seek revenge or just trying to survive

(12)set the game in multiple locations. ireland would be great because its full of history and it would make a change from the usual "britain and america are great" nonsense. it would also be interesting to see what irelands role in the great war was. places like alaska and canada and russia would be great for the setting aswell.

(13) have a hunger/thirst bar and also have an energy bar that depletes over time and (not from sprinting.) and you have to sleep.

(14) add a base building feature so you can build underground shelters and outposts.

(15) add areas where it is unsafe to breath and where you will need a gasmask and air filters.

(16) at the start of the game you should be able to choose who you are mutant, ghoul, wastelander, vault dweller, and soldier.

(17) once you spawn you should not be alighned to any faction. each faction has their own storyline. (this would give the game more replayability)

(18) choosing to be a vault dweller should be like fallout 3 where you see the gene projection and go throw a few "childhood missions" and when you grow up (age 18) then the vault is attacked by raiders who then find a way in and kill everyone exept you who survives.

(19) add new items such as water purification tablets, tents, sleeping bags, MREs, water bottles, and backpacks.

1) If the game is set in Boston near the institute, then a war between the BoS and the institute for tech would make a great story.

2) The ability to duel wield knives or guns.

3) More realistic cities, for example the strip could house hundreds, but I see about 25 openly on the streets.

4) A better main story the new vegas, in fallout 3 there was areason for the main character to be involved.

5) Being able to paint, or edit armour.

6) Slightly better hair, if their's radio's left why isnt there combs.

7) Being able to have more than one companion.

8) More side quests.

9) Extending the game at the end.

10) Pherhaps the return of the Enclave or a dlc return.

11) Better faction socialisation. The NCR and BoS can become allies, but the BoS and leigon cant?

12) No karma or a better karma system, Karma is used via perspective, One person may think something's wrong, other's may not.

13) Pherhaps a dlc in Canada or Mexico?

14) Getting to see more vaults, ones that arnet completely wrecked.

15) More pre war experience dlc, like Anchorage. Maybe another Simulation in an pre war american town, or jungle operatiobs with the new power armour.

16) Nuclear winter!

Entry from PowerUPmilk

OK so first everything from fallout 3 and new vegas will be here.

Location ideas:

These are just some locations i have come up with (sorry if any are in fallout 1 or 2 ive only played 3 and new vegas)

First some vaults

Vault 15: Vault 15 is inhabited by ghouls after a nuke went off above the vault while maintenance was happening. You can find one normal ghoul called Sara who asks you to find her Teddy bear in the vault in reward for some caps and a gun.

Vault 7: This top layer is abandoned completely but if you go to the overseers tunnel it is filled with mirelurks. The radiation down there is 2 a second so you need asome rad X and radaway.

RobCO vault: this vault is for high levels as it is crawling with robots. From sentry bots and protectrons to crazed mr handys and Mr Mafias (they are usually found with gangs) There is a quest named The robot and the beast where you have to find the friendly Robobrain for a hermit called Michael Wallis who wants to marry it.

Vault 52: Vault 52 is inhabited by Raiders and a Raider Stormrunner (Mini boss) Who is armed with a assualt rifle unless you are over level 10 where he will have a minigun or gatling gun.

OK off vaults now and onto metros and buildings

Vault Tec Metro: This metro is filled with vault tec equipment from vault doors and suits to rare vault tec weapons. There aren't any enemies in the storage area but on your way out you may find feral ghouls.

Happy Larrys Burger House! This is an old fast food place inhabited by raiders this is a bit like super duper mart.

4 fingers metro: it is called 4 fingers because there are four tunnels. one takes you to Micro Square one takes you to Brotherhood of steel base one takes you to a dead end and one takes you to the lower levels of Museum of Robots. (inhabited by robots and super mutants)

Irradiated Tower. (filled with ghouls and super mutants) this r=building is + 1 rads a sec but if you live to the top there is a bobblehead of Strength and a rare sniper rifle named "First person shooter".

