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Hey everyone, I'm a normal wasteland explorer, whom has found some difficulty with this particular vault. you see this vault is surrounded by a few super mutants (just north of little lamplight) and right in front of the entrance to the vault is a lake of radioactive waste. I've attempted to enter the vault a few times but every time I end up dying. It does not help that the lake bumps the RPS (rads per sec.) up to 500+ for a football fields length but when i got to the entrance and after using over 70 rad aways I got to the door and found out it was (INACESSABLE)..... Is this vault supposed to be (INACESSABLE) or not.... also I noticed a few skeletons and a briefcase with some other junk outside the door, if anyone here knows if it has any value I'd appreciate it.

I'm just really curious as to why the makers would put a vault in this location, put overly-lethal doses of radioactive waste, and a detail of armed mutants around it just to make the trip worth a .32 pistol and a briefcase of who-knows-what in front of a (INACESSABLE) door to what is one of the game's greated features, exploring deserted vaults.

I know there are alot of modders of the PC's so I'm sure someone has an answer to this but I'm just rolling on a Xbox360 version that repeatadley freezes up on me.

See: Picking Up the Trail. Ausir 11:56, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

The deal is that you need to get in their later for the main quest, but you are supposed to find a back entrance via little lamplight caverns. ask Mayor MacCredy, he will inform you of the way.

lol yeah,you need to get to lamplight caverns buddy--Bluemax 20:20, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

According to the back story of the vaults, the entrance to Vault 87 was hit directly with a nuclear bomb...which is why there is an ungodly amount of radiation, not to mention the large crater. Why the game programers and designers at Bethesda decided to make the door inacessable is up for debate. Alot of people think that the game creators never figured anyone would be able to reach the door. I on the other hand think that they did it for fun; kind of a way to tease the players. The whole reward of getting to Vault 87 from the surface is to unlock the map marker and mabey get the radiation suit off the scientist. But to answer your question...yes the exterior door is meant to be inacessable, you have to reach Vault 87 through the underground tunnels of Little Lamplight. Hope this helped. --Esscex 23:18, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

In order to get through you need to ask Mccready.