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Fallout 4 Canada Edit

This is the idea for the next Fallout game. Write what you think at the bottom of page. Fallout 4 Canada will take Fallout gaming to the next level, focusing on unique terrain and survival skills to achieve your goals. -Xandus the Legend


Bow- low damge and accuracy, but ammo is extremely plentiful. Can be made at a workbench using a small piece of wood, string, and a carving blade.

Spear- Primative-Weapon that is good against beasts due to it's long reach. It can be made at a workbench using a long pieces of wood, a combat knife, a rope, and a carving blade.

Scoped Lee-Enfeild MkII- Canadian bolt-action rifle with scope attachment.

M-16- fires burst-shot rounds. As strong as the Chinese Assault Rifle, but ammo is hard to find. Used by some Androids and Elite Rangers.

AK-47- strong as the assault rifle, and ammo is common. Used amongst soldiers of the Northern Rangers, Raiders, and high-ranking Colonists.

Desert Eagle- A high power pistol.

10mm Pistol


Double-Barrel Shotgun

G5 Submachine-gun A heavy SMG that fires quickly. Wielded with both hands.

Silenced AK-47U A light, silenced AK-47/submachine-gun crossover. Wielded with one hand.

Combat Knife

Baseball Bat

Hockey Stick

Pulse Rifle- Fires a pulse blast that destroys nad disables electronics

Freezer Gun

Commonwealth Energy-Missle Launcher- An energy-based missle launcher used by Commonwealth Power Soldiers.

Commonwealth Energy-Rifle- Stronger than the Plasma Rifle, used by Androids. NOTE: All Commonwealth energy weapons fire blue enrgy beams.

Commonwealth Energy-Gatling- A stronger version of the Gatling-laser used by Commonwealth Power Soldiers.

Gauss Cannon- A big gun that fires gauss shots.

Missle Launcher

Laser Rifle

Laser Pistol

LMG- A powerful but heavy small-gun that can destroy enemies in seconds.

Harpoon- ranged spear. Can be made at a workbench using the same material as a spear

M-7 Carbine- Semi-automatic rifle. Used by Colonists and Raiders.

Compound Bow- much more powerful that the normal bow, and ammo is still easy to come by. Used only by the Rangers.

Grenade Launcher- Fires grenades from your inventory. Uses the same loading mechanism as the Rock-It Launcher.

Tranquilizer Rifle- Knocks out enemies and animals.

Electro-Mesmerento- A Mesmerento for Robots! Used and carried by Commonwealth android catchers.

Claymore- A two-handed scottish sword. Used by Elite Rangers.

Advanced Pulse Grenades/Mines- Much more powerful pulse weapons. Developed by the Rangers using Commonwealth tech, they are used to kill Spider-Walkers.

Chaingun- A lighter, but deadly, version of the minigun. Ammo is easier to find than with the minigun.

Tomahawk- A ranged primative-weapon. Can be made at a workbench using an axe-head, a small piece of wood, and a rope.

Chainsaw- Formerly used to cut wood, it is now used as a messy raider weapon.

Gas Grenades- Slowly kills or knocks out an enemy.

Molotov Cocktail- Similar to the Nuka-Grenade, it can be bought, looted, or made at a workbench using whiskey, a cloth, and a lighter.

Razor Boomerang - A slow, but accurate and deadly weapon if used correctly. Can be made at a work bench using Lawn Mower Blades, some wood and Wonderglue.

Tranquilizer Battery - One step up from the Dart Gun, the Tranquilizer Battery is a compact, four barreled small gun that can rapidly fire darts dipped in various poison. The different kinds of poison are:

Curare: Can be made with high enough Science and Primitive weapon skill. A sneak attack critical will paralyze (but not kill) an enemy for a long time. A shot fired at an attacking enemy will cause random crippled limbs.

Schizo: A cocktail of hallucination-inducing chemicals. As a random element, enemies will either be Frenzied and begin to attack their own, Scared and try to run away from your general direction, or Trip Out, which will knock them off their feet and cause minor damage.

Comrade Juice: A human enemy shot with Comrade Juice has a great chance of becoming friendly with the player for a moment. The enemy will not care if you pick their pockets or kill their allies.

Viper Venom: Can be collected from Vipers or Snakes with high enough Science skill. This poison will take a large portion of the enemy's health over time.

Bear Trap - Can be found or made at a Workbench. This powerful and stealthy trap has a high chance of crippling legs and holding the enemy in place.

Hunting rifle


Northern Ranger Armour and Cloak- increases agility, small guns, endurance, disease resistance, and Primative-Weapons

Ghille Suit- makes players invisble when crouching in grassy terrain.

Commonwealth Power Armour- increases intelligence, perception, energy weapons, and Rad resistance. Has less damage resistance than any other power armour

Midwestern Brotherhood Power Armour- Increases damage resistance, small guns, big guns, and strength, but lowers agility. Can only be obtainted during the end a certain side-quest.

Colonist Militia Armour

Ranger Initiate Armour and Cloak

Northern Legend Armour and Cloak- Given to player at the end of the game by Wolf-Fang if he/she follows the Ranger storyline. Increases small guns, luck, endurance, agility, charisma, melee weapons, primative weapons, immunity to ghoulification, and immunity to FEV virus. Northern Terror Armour- Given to player at the end of the game by Zalis if he/she follows the Commonwealth storyline. Increases strength, endurance, unarmed, energy weapons, damage resistance, radiation immunity, and immunity to naturaly caused deaths.