Quests!!!!!! scale of Very easy easy medium hard very hard Robot and the beast- You find a hermit named Michael outside Golden City in a crashed bus who asks you to find the robobrain in the RobCO vault nearby. Difficulty: Hard

Your worst nightmare!- In the beggining town a citizen named Mickey Woofer the mechanic asks you to clear the water tower of water spiders (they are like giant ants). difficulty: Easy

Switch Back: You find a crying girl who tells you her daddy wondered off into a building nearby and hasn't come out. The building is named Zippys lemonade Factory (a new drink like nuka cola and sunset sasparilla) and it is inside of bostons man city part it is VERY HARD to get there but otherwise it is Difficulty- Medium

Turn on the lights- Simple, Mickey Woofer Town mechanic asks you to turn on the power switch in the top of the electric tower. It is very easy as the only enemys are Some feral ghouls who you can trap in a lure cage if you have science 50. You switch it on talk to him boom done. Difficulty: very easy

Wheres Sam? Given by the leader of the starter town as a side quest. He asks you to go to the old security tower outside town and look for a man named Sam Messerschmidt. After battling off the army of super mutants and sentry bots inside you find him surrounded by feral ghouls. Once you clear the path to him behind a locked (Hard) Door you open it to find him a hostile Glowing one. If you read his terminal it turns out he was doing research on radiation when his massive sample exploded in his room trapping him inside with massive doses of rads.


Ugly Brock You find ugly brock in the golden city metro smoking a cigar by some feral ghouls. Talk to him and he says he wants to get out of here and follows you. He is armed with a hunting rifle and is medium to kill.He gives you "Basically Chuck norris"perk which makes you 20% more immune to radiation

Morgan Freeman: an obvious reference, you find an african american man voiced like morgan freeman inside vault 52 fighting off raiders with a minigun behind a sandbank. it is best to let him fight them off before approaching as he may become hostile or the three raider stormrunners may attack you. He gives you "Damn good looking" perk which gives you a point to charisma and also improves your V.A.T.S by 5%

"Barry" Barry is dressed as a pink rabbit in full suit. When you first meet him he is hopping around like a rabbit ontop of a Zippys lemonade truck throwing grenades at some raiders attacking him. When he meets you he is about to throw a grenade at you and if you have 30 speech you convince him to not you need 60 speech and 7 charisma to get him to follow you and he gives you "WTF" perk which allows you to become 50% immune to bullets and explosions for 50 seconds.


All those ones

Bachelor: 50% better with women conversation and allows some new choices in speech ( you have to be a male)

Bachelorette: does the same as bachelor but for men (you have to be a female)

Pop goes the weasel! 10% chance to get a random head explosion even when not shooting the head in V.A.T.S

I seeeeee you! Improves perception by 1 and also shows up enemys with a red glow at a distance



RedSand Isle

It is inhabited by these crazy tribals. You are alone on an island with onle a few sane villages where you can get quests

Great locations think about it, rainforests,volcanoes,beaches the ocean ETC...

Smoke Tunnels: This DLC is you surviving in a massive network of tunnels with other survivors and millions of quests. quests from Clearing out ghouls behind the damaged door to survivor camp or go to the flooded tunnel and clear it of mirelurks etc...

Master and Power: This is you if you were king of the wastes. You have utmost power you control people and factions but wait..there are people out to kill you the wastes are a dangerous place and after being sent to destroyed london who knows what you will meet. From buckingham palace and the london eye to scary alleys and old buildings it is all here.

Faction leader: MAKE YOUR OWN FACTION! you will find your faction walking around you control how they look how they are made (evil,raiders,good,metro clearers, a whole damn army! anything) You find them fighting other factions you can choose 5 locations out of locations you have found (theres infinite locations in fallout 4 with infinite maps and in each map there are infinite locations ;) )for them to hangout like you find raiders in old buildings right? your faction could be controlling a tower or a cleared metro even an old mole rat hole.

Return to New vegas/washington DC after you ended it wasn't the end of the war..war never changes. In fact you made things worse. war has got worse everything is torn apart everyone is dead Amata owns a raider group and Butch died in the brotherhood of steel. after everyone collided bloodshed everywhere

You must stop this.


I want to see amny species of each type of creature e.g a spider..water,fire,irradiated,king etc.....

Spiders: they mainly habitat dark areas such as old buildings and metros. They are also attracted to warm areas such as boiler rooms.

Giant worms: Quite rare they dig up from the ground and attack the player. the normal ones only need 2 rounds but in the nests you get the big daddys better have alot of guns my friend.

Wasps/bees/more insects:

You can find wasp or bee nests which look like piles of paper bags sort of melted together. Wasps being harder than bees are rare and there nests even rarer but bees should be quite common in abandoned buildings or houses. (maybe nests in like attics?) ALSO when it comes to nests i like the big nests and stuff but i think you should be able to find small nests with a few in which you have to crouch in and stuff.

