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Okay, me and my mate have been discussing this for a while now. I love New Vegas, i think it's a great game but there are also lots of reasons why Fallout 3 is better.

For a start I think Fallout 3 was set in a considerably better location, New Vegas just has too much bare wasteland (understandable when it's set in the desert) but not the best location for a video game. There were more building and stuff to discover and explore in FO3. I think there could have been more to The Strip rather than just 4 casinos. Although I'm happy to be able to move around New Vegas without having to take 5,543,676,548,654 different metro tunnels!

However, I prefer the companions in New Vegas, despite losing one of them and not being able to retrieve him -_- but at least they actually help me. Fallout 3's companions just got in the way and pissed me off. I love the unique weapons in New Vegas but then I guess I never found too many in Fallout 3. The factions were a great idea too.

Both games are just as glitchy as each other and extremely easy to fuck the whole thing up, forcing you to revert to previous saves which is a bitch if you haven't saved for a long time. Neither have fantastic graphics but considering the size of the game I guess it's better than expected.

I also see myself quite happily starting a second playthrough on New Vegas whereas I didn't get very far in my second playthrough on Fallout 3, not sure why cause I think I prefer the story and quests in general in Fallout 3.


Rhys7891 11:18, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

Well I've gone over this numerous times... No offense but when I saw the title I thought "This again?" but then I read what you wrote and I thought: "well at least he is diplomatic over it"

But The main reason I like New Vegas more is story continuity. Sure, Fallout 3 was a great game, but I wanted to see what happened to the NCR. I know there are a few people who hate them but I had a soft spot for them since they were in Fallout 2.

This leads me to the point that NV had better writing. Fallout 3 usually stole terms and resources from the first 2 fallouts and retconned them in horribly (such as harold... HOW THE FUCK DID THAT BRANCH GROW INTO A MASSIVE TREE IN 30 YEARS? and why is he now forever stuck in the capital wasteland? damn you bethesda, Damn You.) or made our understanding of the fallout world skewed (as in, atomic cars were not everywhere, infact they were supposedly a sought-after rarity as most people couldnt afford them and all the car plants were being converted to munitions factories)

Also, put four tildes (~) to sign your posts 5t3v0 20:48, February 22, 2011 (UTC)

I'm ashamed to say I actually never played Fallout 1 or 2 :( although I have tried! I had problems with my computer though. But I get what you're saying about NV continuing with the NCR side of things, I personally liked the NCR in New Vegas. Yeah the whole thing with Harold seems it was just thrown in for the sake of it in FO3. I also preferred the perks in FO3 though. Like every time I levelled up there was always a perk that made me think "That sounds awesome i'm getting that!" whereas in NV not only was it every second level as opposed to every level but I often found myself going "These are shite." And just taking one at random because I had to. All the ones that sounded good required high levels for skills I didn't really care about or use. That kinda pissed me off but I'm still addicted to NV at the moment :P

Oops sorry, this is my first post I forgot the tildes.

Rhys7891 22:03, February 22, 2011 (UTC)

I had more fun exploring the many areas of F3, but Vegas definately was better in most everything else. Except the radio. THREEEEEEE DOOOOOOOG!!!!! The Captain (radio) 04:25, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

I think that FO3 was and still is a fantastic game. But don't get me wrong, I think FO:NV is just as great if not better. The one thing that FO:NV has over FO3 is the ability to mod weapons. Whereas FO3 has more random encounters and more places to explore than FO:NV. Each game has a positive and negative side to it. The only companion I have in FO3 is Dogmeat(I really don't like that name. I wish they had picked a different name or give you the ability to change it yourself. Dogmeat is extremely helpful in finding weapons, ammo, and chems. I honestly don't like the faction system in FO:NV. There are too many, and it makes it harder to figure out who to side with. IN FO3, there was a more simplified version of the Faction system. I like the DJ Three Dog better than Old Man Mr. Vegas. You only had two choices: Be good, or be evil. But bottom line, they are both awesome games and I hope that FO4 is just as awesome.--Ryker6109:39, February 23, 2011 (UTC)~1:38am 2/23/2011

Yeha I agree with the weapon mods and the DJ, Mr New Vegas has such a boring voice to the point where it's almost painful to listen to! Three Dog was awesome...unless you killed him then you got that annoying bitch. I disagree with Dogmeat though, yeah he had a stupid name but overall he was just useless, he died within seconds in any combat situation and ended up just being a burden for me. I found NV a lot shorter and emptier in comparison with FO3, I started NV in mid-January and I feel i'm runnibng out of things to do now whereas I got FO3 years ago and there's still loads that I haven't got/done/explored.

Rhys7891 11:18, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

I enjoyed playing fallout 3 aa lot more because of the quests being in my opinion more fun. there were always things to do if you get bored (e.g. enslave people, collect pre war books, collect technology for the outcasts and scrap metaal etc.) however after playin NV i cant go back to FO3 because it has so many better featurtes which FO3 doesnt have like factions, modded weapons, campfires. so now FO3 doesnt seem complete to me. also i iked the companions better in FO3 because you had to work to keep them alive, there stories were all interesting (not that NVs werent) and i dislike the companion perks. boone is the best but i dont use him because his perk takes away the fun for me. i loved dogmeat even though he was useless in a fight. the levelled perks were better in FO3, but i do like the constant conflict between the legion and ncr. however the strip was a massive dissapointment. 4 casinos and all that build up in freeside with the guards and everything!

I played FO3 earlier today for the first time in a while and I thought I liked it better than NV but when I played it today I found myself getting bored fairly quickly. I like Boone's perk, really useful if you're using snipers (I use the All American and Anti Material Rifle a lot). I hate ED-E'S though and cause I lost ED-E but he's technically still following me I get to keep his perk which pisses me off. I know right! All that shite about getting a passport (not that it was particularly difficult to get) for 4 damn casinos!

Rhys7891 21:06, February 23, 2011 (UTC)