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It occurs to me that there are schematic/homemade weapons for every combat skill except Energy Weapons. I don't know why this this is, but I've just had some idea for what might be good weapons in that category.

Lightning Gun: It fires an electrical jolt, perhaps similar to what you see in those Vault power centers. The real shtick is when it hits, the electricity "arcs" to nearby other foes. I would say the range for this area of effect would be similar to a grenade. It might also paralyze the foes for a couple of seconds, while the electricity played about their bodies. I would imagine that this weapon would have an increased effect against mechanical foes. I think it would be great if while wielding this weapon, one hand would be wearing a heavy black rubber glove, similar to what many of the children wear, and in the same vein as the oven mitt worn when wielding a Shishkebab. My ideas for the schematic components are the following:

Plunger (top, when assembled) for an insulated dish tip to the weapon.

Empty Syringe (for the very tip of the weapon, ahead of the plunger)

Fork (it would stick out, perhaps from the top, with its tines bent outwards, and be electrified for a Van de Graff effect)

Camera (bent out of shape, with the flash dish being under the extruding fork, and the rest providing the stock of the weapon)

--This assume the patch used to introduce the weapon doesn't also include new components as well.

For ammo it would use Electron Charge Packs, A. to give that ammo more use, and B. its just sounds right. =)

For schematic locations, I was thinking one at a power plant (hidden) or radio tower cistern, one would be in Vault 106, on or near the final lab/power room with the Vault 106 Survivor, and one could possibly be in the RobCo Facility, or perhaps in the Mechanist's Robot Repair Center, maybe guarded by that -charming- Sentry Bot, and in the dark.

Heat Ray Gun: It fires a red beam similar to the Protectron's laser, but the beam is accompanied by waves of shimmering heat. When it hits a target, an aura of that same heat surrounds it, with gouts of steam pouring off it. I see the weapon doing good damage, but its main shtick would that be that it has a high chance of making the target drop his/her weapon, and/or maybe slowing it down (from heat exhaustion/prostration). The former would be useful against humanoids, the latter also against creatures. I would imagine robots and turrets would be relatively immune to the aftereffects.

That's all I have so far for that weapon. Idea for the other portions?

While writing this, I also had an idea for a Freeze Gun, but that's it for now.

Hope you enjoyed this,


well your freeze gun idea was unessisary because it was already there but was scraped from the game (see cryolator) my idea was like a automatic laser/plasma rifle but not like the gatling laser and what about giving the dart gun some high electical power? (RG)

Hmm, thanks for that Cryolator info. That looks interesting, like a Big Gun if I didn't know better. I don't recognize any of the components, but those paired large, rounded pieces below the wielder's hands look like something that might come out of refrigerators, as pilot lights come out of ovens. You mean like turning the dart guns into tasers? Hmm, nah, sounds too much like a dart gun that just fires charged darts. As for for your other ideas, I wanted something that was quite a bit different from what's already in the game, like the other custom weapons are.


Well I think the Schematics for your lightning gun need a few more parts, like 3 fission batteries and a conductor, not to mention some other junk item that has a somewhat large frame than a camera, unless you're going for a one-handed weapon instead of a two-handed one. --Esscex 03:10, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

I completely agree with you on the components, but couldn't think of anything that was A. significantly rare (cameras are "sorta" rare), B. weighty and C. not used by another custom weapon. I think the best idea is for whatever patch [forgot the correct term] that introduces the weapon, to also introduce its new components, plus perhaps other junk. There's plenty more types of trash out there, which also would make the Rock-It Launcher fans happier. =)

As for possible, introduced components, I would suggest for the Lightning Gun:

some kind of wires, perhaps from power poles,

a type of heavy battery, as you suggested,

I like either the plunger or even better, the camera idea, to make use of the 'dish'

some part for that Van de Graff effect, perhaps from those Vault power centers.

For the Freeze Gun/Cryolator:

That refrigerator component I mentioned previously (VERY heavy)

I have this bit of irony in mind, that you'd use a Flamer as the main body, something constructed basically similarly, and also used to extreme temperature. For this non-Big Gun weapon, perhaps the rear fuel tank would be removed. Of course, we know how heavy they are!

I was thinking of milk bottles, possibly as the emitter, as they're also used to cold, look right, and are about as common as tin cans.

For the final part, perhaps some copper tubing, but that might be too similar to the refrigerator component, since they're both from the same source (AFAIK). Perhaps a flask or other container of some sort, which would hold the ammo (see next):

For ammo, I have it in mind that it would be amusing to use irradiated water, as both the attack medium, and also the power source. I know that its too common, so perhaps the water would have to have a certain minimum level of rads, of dangerous radioactivity, to be useful. The weapon would also only be able to hold so much, and perhaps more "ammo" ie. containers to safely hold the water before injection into the weapon, would really be the rare part, instead of the minimum rads of water. heh, just thinking of that makes me smile. heehee

LOL I can just "hear" the sloshing of water as you run around with the weapon wielded.

