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I'm stuck at this part because the PC version of the game doesn't acknowledge my less than 50% health status nor my crippled head, right arm and right and left leg. I've tried several ways of getting the injuries like jumping off the walkways, throwing grenades at myself, ran over bear traps, got burned by fire ants, got shot up by raiders and nothing of the above makes the game acknowledge my injuries.

I've played the game 4 times before this one and I've never had this problem. I've tried doing it by going through older saves, but every time I get the same result. When I talk to Moira, with the requirements needed, I get the option to ask about the point of getting injured and I get the shoot her in the gut option.

My med skill is too low to be raised by menstats to go for the easy option, but I'd rather not use that.

Any suggestions? 19:21, August 2, 2012 (UTC) Axer.