Waterlife: I think there should be alot more water dangers from creatures to traps. There could be mutated sharks or octopuses or giant black lobsters which are like mirelurks but tougher.

Airlife: There has to be more air creatures and an idea i had the other day there should be a BIG sort of army faction like NCR and bos. with US ARMY JET PLANE looking jets flying by. if they see you they will think you are a hostile and attack you but they are rare and usually only found in th surrounding area of a camp.

MORETRAPS PLZ we need more varities of traps! from the normal ones to a tripwire that activates a barrel which hits a box flicking mines around you out of the barrel and they explode or hanging ropes with grenades attached.Even able to make custom ones.

Funny unique enemies

These i guess would be found in vaults remember the gary clones? i found them awesome. More unique enemies and items please!

The startEdit

I would like a way for you to have better weapons at the start of the game. Ugh if there is one thing i hate, it's the slow accumulation of weapons. Something like an armoury with a kick ass load of weapons.

Rhode Island

Someone suggested this state as the main location. Is small, so the whole state could be included. Remember Point Lookout? It can be something like that, but since is part of the Commonwealth, the Institute can have one or two offices, this give place to the technological Player Characters.

There is or was a nuclear reactor in Rhode Island, a tentative connection.

Also, it gives the chance to add Cthulhu Mythos references, this have ben done already with the Dunwich Building in Fallout 3, but in this proposal is a more common theme. Maybe there is a quest involving the invocation of the NUCLEAR chaos. Keep in mind that the Cthulhu Mythos originated on a pulp magazine, that is, a RETRO piece of popular culture, exactly one Fallout topic.

Besides, each Fallout game must be unique on his own, and exploring the flamboyance of the different states is a good way to do it.

Now, I have fears, I fear that Bethesda could not take into consideration some improvements that Obsidian did, those are:


I never get why Fallout 3 put down a so remarcable feature of the Fallout series, traits need to stay.

-One perk every two levels

In Fallout 3, the Player Character gain one perk per level, which turn him/her into a super human in no time. Maybe one perk every three levels, like in Fallout 1 and 2, was too much, but in Fallout New Vegas, every two levels, was appropriate.

-There is no antagonist who want to whip out a whole race

This whas the plot of Fallout 1, 2 and 3, and it also was going to be the plot Van Buren. Returning to that plot would feel like a regression. Kind of related, the Enclave happened already, and it was awesome, they are dead now, leave it that way.

-Removal of the Big Guns skill

That skill piss me off since the first Fallout, since is basically "the guns that works" skill, and is a shame that it took 6 games to get that right. I'm going to be angry and sad if Fallout 4 include this skill again.

-Skill Points In Fallout 3 is easy as hell to have 100 in everything, Fallout New Vegas corrected that in the following ways:

Make books rarer
Don't have perks that increase skills.
Don't have so many skills bonus.

But then came the add-ons and the skills go to hell again, so this needs further improvement, this are my ideas:

Books won't work beyond 60 skill points: In Fallout 1 and 2, books didn't granted skill points to skill that were already to high, that makes sence and it worked just fine.

Make a fourteen skill: More skills means more point requirement, plain simple. I suggest to bring back the Steal skill, or, if they include vehicles, make a Driving skill.

Tagged skills have a 110 top: In Fallout 3 and New Vegas I forgot wich skills I tagged the moment I reach level 2, to correct that, tagged skills can be reached further. For example, I tag Survival, and because of that, I can have a maximum of 110 of Survival instead of the ussual 100, which in turn gives me the option to prepare better dishes. This way players would need more points to spend without makin it feel like and impediment.

On a side note, it would make the Tag! perk more valuable.

On another side note, is an irresistible chance to make the tipical Spinal Tap reference.

MUTATIONS From DanOfAwsome


Whenever you start a game, you'll start with some mutations. You can get 0-10 mutations, each one different than one another. They can enhance your skills, appearance, and SPECIAL. There can be mutations that give you special abilities, such as enhanced regeneration, stem cell production, or Limited telepathy. There can even be bad ones; like common birth defects and impaired vision. There will be hundreds of types of mutations in the game. The probability of getting one will depend on your race, sex, (Maybe) luck, and the probability of that specific mutation being present in you. For instance, the probability of getting telepathy will be a lot lower than the probability of getting +2 towards strength, due to it's impact on the game play. The same will be true towards birth defects, The probability of being mentally retarded will be lower than the probability of you having 20-30 vision, do to the impact it will have on the game play. Each mutation will have a special name of it's own; and on Hardcore mode, it will not tell you the effects of the mutations on your pip boy, you'll have to look it up yourself using a special encyclopedia that can be found early on in the game.

