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Hi everyone! We all know that there isn't truly "good" and "bad" choices in Fallout universe, "good" and "bad" may differ from each player but almost every player who choices to receive good karma in Fallout 3 ending helping the BoS and starting the water purifier. And so it was this path what I chosen, but in the end I wondered if it was the "Best" ending for Capital wasteland... Now I decided that helping the Enclave would be the best "good" ending for Capital Wasteland. Now the reasons why I think this: Eden indeed wants to kill all the "mutants" but Eden is not the Enclave, he is just a fucking robot, the true Enclave are composed by its human personal, and those people are following orders of Colonel Augustus Autumn. Colonel Autumn dont want to use the FEV, all he is trying to do is use the water of the Purifier to assemble people under Enclave banner and its protection, the BoS in the other hand are not organizing the people, they are just distributing the water. You may say that the Enclave members wants to kill everyone outside the organization, but this is not true, playing others fallout games you can see that only a few high rank members wants this. Indeed you can find some random encounters in D.C with Enclave members shooting at people but they are always Raiders or Ghouls, and well the BoS dont like ghouls as well, you will see this if you talk to Willow outside Underworld. If they really wanted to kill every "mutant" they would simply released orbital strikes against Rivet City, Citadel and Megaton. In Fallout 3 you will receive good karma if you destroy Raven Rock, but you must keeping in mind that the Enclave are not only composed by Officers and Soldiers but also by scientists, engineers, children and the elderly and I dont see how blowing up those people and others thousand could be a "good" thing. The BoS dont have enough resources and neither can run Project Purity by themselves needing the help of Rivet City Guards and brahmin caravaners. The Enclave would have at least more resources than them. The Enclave are taking members from outside the organization, you will see this if of talk to Stiggs in Broken Steel add-on. You may say that the Enclave stole the Purifier from the Lone Wanderer but I really doubt that a few scientists and the Lone Wanderer could keep Project Purity working, distributing and protecting it from Raiders and Super Mutants attacks. The Enclave would have offered muscle and minds for the project. But everything went wrong just because dad went angry and decided to radiate everything and almost blew up the purifier ( if you dont activate the purifier wont be much left after everthing is over). The Enclave are dicks in Fallout 3 just because they are suposed to be the "bosses" in the game but I realy wish that I could join them under Autumn leadership. Give your opinion on this. ( and sorry about my grammar mistakes :)

I agree with you, if there was an option to join the enclave at ANY moment, I would have done so... Eden may not have been perfect but he made sense, he wanted to set up schools, baseball teams, he wanted pure water for everyone, in fact if he hadnt killed the dad you spent HALF THE FUCKING GAME finding then the lone wanderer wouldnt hold a grudge. Even so, I feel that the Brotherhood Of Steel did a magnificent job at the endgame battle, my liberty prime refused to move so it was me+ Lyons Pride that won the war of the purifier... My condolences to the vargases, they lost a great man who dies saving me, I buried him in the river :(. Anyway, I would lay down the Lone Wanderers life for the BOS and make the enclave suck my balls.(WAY TO GO CARTMAN!). However if it werent for the fact that they killed addy I wouldnt have gone against them, but followed the path of one of the scientists and joined them :D

just like to say that the enclave actually wanted to use the FEV to kill anyone who wasnt a 'pure' human e.g. anyone who didnt grow up in a vault or an enclave base..second their pretending to be a government in a world where everythings blown to shit.. thirdly in the main missions THEY KILL YOUR FATHER!!!!..and finally thay shoot random people. You can join them if you use the fev at the end

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