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Alright so I'm looking for Game of the year edition of fallout 3. I've been asking my friends to see if they had a copy so I can just install the add ons and save quite a bit of money. So far no one I know has it, so I try renting it on gamefly but they only have the original copy and not the goty edition. Checked blockbuster as well, so now I'm trying to find a store where i can buy the game install the add ons then return it and get my money back. Unfortunately stores like best buy and gamestop will only give you store credit back so I don't know what to do... Anyone have any suggestions? And yes I'm cheap I know but I do whatever I can to save money =D Thank you to all who give me suggestions

Umm do you ALREADY own a copy of Fallout 3? Because if so, just buy the DLC from LIVE. Spending $60 on a game/DLC pack just to play 5 DLC which altogether cost you about $25 on LIVE is foolish. Just buy from LIVE. It's actually easier that way. The DLC disc scratches, you'll have to shell out another $60.