Here is a list of effects for mutations I think should be in the game. These are just the basic ideas, not specific values. With S.P.E.C.I.A.L., it will be something like this (Effect/Value/Probability)... strength/+3/2%. Endurance/+3/2%. Agility/+3/2%. Perception/+3/2%. charisma/+3/2%. Intelligence/+3/2%. Luck will not be effected because it is not a biological attribute.With skills, it will be something like this (Effect/Value/Probability)... Sneak/+25%/1.25%. Unarmed/+25%/1.25%. Explosives/+25%/1.25%. Steal/+25%/1.25%. Repair/+25%/1.25%. Small Guns/+25%/1.25%. Big Guns/+25%/1.25%. Energy Weapons/+25%/1.25%. Melee Weapons/+25%/1.25%. Lock Pick/+25%/1.25%. Medicine/+25%/1.25%. Science/+25%/1.25%. Barter/+25%/1.25%. Speech/+25%/1.25%. The percentage for skills refers to the enhanced percentage in which you develop that certain skill (IE; you learn the skill 25% faster). There is no numerical value increase to skills because people are not born knowing how to use a skill, but they are born with skill Comprehension levels.

Now with choosing what special abilities to add to the game, we need to be careful about the scientific boundaries of the game. Fallout is not Like TES in any shape or form. There is no such thing as "magic" ,"gods" or "paranormality"; every "special ability" needs to be scientifically explained. Now just because it needs to be explained doesn't mean that outlandish mutations can't happen. due to the radioactive environment, the possibilities are limitless, AS LONG AS THEY CAN BE EXPLAINED. The only thing in the game that does not demand scientific explanations are things pertaining to luck, but those should be avoided when talking about mutations, because like I said before, luck is not a biological trait. Here are some examples of Acceptable Special abilities for mutations, I will add explanations for ones that might sound too outlandish.

Stem Cell Production- Your body will be able to produce it's own stem cells when needed. They don't offer extra regenerative healing factors. Instead, you can grow back limbs, heal fractured and/or broken bones, and stop internal bleeding, all by yourself. There will be different levels of stem cell production, and on hardcore mode, you will need to eat and drink more when stem cell production is active.

Wolverine Claws - Yes, Wolverine claws. It's not copying, it's called drawing inspiration. the problem is that this will be very difficult if you don't have stem cells, but there will be other alternatives in the game.

Telepathy - Do not get this mixed up with telekinesis, and this is going to be hard to explain but I'll do my best. There are a couple ways this can be explained, but the one I'm going with involves sonar. Your brain has mutated a new part that basically sends out pulses, and like a bat does with prey, you can track someone's exact thought through unique precision sonar patterns. This form of telepathy will also give you extra knowledge of your surroundings (kind of like ED-D's perk) , and will let you know when you are being tracked by Radar. The pulses can range from 4bps to .2bps (BPS- Beats Per Second).

