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I've been having difficulties acquiring points for some of my companions because of one reason or another (I didn't bring them with me when I encountered a situation that could give me points, things like that), and I found a command that helped me obtain the points I needed in order to start Boone's quest. The command was set "96BCD".nOpenness to 5. Since this was very helpful, I tried using it again with another companion but instead replaced it with their ref ID instead of Boone's (I'm assuming it's the ref ID). However when I attempt to use it, I get errors in the command box saying things like, "Unknown variable or function" or "Missing variable name in command set". My question then is that is this a command that only works for Boone or is there a trick to it? :P

Thank you.

LiliumSnow (talk) 07:54, July 31, 2012 (UTC)