Broken Steel & Project Purity Glitch Sarah Repeats! help!

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Forums: Index > Fallout 3 gameplay help > Broken Steel & Project Purity Glitch Sarah Repeats! help!

Broken Steel has a bug on the Xbox 360 version, stopping players from activating Project Purity. Sarah Lyons becomes stuck on dialogue and does not initiate the dialogue choice of who should activate the purifier. She simply states "Let's make sure the control is secure before we do anything else," and will not continue.


I have the same PROB!!! anyone have any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!I just want to continue the carnage........ahhhh

Try unninstall th dlc or moving it to a usb stick/MU or any other way to take it off the xbox... reinstall once youre finished

and for anyone that has the dlc "the Pitt" if you fall through the roofs unninstall point lookout

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