Story: You start off as a young child in a small town sometime around christmas. When choosing your skills u are given a wishlist ( so if you tagged guns you are given a bb gun, fireworks if you tagged explosives, and brass knuckles if you tagged unarmed, switchblade, etc...) Depending on your skill choices you are taught by different people ie: father for hunting and survival, mother for basic science and medicine, and your playboy uncle for barter and speech.( BTW im going with this from the top of my head) While out with one of your mentors( you will be taught all of these skills but the mentor you choose is the one you will get all the points towards) you hear alarms go off in the distance and you rush home gathering what you can including your christmas gift and head towards the nearest type of underground shelter.Unfortunately there is none in town but you see an army type vehicle being mobbed and encircled by civilians as you move in closer the soldiers fire into the rioting crowd as the crowd scatters you slowly walk towards the soldiers who are aiming right at you they are told to stand down by the NCO who then tells you they have room for one more to which your family tells you to go. The truck then brings you to a Prototype vertibird which you board as you take off the the bombs go off the blast radius is enough that your bird is thrown around and crashes into the great lakes between Canada and the US. You are picked up by a large military submarine capable of surviving years underwater. The crash left your face ruined so this is where customization would be. You awaken from Cryo sleep which is why youve survived for so long and awaken to c that the ship is falling apart due to an unknown explosion. you along with the rest of the crew many who die from sections breaking apart and flooding try to reach the surface to which only a few survive lets say like 20 people in small life boats. The brightness of the lifeboats attracts strange boats of people who are at war with another group as gunfire errupts from all angles lets say about 4 guys a killed you are forced to row to shore and escape with the others and watch as the two factions fight it out. you notice underwater divers fighting against the people on boats who are dropping mines on the divers which is the reason for the explosion that woke u up. the fighting ends with both sides falling back when large ( maybe mutant type fish) arrive. You and the remaining men head off into the world. Surviving on MRE's your group is ambushed by what would be raiders but is in turn rescued by tribal crossbow wielding men. Your crew is down to you and two others with everyone else dying from the attack. You are brought to the tribals camp which is located in a small park that has had its vegetation grown from radiation. the tribals tell you that there tribal medicine cannot help your friend who was hit by a laser blast and they give you a map to the nearest vault to acquire Technology to help your friend. here you are given basics : (Pistol you had already,flare gun from life boat? spear or crossbow? gems to barter with, water sac which can be replaced by bottle, canteen etc., food and anything else you had from before) you make your way to the Vault and notice that it is guarded by men in armor with the vault suit patch underneath it. as you aproach your speech comes in and you make it into the vault and barter for any items you need as you are about to get the item you need the vault comes under attack from unknown assailants and in the chaos the vaults security forces are overun and you lose the tool you need the most and must set off to find it. from here you are free to do whatever and the story is non linear from this point. Several starter quests i got in mind would be that : you regroup with the vault survivors and join them in tracking down the assailants. or you try to head off to the next settlement. If you go with the vault survivors you manage to find the camp over a hill and as you launch the attack wether it be sneak or head on you find that there are more assailants and the one you followed was just a scouting party most of the remaining vault people are killed and you and a few manage to escape here you are given a pip boy from one of the vault peoples dead friends the vault dwellers lose hope and head for the nearest settlement hoping to rebuild. As you move on in quests u find that the two factions Est Populus ( latin for sea pople) and the old world republic are at war for many reasons and you get dragged into it somehow.( i got more in my head but i got a huge head ache now)

Followers acquired by karma as well as reputation Sinan- Tribal who wants to explore the world outside of the park weapons: spear throwing/melee and harpoon gun good for survival and sneaking bad against armored opponents (neutral)

Kyle- Former vault guard who has nowhere left to go after he lost everything in the vault attack. Just wants to seek justice where ever it may be. weapons: Bolt action rifle/ police baton good in a firefight has little knowledge of survival though. (good)

Nathan- One of the two remaining crew members aboard your ship weapons: semi automatic rifle/ combat knife has no knowledge of the new world and has anthrophobia (neutral)

Reese-escaped sex slave that knows how to take care of herself weapons: 38. pistol/ shock baton able to sweet talk people and lower prices for items (neutral)

Craig- sinans brother who wants his brother killed out of jealousy and outcast of the tribe. weapons: tomahawk/ crossbow amazing assassin and knows many secret locations though only obtainable if sinan is murdered. (evil)

Ratchet-android programmed to follow orders and eliminate the weak weapons:laser pistol/shock fist able to see and identify targets easily has no emotions and cannot differentiate from good and bad. (neutral-bad)

Lee- Brotherhood scout sent from the east to explore more of america and canada. weapons: gattling laser when in power armor, plasma rifle when in recon suit super sledge in power armor, ripper in scout armor. can teach power armor training and has known locations of pre war goodies. (good)

Gunther-super mutant roaming the wastes for an honorable death weapons- dual wield sledge hammers/minigun loyal and trustworthy but others dont trust him due to his appearance Dante- ghoul with a deathwish. an action seeker that loves guns and alchohol weapons- Double barrel shoutgun/ baseball bat

2nd class followers ie, animals/ robots

Spike- bloodhound good for tracking and scaring out game. not as aggressive as other breeds.

chopper- pitbull good for fighting and wont back down from a larger opponent very aggressive but may become uncontrolable at moments.

zookie- trained mountain lion good for well its a fricken mountain lion. may not be allowed in some settlements

Care- bear cub found with its mother dead from hunters and left to die. must be taken care of first but once it is mature enough can be a very useful ally.

13177(BILL)- mister handy that has the programming of his robot mister gutsy brother 6177(gill) rush into combat but not as powerful as he thinks he is.

