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How do i earn caps is usually getting till 1k Caps then ill go and kill NCR Veteran's or Go to the NCR Safe house(There are some Death Claw's Careful)and collect there Armour and sell it(I would keep one if its the best armor you only got). This Method is mostly used if you join the Legion but it can still work if you join the NCR as well by doing a certain Quest in order to get into the NCR Safe house. 18:09 9/29/2015 Adam English

Usually what I do is go to the Thorn with Annabelle and blow up Deathclaws 3 at a time it makes you 500 caps and you only lose 50 caps for a missile also 150xp isn't bad either. 18:02 7/23 Kyle Sisco

Personally one of the fastest ways to turn over caps i've found (this is with the add on Dead Money) is to gamble in the sierra madre until you get the 7.5k winnings comp (complimentary voucher) after you finish Dead money and you're back in the mohave you have a relatively constant supply of sierra madre chips from the complimentary vouchers, i in turn use these to buy bulk weapon repair kits from the vending machine in elijas workshop (off to one side when you walk into the abandoned BOS bunker) i then go hunting, chasing up feinds normally for laser RCWs etc decent value weapons and repair them fully before selling them, the main issue i find is finding traders with enough caps once i have them all ready to be sold. 11:59, November 5, 2012 (UTC)Ryno

I was playing when I saw the prices of the Gun Runner's best weapons and the price of the implants, I wanted to be able to buy these weapons and also buy all of the implants but I don't enough money do do it so can someone say the best way to get money in this game please? Stuvi 18:27, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

Hmm lets see. Theres always gambling but this can be a disaster if your arnt good. You can look up the snowglob locations and get them pretty quick. You can find work for the Van Graffs. The work is half the fun anyway. --Radiated Raider 20:45, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

I would try the van graffs but there is a problem, I killed them all with cass, but anyway i think i will search for the snowglobes thanks Stuvi 20:47, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

What I did: I got 100 on barter and repair and gathered a whole bunch of: Hunting Rifles Super Sledges Miniguns Incinerators

from the supermuties at black mountain, repaired them to full, each hunting rifle sells for 2k and the supersledges ~ 3k, miniguns 5k each as well as flamers.

Sell them at gun runners or trade for weapons, I got 2 AM rifles after I finished the black mountain.

use your companions as mules and get the long haul perk as well Wertoret 21:11, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

When I need money I either win it at the casinos (I make a point to get banned from all casinos as soon as I get to the strip, which usually sets me up for the rest of the game), or I play caravan with either No-Bark or the shop owner in dinky (both in Novac), You can make money very fast playing caravan if you know what you are doing (eg from the 2 above NPC's I can win about 6-8k in about 10 mins, provided I have enough betting money to start with... I am yet to lose a game) --Ninjipples

I would say the the best way to get money is by farming fiends and takeing theyer weapons and selling them to the gun runners

all you need to do is loot everything you kill. im just playing normally and i occasionaly check my balance as i sell all the rubbish i have repaired. i dont really buy guns either too expensive just look up unique weapons that are just laying around. campaign scout rifle is beast but you need a high lockpicking skill. alternativley rob the casinos with stealth boys. i prefer killing people.Lankyhp3

Best, and arguably the fastest way to get caps is go to a casino, buy 1000~ chips (Or trade in all your NCR/Legion money) and hit the slots with max bet (200 caps). Be sure to have 9 or 10 luck (to make it go faster). Save before you enter the slot machine, just incase you go bust. Eventually (give or take 10 minutes) you'll hit a jackpot. If you're not satisfied with your jackpot, reload, wait 30 seconds, then try again. I spent a good 10 minutes or so at the slot machine, with 9 (maybe it was 10) luck, and hit the ultimate jackpot (three oranges). That will net you 32,000 caps, and ban you from any casino. But 32,000 caps will get you just about every piece of gear you want, and/or implants. if not, there are 5 casinos in the game ;) 0rin 13:47, November 12, 2010 (UTC)

--Most of the advice here is ok imo, but not great. Ninjipples has the right idea. Caravan is a huge source of income. The way to do it is to pick up everything with the slightest value early on in the game. Once u have over a thousand caps, its easy. Go to a trader that also plays caravan. One can be found in Novac, the other in the Mojave Outpost and yet another in Primm.

Play caravan with them, which is honestly stupidly easy to win once u played about 10 games. THen ull have all their caps, and as u can see, these caps are directly taken from their cash reserve as shopkeepers. Once u have over 5k, u can easily purchase all items they ahve that are worth anything, and still ahve leftover money to play caravan with.

