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"Power Leveling" is the search for the fastest ways to gain experience.


"Power Leveling" is possible in nearly all games with RPG elements. This activity can range from finding specific in-game areas with large numbers of enemies, to using cheats, exploits and glitches to level-up your character in as little time as possible.

In Fallout 3 there are opponents of every shape and size and they can be found in nearly every office building, shack, shelter, and dilapidated ruin. Frightening creatures with a taste for human flesh abound in the vast emptiness of the wastes; Deathclaws, Yao guai and Giant radscorpions can be found (or will find you!) as they prowl for their next meal. Raiders wait to ambush travelers around every bend in the road. And of course, everyone's favorite, evil, man-eating Super mutants which roam freely throughout the wasteland, especially numerous in downtown D.C., plaguing everyone trying to scratch a living in what's left of the old capital. Another way of doing this even faster is, doing all this over and over using the swift learner perk/ability, this ability allows you to gain 10% more exp. per rank up on it.

Random encountersEdit

  • Random encounters occur throughout the game, but most indoor enemies never respawn. This design choice can frustrate players looking to battle large groups for big XP. You may have better luck making the rounds in the Capital Wasteland proper, since most outdoor enemies respawn every three days. Sleeping in a bed or traveling for a total of 72 hours will replenish many Monster, Mutant, and Raider camps, as well as restock merchant inventories. Note: waiting will work only if you stay out of the desired encounter area for at least 72 hours.
  • If you fast travel to any of these locations, prepare for combat by drawing your weapon and crouching in advance.

Respawning Brotherhood Outcast CampsEdit

Fallout 3 Outcast Emblem

Brotherhood Outcasts

Respawning Deathclaw HivesEdit

FO3 deathclaw 01


Respawning Enclave CampsEdit

Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3)


Only available after finishing the quest, The Waters of Life

Respawning Raider CampsEdit

FO3 raider 01


Respawning Super mutant CampsEdit

Mutant Master

Super Mutants

Respawning Talon Company CampsEdit

Fallout 3 Talon Company Symbol


  • Since enemies respawn every 72hrs at the exact location where their corpses were, players can avoid having to map-hop to multiple locations. Drag a large number of bodies to the same spot and attack them all at once.
    • This can be further exploited by putting mines near enemy corpses. Given that you placed enough mines, this can kill groups of 20 or more opponents instantly when you travel near them after the respawn timer has expired.
  • In Fairfax ruins, you can drag all dead raiders into the Falltrap with the entrance to the tunnels. Just come back 3 Days later and toss a grenade into the hole.
  • The level 10 Mister Sandman perk is the most well known way to exploit the game for large amounts of XP. (No longer works on Xbox due to patch)
    • When used on the sleeping guards of Rivet City, level 20 can be reached rapidly because Rivet City never runs out of guards. This is also an excellent way to gain caps and items.
  • After completing Broken Steel, Paladin Tristan will task you with gathering Super mutant blood samples. You can take advantage of this by going to Super Mutant gatherings, such as the Outcast Outpost (Operation Anchorage Needed), and killing all of the mutants there. This will give you the XP for killing the Mutants and the Blood Samples will also give you XP when you turn them in to Paladin Tristan. Becoming well-rested beforehand helps. You can do this indefinitely as the Mutants respawn.
  • A more time consuming way to level quickly would be to, find an enemy who gives a decent amount of XP(Super Mutants work great.) Then, you get them singled out. Now, you save the game before you kill them. Finally, you kill them then before it awards you XP pause and load the game you just saved. Repeat as needed. [Not fully confirmed]

Cheats & GlitchesEdit

The following may not work for all versions across all platforms.

  • The fastest way to get to level 30 is the scrap metal glitch.
  • When used on a child, the Mister Sandman perk can be repeatedly used/abused for infinite XP as it is impossible to kill a child in Fallout 3. This no longer works in the 1.1 patch.
  • On the PC one could just open the console and type "rewardxp amount" where amount is replaced by the number of exp points to get.
  • With a lockpick skill of 100, you could lockpick the Craterside Supply in Megaton every night for some quick XP, if you have an abundant supply of bobby pins and patience.
  • While in Craterside Supply you can drop a frag mine behind the wall that the mercenary guarding the place is leaning against, his proximity will trigger the mine and you can disarm it quickly for 5 exp, this can be exploited forever.

Quick TipsEdit

  • Change the game's difficulty to Very Hard to gain the most EXP.
  • You can change the difficulty to very easy to get rid of most of the enemies health, then simply change the setting to very hard and finish them off.
  • Another thing you can do for quick XP is go in the Metro station and lower the Ghouls health on Easy ( Or lowest difficulty ) and finish them off on very hard.

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