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hey do you know what the best way is to complete the tenpenny tower quest?

i want to kill the ghouls but than i do not get the ghoul mask and if i let the ghouls in the tower they will kill all the humans...:-I


Unfortuantly there is no way to make the Humans and Ghouls get along. The best choice is probably to help the Ghouls in as they wil give you the Ghould Mask and Micheal Masters and Bessie Lyn take over the stores. But it is probably a good idea to talk to Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood and complete the unmarked quest about finding Argyle beforehand so you can get one of the three Bottlecap Mine Schematics ;)


is tenpennytower gone be ruined?

No it shouldn't, if the ghouls take over the Tower is ruined for a few days, then gets cleaned up.XxInThRaXeDxX 19:57, 4 January 2009 (UTC)


What about the T-51b Power Armor concerning 'You gotta' shoot em' in the Head'? Xdarkdragonx 22:58, 11 January 2009 (UTC) Dragon

  • You should still be able to get it, all you need is Dave and Ted's keys.


If you negotiate the ghouls into the tower, you think you have done the world a service and should get the nobel peace prize. However when you come back, all the humans are gone. That's because the ghouls actually killed them all and dumped the bodies! (Ask Roy, he'll admit it). Unleashing the ghouls into the tower is fun but then a lot of cool people die (e.g. Herbert "Daring" Dashwood"). Here's my favourite way: convince the residents to let the ghouls in, get paid 500 by Tenpenny, knock off Tenpenny (get his cool suit and rifle, plus he dies anyway as soon as you tell Roy he's allowed in). Then tell Roy he's allowed in an get the ghoul mask. Then knock him off so he never moves in and kills all the residents. As with lots of good games (e.g. Mass Effect), the Machiavellian way is the most fun, much more so than being pure evil. :)


^^ thanks so much for the help . man that quest is so sad . racist quest hehe . but you solved my problem . well not all . if you kill the roy and the gang , you will get a negative karma so much . i got it and from very good > good . but that solved your problem :) thanks again guys :D