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I searched around a bit but couldn't find a previous topic on this, but if this is old news please just link me to that prior discussion.

I like the companions in FONV sooooo much better than in FO3.

I've tried out various weapons with the 3 companions that I've concentrated on in FONV - Veronica, Cass and Boone. Mainly ranged, and mainly unique and high-powered stuff. I was a bit surprised a couple times, like with Boone's apparent fondness of the Pushy. Or how Veronica seems to be way more effective with the AER14 than the Q-35 modulator. I've never been much of an unarmed/melee guy so my testing out of those kind of weapons was admittedly pretty limited.

Anyways, I finally settled on the following preferences:

Boone: Brush Gun; Pushy

Veronica: AER14 (she's absolutely deadly with that thing, and does some nice runnin' while gunnin' stuff too); Pushy

Cass: Brush Gun; actually, for whatever reason, I usually keep Cass on ranged so haven't even really tried her out with melee/unarmed. As an aside, I equipped her with a Heavy Incinerator at Black Mountain and she said "I'd be better off with a pea shooter."

I cringe a little whenever Boone or Cass unloads a volley of (expensive!) .45-70's into a mere radroach, but I guess a wastelander's just gotta live with that.

Until I can afford brush guns I put Cass on a hunting shotgun (then the Dinner Bell once earned) and just leave Boone with his hunting rifle.

I've only used Raul, Arcade and Lilly briefly. I played around a bit with various weapons, but was pretty impressed with their defaults so just eft it at that. (Was surprised by Arcade's prowess with his plasma pistol.)

Anyone have any weapons suggestions for Raul, Lilly and Arcade? Or would like to chime in on their preferred weapons for Veronica, Boone or Cass?

As an aside, I wish you could equip a companion with a modified weapon. (Well, you can but the mods are lost.) TedShred 21:19, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

For Lily I think the best weapon is "Oh, Baby". It´s really cool for her. - quick edit to separate this response. thanks Miguifp TedShred 21:19, March 18, 2011 (UTC)

Mysterious Magnum for Raul, Oh Baby for Lilly, Elijah's Advanced LAER for Arcade. For Veronica Fist of Rawr or the LAER again, Anti-Material for Boone, Riot Shotgun for Cass.-- 18:31, April 12, 2015 (UTC)