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Okay this happened to me when i was shooting up megaton with my trusty companion Jericho.

After I was done killing everyone I figured it would be fun to beat up the Brahmin outside the clinic- so I shot it with my 10mm pistol, past Jericho. Bad move. Jericho started unloading his assault rifle into my brains.

At first i thought i had accidentally hit Jericho, but on another try I hit the Brahmin and hid behind a house- Jericho killed the poor animal then said- "are you fucin' kiddin me?" and proceeded to splatter my brains...

I never knew Jericho was such a Brahmin Lover, did this happen to other people??


It may have to do with factions. Charon has a similiar problem where he'll attack you for stealing from underworld Dragonjts 14:22, 23 April 2009 (UTC)

Yeah I had the same problem, all u have to do is put away your weapon

Yeah I get what you mean and I think you are right- but its odd that he was the one who killed that Brahmin in the end... Its also odd since he didn't hesitate shooting up all the other megaton residents... Will Charon help you kill other underworld residents?