Combat Armour

AID items







Herb- a drug that increases AP but lowers intelligence and perception

Heroin - Lowers every stat. Actually more used as a poison in post-apocalyptia, since the unfortunate victim will suffer from terrible abstinences.

Cola- A varitey of cola drinks that are in the game since Nuka-Cola is non-existent in Canada. You gain a bottle-cap from drinking one.

Geiger-Pepsi - A lame replacement for Nuka-Cola that never gained popularity on American soil. It was distributed in other countries, however, and Canada was one of these.

Becquerel-Sprite - An even lamer replacement for Nuka-Cola that is shunned by most scavengers. Avoid at all costs, unless very thirsty.

Purified Water

Irradiated Water

Mirelurk Meat

Bear Meat


Radroach Meat

Canned Beans

Sugar Bombs


Deviled Eggs

Commonwealth Stealth-Device

Maple Syrup


Snakes / Vipers - Low-level critters that rarely pose a threat

Polar Bears- Larger and more powerful than Yao Guai. Can knock down enemies and has a lunging attack.

Mutant Beaver- Attack viciously and quickly, but can easily be killed.

Super Mutants

Feral Ghouls

Glowing Ones

Leviathans- Mutated killer whales. Appearing in the lakes and rivers of B.C., they can kill players in a single attack. The best solution is to have a really big gun or swim like hell.


Radspiders- Huge spiders capable of paralzing and posioning enemies.


Halks- Attack from the sky and are hard to hit.

Rad-Otters- Living in the water, they use hit and run tactics on enemies.

Dino Deathclaws- Deathclaw who's DNA was mixed with Allosaurus fossils by the Commonwealth, causing them to gain dinosaur-like attributes. They are even faster than normal deathclaws and are cabale of picking up enemies with their mouth and eating them.

Fenris- Named after the wolf monster of Norse mythology, these beasts are as large as bears. Fenris usually appear in pairs or groups of three, meaning that you should always keep your eye open for other Fenris if you manage to spot one.

Rad-Seals- When walking over ice, they will break through it and leap towards you.

Sasquatch- Bear-ape like monsters that have incredibly strength, almost as strong as behemoths! There are only twenty in the game, and you must kill one during the beginning of the main quest.

Nachzehrer- Humans who have been exposed to the S.O.T., causing them to muate into horrible beasts. They are quick, powerful, and cannabilistic, eating humans and other Nachzehrer. Similar to ghouls, there are feral Nachzehrer and intelligent ones. They are always hungry and cannot be satisfied. This could be the reason for their cannabilistic nature. Feral Nachzeher usually hunt in packs and are led by an alpha male which is larger than the rest.

"Nachzehers are just like wolves. Large...cannabilistic...talking...wolves."- heard when asking a ranger about Nachzehers

Intelligent Dino Deathclaws- Dino Deathclaws who have been given the ability to speak and learn by Commonwealth scientists. They do not attack humans on sight unless they are hostile with them. A group of Intelligent Dino Deathclaws inhabit the former raider colony of Deathclaw Rock, along with their some feral deathclaw bretheren. The Intelligent Deathclaws of Canada seem to be able to construct primative tools and use weapons like spears and bows.

Sleipner: Named after the mighty steed of Odin in Norse mythology, Sleipners are horses who have grown 4 extra legs due to airborne FEV and radiation. Sleipners are found in both feral and tame version. The feral one is a swift, fearsome beast, and the tame one is a fast steed, perfect to ride great distances with.

Chimera: One of the most disgusting beasts encountered in Canada, the Chimera is an organism created by the Commonwealth's genetic engineering. It has great similarities to the Centaurs of the Capital Wasteland, but the Chimeras appear to be a mix between both insects, lizards and mammals. Due to the feral behavior of this abomination, it is believed that they are the result of an experiment gone wrong.

Amalgam (also known as "Fucking disgusting goo): A weird organism of unknown origin, the amalgam appears to be a single gigantic cell, who is able to change color after the environment. How such an animal is originated is a mystery, but the common theory is that they are mutated plankton from the many lakes and rivers. Fortunately, the amalgam feeds entirely by surrounding things and digesting them, breaking them down to their own bioplasma. This means that an amalgam can only consume a being that is smaller than itself. However, Amalgams are able to to grow in size by phazing together to a single being (a process known as reverse mithosis), thus making a large Amalgam into an organism that can swallow humans and other beasts whole and growing even bigger by digesting them. An amalgam can be an easy match or a formidable opponent, all according to the situation. They are best dealt with by explosives, to best rip a hole in the cell membrane.

Radlumberjacks: Crazed half-human, half-redneck beasts that wield giant axes and red shirts.

Snow Guai - The irradiated equivalent of a Polar Bear. Fearsome beasts that can bite you in half.


Androids- The basic infantry of the Commonwealth.

Mini-Helicoptor- a quarter size of vertibirds, they are around as strong as sentry bots.

