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Just bought FNV three days ago. If I wanted to change the players body type or their texture, is it possible while you are playing or do you have to start a new game? I saw something about looking into a mirror at the Doc's house to change face/hair, but I was thinking about changing what the player's body type was (I think it is a .nif file or maybe not) or changing texture (armour) when they were sans clothing. Thanks,````

Changing them midgame is a recipe for bugs and crashes. However, if you dont want to restart just yet, you can try.

To change your body/face/hair which is a pretty safe thing to do, open console with ~ then showracemenu

i dont know much about changing normal vanilla into other, nude, bodies, so cant help there.

Adding more armors/clothings into the game is straight forward, you add the mod, then run. Some mods are compatible with vanilla bodies, so it's visually normal. Some require body replacers and can appear horribly wrong. In that case, un-install that mod.

I install Willow companion mod, and willow race, which allow me to choose willow body in the race. That way most of Type 3 armors and clothing mod works well on me and her.Laclongquan (talk) 03:30, May 4, 2013 (UTC)