6177(GILL)- same as above but switched scared to fight but when he does he kills everything.

R0Y- Recon droid used to flank and distract enemies hovers above the ground to flush enemies out of spots however may need upgrade armor plating to sustain high caliber or laser fire.

new weapons: Crossbow 2 types tribal made and pre war hunting version. tribal made is easier to make and materials are everywhere. Pre war version is stronger, heavier and has a scope but very slow.

Harpoon gun: can be used underwater

black powder firearms: simple crude last minute effort guns. effective for mostly hunting and unarmored enemies.

Zip guns: no proper trigger, safety, aim, but fires cartridge amunition.

pump flamethrower basic idea like a watergun kinda thing

laserfist: wristmounted laser gun

sling: Ever hear of david and goliath well yea... quite and you might get a lucky hit

Traps like placeable bear traps, mines, trip wires, dug out spike holes, snares.

Ideas: Transportation some type of mutated horse and a normal one each with its own pros and cons.

vehicles like motorcycles and pick ups that require gas so u must syphon gas or upgrade it to run on fusion cells like in orginal fallout.

build your own home instead of buying one.

Commonwealth as the strongest faction controlling vast majority of tech

continue game after ending

focus on the survival aspect alot more

and thats all i got right now

-One bored ass guy

Based: Boston, massaqueses

(This is more of the story) Story Start: You are walking down a road (cinimatic) but then a group of unknown figures knock you out cold and you dont wake up in a few days. When you wake up you are in a almost destroyed building and surrounded buy some people that look like mercs. They says something like " Oh your awake, we thought we killed you and then we wouldn't get paid and thats bad isnt it, well The Institute is very interested in you and I dont realy know why but I dont care all I care is for the money"

While he is talking and you cant hear it, a man in a trenchcoat and a cowboy hat with a rifle and a 9mm pistol is walking pass and sees whats going on. He looks down a bit to think then he decides. HE pulls out his pistol and starts sneaking. towards you.

(Back to your view) You see the cowboy crouch behind the merc boss. The stranger then quickly shoots the 3 mercs in a flash, but then you faint.

(That was like the starting in trailer when you make a new game this is when you start to actually play)

You sit up in pain. The stranger says: "Easy there pal, you been through alot now, dont try to speak yet but I need to know your name" (you pick your name) "Nice name you have there, well..." (He takes one of those character facial creation machine) "I need you to put in your facial features so I can remember you so I can save you again or just say Hi" (You pick your face) "Well I think you need to learn how to fight a bit better and also find what your good at, can you put in what your specialities in here so I can train you" (Hands you a note book with S.P.E.C.I.A.L on it then after your done it goes to a screen with stats then perks) "Wow thats some nice skills you have there, let me teach you how to shoot somethin" (Teaches you then some other dialogue that isn't needed)

Main Story: This might be good. You are a one of a kind of android made from The Institution but you dont know that yet. You breathe, eat, drink, and bleed like a human but since you escaped they stopped making androids like you because they think you are too close as a human. You try to find out why and get mixed up in some fights and with The Institute and The Rail-road. The stranger is a well known character around boston, he is kind hearted, comedic, gun-slinger that helps the nice and weak. You get The Stranger as a companion around the end.

Companions: (A few)

The Stranger: Main story companion, get him late in the game. Background Story: All we know he is a nice gunslinger that doesnt know his name. PCQ (Personal Companion Quest): Finding his real name Weapon: Before PCQ Lever Action Rifle/9mm Pistol/Machete

       After  PCQ Sniper Rifle/9mm Pistol/Machete

Armor: Before PCQ Trench Coat With Light Armor/Cowboy Hat

      After PCQ Trench Coat With Heavy Armor/Cowboy Hat

Personality: Good, hates anyone that hurts the innocent. Special: Gets 3x more damage when you are 30% Health or lower

Uncly Leo: Side Story Companion, anytime in game. Background Story: Super Mutant, disagreed with turning humands into super mutants and have been exiled and he wandered the wastes and ended up at boston wandering about meaning of life. PCQ: Fights a group of Super Mutants terrorising a town and destroys a machine thats trying to turn humans into supermutants. Weapon: Before PCQ Sledgehammer/Hunting Rifle

       After PCQ Super Sledge/Hunting Rifle

Armor: Before/After PCQ Ripped Vault clothing Personality: Neutral, hates other super mutants Special: Adds a 15% bonus to all melee weapons.