Commonwealth Spider-Walker- armed with energy-gatling and energy missle-launcher. It can be destroyed with advanced pusle grenades/mines.

Mister Blasty- a Mister Gutsy equiped with forified armour, a gauss cannon, and a missle launcher. Meant to act as light artillery/support for the U.S. army. Used now by many raiders and some colonists.

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about motherfucker!"- popular Mister Blasty quote

Prototype 2-VR4 Dirtbike A prototype dirtbike model that was launched just before the war. It was intended to be used if the Chinese invaded Canada as well, making traveling in the terrain a whole lot easier. The 2-VR4 is thoroughly armored and armed with a small, compact chain gun. However, it is found nearly wrecked in a run-down bunker, and is going to need massive repairs to be functional once again.

The dirtbike can be used as a better alternative to horses, since it doesn't require food to function. It runs on Micro Fusion Cells.


Northern Legend or Northern Terror aka the Player

Brian "Wolf-Fang" O'Conner- Wolf-Fang is the leader of the Northern Rangers. He is a great leader and fierce warrior. He got his name when he killed a twenty-foot fenris at the age of fourteen and crafted himself a claymore from it's fangs. He is in his mid-forties and in excellent physical condition. All that is known of his history is that he is of celtic (scottish and irish) descend, and that he was born in the American East Coast. Oddly, he has a modified Pip-boy 3000, which he can remove from his arm at will. There is a quest called "Tales of the Lone Wolf" which reveals more about Wolf-Fangs past.

Zalis- The leader of the Commonwealth, she believes that all except the Enclave are unworthy of existance, and do nothing but take and destroy. She used to work on Operation EVERGREEN, a project that involved mass producing G.E.C.Ks and using them to bring North America back to it's former glory. However, Zalis only used the G.E.C.Ks in Commonwealth controlled areas and refused to give any to the colonists and rangers, although they gave several to the Enclave. This resulted in a combined attack on the commonwealth city of Cubic, where the most powerful Commonwealth tech was developed. During the attack, the Rangers and Colonists stole a large amount of G.E.C.Ks from the Cubic Vault. The Rangers used them to create new forests in the Boreal Shield and clear out radiation in B.C., while the Colonists used theirs to create farming areas. After the attack, Zalis spent most of her time in her lab and never speaking to any of her commanders or advisors. Only recently she has left her lab and spoken to the other Commonwealth leaders. She spends most of her time talking with them about some sort of new invention she calls "The S.O.T.", Which stands for "The Serpent Of Temptation".

Mag- The player's friend. He saves the player from being captured by the enclave by getting caught himself. Later on, it is reaveled what has happen to him.


Companions- similar to Fallout 2, companions can be level up, increase skills, and gain perks. They can also be given commands by the player, like sneaking around an enemy camp or moving ahead of the player to see if it is safe.. As well, certain companions can be ordered to do ceratin tasks for the player, like healing a player's wounds if they excell in Medicine, or hacking a terminal if they have a good Science skill. This allows companions to be used for combat and non-combat assistance.

Serena- Wolf Fang's daughter. She can join you if you have good karma. She has a compound bow and combat knife. SKILLs- Small Guns, Primative Weapons, Sneak. SPECIAL- 4646576

Salzaar- The only remaining Nachzeher in Twilight Town. He joins the player if he/she has good, neutral, or bad karma, but will not join you if you have great or evil karma, as he will believe you are too exsessive. He is a very knowledge (and corpse) hungry character who perfers to be alone in his study and talks down to the player (unless he/she has high intelligence). He uses his bare hands for combat. SKILLs- Unarmed, Melee Weapons, Speech. SPECIAL- 6653774

"My God, what is that horrible smell...oh wait. It's you.- heard while travelling with Salzaar

Snowflake- A Mister Blasty model that the player can find in an abondond factory. He uses the standard missle launcher and gauss cannon, but can be equiped with different weapons and equipment. SKILLs- Big Guns, Small Guns, Repair. SPECIAL- 5674754


Worst. Birthday. Ever. MAIN QUESTLINE

Learning the Skills MAIN QUESTLINE



Aiding the Brotherhood SIDE QUEST

Tales of the Lone-Wolf SIDE QUEST

Terrain- Terrain plays in important part in the game, as different terrain means different enemies, tactics, survival skills, and weather.








Radiation Areas

Factions- Unlike in previous Fallout games, you will be able to join factions, very much like in Oblivion, who will give you access to a wide range of mission and can change the course of the storyline.

Major Factions

Northern Rangers- ^ Groups of Canadians who live in the wilderness. The focus on survival skills and tactics. Members of the Northern Rangers gain bonuses to survival skills and are capable of laying traps and using stealth-based combat.

Commonwealth- ^ An institute of super advanced scientists who operate in the former major Canadian cities and Great Lakes. They focus on technology and science. Members of the commonwealth can create new weapons and power armour using certain materials.

Colonists- # An alliance of colonies who inhabit the badlands and praries. This faction suits people who perfer the original fallout style of gameplay.

Empire of Flames- # A large faction that consists of raiders. Compared to other raiders, they are suprisingly organized and powerful enough to challenge groups like the commonwealth. This is because of the empire's leader, Darius, who united the raiders of the Alberta Badlands many years ago. Everyday, the Empire of Flames takes more land and rallies more raiders to their cause. Members of the Empire of Flames are capable of leading raids on colonies, and even destroying them.

