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I typed up this story earlier, after having the most amazing encounter EVER in game.

My Character: Arkady

Level: 27-28 (Read the story for why)

It was a dark, cold night. The moon shined with the power of an atom bomb, and the Lone Wanderer trudged along the beaten path to Jury Street Metro Station. This Lone Wanderer, this... Regulating Wanderer, had had it for the day, and was going to tromp over to Jury Street and meet a man by the alias of "Prime". Being the enigmatic man he was, the Wanderer; who we will now call "Arkady", had cracked Prime's code. Now, he was on his way to meet Prime, and claim his prize. Upon reaching said Metro station, Arkady stared across at a group of three, armed-to-the-teeth Talon Company mercenaries. One had a Missile Launcher, and the other two held Chinese-made Assault Rifles. Arkady raised his weapon, his trusty, American Assault Rifle, and adjusted his Winterized Medical Combat Armor for the fight.

Yet, the men ran further west, toward a building. It took Arkady a while to see that the mercs were distracted, but by what? He shifted, and crouch-ran across the worn street, and jumped through the window of the diner. His heart sunk when he saw what they were after; a nice, large group of Enclave soldiers. Doing a quick count, Arkady counted five Enclave Soldiers, in the group there was:

One Hellfire Soldier wielding a Heavy Incinerator,

Two Normal Soldiers wielding Laser Rifles,

and Two Tesla-Armored Soldiers wielding Plasma Rifles.

Arkady knew these Talon men would be outnumbered, and, in an act of bravery, ran from the diner and opened fire on the large clutter of combat. Dispatching two Talon Mercs, and one Enclave Normal in VATS, he ducked back into the diner. The surviving Talon Merc, and the last of the Enclave soldiers turned to face their attacker, made a temporary truce, and rushed toward the diner.

Arkady stood once again, his chest rattling with the firing of his weapon. he dispatched the last Enclave Normal, One Tesla Soldier, and the Talon Merc outside of VATS, and ducked once again. The Enclave were known for being tricky, so Arkady expected it all, so At One-Hundred out of Four-Hundred (100/400) health points, he got down behind the counter of the Diner, and injected himself with his last four Stimpacks, maximizing his health points. All of a sudden, his Pip-Boy HUD (Heads-Up Display) drew a red circle, with an arrow that shifted from behind him, to directly in front of him. A second afterward, a plasma explosion threw Arkady over the counter, back into open area. After standing up, he turned to kill the last Tesla Soldier, a feat in which bumped him up a rank. Behind the counter once again, he assigned himself several skill points, and a perk.

Upon standing back up, he realized that a group of local Raiders joined into the combat, and, without any hesitation, he lobbed grenades through VATS. All of the Raiders had perished, and now, Arkady was out of ammunition, fighting against an Enclave Hellfire Trooper.

Lo and behold, he heard the sound of a revving Chaingun. He stood and looked, still mostly behind the counter, and saw a nearby Brotherhood Outcast patrol had heard the gunfire and decided to help out. Several 5mm rounds fired later, Arkady had been freed of his prison. He stood, thanked the Outcast, and took to the diner once again, ransacking the place for a certain someone. He hesitantly removed a piece of sheet metal from its place to reveal a grisly image; a man, both arms, legs, and his head decapitated.


Tell me if you liked, InceptionPrime 03:40, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

I liked that one. Very descriptive and such. My turn

My character was heading back to Megaton for a turn-in. The man we know as Dan was jogging through Post-Apocalyptia to get to his bed. Upon sighting a cut-out mine shaped place in the distance, and seeing small arms fire, a grenade or two and some BIG movement. Steering cleer of that scene, Dan walks down a beaten path and comes across the lizards of the Wastes, a deathclaw. Since Dan likes realism (no HUD) he was unable to tell if it was still kicking. It spots him, and starts to limp over to our hero. Deciding we don't want to waste time, and are out of stimpaks, Dan caps the poor bugger in the face. Getting its forearm for some strange schematics we picked up of the nearby dead scavenger (he probably went down fighting, explaining the deathclaws injuries.) Dan keeps going into the Wasteland, checking the map for the nearest marker. Oh, what a coincidence. Same as yours. Jury Street Metro. Since his previous encounter with the mercs of Talon Company, Dan has learned to sneak and attack swiftly, dispatching the patrol before a shot of their weapons is heard. Moving closer, gunfire is heard, more precisely, Hunting Rifle shots. Instantly thinking of ragtag Super Mutants, Dan looks over the cliff, and screaming in his face, are two unarmoured muties. They both slide their Assault Rifles out from their backs, and open fire. Taking cover behind a derelict train cart, Dan angles a grenade of the tree, and BOOM! A leg goes past his cover, torn from the left Super Mutant. The other has a crippled leg, and from the look of his accuracy, a crippled arm. Finishing him off, Dan spots a large shape on the horizon. Since it was clearly charging at his position, Dan goes around the train tunnel and heads for the Metro. As he approaches the small cluster of buildings, laser fire rings in the air, and explosions mop the ground. Checking through the enemies, Dan saw:

