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hey this is my character build so far can anybody help on deciding wich perks i should choose thanks

im mainly going to be using energy and melee weapons these are my stats

tag: energy weapons melee wepons and medicine

special: 7 6 5 1 5 9 7


swift learner

swift learner




bloody mess


scrounger or strong back


here and now or night person**

fast metabolism

sniper or robotics expert

light step

swift learner

better criticals


concentrated fire

( unkown yet possibly intense training on EN or PE)

grim reapors sprint or explorer or solar powered**

    • i thought about the idea of getting both night person and solar powered so no matter when i always get a SPECIAL bonus is this worth it ?

Armour and weaponry

Ledaux hockey mask

tesla or hellfire armour

lag bolts gear

lucky shades

wazer wifle

tri beam laser

protectrons gaze




im also thinking of upgradin big guns when i have 100 in energy and melee in wich case i will use

torchers mask


heavy incinerator

lag bolts cmbat armour

thanks please tell me your opinions on this build


I'm wondering why one would not max out PE as a Energy wep specialist. As PE is its determineing stat. I take it AG is 9 for AP (even though you can freeaim just as well) Same goes with ST as a Melee. Mehh thats what intense training's for.Azzaman 11:18, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

hmmm maybe an idea but id rather get ST LK and AG up as i always use vats and will be using boosting stuff lyk leaduex hockey mask ranger armour and lucky 8 ball for crits on my current acount i have finesse better criticals 9 luck (that incldues 8 ball and booble head) and i get at least 1 crit per fight so id rather spend more points on that also i have comprehension so every energy weapon book i get lvls the skill by as much as 1 PE point

I'm maxed out- SPECIALS all at 10 and all skills at 100. I waited until I got the "Almost Perfect" perk to collect my bobbleheads (Almost Perfect gave me 9 points and each bobble head added 1). I also prioritized skill book collection taking advantage of the Bethesda Ruins 30 Flamethrower Recipes re-spawn which gave me 100 points in Big Guns. Your perks look good except for Fast Metabolism (which just doesn't help THAT much), and the fact your wondering whether or not to take Strong Back and Grim Reaper...Strong back is really nice since I like to collect spare weapons to repair and scrap metal and Grim reaper's Sprint is an amazing perk...I recommend it highly. I don't like Explorer because I like to find locations myself.Lonewonderer 21:05, May 12, 2010 (UTC)Lonewonderer

I second LW's point about Grim Reaper's Sprint... the only reason for a character that's set up around VATS not to take it is because it makes the game too easy. I wouldn't suggest taking Here and Now, Night Person/Solar Powered, or swift learner. Those are perk points better spent on stuff that's useful all the time- pumping more points in to intense training would be more useful, IMO. Tag! and Fast Metabolism are useful in a small sort of way- but with the prevalence of skill books in the wastes, and a moderately high int, it can end up being a waste of a perk as you'd max those skills anyway. Fast Metabolism is the same- the 20% health bonus might be nice, but I'm carrying around 750+ stimpacks at the moment and I rarely have call to use them, with a loadout similar to yours (thanks GRS!). As a VATS user, I wonder why you haven't taken Action Boy. The extra AP is always nice. Scrounger, Cyborg, and Pyromaniac might also be useful for your build- extra ammo, extra DR/PR/RR and energy weapons skill, and extra fire damage for your Shish will make your character more deadly. I don't feel that maxing out PE is necessary or even desirable for your character, so don't sweat that. :) If you plan to do many sneak criticals, you might also consider getting and carrying A3-21's Plasma Rifle so you have a weapon with decent range and a lot of bang for your buck. 18:28, May 13, 2010 (UTC)