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This page is dedicated to the showcasing of all prizes that will be given out to those who have participated in the Fallout: Apprentice contest. For those of you who were not involved in this contest, but are interested in the prizes being given away, you may find the store selling these products here, at the Tactical Atomic Panda.

6th - 8th PlaceEdit

  • The last three positions in this contest get to choose from one of three designs for either an SNM button, or an SNM magnet. Sizes come in both round, and square:

SNM Button-1SNM Button-2SNM Button-3SNM Magnet-1SNM Magnet-2SNM Magnet-3

5th PlaceEdit

  • 6th place in this contest gets their very own Fallout: Apprentice poster!
Fallout- Apprentice Poster

4th PlaceEdit

  • 4th place in this contest gets to choose from one of many designs for a SNM t-shirt. Default colour here will be white. Other colour options can be seen through the store link found above.

SNM T-Shirt-1SNM T-Shirt-2SNM T-Shirt-3Womens' SNM T-Shirt-1Womens' SNM T-Shirt-2Womens' SNM T-Shirt-3
More images coming soon!

3rd placeEdit

  • The 3rd place winner in this contest wins a decorative Moose-A-Cola Quantum that glows! (This item is entirely for decorative purposes only.) Image coming soon!

2nd PlaceEdit

  • The 2nd place winner in this contest wins a Fallout: Apprentice hoodie! Image coming soon!

Grand PrizeEdit

  • The 1st place winner in this contest get a plaque expressing our appreciation, and the signatures of each Administrator/Moderator/Chat Moderator/Patroller/Bureaucrat here at Nukapedia. (This is entirely up to each member of these positions to partake in this prize's making.) Image coming soon!

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