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I started an idea in another topic, writing, "With the upcoming Broken Steel DLC that will allow characters to continue to level, with new Perks, up to lvl 30, I've had some ideas on some of those new, powerful Perks. To give you one idea: Dual Wield!, and I have some thoughts on how it would be implemented." I'm reopening the idea here since it was in an inappropriate topic for this discussion. I'd love to hear & discuss everyone's ideas for new, powerful perks, and how they'd be implemented.

Here's my idea for how Dual Wield would work: The main idea is to allow the character to wield a weapon in each hand, simultaneously, in a combat turn. Obviously, each weapon would have to be one-handed (eg. no mini-gun in one hand and gatling laser in the other, heh.) I figure the way it'd work is that the character would take a shot with one hand, then the other, then the first, etc., perhaps right-left-right-left, and so forth. This would allow the player to place his/her weapons in whichever hand he/she wished, thus in whatever firing sequence they desired. Now the bones of how this'd work, is that, in VATS, as you "plan" the shots, that weapon's AP use would be subtracted from the total APs available, as normal. So if in the right hand you're using a laser pistol and the left a scoped .44, then the AP draw would be 17 then 32 then 17 then 32 and so on. I just thought of this, perhaps as a perk bonus, you'd get a ~10 AP bonus but just for Dual Wielding. Obviously the player could also free-fire outside of VATS too, which I can see being a helluva lotta fun! =)

I just now had this idea for another damned useful perk: Pack Brahmin! It would work like most other followers do, except this one would be a total non-combatant, and might even possibly run the opposite way when combats ensue, to return to the Lone Wanderer afterward. This might cause problems as there's bound to be bugs/glitches/etc, especially when combat comes from all sides, eg. fast traveling into Bethesda Ruins. That being the case, I would put forth that this particular brahmin has no special abilities, except a helluva lot of hit points, as all other permanent followers do anyways, and of course its main use would be to carry an amazing amount of cargo, more than any other permanent follower. I was figuring at least the same as a 10 Strength character with Strong Back, ie. 300 pounds. This would obviously be pretty much the sole use of the perk. I just had yet another idea: Similar to Contract Killer and Lawbringer, you'd have a 3rd party involved whom you actually get these brahmin from. So unlike other followers, if this one gets killed, you can always just go buy another. Of course, you'd have to transfer the cargo over from the corpse to the new brahmin, somehow.

Of course, this being a perk might be inappropriate. Perhaps it'd just be a new, additional follower in this new DLC. No doubt it'd be similar to Dogmeat in that it'd have its own, eh, "follower slot", and also wouldn't depend on any particular karma to get. An idea for the dialogue that'd interact with this follower: "Tie the brahmin to a stake" would do the same as, "Wait here", does other followers . "Dig through the cargo", would let you at its inventory. "Send the brahmin home", or maybe, "Slap the brahmin on the rump", would have it fast travel back to the Lone Wanderer's house, without him (possibly quite useful.)


--Wally 04:28, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Hmmmm. Jingwei's sword in one hand, a Shishkebob in the other...I'm gonna need more enemies. I had thought about a pack brahmin, but that Animal friend needed a third tier for domestication of brahmin, yao guai or a herd of vicious, man-eating mole rats like a post-apocalyptic pied piper.--JiNX Bloodfang 08:06, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, considering the fact that Jingwei's Shocksword and the Shishkebob have identical stats, that'd make for a very nice, and nasty, whirlwind of elemental death. Or for a lesser level of fun, Ant's Sting and Stabhappy. ... Now that I think about it, players with Dual Wield perked characters should have a secondary way to quick-select their chosen paired weapons to be equipped/unequipped easily. I'm sure this'd be easy on the PC, but would take some thought for the consoles.

