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I have just finished with most of the BoS's quests,so I'm doing "I could make you care". I'm supposed to find the range finder, and I'm informed that Max in Freeside has it. I go to the area (Freeside's East/Mick and Ralphs,(inside too)but he is nowhere to be found! The Map,(local, and world) goes all the way up, to the freaken' edge.

Is this a bug?or what? Help!

it could be a bug, the area of freeside with the mormon camp or whatever it is, just look around, he chases that little girl around there

Try visiting at night. Max goes to sleep then - Freeside: East Gate,first building on your right (upstairs) before Mick and Ralph's. Best of luck to you.P3dantic 08:14, December 25, 2010 (UTC)