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Post Perk Ideas you've come up with and maybe if your very lucky ....someone else will be entertained by the idea.

The Corruptor

Negative aspects of perk: Start of with locker/permanent Evil Karma all factions are at the lowest possible reputation without kill on sight orders. some of the most fun options require a high speech check as well.

Positive aspects of perk: You gain new dialogue options allowing to corrupt people driving them to insanity, suicide, or suicidally stupid decisions. Examples: "I know why you want that teddy bear to watch you saint james. watch your dirty desires. you wish that teddy bear was the child you took it from but Dermott wont let you keep any of them. He's holding you back. If he was out of the picture you'd be the boss." Then you stand back and watch him attack dermott and see who wins and then kill the survivor.

I was originally going to include one involving initiate stanton and apprentice maxson but further research leads me to realize they are about the same age so his guilty desires wanting to impress her with his scorpion killing so she'd want him aren't so guilty. and thus not driven to suicide material.

Convince Corporal Betsy that 10 of Spades arranged her rape and that her teammates are out to get her.

Usefulness: Not very but for sadists it could be fun.

The Dark Passenger

Negative Aspects: Your permanently addicted to killing. and thus if you dont kill enough you begin to have withdraws and may black out and wake up in a random location you've already been too.

Positive aspects: New minor dialogue options, plus 15 to melee, plus 15 to hand to hand, and if you need more to offset the negative balance plus 15 medicine [knowing how to use poison] plus 15 guns

DoctorJay 03:56, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

These are much more like highly unlikely traits than they are perks

Mandamento's Delight

Level 20, 70 Speech, 70 Barter

When wearing any suit or dress, your DT is raised by 15, and your accuracy with one-handed Guns is significantly increased. (30%)

Capo Di Tutti Capi

Level 20, 70 Guns, 70 Speech While wearing any suit or dress, you can initiate conversation with any hostile enemy, and have the option to either convince them to flee, or issue a preemptive strike that does not close the dialog option, but only with a one-handed Gun or Energy Weapon. C93 X 05:23, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

whats that on your face

req- x amount of speech/chrisma aft selecting of said perk you are put back in the player face build screen and can add tattoos or scars and or have it apply to the bod either randome or players choosing--Gogoloco 09:19, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

Ok so I guess it is my turn to add a stupid overpowered perk like everybody else.

Name: "Perk" ---Effects: "+99% Chance to critical hit"

Great perk to go alongside The above perk

Name: "Perk's Friend" ---Effects: "You win game on next critical hit"-- 17:45, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

How about something that gives a fair bonus and is also actually possible to implement?

Called Shot
Taunt your enemies by telling them how they'll die! Each new fight, you have perfect accuracy with your first full round of VATS attacks.

I already made this, so I know it's possible. I'll probably release it some day after I finish up other stuff that's more important. Here's a video of Called Shot in action to prove it works.--SushiSquid 18:02, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

The Flailer

Melee 70 Luck 7

You have learned a new move called the flail, where you swing your arms in circles, hoping to score a hit. However, this dangerous move has repercussions, and can sometimes (25%) result in you hitting yourself (50 DMG) or missing (25%). But if you score a hit the damage is 125 and a chance to knock down your enemy. Power Bonkers 22:31, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

The flailer actually sounds cool, pictured it in my head where the courier just thrusts forward spinning in circles with his fists out. But isnstead of the 'hit yourself' thing, the drawback (if any) could simply be that you take more damage when doing it, or there could be a chance that if you are hit by melee/unarmed during the attack, then you are knocked down as well. I don't even think it needs a drawback that, considering its a perk with high requiremnets. -- 13:27, August 21, 2011 (UTC)