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This forum is for community discussion about Fallout 3. If you need ingame help, please refer to the Fallout 3 gameplay help forum.
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What is your tool of destruction? by D3V0NST8R01:04, May 26, 2016 by YoDsanklai
Things to do when you are bored by, May 21, 2016 by ShadowDark959
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Rachael, Republic of Dave by Moezso00:43, March 27, 2016 by Moezso
Pip-boy Glitch by Sillycat9818:43, March 2, 2016 by
Empty ammunition crates by Mshort81302:07, January 23, 2016 by Mshort813
Mysterious Stranger - Theory of Origin by AshRandom22:48, January 8, 2016 by
Complete List of all Bethesda Vault Boy Tees of the Month (VBotM) by TheDagg21:19, January 8, 2016 by
Opinion:Best Weapon in Fallout 3 by FrankWest200823:45, December 27, 2015 by
Meresti Speech Skill Book, Unobtainable?? by, December 27, 2015 by
Springvale Elementary/ Springvale School by, December 11, 2015 by
Perfect Character Build by Torgue22:36, December 8, 2015 by Torgue
Why is the Enclave Bad? by Reileys Ranger15:53, December 8, 2015 by Arreal313
Did Vault Tech drop the bombs? by Abscondingoutcast12:06, December 6, 2015 by Doubledamn1994
Mod ideas anyone? by Toolazytomakeaaccount07:41, December 2, 2015 by
Fallout 3 is still the best for unarmed combat by, November 22, 2015 by
Who dropped the bombs? by Scalesman19:28, November 20, 2015 by
Random Noise Overhead? by Zigger05:59, November 19, 2015 by Zigger
Fallout: Confederacy by Asldfjk00:55, November 14, 2015 by TheMindOfMadness
Help with an RP Decision by TheMindOfMadness20:21, November 10, 2015 by TheMindOfMadness
SatCom Array NW-05a nuke trigger by Dispatchergir111:43, October 21, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
How Did Your Lone Wanderer Die eventually? by DoctorJay01:29, October 13, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
Fallout 3 character builds by Ausir15:31, October 12, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
Is Fallout 3 Worth Getting? by TheMindOfMadness23:03, October 7, 2015 by Mira Laime
Fallout 4 Ideas 2012 by Jspoelstra19:33, September 29, 2015 by Jspoelstra
What command do you type to spawn a bunch of creatures by you? by, September 28, 2015 by Llagerlof
Clock on wall and the time by Toughsolar00:44, September 20, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
Perfect Character Instructions by Vazok16:57, August 30, 2015 by Peace'n Hugs
Should i blow up the citidel or AAFB? by Abelincolin10:44, August 27, 2015 by
You can`t ever say you played the game by 1000HrsFallout309:11, August 24, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
Those funny moments you won't forget by Mr snip06:29, August 24, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
Darksydephil by B3n3dAmAn10106:26, August 24, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
How many stimpacks do you carry on you? by Butcher Pete05:47, August 24, 2015 by
Companion Bug by Izmack02:18, August 3, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
Uninstalling/Moving DLC to get missed items? by Nightstriker21901:54, August 2, 2015 by Nightstriker219
Really weird bug. Don't know what it's called, so Don't know if people know about it. by Antennae120:09, July 29, 2015 by
Anybody knows what the second weight value in power armor means? by, July 26, 2015 by XxSick DemonxX
Favorite fallout 3 Character by Mustached Plumber07:28, July 12, 2015 by BlademasterX
Lost all my stuff at the Pitt......... by, July 8, 2015 by
I need help with a bug by, June 29, 2015 by
Pickpocketing Specialist Olin by IrradiatedRaptor07:17, June 28, 2015 by IrradiatedRaptor
Death ray where does it shoot? by Sgt.Salvator:NCR Rangers05:16, June 20, 2015 by
Baby by, June 12, 2015 by Jspoelstra
Do companions take/drop weapons? by, June 10, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
Fallout 3 modded and overhauled to Warhammer 40,000! by AlexJabadaba12:49, May 30, 2015 by Jspoelstra
Saint Aubin? by, May 29, 2015 by
Fallout 3 updated? by, May 17, 2015 by
Why does Susan Lancaster have good karma? by, April 29, 2015 by T234LovelyCassie
What's Your Opinion of Three Dog? by JASPER4219:08, April 25, 2015 by Jspoelstra
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