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Ok, hey guys! FalloutManiac here, have any of you ever had a "WTF, did I do that? Awesome!" moments? IF so, feel free to put it in this thread! :D I'll start with mine first.

Alright, I was in Bethesda Ruins(west building, first floor), and I had just taken out the turret that had been pelting me with bullets(pesky gun) and I saw a Raider coming my way. After putting some lead into my body, the bugger took out his Frag Grenade. But the good thing is, I had taken out my 10mm Pistol and V.A.T.S.'s him right as he took out his Grenade.So I aimed for the Frag Grenade and missed (sadly) But, thankfully, Right as I Had missed, my Action points replenished enough for me to use my 10mm Pistol one more time. (When I V.A.T.S.', he was just getting ready to throw his Grenade.) Then. BOOM! His hand, leg blew off.

I just thought this was a cool story, care free to post your stories! --User:Fallout3Maniac

Well, Last night I made a new char and I went to the supermarket to go fetch food and medicine for wasteland survival guide. I was sneaking around when the raider noticed I was there, and before I knew it about 3 guys where attacking me. One of them ran at me with a knife the other guy shooting and the guy who was running at me with the knife kicked up a shopping cart just before I entered VATS and when I threw the grenade in vats, the grenade landed in the shopping cart blowing up all of us, the 3 raiders where dead, and about 12 shopping carts flew across the shop like wind. But I had 1 HP left. Funniest thing I ever saw.

ViperXeon 22:19, October 4, 2009 (UTC)

I was bored, so I started roleplaying. To be more exact, I was an rogue Enclave Officer with a hacked Mistery Gutsy(Sergeant RL-3). Walking near the West Farragut Metro Station, I saw an alley I never saw before. However it was a trap that fit my roleplaying nicely. An Enclave Vertibird landed in front of me, while an Enclave patrol of an Eyebot, Enclave soldier with Flamer, and a Tesla trooper with a Plasma Rifle appeared behind me. The Verti dropped off Hellfire troopers, so I took out my trusty Blackhawk. After taking out the Hellfire troops, I turned to face the Enclave patrol. The trooper started torching me, but I made a nice hole in his helmet. The Eyebot started shooting me, but I targeted the Tesla trooper first. The Tesla trooper loosed off 3 shots, searing my char's side. It was here that I realized that Sgt. RL-3 was nowhere to be found. I abandoned my attack, and started running across the street and found myself face-to-face with two Overlords armed with Gatling Lasers. They tore about 1/2 my health, when RL-3 miraculously appears, and torches the Overlords, distracting them. I reload my Blackhawk, but for the first time, it jams, and the damn Overlord still targeting me chips away another 1/4 of my remaining health. Finally though, my Blackhawk sends the last Overlord to Hades. I begin to walk towards RL-3 to get my extra change of clothes for repair, when the Eyebot owns me in the back of the head.LW556DCJ 22:57, October 4, 2009 (UTC)

Last night I was on the elevated highway that extends past Arefu. From there, you can see Arefu, but there is a large expanse between sections of the highway. I decided to see if I could cross that gap by using explosives. Of course, I wouldn't survive the blast, but the visuals were hilarious.

What I did was drop 4 plasma mines, some pulse mines and a bottle cap mine (all I had on hand) at the end of the highway section. I then saved, and tried different means of exploding the mines while standing upon or near them. I had the most fun with the alien blaster or plasma grenades. The resulting explosions and dismembered, beheaded flying body images were spectacular. Yes, I was able to cross that distance between highways. I also tried flying into the nearby town. That worked as well. It's amazing how much time you can waste doing something so silly, but I was cracking up.

Here's one mid-air image that I captured with my phone. Not the greatest quality, but I'm playing on the PS3, so I can't screen cap the images.


