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I want a corpse room in my house, too!! I was thinking of saving that upstairs room for trophies for rare things, like Pots, blue pass cards unique weapons, etc. But they can go somewhere else! I want a corpse room!!! Yes, im psychotic.

But anyway, here's my question(s):

  1. What are the mechanics with transitioning between places while holding corpses? If you hold a corpse and open a door into a new area, will it follow you?
  2. I have a hypothesis: corpses only dissapear after a certain number of other corpses fill the area that the corpse is in (sorry, redundant). I killed the Super Duper Mart raiders at lv 4. Im at lv 20, and they're still there. I killed Mirelurks at the Anchorage Memorial, ive killed raiders on bridges, ive done many things outside, but their corpses dissapear, probably because the outside is connected to the whole map (obviously). But since Megaton is outside (I can fast travel), and my house is only a sub-area will corpses dissapear?
  3. If 1 is yes, can you fast travel with them?

Thanks. Any other advice on getting corpses into my house is appreciated. Please dont comment saying im psychotic. I really just want some house "decor". Seriously, dont be immature.

If you want corpses to never disappear, turn the Quest Item flag on.
You cannot teleport with the stuff you're holding (grabbing). This includes fast travel, or entering through doors.
Most corpses in Interior Cells never disappear, because they never respawn. Worldspace cells (outside) are different. Each time they load, a corpse can do one of the following: 1.simply disappear or 2.respawn. These actions greatly depend on the settings of the world cell. Corpses will disappear and never respawn if the cell is NOT an encounter zone. Megaton Town (inside the city) is not an encounter zone. Anythign you kill here will not respawn.
You cannot bring any corpses in your house, unless they're alive and follow you in there. I had Jericho follow me in there (shot him outside), killed him and the corpse has disappeared after 72 hours.
Hope this answers some of your questions. Perj 23:40, 30 April 2009 (UTC)