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I have a character that is level 20 and I was doing the last quest "Take It Back" and it autosaved right as I entered the control room where you talk to Colonel Autumn. I did that all on the standard Fallout 3 disk 6 months ago. And now I got a new xbox the MW2 SE one and I transferred that save data to the new xbox and used the Game of the Year Edition disk to load all the DLC. All of them work except for Operation Anchorage. For some reason it doesn't want to load to my xbox and I even tried re-downloading it from the marketplace because 6 months ago I bought it and The Pitt DLCs. When I tried to re-download it gave me an error code 80158113. So does anyone know what that is? And if possible to help me out? Any way back to the problem with broken steel. I kill the Col. and put the code into the machine and the cutscene starts loading and halfway through the cutsceen starts skipping like it was a bad CD in a CD player and it actually freezes for a min until I do a trick with my controller. Then the Broken Steel part starts and I wake up and Elder Lyons talks to me but all that shows is the text box but no words. Then a second later the box goes away and I try talking to him again but an empty text box is there. Then I try wandering around the room and it freezes 5 seconds later. Does anybody know what I should do? Try starting from a save before I do the "Take It Back" quest? Or something else? Thanks people

Maybe some of the content was lost or damaged in the data transfer. Make sure you delete and re-download the Broken Steel if you didn't already. When you did the data transfer, what level were you?_ Airraid232

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