Flying through the air with only my right arm still attached

LVTDUDE 21:32, October 5, 2009 (UTC)

Coming back from picking up Red and Shorty, I set them both up with Assault Rifles and Combat Armour. So there's me, Jericho and the two squirts making a patrol through the wasteland, all dressed the same and looking like a small four-man patrol. I was having so much fun, I thought I'd take the long way home for the BigTownians.... that is, until I heard the scream of a missile and turned just in time to see it impact in the middle of my two new recruits. Arms and legs go everywhere, leaving me and Jericho to clean up the raiders who had decimated my squad. I gathered the remains of my team and dumped them on a nearby fire. No mutie is going to eat my troops!--Ishotamaninnewreno 07:07, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

Me and the remenants of Crimson Claw (Charon, SPC, Dogmeat, and Fawkes) had be hunting supermutants and colecting fingers for several hours when i decided to go to the Behemoth in the industrial park, mwe are walking along in the tunnels killing raiders and mutants for a while then we emerge the Taloncompany was waiting in an ambush we mopped them up and i b egin wlking down to see an army of Overlords turning the talons to mush, i come down and pull out my Heavy incenerator and sart shooting my team assembles and we open fire, the Overlords are dying slowly but surely when SPC the retard of the wastes takes out a fatman and shoots it into MY MOTHERFUCKING BACK nixing half of my health, She dies and Charon is fucked up. the Overlords are moslty gone so i run up to kill the behemoth my allies remained behing killing overlords, i shoot the Behemoth once and it charges, it strikes me and i go flying. i landed next to a car that had just caught fire and blows me to bits, i loled then got pissed and reloadedAntily3f 03:10, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

I was doing the super-duper mart part of the survival guide sneak killin all the raiders when i decided to use some frags. I lobbed one at a raider on the shelves and he landed on one of the roof lights. sorry if these pics are mega big EDIT resizing images.... Lord Snip...No, wait, King Snip!. 08:42, October 28, 2009 (UTC)

XBOX 360: I was crusing along in the Wastes, 4 wanderers following behind me in Power Armor, like a BOS patrol unit. In the distance, I spot laser fire tracking the path I needed to go. Moving closer, the game decides to move into its draw limit. 6 overlords are assaulting a Talon Company hitsquad, along with the TC Mercs, Regulators and a Sentry Bot. As my squad opens fire, I notice some lights on the ground. Taking me around 2 seconds to realise they are Frag Mines, I become SLIGHTLY annoyed as one of my squad members rushes into the minefield, obliderating his legs and sending him around 10 feet into the air. As the muties finish cutting down all the mercs, 6 more blips pop up on the Perception Meter (thats what i name it). The overlords start to open fire on my squad. I hear grunts as laser bolts rip into their armor. When I pop over the boulder, ready to send a few 5mm rounds their way, I see a really weird scene. 3 Giant Radscorpions, 2 deathclaws, a number of Mirelurk Kings and to top it off, an Albino Radscorp. The deathclaws immediatley start clawing at the Mirelurks (im guessing the deathclaws might of preferred fish tonight), and I hear the oh-so-familiar sound of a King dying. Next thing I know, a Giant Radscorp is on top of me. Taking out the Mauler, I cut into its tought carpace, crippling its torso, and stunning it. Another shock hits me when I get another pop-up message saying Clover has died. Somehow, the recruits from the Germantown Police HQ are still sniping at everyone. I hear a small clink as a grenade rolls into the group. Runnig backwards, the blue flames of a Nuka Grenade erupt, killing every critter EXCEPT for the albino radscorpion. Since I was getting covering fire from the Big Towners, I pull out the Ant's Sting, preparing for a duel.

I was role-playing the prince of the elves who is mopping up the remenants of the human race and exacting revenge on them for destroying the world and all of my pretty forests[thanks bethesda] and i meet the antagonizer. We become friends and start harassing the inhabitants of commons then she says that her ant are going to rule the world that is where we differ. GO ELVES. I draw my weapon she draws hers. BATTLE FOR THE WORLD!!!..........

Here's two of mine, which were noted in earlier topics.

SCENE 1: Alrighty, so I was in Andale on my first play-through. I hadn't even spoken to any of the town's inhabitants, opened the shack, and discovered the town's cannibalism. I run into the parents, saying I should just run along. Wouldja know it, I had a 100% speech chance (I had CH 4, and speech was in the 70s, if I remember right). As I was heading north, still a bit rattled what I had seen, I spotted a Deathclaw wandering about. "Hmm," I said to myself, devious grin on my face.