The Animal Friend rank 3 idea is excellent! It'd explain how that one Scavenger has a tame Yao Gaui with him/her. The herd of Molerats is hilarious! Can you imagine taking them through Tenpenny Tower? hahahaha Of course, having Dogmeat plus a pack of Feral Dogs would be something right out of the post-apocalyptic AKC! heh (My mom bred, raised and showed poodles for 30 years, so this is especially funny to me.)

For these tamed animals, I would say that they have the same stats, maybe double the health, of a normal animal of their type. But when you lose an animal, you could refill your flock by encountering that type of critter again, and then putting the whammy on them, eg. instead of them just automatically going after any enemies as rank 2 makes them, instead, rank 3 would have them come to you and join the ranks. Of course, there'd have to be limits on how many of each critter type you could have with you. Maybe linked to your Charisma? 1/2 Charisma = # of Molerats or Feral Dogs, 1/3 Charisma for # of Yao Gaui and 1 Brahmin at a time (they're just too damned big), but perhaps it could function as a pack brahmin. I would say you couldn't mix your critters with you at a time. One type of critter pack at a time. ... Hmm , just thought of this. To make this perk more of a challenge to "kick in", maybe you'd have to make an appropriate Barter roll, or just have a minimum amount of the Barter skill, and have whichever food item the particular animals like. Failing the test wouldn't make the animal hostile towards you, since you already have ranks 1 & 2 of Animal Friend, but you would fail to have it join you. Hmm, perhaps these are the Barter level minimums for each critter: Molerat - Very Easy, Feral Dog - Easy, Brahmin - Average, Yao Gaui - Hard and for Very Hard, ie. 100 Barter, maybe you'd be able to add 1 additional animal to your pack. ... Eh, just some thoughts I hope you enjoyed.

--Wally 09:49, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

The only real downside I can see is if your brahmin dies. Then you would have to strip all your gear from it and find a place to stash it until you can pick it all up with another. It would be even worse if you gave it the rump slap and it ran into a deathclaw or mutie on the way or just vanish like followers sometimes do. If you like the Rock-it it would be great to mobile armory, stinky though it may be. Just for the sake of being overpowered, I want to have something, perk or otherwise, that lets you hack the Enclave field terminals and control their mind-controlled Deathclaws. This is starting to sound like a crazed Dr. Doolittle, which sounds like a fun character to play.--JiNX Bloodfang 11:38, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Right, right, that's why I wrote that the brahmin fast-travels back to home, without you. If its to be killed, it'd be in your presence. (Hey, if Bryan Wilks can make it to Rivet City on his own, or a new, mentally addled slave to Paradise Falls, then a brahmin should be able to make it home.) As for you having to "loot" its corpse, well, you have to do the same with any of your other followers. Its not a perfect world, my friend. Close, though. heh ... Your deathclaw idea isn't so nasty, considering your character might be 26th - 30th level at the time that perk'd become available. It'd be perhaps Very Hard for the previous Animal Friend rank 3 perk, though deathclaws aren't classified as animals so your idea should be better. What I'd like is if you could name it!! hahaha "C'mon Sweetums, eat the yucky Enclave soldier."

Now, I just woke up, and as is the case these past few months, I woke thinking of Fallout. I have two new perk ideas: The first I can only think to name "Brights". What it simply does, is double your Pip-Boy's light output. I would imagine that such a perk would require a minimum level of Repair, with which to tinker with said Pip-Boy, maybe 60 - 100? However, though very useful, I really can't see this being a "power perk", eg. 20+ level requirement. Another thing is that the Pip-Boy seems to be immune to tinkering & removal, save for its initial attachment to a Vault dweller. I don't know if this perk breaks a Fallout rule, or not. In any case, I would imagine using this perk would simply entail a third pressing of the light on/off sequence.

The other idea, again I think not all that powerful comparably, would be to halve your fast-travel time. I don't know what the special effect behind the idea would be, maybe your character just knows shortcuts, that's why the level and perhaps Perception minimum. Or maybe, just maybe, all those thousands of cars littering the Wasteland could actually be cobbled together into a working vehicle (in which case I would call this perk "Wheels.") Maybe you could take an additional, 3rd rank of this perk to halve again your fast-travel time, ie. 1/4 the normal fast-travel time. The obvious use of this perk is to make best use of time sensitive effects, such as Well Rested and chems, and time of day.