Scout Simon: Side Story Companion, anytime in game Background Story: He is from the Brotherhood of Steal and given a mission to scout out around The Commenwealth. PCQ: Finds a ruined Brotherhood of Steal base and kill the Surplus of Raiders that are now there. Weapon: Before PCQ Laser Pistol/Ripper

       After PCQ Laser Rifle/Super Sledge

Armor: Before PCQ Brotherhood of Steal scout armor

      After PCQ Brotherhood of Steal power armor

Personality: Neutral, loves anything about Pre-War technology Special: Teaches you how to use Power Armor.

Thats all thanks for reading

I feel like a kid making a Christmas list, in hopes that Santa (Bethesda) will actually read it. Nothing fancy here, just a little input on weapons and stealth armor...

1) Rifle: FN FAL (Fusil Automatique Legere, 7.62 x 51 mm), or some generic variant thereof, with the following mod options: A. SUPPRESSOR B. Burst Group Pack (which allows user to upgrade the trigger group/sear/carrier group from standard semi-auto, to two or three-round burst)

2) Subgun: H&K MP5K in 9 or 10 mil (or, again, some generic variant thereof) with the following mod options: A. SUPPRESSOR B. IR Reflex Sight (but I'd be happy with just plain night vision) C. Vertical Foregrip (which reduces spread)

-The "unique" version could be something like an MP5K-SD (with super-quiet integral suppressor)

3) Stealth Armor!!! I think I speak for MANY when I say that the "stealth field" effect on the Chinese Stealth Armor (in FO3) was its real money-maker. When that was lost in New Vegas, it really bummed us all out. Bring back stealth armor that has some appealing visual effect, whether it's a transparent "stealth field" effect, or an opaque "chameleon" effect that adjusts its overall color to that of the surrounding environment; something! WE LOVED to see our character vanish like a ghost when he dropped into crouch mode. One more thing: For the love of all that is sacred, PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SUIT TALK. Stealth Suit MkII??? I thought, "Finally, a stealth suit that can match the Chinese suit from FO3." +20% sneak speed? Outstanding. No dice. Fully upgraded, the suit does not make you move faster. I've actually sat there with a stop watch and timed it's "A to B" speed compared to other armor, and there is absolutely no difference (Xbox 360). That suit does nothing but constantly yap in your ear. I have a real girlfriend that handles that; I don't need it in the game. Disappointing. Rant complete. No further comment. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Personally, I'd like to see the following.

1). More character options and perks. -Granted I only played F:NV I think it would be amazing to choose what your character actually looks like, not things like race and gender but actually choose to be a ghoul or super mutant, all with different stories, perks, and strengths.

2). More music. -Fallout gives good songs that fit the 50's-early 60's atmosphere but the songs just loop over and over. Nothing too spectacular but just a wide variation so songs don't drive you insane.

3). Mo' Gun'z n' Armor. -Everyone expected this. The guns in the games were good, but once you found them all, what then? No one wants to spend money to "use more gun", at least anyone who is sensible with money in-game. The armor is just crap. Sure it is armor and it can only be implemented so much,but there could be a couple more sets of armor that don't totally suck and that anyone wouldn't ever use.

4). Multiplayer -This might get some hate but it's an RPG about nuclear fallout. There should be more people than just you and NPC's, with vaults ranging into the near hundreds. Plus, they could up anties on difficulty and treasure in game, not to mention create many more quests in the long run while they make more games and DLC.

This has been my wishlist of things I'd like to see in Fallout 4. Don't hate on this, I just think it would make my game experience much better, even with bugs, glitches, and freezes.

