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I have been playing for a while and been wondering if there are any glitches. I was wondering of you guys could tell me some.

Yeah dude, there's a lot tied to Operation Anchorage that I think are pretty fun to exploit. Infinite 5.56, 10mm, Shotgun shells and .308 rounds. As many hats as you want to wear with the CSA. Infinite health armor and weapons. But those are all pretty obvious.

My favorite one is the shopkeeper glitch, where you trade them for one of the items that they have at least two of, then sell it back, then buy it back again, then when you go to sell it the item will be in full condition. When you buy it back, it will be in its original condition, so it'll be cheap, then sell it again at full condition until you get all of your caps back for what you bought. I'm sure there's a Youtube video for it.

That's pretty much all I know though. I was also looking for more fun glitches. (: ~Unholy