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I got into Fallout 1 quite a while back, but didn't like it much, after playing a lot of it, I started to enjoy playing it and found it a great game, anyhow while I was trying to do the Gun Runner's Quest to get rid of the Deathclaws, I eventually killed them and told them I did, completing the quest, I then told them that I want the weapons and armour to go to the Blade's.

After that I went away for a while, joined the brotherhood, obtained armour and weapons, and got a new quest.

I noticed I was wayyy over my carrying weight, so I went to the gun runners, to sell my stuff and buy stuff from them, once I talked to the Merchant, I said if I could have a discount, he replied yes, so I bought my stuff and I made sure I my price was the same as they were offering, and he kept on saying that my price wasn't good enough.

I then gave him about 2000 more caps than I was selling and he still said it wasn't good enough, I then put my entire inventory up to sale (30000+ dollars), and he still said it wasn't good enough.

I can trade with other people, such as merchants from the Hub and such, anyone know what I should do?


Retrolinkx 09:08, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

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