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Hiya, On the last mission, Heist of the Centuries, my game has bugged. Where Elijah is meant to appear after reading the personal files, he doesn't appear on mine. I've read all these things what's meant to happen and mine doesn't do that. After reading the files, the ending cutscene runs without anything else happenning, so my game ends there basically... And that means now I can't get the last 2 achievements, which is really annoying. After the cutscene the game loads me back up standing infront of the terminal before reading anything and going through it again has the same outcome. I've also tried going back to an earlier save game and going through again and it does the same thing so what's happenning?

Anyone know how to fix this or had the same problem cos that's really pissed me off. Thanks alot,


You don't read the personal files. The personal files lock the room and you die. If you don't read them Elijiah comes and you run out of the Casino.