I lured the big fella back to the town, since the adults were still clustered around the place. Cue me laughing uproariously as I watch the Deathclaw massacre the cannibals, all the while mockingly saying, "Hungry? How about him?!" No Karma was lost for their deaths (hey, technically, I didn't kill them!), but opening the shed and snagging what loot could be had from the homes did incur penalties.

And with the adults dead, I got to speak with Old Man Harris, relieved that the nightmare was over. Then I promptly helped myself to the goodies (that were worth stealing) from the other homes. About the only thing that would have made the scene more ironic is if I also had "Butcher Pete (Part 1)" playing as the scene was happening. But, alas, I wasn't tuned in to GNR at the time, so I have no idea if it was, or not.

SCENE 2: Also on my first play-through, I was doing Rescue from Paradise by killing all the slavers there, eschewing my normally diplomatic Lawful Good ways. For this little excursion, I brought the CSA, some Nuka Grenades, a Fat Man, Missile Launcher, Jingwei's Shock Sword, a Deathclaw Gauntlet, and the Victory Rifle to the party.

To start off, I stealthed with the CSA, and chucked a few Nukas at the guards just outside Paradise Falls, declaring, "Catch!" as I tossed the volatile explosives. Once I got inside the compound, I take out the Victory Rifle, and snipe a few guards in view. Now, stay with me - here comes the awesome (and also funny) part.

As I approached the central area, I see Eulogy Jones standing there. There were about 4 others within proximity of Eulogy, so I said to myself, "Eh, I'd call this justification for Fat Man usage." While stealthed in VATS, I aimed the Fat Man at Eulogy himself. In what has to be the single most EPIC display of idiocy, as I watch the Mini Nuke hurtle towards Eulogy, he turns to face the nuke as it hurtles towards him. One can only imagine in the scant few seconds before it hits that Eulogy is probably thinking to himself, "Oh...S^#$..." I still hold that moment, to this day, as the most awesome moment I've ever witnessed in FO3.Titan AEX4 20:39, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, let me start. I was very bored, so I decided to raid Paradise Falls (Nice one Titan). Feeling a little stealthy, I gave my CSA to Butch, and grabbed a few Stealth Boys, my trusty Perforator, Jingweis Shocksword, a standard-issue 10mm Silencer version, and a few Cryo Mines. Fast travelling there, Grouch makes a sleazy comment and I pop a Stealth Boy. Waiting for the other guard to turn around, a caravaner appears outside the pathway. I order my Sniper to attack the caravan, and send a 5.56mm round into poor Grouse's head. The guard comes over to investigate, not before I get Snipps to pop him a new hole. Sneaking over to the entrance, and WHAM! we're inside. Most of the slavers are casually siting around, or they're going on a stroll. Either way, they're gonna die. Scanning the area, I notice no-one has any heavy armaments. A few hunting rifles, 2 chinese rifles and super Sledge wielding Jotun and that other dude in metal Armor. My tactic was to pickpocket all the ammo, and comeback with Fawkes and Dogmeat <to be continued> --MPLX Fantasurge 07:31, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

My first time at Grisly Diner, shooting at the raiders that ambush you. I chucked a grenade at the one in front of the diner, missed and it rolled into the street. Just as I killed that last raider, the whole world exploded. Chain reaction set off a dozen or so cars like they were popcorn. --Rooker75 15:26, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

whenever i first go to evergreen mill's i tend to sacrifice my achievement for killing all the behemoths by shooting the generator holding him in with a silenced weapon till it blows up then watch the chaos ensue, once i helped the behemoth out and sniped the raiders while he wailed on them, in the end he tried to run for me so i figured eh, ill kill him and actually get points toward achievable, while hes running for me he steps on one of the mines by the entrance and insta-dies, right before my VATS headshot from my snipe was about to hit his head, so he goes flying into the air meanwhile my bullet hits him in the head and i didn't get exp or anything, i probably should go for the achievement but its just too much fun to watch the behemoth go insane.--Toolazytomakeaaccount 03:19, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

Every time Desmond from Point Lookout Swears... that's my favorite part!

