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Hey guys I know this will probably ruin the game for some people (those who can’t resist cheating/exploiting)

If you can resist then don’t read this post  :D

Anyways this is a short easy quest glitch that I have tested on 2 different game files on 2 different Xboxs and so far it works perfectly on both. When doing the Helios quest (the quest where you have to activate the solar power station and choose which place gets power) there is a scientist from the followers of the apocalypse Ignacio. He wants you to equally give the power to everyone in the new Vegas land. So when you are choosing which place to give power to at the terminal inside the power building MAKE sure you choose the “Overload“ power grid and give power to everyone. After you do that go activate the console right outside on the top of the tower like you would normally finish the quest. After wards go back and talk to Ignacio and select “ I have gave power to everyone and overloaded the system so nobody can use the weapon”( its along the lines of that) and will give thank you and say something like well It’s a shame to waste the extra power but its good ( something like that ). THEN he will give you 1 big book of science (only the first time) 3 stimpacks and 2 doctors bags (+-1) along with a good amount of exp. Ok here the glitch…..when you go back to talk to him again select the same option you did when you told him you overloaded the system…he will then repeat what he said before and will give u 3 stimpacks and 2 doctors bags again with more exp that is scaled up, per level to keep the same ratio.

You can keep doing that as many times as you want no matter what as far as I have found. My friend leveled up from 15-30 and kept doing it and had over 300 stimpacks and 200 doctors bags. By the way don’t forget doctors bags weigh 1lb each. 05:45, October 25, 2010 (UTC)ELI24.22.172.253 05:45, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

Now I'm all for cheating from time to time, but did your friend sit there for 2 hours doing that? Pappy002 00:28, April 21, 2011 (UTC)

@Pappy002: Nope, you level up very quickly from this exploit. You get +350XP per each time plus the Doctor's Bags and Stimpaks. Depending on how fast you can spam the dialogue option, you can go from say level 7-8 to 20 or 30 in like 2-3 minutes. One thing to note, also is that instaklling all the Ultimate Edition disc content will disable the exploit as Bethesda patched it (BOOOOOOOOOOOO!)ADg2k12 (talk) 09:54, April 21, 2017 (UTC)