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Just a list of ideas to RP, Adding is wanted.

Hermit Benny shot you in the head, the bullet may have scrambled your brain or you might just be terrified of people, either way you are now really paranoid. avoid towns at all costs, only go in when u must.

Ninja (non assassin) Benny made the mistake of shooting you, You were trained by a wise old man far in the north, after you were trained you decided to gain money with the Mojave express as a courier for some quick money.Be trained in stealth unarmed and lockpicking, Be a master in the skills of the fabled shadow warrior.

Crazed killer You were driven mad by the screams of your family as the powder gangers raped and killed them, You now kill anyone you can find and be completely horrible to powder gangers. You murdered a random courier and stole his package and ran for the hills. Benny thought you were the courier and shot you in the face and took the package, time to make him pay like those powder gangers.

Powder Ganger be a douche bag, help powder gangers, install Meyers as leader of Primm, kill the NCR, Benny thought killing you would be no big deal, time to show him it was, gather a gang and take over a settlement.

NCR Ranger/Trooper You were employed by the NCr to bring a powerful tool to conquer new vegas and the surrounding wasteland,BEnny captured you and shot you in the head, Now you can lead the NCR and conquer Vegas while seeking vengeance against Benny.Be pro NCR, defend the NCR citizens, destroy any threats to the bear. wear ranger army.

Legionary Veni Vida Vici, Defend the honor of the legion with your life. Benny thought a lone legionnaire would be a easy kill, Big mistake. Invoke the wrath of Caesar on New vegas and the NCR and get revenge on the chairmen, by destroying every last 1 of them.

Badass/Killgore What do I have to say Benny made a huge mistake now your going to napalm the fuck out of everything. where rangers hat, love napalm and pretty much be bad ass ( im so going to try this when i replay new vegas.

Grease monkey Master Repair, Lock picking and melee, Use a sledge hammer or super sledge, SMash enemies faces up and wear anything hard and heavy, Benny made a mistake alright, now you can show him it.

Anti Christ Kill anything that moves, burn nail and kill, Where the most terrifying thing possible, wield the most terrifying weapon possible and be the most terrifying thing possible. Fear is your weapon bring about fear on the towns of Mojave.

Demo Carry anything that goes boom, Master explosives, repair and more explosives (anything), Use anything that can crush people. Just blow shit up. Benny wont see what sent him flying all over the room.

Doctor Master science doctor and anything you want, carry chems medical supplies and help wherever you can.

Boxer You were a pro boxer in new vegas. On vacation you were captured and kill by benny time to knock his head off. Where light gear and use the boxing gloves, and eventually maybe the ballistic glove.

FAtman Be a fatman and use the fatman. Carry food everywhere stuff yourself.

Drunk weild a leadpipe and drink as much as you can, beat people up.

Junkie shank people for caps for chems, get high, hang out in a random shack in the wastes and get high.

Scholar carry books around and gather anything of value even burned or destroyed copies.

Hunter hunt the wastes for dangerous pray, even man

Sexual offender kill and stalk women,or men

Knight wield a Thermal lance super sledge or anything knightly, where power Armour and defend the honorable.

Bandit, Raider Raid towns for gear, but leave 1 town alone to trade it.

Badass/Chuck Norris Master Unarmed and melee, and anything that hurts. Hunt everything and kill everything You have alot to live up to make your mentor proud.

Badass/Rambo be bad ass where bandanna and light clothing. CArry a light Mg and a minigun. Kill anything that kills something else

Badass/Arnold Be a very strong guy who shoots stuff and can withstand a shotgun to the face. specialize in shotguns. BEcome leader of a hole state.

you recovered from being shot by benny with only your memory as being a courier. so you deciided to get a job at what your goodd at. as soon as you left goodsprings you found a job as a travelling merchant/caravan guard. you sometimes travel around to different towns to sell your goods or sometimes you travel around with a caravan and guard it. Please add more

Boxer/Promoter: Worked at a Casino on the Strip, always training/fighting in the amateur leagues, til one day you receive a special Courier job from the Casinos' higher ups. (Ex. Big Sal or Nero) Benny, hearing this around the strip, forms an alliance with the Khans to take you out. Be Legion/Khan affiliated, get ALL 4 special unarmed moves. Tag, Survival, Speech, to get out of some fights, and unarmed. S:5 P:3 E:9 C:6 I:5 A:3 L:9. Traits, Heavy Handed & Hot Blooded.

