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My bad luck led me to stumble across, which is probably their most notorious fault, that glitch where post patch doesn't allow your game more then ten seconds before freezing up after a save. First happened as I was In Adam's AFB and it auto saved via resting. I at first suspected nothing of it, gave the game a rest; Picked it up again, saved. And then 'wtf'. I was too stubborn to think of a fix. So I load the last save where it wouldn't freeze -- set me back a couple hours. And finished the rest of the DLC without so much as an auto save. Anyone got a fix that doesn't include deleting past data?
Thanks in advance
Xdarkdragonx 04:29, 2 July 2009 (UTC) Dragon

Are you on the 360? If you are first always keep it connected to live, it checks the code every time you load, next since the 360 has no memory dumb like the PC and PS3 everything that you have done so far stays in its memory until you reset your system. Hence, if it's only happening after a few hours then the memory is probably near full and there is not enough space to actually continue playing so every few hours save, turn it off, and take a 5'er or some shit. spawnsos