Minor Factions

The White Horses Bandits- A faction of bandits who live to the north of Ranger controlled B.C.. They consist of Ranger exiles and raiders who did not want to serve the Empire of Flames. They go on weekly raids in B.C. to collect food, weapons, and caps.

Innuits- a faction of nomadic people who live in former Nunavut. The name may suggest that this faction consists of natives. However, it mostly consists of people who fled to the north in order to avoid the nuclear missles, believing that the chinese would not expect that anyone would be living in the artic circle.

Poachers &


Legion of Hades- a faction that consists entirly of ghouls, feral and intelligent. They live in the city of Tartarus, formerly known as Montreal.

Deathclaw Alliance- & a faction of intelligent dino deathclaws whom have set up base in Deathclaw Rock. Salistar, the leader of the Deathclaw Rock, occasionaly lends help to Rangers in exterminating raider, slaver, and poacher camps in exchange for access to technology and pre-war books.

Karma- Karma allows accsess to certain perks, quests, and bonuses. It has a larger effect in Fallout 4 than it did in previous games.

Great Karma- You will always do the right thing no matter what.

Good Karma- You perfer to do the right thing, even if you don't gain anything from doing so.

Neutral Karma- You'll help others, but you won't do it out of charity.

Bad Karma- The only reason you're bothering to saving the world is because you're getting paid.

Evil Karma- You enjoy burning down settlements, shooting innocents, and blowing puppies up with landmines. You are soooo going to hell.

New Things

Ghoulification- Players can turn into Ghouls from too much radiation instead of dying. PROS- Healed by radiation, can command feral ghouls, not attacked by super mutants. CONS- Could be captured by slavers, lose certain dialouge options. Will be shot on sight if karma drops below neutral.

I'd say make Ghoulification a perk instead of just "someting in the game."

FEV Exposure- If players get the FEV virus, they will turn into super-mutants. PROS- Strength and Endurance can be raised to 20 with perks, immunity to radiation, can command lower ranked super mutants. CONS- Agility and intelligence is lowered, lose certain dialouge options, could be captured by slavers, can't talk to certain people, may be attacked by NPCs.

Nachzeher Bites- If you are bitten by a Nachzeher, you will turn into one. PROS- Agility and Perception are automatically raised to 15, automatically get Cannibal perk, gain 50 points for Unarmed skill, gain 3x health when devouring corpses, can command feral Nachzeher, can run much faster than other characters. CONS- People trust you less (since you are a cannibal), lose certain dialouge options, must devour corpses daily or you will starve, could be captured by slavers.

Starvation- In Fallout 4: Canada, you are required to eat food and drink water to survive.

Disease- Diseases can lower stats and, over a long period of time, kill you.

Boats- Lets you get through large bodies of water safley.




Poaching- The animal equilvelent of slavery, players can capture animals and sell them.

SKILL-Primitive Weapons- allows you to specialize in bows, spears, and throwing. Governed by Strength, or maybe Agility.

SKILL-Outdoorsman- increases resistance to radiation, posion, starvation, temperature, disease, and Nachzeher bites. Gives you combat advantages in diverse weather and terrain. Governed by Endurance.

SKILL-Gamble- increases the odds of winning a gabling game. Governed by Luck.

Stealth-Based Combat and Missions


Killing Children- In Fallout 4, you can kill children. However, everyone will hate you if you do.

Sex and Marriage- Similar to Fallout 2, you can have sex and get married in Fallout 4: Canada.

Horses- Fast travelling doesn't exist, so instead you have to use horses. They can die however.

Traps- Players with the northern Rangers can set traps

Technology Creation- Players with the Coomonwealth can create new weapons, armour, chems, and ammo.

Settlement Destruction- Players with the Empire of Flames can lead raids on settlements and destroy them.

Vulnerablilty- The player and enemies now take more damage from weapons, making tactics and stealth important. EXAMPLE: a headshot from an M-16 is an instant kill on a raider. This helps create a more realistic feel of combat. NOTE: This setting can be taken off at the options menu.

"Climbing" - Players can now climb onto rocks, ledges, buildings or other objects taht are in their reach. Climbing speed and maximum jump/reach are governed by characters weight and agility.


Glowing One- Ghoul Perk. Turns you into a glowing one, allowing you to heal overtime, heal other ghouls, and realease a burst of radiation.

Grim Reaper's Sprint

Gun Nut

Bloody Mess- Bad and Evil karma perk. Increases damage by 10% and causes enemies to die in ridiculously violent way.

Life Giver- Good and Great karma perk. Increases hit points by 30.



Animal Friend

Night Vision

Better Criticals

Sweeping Arms- Deathclaw perk. Gives a deathclaw companion the ability to knock groups of enemies aside with it's arms.

Little Leager

Barbarian- Improves damage with primative-weapons.

Bloody Claws- Nachzeher Perk. Allows you to heal 5 hit points whenever you attack someone in unarmed combat.

Brute Strength- Super-Mutant Perk. Turns you into a super-mutant brute, increasing your strength and endurance.

