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Any idea why my AP costs seem to be higher than those listed in faqs? For example, the AP cost for one shot of the sniper rifle is supposed to be 38, but mine seems to be at least 43. And the Gauss rifle, listed at 40, seems to cost me at least 52. Kind of sucks when it seems like I should get at least 3 shots with the snipe, but only get 2. Same thing for the Gobi. I did take the trigger discipline perk, does that affect it? Playing on a PS3, if it makes any difference.


Hi John

Trigger Discipline increases AP cost by 20 percent. Seems like you're getting off light with the sniper and taking it on the chin with the Gauss though. The Sniper should be costing you around 46 (38 + 7.6 rounded up) and the gauss 48 (40 + 8).

With 10 agility you can get 3 shots with a sniper rifle and trigger discipline by also taking kamikaze, two ranks of action boy, and math wrath.

Rhomb 13:12, November 24, 2010 (UTC)