Ugh! As for the Heat Ray Gun, I'm kinda, *ahem*, burnt-out now, so I'll work on it later. Ideas?


You should take this to Fallout PnP Paraptor

♠ I like the idea of a Sonic Gun/Rifle, that sends a sonic shockwave at opponents. And since it would most likely shatter eardrums (at least on creatures that have ears) it can cripple heads instantly. Or the shockwave could be so powerful that it could knock supermutants off their feet and send them flying across rooms. Maybe critical hits could even cause the body to explode into pieces from the concussive force, like the bloody mess perk. Insects would also explode from the pressure. Robots could probably be immune, just to give it some balance. Or whatever.

I do wish they kept the Cryolator though, then you could use a bat or sledgehammer to shatter frozen foes. The Lightning Gun (or Tesla Gun if you want) should also be able to kill Mirelurks while they're swimming in water, so you can light them up like Christmas lights. HEhe. Cheers! Magnum101 07:02, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

HA!! Awesome! Those sound terrific. I especially love the idea of them flying across the area. I know this could work, because just the other day a Yao Guai (heehee, my friend & I pronounce that, "Yogi") charged me, but I blew its brains out in mid-leap but it kept on flying past, and I found its body what must've been at LEAST 100 feet back, probably more, and that was on flat land. HELL yeah! Yeah robots -could- be immune, but I have fun imagining them frozen there, shaking, with rivets popping off of their bodies in all directions. heeheehee The lightning gun would definitely cause an explosive effect when it hits water. I would say -any- water-, even the kind one can run through. Nice tactical ideas forming there... heh, makes the Oasis quest take on a whole different view. Oh man, can you imagine that awesome cartoon effect that makes your target shimmer and glow with shocks shooting off it, all while you see its skeleton flickering on & off. Kinda similar to a Glowing One. Oh MAN!! Could they do that?? Lastly, what did you mean by, "Fallout PnP Paraptor"? I don't know what that means.

Looking forward to more from you,


turbo plasma rifle get a plasma rifle and some scrap metal and a special perk and supercharge the plasma rifle. And you can change the cool of the plasma bolt.Maccy Man the man with no plan. 06:48, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

How about RC grenades/mines? Obviously would take a grenade/mine along with a toy Nuka-cola truck, a conducter(or a similar peice of electronics, and some scrap metal. Perhaps a camera as well to allow some long distance roaming. --Dreaming Chimera 15:15, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

we should be able to learn how to make spider mines!Maccy Man the man with no plan. 19:38, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

Oh yeah, those're great ideas, and would obviously use the Explosives skill. I just thought of something really cool, for both attack and recon. What if when you used one, you could choose to control it (otherwise just let it do its thing and go after an enemy) and when you did, you'd see things from the RC/spider-mine eye's view? Perhaps you'd use the zoom-in function when you had one readied. That'd be a great way to see around corners & hills and otherwise survey an area, probably for a limited time period, or enhance that with an on-screen timer or a blip, blip...blip, blip-blip, blipblip, bliiiiip type countdown sound. Or have fun just driving it into an enemy. Since you might be seeing things through your Pip-Boy, it'd be neat if the view was marked-up with scope-type stuff or otherwise tinted the same as your Pip-Boy's view, ie. green, blue, white or amber. Man, that'd all be so cool!

But I still want an Energy Weapons custom weapon. ZOT!

--Wally 01:18, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

some sort of sniper rifle for both plasma, alien, and laser!Maccy Man the man with no plan. 06:32, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Oh yeah!! Just had this idea. A sniper-ranged energy weapon that fires something like "ball lightning." It has range and a scope like a sniper/Gauss rifle, but when it fires, it emits a single large spark that grows and grows and grows the further it travels, until when it reaches its distant target (or an obstacle) its a massive, area-effect field of electricity. That field would have the appearance of a Pulse Grenade or Mine's blast, but would do the real electrical damage of, like, Jingwei's Shockword, complete with critical disintegrations! It should probably have a maximum range after which the energy sphere "expends" itself; petering out. I don't know if Gauss/sniper rifles have maximum ranges. But then they're not area-effect weapons, so putting a limiter on it may not be a bad idea.

--Wally 08:42, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

It'd be cool if there was an energy weapon that fired a more powerful blast depending on how long you held down the trigger before releasing it. You could shoot rapid-fire weak blasts, or hold down for a slow, powerful blast. You know, like Mega Man's blaster. Hell, why not make it something that engulfs the lone wanderer's entire hand, like the powerfist, but shoots blasts, like Mega Man's? Components could be a Toaster as the muzzle, which would attach to the end of a Nuka Cola truck that the player would wear by sticking his hand in the back end of the truck. Other random components could be a hot plate and an opthalmoscope, or maybe a coffe pot to hang from the bottom as an ammo container, in which you would stick an MF cell. -- 21:57, 24 June 2009 (UTC)