Armors that can be used to repair power armors

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Hello people from capitol wasteland, this is threeeeee doooouggggggg. Just kidding. I'm here to ask what armors can be used to repair the Power Armor. I'm using the one that Sarah gave me in the beginning of the final quest and it's starting to be ineffective. I took some brotherhood power armors and repaired them, but now I cant do that anymore cause there is no more soldiers from brotherhood dead, I cleaned them all. The enclave power armor can't be used to fix power armor, the hellfire one can't be used too. I have tesla armor and tesla helmet but I think it won't work too. I'm saving tesla set to use when I get to maximum energy weapons skills. What armors can I use to fix the Power set and Tesla Set? Thank you and may the force be with you always! checkalt666