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Everything is written here : Chinese stealth armor

Look at the last bug reported I wrote few minuts ago. I have now infinite unarmed skill, perception and Radiation resistance (it can't be over 85%)

Ok you can't see it anymore on this wiki, thanks annonnimus for deleting my edit ' - -

Here it is => With the stealth suit on, there is a glitch that make you able to have infinite unarmed skill. You need two Hockey Masks. Equip one, then do as if you would like to equip the other. Sometimes, the second won't be equipped but you'll have however the +5 unarmed skill bonus. Then, try to equip the second many times to increase your skill. This glitch works for perception or Radiation resistance too with two Power Helmets or two Pre-war hats.

I'm french so I don't know if you understand what I wrote. If you want to correct what I wrote it would be great ^^

Darkangel311, July 2, 2010