Master Strength- Super-Mutant Perk. Turns you into a super-mutant master, increasing your strength and endurance.

Eagle Claw


Fast Hands- Reloads 3x faster when using bows.


Lake Superior

Niagra Falls


Boreal Shield


Alberta Badlands

Lake Ontario

Hudson Plains


Vault 24





Fall City




Deathclaw Rock

Only things I'm skeptic about is the Bow and M-16, If M-16 is better than Chinese Assault Rifle then it's just going to be easy as hell to kill enemies. I don't like the idea of werewolves or Dinosaurs. Seems a little bit off. Btw dude, rememeber Raven Rock? It's a hell to climb up that rocky wall, imagine how big a mountain would be... Imagine how much space it would take up of the map.

A good point. However, the mountain region only covers part of Canada's West Coast and no where else. As well, there will be mountain clibing gear so that you can get over mountains easily, unlike in Oblivion. Wow!

These Ideas Are Amazing, Except For Having An AK-47 Less Powerful Than A Chinese Assault Rifle Because They Are Pretty Much The Same Gun. Silent.Killa78

Dude Why Will You Not Stop Posting Like This? Broeman 20:08, 16 March 2009 (UTC)


This is just crazy talk. Sure Canada would be cool to have as a Fallout 4 location, but do you realize how expansive Canada is? The areas you mention are bigger than most states in the USA.

What is with you and Canada being full of outdoorsmen and Inuit Warriors (they used to be called Eskimos). Why would an Eskimo wield a Claymore??? Most areas in Canada that are populated are not much different than towns r cities in the USA (aside from the crime). I guess one thing to add would be not being able to find ammo in file cabinets and desks.

Canada would be filled with outdoorsmen because of the heavily forested areas and mountains that cover a good portion of the area. As well, there are colonies that don't focus on survival in the prarie regions, since there are very few dangers natural dangers in the area. A good point though about the mountains though.

What do you mean "there are colonies that don't focus on survival"? In the world they live in that should be the primary thing anyone, anywhere focuses on. If they lose focus on it they become raider lair decor or a snack for some muties. There probably aren't the huge forests there are today, there is plenty of forest and wilderness around the greater DC area now but the only place trees grow now is Oasis because of Harold. It won't be the same Canadian landscape you are used to. See the Timeline article for Oct. 30, 2077 and They both describe some of the major ecological shifts. However, be it in Canada or elsewhere having to trek through a massive snowy skeletal forest would be pretty cool if it had the right enemies for the environment.--JiNX Bloodfang 10:56, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

The reason for large scale forests and clear water lakes in Canada is because the Commonwealth mass produced G.E.C.Ks at one point in time and used them to create new, livable enviorments in the country. Don't be mistaken, there are still many irradiated and dead areas in Canada, mostly in the Alberta Badlands, a large amount of the praries, half of B.C., the Hudson Plains, and all across the Boreal Shield.

FUCK ME SIDEWAYS! You've definantly put ALOT of thought into this. Well done! I would buy this game in a blink! DipCheese 06:07, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

And the Commenwealth learned how to make GECKs how? Don't tell me pre-war, because pre-war the Commenwealth was just Massachusets [at least in Fallout the Red Sox are gone].

Bloody brilliant!

I was thinking the annexation of Canada would make a good DLC pack for Fallout 3, but this idea is way better. They could work with Montreal-based Ubisoft maybe to make it happen.

This would be really cool! Aside from some of the weapons, I like all of this. Specifically the idea of the Primitive Weapons skill, would be really fun creating a Tribal-style character with. Allthough I think there ought to be more Primitive weapons than just four, like maybe atleast two more. Also like that Terrain plays a bigger part, allways thought that would be cool. --KillerIsMe 15:16, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

I hate it, don't get me wrong they're good ideas yknow, but... It's just not fallout... Considering that you didn't need to think about starvation, tempature and diseaces in the earlier games means that it's too much of a change and it woulden't be the same game anymore. Mountain climbing means that there should be a lot of rocky walls and so forth that will just piss people off. Horses, this ISN'T oblivion.. To even make a good use of the boats means that large parts of the map must be connected with lakes and rivers. Water will just take up alot of space on the map considering that you can't find a house on water or a map marker on water mmakes it a waste of the map. Oh and to become a ghoul or super mutant? No. The main character is meanth to be human. Seals and otters? Are you serious? As I said, these are good ideas but they're not fallout material, they took a huge risk making fallout 3 and some previous fallout fans hated it. "This" would be another HUGE change and no true fallout fan would like this kind of a game to be in the main series. Gabriel77cortez 08:40, 31 March 2009 (UTC)

I understand what you're saying. At first glimpse, this doesn't seem like fallout at all. However, the fallout universe isn't just limited to the United States. As well, I don't think fans of old fallout games would hate it as much, as it brings back features from previous fallout games like marriage and upgradable companions. As well, this game idea dives deeper into things like karma and freedom of choice in the game. -Xandus the Legend

Its a great some of ideas. about the post above me. Every game must change in order to add more freedom and realism to it. Sure boats does sound a little iffy but perhaps cars or some sorta raider-all purpose land vechile?

