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I seem to have a bug that no one else has but if you have it too then post here if you have the same issue. In the side quest for Gannon, I have reached the end of the quest and opened up the dialogue for Gannon after dealing with Orion Morino (whatever his name was). When talking to Gannon he doesnt bring up any questions to whether he should stay or go back to the old mormon fort but instead the dialogue just ends....

When the dialogue ends it shows him as being no longer part of the group and I cant access his inventory, but he still follows me. When I try to talk to him it doesnt bring up the companion menu, instead it just brings up the dialogue menu to ask for his opinion on the current matter, open inventory, ask him to leave, ect. ect.

I have some saves before I started the quest so its not problem if I need to go back and do his quest again but Im afraid this bug might still happen. If you know of a way to fix this bug or go around it then let me know because I cant get the special remenants armor from him if this isnt fixed.

````I am also having this problem. I'm not sure how to "sign your edits with four tildes" so I'm just adding them around my submission````

I had the same problem, I still haven't figured out to get him to ask if he should join the fight but I did get it to where he would be part of my group again. I went to the lucky 38 suite dismissed rex to the 38, or any non human companion you might have, and then dismissed arcade gannon to the 38 then asked them both to join again.