I was bore so I decided to take on an invincible NPC, and I decided that Gunny was a worthy opponent. i had 300+ stimpacs as well as 2000+ ammo for every gun, and he was immortal and had infinite ammo, so it was a near-even match. After slaughtering all the other noobs about, me and Gunny proceeded to duking it out. Every time I'd shoot his gun away, breaking it, and then kill him, but then he'd just leap up and grab the nearest gun that was on a dead BoS dude. at one point, I was cornered by him, pressed into the little tower at the back with the beds and the balcony. We went on fighting for about a half-hour, me never dying but slowly running out of ammo, he immortal. I remember once I was chasing him around a corner saying "Oh, I'm gonna getcha!", when he runs out with a minigun and I'm like "Oooooohhhhhhh Shit." Finally, enough was enough. I whipped out my fatman and yelled out "THIS ENDS NOW!!!" And Ran at him, literally screaming, and blew the shit out of both of us.

Me and RL3 are travelling pass some collapsed highway bridge near Vault 101 and during a fight with a radscorpian and after killing the radscorpian I spotted a deathclaw. On firly low health I decided to try and kill it with a stealth attack. However this only seems to anger the deathclaw and I grab my plasma rifle desperatly backpeadling and firing while think this is it, when a plasma shot comes out of no where and turns the deathclaw into goo, turning roundi see RL3 has turned up just in the nick of time.

Another one would be Operation Anchorage. Its always pretty awsome charging into the chinese forces with my squad and just watching the chinese getting wiped out. 15:18, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

Okay, this happened on my very first playthrough of the game. I was somewhere south of Megaton looking for Rivet City (thanks for the directions, Sheriff Simms) and I came across... a dead scavenger merchant!!! He also had a dead Yao Guai. I couldn't believe my luck, and happily looted the corpses. Only after I exited his inventory did I wonder: what was strong enough to kill a well-armed scavenger and pet Yao Guai? My answer came in the form of a pants-browning sneak-decapitation from a Deathclaw, my first and by far most frightening encounter with one. I went back after reloading, but couldn't find the scavenger and I have not seen any deathclaws around there since then. RadRuler 02:04, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

one of my favorite moments wasn't as epic as it was just plain funny, sneaking around the wasteland in CSA and using perforator i stumbled upon 2 super mutants chatting normally, i listened in for a minute than i VATSed one in the head he exploded and blood went everywhere, even some on the second mutant, he stood there for a second then looked away and just walked around normally, naturally i felt he deserved to suffer for ignoring the death of his friend, and so i pick-pocketed 15 grenades onto him at once and ran like hell, one heck of a Toolazytomakeaaccount 08:17, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

During the main quest, traveling through the taft tunnel, my health was at one bar. I tell the kid with the heart condition to stay, and suddenly Dogmeat shows up (I left him at my Megaton house) I tell him to find chems, food, and ammo. My health goes up by a slim piece but I'm still not happy. I decide to go off anyway, killing all these ghouls, and with 2 pieces of health left, finally make it to the Citadel. I was like "FUCK YES." The Unknown User 03:10, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

Every time Desmond from Point Lookout Swears! That's my favorite part! :)

After killing some super mutants near the Museum of History, I headed toward the Capitol building. Once I got there I got myself into a four-way battle among Talon Company mercs, super mutants, a deathclaw, and the Enclave. The deathclaw killed most of the Enclave and the super mutants killed most of mercs. I killed whatever was left with minimal health loss. (Geth117) 5/7/2012

I once filled up 300 weights worth of inventory space with frag mines and an fatman. I made a fairly sizable pile of them ontop of a car, and then had dogmeat stand on top of it all.
You can guess where that went, no? Watching a dog corpse reach orbit is fairly enjoyable every time. I actually found his corpse about 4 minutes walk away from ground zero at one point. FeckThisShyt 21:59, May 11, 2012 (UTC)