A little note for everyone; I just took the mountain climbing feature off the list since it would simply turn a well placed obstacle into a serious pain in the ass. -Xandus the Legend

Wow... This is getting better and better! Kudos to Xandus, keep up the good work! AngryNorwegianDude 08:43, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

Like the enthusiasm. Can I make a small suggestion though? Try to base it in one city and the surrounding area. This is post apocolyptia. In FO3 all of the cars were relics. No one will buy that you can walk from Montreal to Ottowa and that in the scale of the player the two cities are only 2 miles apart! So cars, planes and other conveyances have to be included. as well as parts for these and a whole lot of wasteland avoidance. You could still have the elements you want in a single setting(animals venture into cities due to lack of people/traffic etc.) but less empty space, unrealistic travel distances and extra items that detract from gameplay. Also, I'd like to see a mutated moose! Mattm 16:46, 17 April 2009 (UTC)

Largely hit and miss - some things that would have to go include no fast travel, required eating, required drinking, and required sleeping. These exist in varying degrees in other games, and are just chores that detract from gameplay. They offer nothing but tedium. No fast travel? Talk about going backwards in gaming progress - ever play Morrowind? Again, the only in-game effect is added tedium, LOTS of it if you are seriously trekking around Canada. If you can't get by with self-control and self imposed role playing rules, then these "features" should be optional. Seriously though, they shouldn't even take away coding time to implement. Think opportunity costs - everything added costs something else that is not added. The immature designer usually starts out in control freak mode...what players enjoy is choice and freedom. Giving players a list of repetative, mandatory time sensative chores is not freedom, its control freakishness.

Reality check - why would AK-47 ammo be easy to find in Canada, but M16 ammo hard to find? M16 ammo is 5.56x45mm, a very popular varmint round used by legions of target shooters, and that little group called NATO. Ak47 ammo is 7.62x39mm, used by the former Warsaw Pact. The ammo for the M16 is the same as the ammo for the M4, Canadian military C7s and C8s, British L85s/86s, French FAMAS, Austrian & Aussie Steyr AUGs, German G-36s, and the list goes on. The Chinese don't even use the Ak-47 ammo, but have switched to a smaller ~5mm round. Finally, the Canadians use a licensed copy of the M16A3 (the C7) which has a single/full auto trigger group, not single/burst as the M16A2 and M16A4 have. 23:19, 26 May 2009 (UTC) Krag

I agree. Also, I have a hard time swallowing the fact that the M-16 would be the same power as the AK-47 yet ammo would be scarce. If I was playing this game I would probably say F%^K the M16! I can just use the AK! Ammo is more plentiful and the M16 offers no advantage over it. If you're gonna offer more than one weapon make each one more adventageous over the others in one way or another. In reality the M16A2 is far more accurate than the AK-47. Maybe this could serve as the advantage. Less shots to kill opponents. Or a higher mag capacity. Anything that will make me wanna pick up the 16! Gotta agree with Mattm too. Keep it local based. You want to make it realistic but you want me to believe that I can make it clear across canada, on foot, in a day!?! Not likely!

Who the fuck put down the dino deathclaws? Pararaptor 09:17, 31 May 2009 (UTC)

I have a few ideas that might be useful:


Spitter-a modified paintball gun made so a clip could fit in through the bottom of the gun. What sets it apart, very accurate, medicore damage, slow firing, 20 bullet clip.
Slugger-a pump action shot gun that shoots hollow point slugs. What sets it apart, a shot gund that good at medium ranges, and the hollow point slugges give it a mini shot gun effect.
Needle gun-a semi automatic hunting rifle with 10 shots. what sets it apart, 10 shots instead of 5, semi auto.
Concussion Rifle-a shot gun that blastes anything in front of it away with out the explosion part, aka a gun that shoots a massive wave of wind. what sets it apart, i haven't really seen anything like it done before, could be loads of fun i think.

I've got sketchs for some of the lokks, I'd write more down but this thing is kinda skipping. its really wierd. ```` Tipo Fry

How about the actual fricken Needler pistol?! Nitty Tok. 21:52, December 7, 2009 (UTC)
It would be a bit repetative, don't you think? Fallout 4: Brazil is a lot better of an idea, don't you think?--Vault4 21:56, December 7, 2009 (UTC)

Weapon Accessories Silencers, scopes, laser sights, extended magazines, and grips can be bought by the player and added to their weapons, increasing the weapons caps value as well as making the weapons silent, more accurate, scoped etc....Players can install weapon accessories at workbenches with a chance of success depending on the players skill with the type of weapon they are adding accessories to and the players repair skill. Vendors can also install accessories with a 100% success rate for a small fee.

I am bringing this forum back to life. When do I get to pre-order New Canada.