Once u have ur first thousands in the pocket, the standard drill gets: walk up to trader, buy all items in his inventory that u can carry and sell later on (jury rigging perk is godly for this btw, since u can repair guns so much easier). Then with the money u have left over, play caravan and drain the trader from his caps. In the end, hes got an empty inventory, and no money. U have it all. Trader inventory is reset either every 24 h ingame or every 3 days, not sure. Anyway, quickly enough. By lvl 20 i had 50000+caps no problem. Probably more, about 2x the amount, but then again, im a dedicated scavenger. :D All items u end up with u can sell to gun runners or other traders that do not play caravan, just a reminder :D First trader u encounter in goodsprings is an example of this. The next trader i found was gun runners.

NeedPants 19:51, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

Well with the method I said above I usually play caravan until I get to the strip and then get banned from all the casinos with average luck(base luck 5 + probability calculator implant + Naughty Nightwear gives me 7 Luck). In the last game I played using this method I had about 10k before I hit the strip and after being banned from all casinos I had about 100k (I play blackjack until I have about 1k less than the ban limit then slots for jackpot bonus). Over the course of the game I probably spent about 80k on random junk/implants/weapon-mods etc. but because I was selling loot and occasionally playing caravan (highest winning was 4.5k from one game of caravan at the Mojave Outpost) I finished the game with about 130k to spare. --Ninjipples 12:38, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

Yes idd, i also got banned everywhere, but only by playing blackjack. Dont have the patience to play slots all day. Its not like i NEED to win the jackpot :D My record from FO3 is about 150k, but here, im way past that already. in this runthrough, i aimed to do each and every single sidequest. Picking up gear everywhere. I started off with the idea of going str10, pack rat, long haul and strong back, but they are such wastes.. So its either using console to expand inventory space, or port around alot back and forth. I chose the latter mostly, but eg clearing out hidden valley to blow it up afterwards, with all that power armor, i couldnt resist.. :p

NeedPants 20:42, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

To get money for me I go to camp golf and camp forlorn hope and kill veteran rangers (while hidden) with a suppressed sniper than I repair all of the armor and go to Gun runners to sell it I get around 7000 caps each time and you do not lose respect with the N.C.R. or gain bad karma, unless seen

If you have Old World Blues, you can get the Them's Good Eatin' perk at Level 20 with 55 Survival. Thin Red Paste and Blood Sausage sell for a fair amount, you can get 1-3 from each living creature you kill, and they're lightweight.

Collect/buy every Repair kit components during all the game, load up on them, fully repair and sell all unused weapons, armors, ammo and stuffs at 188 Trading Post, Gun Runners, Crimson Caravans and Merchants. Trade all their caps, wait until they resupply (3 days) then do it again (Legions Assassins carries good stuffs for repair and sale). Find/buy all Turpentines you can get then make incendiary bombs and sell them (quick money for low level characters!) Since full condition high end stuffs can exchange for more than 4000 caps (like Supersledge), my Lvl 50 characters fortune are estimated at 500000 caps and more without cheats! I just don't waste my caps on buying things that can be found ingame for free, you say greedy? :-) --- GEMINI57

Kill gunrunners guards as they respawn and have combat armour Wait 3 days in side there building two out side go kill go back in wait another day one spawns inside easy

Selling items in Dino Bite gift shop is what i do. Basicly he keep all items you sell him and have nice exchange ration. Its basicly a way to store your items and get some caps. Wen you get inaff repar kits or get jury rigging perk go ther and take what you need, sell unique weapons or ingridients and get them wen you need them. Bartenders in casinos have 1:1 exchange ration so you can get dicent caps from them. Build up reputation whit falowers in fort give y6ou plenty of nice vendors. I never invest in barter and i still can bost it to 50+ whit chems, items and magazine. Survival bosted to 50 give you 2 carisma from alchohol, +1 mentats, party mentats +5, clothing give +10 and magazine +10, implant in charisma and luck give some skill boost

For Xbox One Campatibillity people returning to Xbox one on fallout new Vegas. This way will get you easy caps without having to do those complex patched having two weapons and selling them because that one is confusing to me. This way you have to kill the Gun Runner Guards and sell their armor and weapons to vendertron it may also help if you have high repair and barter because then you can sell multiple combat armor and helmets and get lots of caps if you have great barter (100 Barter Skill) then he will spawn with 8000 Caps. You can ethier lock pick the door or you can anger one of the guards to opening the gate for you if you don't have the high enough lock pick skill. Then after you kill all of the gun runner guards you sell the combat armors and helmets to vendertron and wait 3 days(72 Hours). Then another one will spawn and you can take his armor and hunting rifle for caps. WARNING: Sometimes it only refills the vender's caps but doesn't spawn the Gun Runner Guard inside the headquarters or it might do the same thing but it spwans the Guard and it doesn't refill the caps of the vendertron. WARNING(Again): It may also sometimes crash your game when your waiting 72 hours just to do the glitch over and over again I've done the this and I almost have 100k caps. Friend me on xbox one I'm MASTERxBEATxBM.