Kind of seems like you've been watching a little too much television... AreYouGoingToEatThatNuke? 09:44, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

Zombi MkDeth - Returned from the grave as a Harrowed Zombie, low IQ and Cha, High Str and End, Cannibal, Toughness, Unarmed specialist. Go for the 'Meat of Champions' perk and 'At a Loss for Words' challenge. - Mae Hemme

Tek Jansen Alpha Squad 7 - Colbert's Hero: Energy Weapon specialist, High Speech, Lady Killer, Bloody Mess. High Cha, Str, End, Agl, Lck. Low IQ. ;) - Mae Hemme

Jerus Hakubi- Jerus was a young man who had an relatively good life. at 17 He was part of a caravan that started out from DC. Him , His sister Jossie, His girlfriend Beth, the Lone Wanderer, and Several traders. The Lone Wanderer parted ways in Utah having business with the Legion. An Attack by viper gang members as they moved into Nevada caused the death of Jossie. Beth and Jerus made their way to Primm and set up in the Bison Steve where they had a daughter Melody. Beth was killed and Melody kidnapped by legion slavers when visiting nipton for supplies while Jerus was out on assignment delivering the Platinum chip which ended up with him shot in the head. Starting stats S:7 Having to carrying supplies for their travels has made him stronger then average P:5 E:7 He works out alot to stay in shape and Beth made sure to keep his endurance up ;) C:5 I:8 His mother was a scientist back east before she died she taught him alot A:7 He enjoys sneaking through the shadows like a ninja it helps keep your mind entertained when your killing time with monotonous tasks. L:1 Wife and sister dead daughter kidnapped and he's shot in the head. he's unlucky

Tag Skills: Repair: His mother taught him how to fix things Science: His mother also taught him science hoping he'd follow in her footsteps. Sneak: Imitating ninjas for fun has imparted an skill for sneaking

Starter Perks: Wild Wasteland Skilled or if OWB not installed Kamikaze {what does he have to live for}

Appearence: Male Hair: Very Red Style: Blast Back facial hair: soul patch

Preferred Weapon: Sword Preferred Armor: NCR Ranger Armor , Stealth Armor from Big MT , Enclave Power Armor, Any Armor taken off a dead enemy till it's useless then it's tossed aside.

Quirks: collects Teddy bears to put in safe houses always puts a few together and one seperate but in the same room enjoys soft drinks immensely. Robs Legion members and places two legion coins on the eyes {or in the inventory} of those he believes their death was unnessecary. Those who do harm to children {Like Cook Cook, Antony, and "The Coyotes" Saint James and Dermott.} He kills in the most painful way he can imagine. Reverse pickpockets decent armor onto children like miniboomers and such to protect them DoctorJay 01:42, August 9, 2011 (UTC)

Seeker: You seek to restore the 'Old World', and bring about a age when knowledge is once again sought after by everyone. Quirks: Collect books, prewar and burned copies; Collect any DATA(Notes) you run across; hack into any terminal for the information; Base: Anywhere that was once a establishment of information, such as REPCONN facilities, the Sink, ect. Tag: Science, repair, medicine, survival(If the 'Tag!'perk is taken) Favored factions: Brotherhood of Steel; Remnants; Mr. House, Dr. Mobius. Most hated factions: Great Khans(Because of their poisoning the minds of other, via drugs); Caesar's Legion(Because of their rejection of science), The Think Tank(Even though they seek to further science, their methods are not worth their results) S.P.E.C.I.A.L.[Highest to lowest]: INT, PER, CHA, STR(You need to be able to haul those texts back to your house!), END, AGL, Luck. Perks[Not all, but some]: Computer Whiz, Math Wrath, Nerd Rage[Suggested] Traits: Good Natured[Your recreating the old world, go about it the right way!], Four Eyed[Optional, but heck, your roleplaying anyway.]. 'Evil' characters should get Good Natured as well, just for the skill boosts[Unless they go about for weapons tech., in which case this may not help]. Armor: Anything light weight, such as scribe robes, Joshua Grahams armor[Most preferable], ect. Allies: Veronica or Arcade, and either of the robotic companions[ED-E preferred]. If you choice to be 'evil', get Lilly so you can study and experiment on her. Weapons: Energy weaponry.[Melee, if you have 'Old World Blues', and want to use a proton ax.] Note: Anything the boost your health, would be advised. Get the implant that heals you, and solar powered, if possible, as well as[If you have 'old World Blues'] the Valence radii-accentuator. Note two: If you are a amoral, or unethical Seeker, swap out the factions, save for the Legion. --He Who Would Swallow God 06:44, September 13, 2011 (UTC)

Politician You're sly, deceptive. Caesar's Frumentarii even respect your silver tongue and shadow-like ways.

Traits, perks, Tag!, and S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Good natured, and skilled; Anything that will sway conversations in your favor[Confirmed bachelor, ect.]; Speech, barter, sneak; S-4, P-5, E-5, C-10, I-10, A-5, L-1

Favored/Hated factions: These are up to you, depending on the rest of your lore.

Armor: Anything business.[Suits, prewar clothing, and the like]

Weapons: Why, your silver tongue of course! When that fails, your loyal companions are always ready to throw down their lives in your service.

Base, quirks, and the like: These are all up to you, based on your lore preferences. --"I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any other." 07:50, September 16, 2011 (UTC)

The Scientist: Take 4 eyes perk obviously. Specialize in Energy Weapons, Science, Repair and Medicine

Armor:If you get a nice enough energy weapon all you need is a lab coat.

Weapon:Any laser or plasma weapon will do, I especially recommend the Gauss rifle.

Tactics:Only take quests that will further your cause, which is the cause of science! I highly recommend playing through Old World Blues as it gives you many science themed perks, weapons and armor.