How about Fallout Japan or China?.....................................................................


alberta and Saskatchewan would be good because sask creates almost all of Canaadas uranium and ther is a city in sk called uranium city alberta would be good for the urban cities

There are a few decent ideas here , but here is my opinion: Canada is a cool spot , good place for the next fallout , the gameplay editions that you have suggested though are sounding quite annoying and pointless , In FO:NV They gave you the choice to play Hardcore or softcore Just incase you dont like Realism in games (Which i dont , i think if you want realism you should go and live your life , games were made to escape realism ,not to recreate it ) Primitive weapons are a good idea , But i think Automatic guns and heavy equipment would be Largley Available due to Americas annexsation of Canada to use it as a Military foothold , and i would also like some stuff from Fallout 3 to be refrenced or shown in This Game , Cause it was kinda of off putting to hear or see NOTHING from DC in FO:NV so i would like to hear about The lone wanderers Exploits (Yes im sorry Fallout 3 Haters but i really didnt like Fo2 or Fo :NV , Though FO 1 was good :) ) The chinese and super mutant from the east cost should be important factions In the Storyline , there should Most definetly not be Loads of tribes and such , cause that probably isnt Accurate , i would like a good climax at the ending (Cause NV had a dissapointing ending, while FO 3 had an awesome ending filled with coolness ) the east coast brotherhood of steel should appear looking for Repair parts for Liberty prime , And i had another intresting idea , you should be able to find a peice of the downed Alien battleship from Mothership Zeta , With leaks in fuel and such causing strange mutation in the surrounding area , and the aliens should be Able to communicate with you (Cause they have been down for a few years now Though they arent good with the language and use Hand signs to communicate with you ), (Like you can make them Freinds with you ) the super mutants should be seperate groups , Mariposa ones , and some Vault 87 mutants , and one charecter that i want to appear in this game would be an older Mayor Macready , After being kicked out of lamplight , your charecter should be the son/daughter of a person who came from an underground Hiding pace ( Not necsesarily a vault , more of a crude Hiding place in an old base) and you should do early on quests such as returning your freind to the hiding spot after wandering too far into the upper floors of the base ( this would happen at the age of 16) You would then be Kicked out by a large raid by chinese (who have now become a signicant strenth in canada , due to some of them hiding out in alaska and survivng with their military equipment ) the chinese should be the good guys while the Commonwealth should be the bad guys ( who discovered the destroyed raven rock and retreived info from The remains of President edens Memory) the enclave should appear as a minor faction hiding out in the far reigons , hiding from the brotherhood of steel , and just trying to survive , and you should have the choice to attempt to broker peace between the factions , and realism should be toned down a notch to focus more on Gameplay , ... Well those are my ideas and opinions , say what you will ... Oh yeah and i need to try this {signing} thing ...Nope didnt work :(


Alright so what i did here was i posted this on a giant bomb forum as an idea as an entire game but i like the idea of the game taking place not in one province but in all of Canada (similar to how Assassins Creed used there maps ((when in one area it shows that area eg. if your in toronto you will see the map just of toronto but if you scroll out you will see all of Canada allowing you to set markers to places like B.C or Manitoba ECT)))

All of these ideas have just gotten me all excited and gitty but there are some really shitty ideas in there i did not like any of the quests you put down no offence or the characters you made up wolf fang was a terrible idea (leave character creation to the pros along with quest ideas) the worst being some of the enemy's or allies intelligent deathclaws? really?? i mean really??? deathclaws are supposed to be these incredibly dangerous monstrosities that have one thing in mind KILLING YOU to make them friendly and have them build tools is just ridiculous.

Here's how i think fallout 4 (Canada) should go down im going to highlight and elaborate on the beginning middle and end of the main quest.

OPENING SEQUENCE:This is the beginning part of the game where you get to customize your character to your liking and how the main story affects you. The opening cutscene shows a man a women and a young boy they find a small child in the wreckage of a caravan they take you in and raise you as a canadian in one of many underground Canadian camps (years as a baby determine your SPECIAL attributes and how your character is gonna look not sure how yet) after few years pass by (7 years) your father is on his death bed (he grew up in a vault) he gives you his pipboy model 4000 as a parting gift (how you gain a pipboy) he tells you the canadians are not expected to be on this earth for long due to them being the largest target to the most powerful faction in canada: The Enclave who are very determined to wipe them out to discover Canada's secrets (not determined what this is specifically yet i'll leave that to bethesda) and he wishes you lead the canadians to taking back Canada more years pass by (10 years) and you find yourself as a young adult around 17 (heres when your tag skills and first two or three perks are picked, again not sure how this is gonna play out) 4 more years pass by and your given the option to leave the base and let your older brother (your 21 at this point and he's 9 years older than you therefore 30) teach you how to survive outside of there base (this is when combat sneaking tutorial kicks in) he teaches you how to scavenge for supplies make basic weapons show you which food is poisonous or irradiated and which isn't ECT after finishing he leads you back to your bunker where you enter and you get to choose how old you wish to be or you can remain to say the age you were (age benefits nothing when it come to stats just how your character appears) after you select this you find your self being woken up by your brother in a panicked fashion he quickly sputters at you "WAKE UP!!! The enclave found out were here we have to get the hell out of here!! LETS GO!! you wake up grab your stuff (the stuff you grab is determined by which skills you tagged) And rush out of there following your brother as the base falls apart and as more elder Canadians rush outside to fend of the enclave you and your brother try multiple routes but are cut off from either explosions or Enclave troops rushing in you eventually get out by running through an abandoned sewage pipe which leads you to the outskirts of Ronto (whats left of toronto currently controlled by the Enclave) as you and your exhausted brother watch in horror as they capture or kill the remaining people of the base and eventually collapse the base from the inside out your brother says "Lets get the fuck out of here before they find us" you run to a safe location (alberta countryside) and discuss next steps you come to a conclusion that you and your brother are gonna retreat to B.C The safest place for canadians in canada due to the lack of Enclave soldiers and the largest camp of canadians, around 9000 or so. You and your brother make it to a small town built out of a burnt out crashed military carrier Known as (will leave names to bethesda), they let you in offer you hospitality in the meantime you and your brother figure out what to do. From this point on the game goes how you want it to go (all of the stuff in between ill leave up to Bethesda) FREEDOM TO EXPLORE CANADA BEGINS: This is the point in which you can follow whichever path you like, you can do other quests, explore or just play anyway you like im going to focus mostly on the main story line again all of the stuff in between ill leave up to bethesda After an unbelievably rough night you wake up in your room (rented out by you and your brother) and find a note on your door reading 'just went to get some supplies ill be gone for a few hours so do what you will' This lets you go around the town figure out exactly where you are and how big the world is.