4 Raiders, one with a Missle Launcher, another with grenades.

2 Brotherhood Outcasts, with a Sentry Bot backing them up.

5 Talon Company soldiers, most of them with Chinese Assault Rifles, one packing a Laser Rifle, and another with a combat Shotgun.

3 Regulators. Dan has no idea what they're doing here, but clearly still get themselves served everytime.

And don't forget the mysterious thing (a bit of role-play here, since Dan has never encountered a Behemoth).

Checking his inventory for anything that might give him a slight chance to survive the skirmish, Dan spots a stealth boy in his list of helpers. Just one. So, he runs into the battle, goes into sneak mode, and pops the stealth boy. Instantaneously, all the human combatanants turn to face the creature. Watching from the nearby Dot's Diner, Dan sees a unbelievable battle. The Outcasts are firing with their Miniguns, but to little effect. The Raiders, with all their clumsiness, chuck a frag into the meleeing Regulators, taking down two of them. The last one turns to face the raiders, and gets tubed by a missle, knocking out the Regs as winners of this fight. 3 Mercs are down from their last battle, but that doesnt stop them emptying their mags into the massive mutant. The Sentry Bot launches a missle at the Behemoths head, stumbling it and giving me a chance to run to an ambush point. Almost all of the humans are down, a herioc Outcast and a crippled merc, thanks to their armor. But nothing can really stop a fire hydrant. I see the last patrolman go down, more like up, actually. While they were all scuffling, Dan was being sneaky, and layed a few bottlecap mines on a car. Checking that the engine was there, he pulls out his Sniper Rifle, and is lining up the first shot when his stealth boy runs out. [HIDDEN] turns to [DANGER] as the big-ass mofo charges at his current spot. Running backwards so to not get caught in the blast, Dan gets behind a rock, and waits for the inevitable. Expecting the ring of a mini-nuclear explosion to pulsate his ears, Dan was a little annoyed when Behemoth buddy pops around the corner, and starts chasing the wounded soldier. Dan makes a beeline so the creature gets caught up in the mines. He runs into Dot's again, with a familiar sight. Explosion. A huge mass is lying on the ground. After looting the thing, Dan walks, or limps, out of the battle with a few new toys. Energy cells, a mini-nuke, laser pistol, some leather armor and frag mines. Oh, and the 5mm rounds.

And finally. Dan hops into bed with his teddy. Ready to start afresh in a new, promising day of Friday.MPLX Fantasurge 08:54, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

Once, The Epic One had glitched my account to have multiple followers. I had everyone. I also had a few fat mans lying around, and a lot of mini nukes. So I gave Butch a Fat man, while I used the MIRV. Any way, We were out on a "patrol" when we came across an area with some Raiders. There was a lot of raiders there, and I was on very hard. We launched an assault on the raiders, charging straight at them. Bad idea, for at first it was good, until, I don't know, the followers were being killed, until It was me, Fawkes, and Rl-3. Butch had lost his Fat man, but I still had a mirv. I decided them to "bombard the area with mini nukes. Did pretty good, then we charged forwards. Fawkes even did his yell, and we killed all the raiders except one, with a missle launcher. It was like the matrix next. He shot a missle at us, and I shot him in the chest with Blackhawk. He died, and Butch got badly injured by the missle. But we did it, killed 'em all. But as it turned out, We failed to notice the Behemoth charging at us in the distance. (Fail!) He killed Butch instantly, and the rest of us, (Fawkes, Rl 3 and I) Opened up. Then BAM! I was wacked in the face with a giant fire hydrant it was using. Enraged, I used the MIRV. Boom, we all died except Fawkes. He wondered what happened and stood there. I flew away and landed easily a mile away. Who said people can't fly? Blahmarrow 23:28, September 8, 2010 (UTC)