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Posted: Tue May 19, 2009 4:19 pm Post subject:

I found a kool assassinaton technique for jumping off high places WITHOUT dieing.

Ok I tried this a T-T, so first you find a guard(or any enemy) close enough to reach when you jump down, so jump and try to land right next to him(works best in sneak mode for critical) and just before you land go into V.A.T.S with your fists, or any melee weapon(ranged weapons dont work, I will explain at end) attack the guy and he's dead and your alive and not damaged by the fall, now have a nice day with your chinese swords

The reason raged weapons don't work is because when using them n V.A.T.S your PC doesn't relocate to get closer to the target for the attack, so if you don't relocate you will continue to drop and die.

When using melee weapons your character must relocate to get closer to the target and so it won't count as if you have fallen from a many story building.

Hope you enjoy asassinating now