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Hello people of the Wasteland.

I'm having some problem playing fallout 3, so i need your help!

Plus, my english is not that good, so bare with me.

I have all DLCs and now I'm lvl 13. I finished Operation Anchorage, and got T-51b and Chinese stealth armor from it.

And I was doing my other quests, but when I got to Andale while I was trying to go to RobCo for Wasteland Survival guide quest, this weird thing happened.

I waited for like a hour, and game.. stopped.

I dunno how to explain this but, you guys know.. like when you're watching a event or something, game stops your character and the character puts the weapon away, and your health bar and etc goes away and you can't move until the event finishes or whatever.

This happened. And I used 'set timescale to ~~' to pass time quicker, but nobody came and nothing happened.

So after few loads and saves, I somehow managed to get out of that situation and so i did other quests.

But now, after finishing Moira Brown's quest, it does that again outside of Megaton. This does not only happens when I wait, but after like certain time or something, it just automatically does that.

I can't play now... plz plz help me to solve this problem.

Do I have to bring up a old save or something?

Is this Game Of The Year version, and you have this problem even if you quit the game and restart? A save before the problem happened is the quick answer. I have no other specific advice. There is not a lot of traffic here in the forum partly because some other games came out recently. If you have the right game version and all the game patches installed, the game freezing is sometimes a sound card or video card driver problem. There might also be a compatibility/stability patch at that will help after you get the game working again. GRPeng 04:24, December 15, 2011 (UTC)