FACTIONS: These are the groups of people you can join with to complete the game's main storyline NOTE these are major factions

THE CANADIANS: This the faction relatively associated with good karma in which the canadians drive the enclave out of canada completing what your father asks you in the beginning to pursue. The Canadians are a rag tag group due to there small numbers (something around 50,000 canadians are left) They are rather organized for there situation they have set up thousands of underground safe havens out of old bunkers for canadians traveling from province to province freedom fighters are always accepted to join the fight against the enclave the elite members of the CFF (canadian freedom fighters) are known as Rangers they have been battle hardened members of this group they are very similar to the NCR rangers but they fight a much more serious fight than the NCR rangers. This factions quest would be associated around the good karma decision in which the canadians drive the enclave out of canada.

THE ENCLAVE: This is the faction associated with the evil karma decision in which you assist the enclave in eradicating the remaining canadians to discover canada's secrets to gain ultimate control of canada and soon enough whats left of the world. The Enclave is very organized and well resourced they have access to incredibly advanced technology troops and knowledge of prewar tech and history. They are what remains of the america government and plan on seizing control of the world to "rebuild" along the way while lots of blood is spilled. They are the biggest threat in the game and prove to be the most difficult enemies to take down they have a large variety of troops generals soldiers tesla soldiers hellfire troopers berserker troopers shock troopers gas troopers and many more.

YOURSELF: You can choose to gain control of canada by yourself by assembling the trust of many different minor factions including some raider factions the super mutants the chinese remnant army along with some others you do this ultimately by using the secret tech canada has stowed away.

THE COMMONWEALTH: You can choose to side with the commonwealth siding with this faction can result in any karma result it all depends on how you decide to lead the commonwealth. You lead the common wealth's android army along with some of there elite customized power armoured operatives.

a decent idea ,But what i would like to ask is why you hate the idea of intellegent deathclaws cause its too late to hate it , it already exists in the fallout universe , i think they were in FO1 , But perhaps there is only few of them ?

The big thing i have a problem with deathclaws being intelligent is that they are what fear is directly spawned from for most fallout players there the big bad wolfs of the fallout universe as soon as rational thinking, reasoning and even collaboration with them comes into play that feeling is gone. Now not to say i have no problem with a minority of them being intelligent but i don't want intelligent deathclaws running around everywhere to me it would just seem silly.

I think if you had a Loyalist faction Like the New British Empire would be pretty cool. And have a quest where you help them fix a ship to go back to the homeland. and the Enclave re annexing Canada is a good plot device.

I have a bit of constructive criticism. I don't think you understand what the Commonwealth actually is. The Commonwealth is the name given to the area that used to be the state of Massachusetts. It isn't the name of any faction. What you're thinking of is the Institute, which is based in the Commonwealth, inside the former Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And in Fallout 3, Zimmer says that the Institute keeps to themselves in a sealed environment, so I have my doubts that it would be able to grow into a huge, powerful faction like what you're suggesting. 19:10, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

  • Dude I love most of your ideas, but I dont like the idea of no Nuka, and Canada got annexed by the US so it wouldnt be THAT different. I like the Nprthern Rangers idea, but they should be more like Mountie descendents, pretty much like NCr but cooler. I like the bows and claymores. But alot of your stuff is like the other games, but with different names. Like Growing Fast, your friend Meg who saves you, and an overseer in the beginning? And Ronto ( The Post- Apocolyptic Toronto) has been mentioned many times, so it would make sense to be the main location. Also I like the Commonwealth being in it, as a better Enclave. I think the Enclave should still exist, but be way less important, like in Vegas. And in Zeta, they mentioned an anti-Enclave group from pre-war,called the Quaere Verum (Latin for The Truth) and I think they should be restarted by former Enclave members, who didnt believ in all the facsism that the Clave does. So like the Enclave, but likeable. And they would try to help the world get better again, like what the NCR THOUGHT they were doing. I love the werewolf-guys idea, and the giant wolves, but not really all the Polar Bears, that should just be a one time thing, like Ruzka. And the Commonwealth is not the faction, the Institute is. And becoming a Synth would be cool. But you cant remove fast travel, that would be a dick-move. Good ideas and they're really thought through. Bravo. EntertaynMe 03:33, January 21, 2012 (UTC)