I know many people have said this idea but I would like drivable vehicles. now to do this we would need a bigger map than fallout new vegas. but say a short ways into the game the brootherhood(or any faction) gives you a quest to go a far ways away. now you can walk or do this: say you asked around the base and someone told you you could make a motorcycle or a car now the motor cycle would be easier. they would both cost alot or scrap metal to make and a number of tires. there would also be addons to both but lets think about this first they would be be able to be destroyed by gunshots or getting hit (melee) or crashing alot and they would explode but not enough to kill the player. so when they exploded they would become useless and you only option would be to get off it and walk (sprint?) but if you walked far enough away the faction would haul it back to base and you could pay caps (NCR Money?) to get it fixed ad you could drive it again now the game would also add bases of the faction around the map and when you fast traveled the car or bike would not go right to you but to he nearest base (town?) and you could pick it up here. and another thing to prevet players from just driving everywhere the car or bike would need gas you could buy gas at vendors or loot it from gas stations around the map if the map was bigger now if it was too easy to get a car say tires would be rare and you could buy them from a junk yard vendor or go into building or abandoned town and look around but specifically for the first car/bike the car would need 4 tires and the bike 2 now there would be a junkyard vendor that sells up to 4 tires but at the point the play could really only buy 2 but nearby there would be a build full of ghoul that had 2 tires and some of the required scrap metel. now about add o if you scavenged around you could find gun barrels to put on the bike or car for guns or head lights as the nights would be dark. and say armor plating witch would just gie car more DT and you would have to pay a certain amount of caps or what ever other money every time.I would like this idea but some may not and for whoever wants to not use bikes/cars they could walk/sprint everywhere.(Z.D.M.)

This is more of an overall game idea, something that would be slightly different to previous Fallout games. I was thinking if you started off not 200 years after the war. But rather at the EXACT TIME THE BOMBS DROPPED. You could start off as a businessman/businesswoman, walking down the street of [Boston/SanFran/Future Location] when you see a bomb drop in the distance, maybe you have to go to one of the Vaults? Can anyone build on this? ~Nigh

Wanted to second the above idea, though I must admit I think that such an idea would be better suited to a game that is more about realism, a game where you have to prep for the end, and then deal with the sh*t fight. Still, one thing I felt is that the latest games felt a bit too far detached from the old world.

Obviously one wouldn't want to depart from the accepted dogma of the fallout universe, however, I feel that the game could do with a backtrack. Whether it is realistic to imagine such buildings would still be standing is a question, however one thing I liked were the Spanish / Spanish colonial revival style architecture present in some parts of Fallout 2, great atmosphere. Some consideration about how people might rebuild houses in post-apoc times ought to be had (I'm talking in addition to just tin shacks, though these obviously have their place).

Finally, a few more trees wouldn't hurt. I've not played through all the DLC of vegas and as I understand it, there was more trees in one story. However... Looking at chernobyl and how overgrown it is, it seems like a stretch that there are so few trees in the fallout world. I'm not talking about making the place an eden all over, but it certainly adds a bit more intrigue if there is some trees about. Just a quick few thoughts.

Heres some refs for the sort of buildings i speak of, erring of the side of caution I believe a 3rd party mod for vegas has some of this architecture, though I'm yet to check it out. 00:22, February 4, 2014 (UTC)Natoround

Here's some food for thought. I have a couple ideas that *might* be pretty good. 1. Turn into a ghoul... or a super mutant for that matter! My idea works like this: If you stay at Critical Radiation Poisoning for a long time (a month, maybe? Thats a pretty long time in-game) you undergo ghoulification. Which gives you several unique side-affects... One, you will be healed by radiation. Two, your maximum HP is increased (to correspond with a longer life-span). Three, your strength and endurance drop maybe 2-3 points, which can never be regained (your body is rotting). Your charisma also drops (unless you are one hip to the JIVE ghoul). Super Mutant transformation can occur if a character with sufficiently low Endurance is exposed to FEV, bringing with it the effects of increased Strength, slightly increased Intelligence, but heavily reduced Charisma, along with the fact that damn near EVERYONE would probably be terrified of you. 2. Marriage, and maybe converting a Pre-War building into a home? 3. Another talking deathclaw companion. Goris was frickin awesome. 4. Tameable, rideable DEATHCLAWS. Could you imagine charging into battle on a DEATHCLAW???

A few small suggestions: by fortheeye A few of these agree with other posted suggestions, i do want to add a few thoughts of my own. 1. better character customization. Self explanatory 2. if im in third person mode, it would be nice if i could turn the camera to face my character. i like to see how my character looks in certain things 3. realationships, marriage, things like that. in Skyrim for instance, it was small, but it was there, and it felt as if my choices made more of an impact 4. while i do love the character development and choice effect, in New Vegas i was a little disapointed that after the Wildcard quests, the npcs didnt react to the fact that i just took over the city. they went about their normal day. if Fallout 4 is going to give me the ability to gain control of an establishment, or even an army, id like to use it. 5. the last suggestion I have is race customization. i know that the story can limit that, but something as in New Vegas, where you arent stumbling out of a vault, it would be possible to be something like a ghoul, and have diferent characters react to that. anyway, thats about it.