BTW: Not a perk, but a new idea for a customized item: Why can't the Lone Wanderer create armor? Its gotta be simpler than all these complex weapons.

--Wally 15:21, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

A real cool, post-apocalyptic feature would be if there was an "Arena Brawler/Fighter" perk or a "Wasteland Gladiator" perk. This would work exactly as Lawbringer or Contract Killer, except that you would get a note guiding you to an arena (I'll just call it Thunderdome (Mad Max, anyone?) to not talk over myself). The location of Thunderdome would be revealed when you took the perk, and in the arena you could fight, or make bets (kinda like Oblivion). If you fought, you would have to wear a special kind of arena armor, looking like some sort of reinforced, bulky metal/leather armor, and you would spawn with a random melee weapon, usually in bad condition. Hell, there could even be a quest or a storyline regarding the Thunderdome: I'm picturing some sadistic mutie with four eyes and his dimwitted brother of some sort to be the owners, Raiders sabotaging the competition selling watered-out Buffout, and several ripped men and women to fight... That would have been FREAKING AWESOME, right??!!! AngryNorwegianDude 16:24, 1 March 2009 (UTC)
Ice gangs! AnaxagorasZ 00:16, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Brahmin tipping! Maccy Man 00:03, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

There already is brahmin tipping. Crouch next to one and press A [on xbox]. Its hilarious. btw, this thread is about perk ideas. Broeman 23:26, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Deathclaw mindcontrol Have deathclaws do what you want, like attack the enclave camps or brotherhood, and not get any karma increase or decrease!Maccy Man 03:59, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, you would have to sneak up on one and have looted a mind control device from a dead enclave-controlled deathclaw, and the device would have to last for a limited amount of time. Then again, with a high enough Explosives, maybe you could rig it to detonate when the power ran out. Broeman 23:28, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

HA!! Now Maccy you joke (I assume), but I can't stop thinking of how the brahmin tipping might actually work, out of my head. I think it'd work similar to Contract Killer and Lawbringer with a taste of Reilly's Geomapper Module. When you took the perk, you'd be messaged by a certain individual, a prankster type (can't think of who right now), who wants you to go brahmin-tipping. You'd go and activate all the brahmin you find, but not mad brahmin, I should think, though you might get some special effect with or against them <g>. Tipping the brahmin would result in the amusing sight of seeing them moooove over and be toppled, and this particular brahmin would forevermore be on its back or side, legs kicking, mooing away. This assumes that there's not a set amount of brahmin throughout the Wasteland. Now if there is a set amount of brahmin in the game, then maybe this should instead be a quest ala The Nuka Cola Challenge, but if not, like Lawbringer & Contract Killer, it should make for a fun perk. In any case, the device this prankster person gave you would record each tipping, and you'd return to him/her for your reward.

<evil laugh> My friend just called, and we discussed this. He had an idea how to make this perk more useful. Trader's brahmin tipping!! If you can sneak up on a traveling trader's brahmin and activate it, just like stealing, then it'd go over like other brahmin, but the advantage here is that it would take X amount of days for the trader to stand the animal back up. During this time, the trader would be stuck at his current location, and you could go back & forth and do business with him for this extended time period, instead of them rather quickly moving on, as is their way. Obviously, this'd usually be most useful if done near a fast travel point. ... heh, we also discussed the tipping of certain brahmin in towns, like Megaton and the Republic of Dave, etc. You'd also have to sneak-tip those brahmin, but perhaps they'd be worth an additional reward from your prankster benefactor.

Incidentally, for this perk, in addition to a level minimum, I should think there'd be a Strength minimum too. Yay!

--Wally 04:44, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

nother perk coming on... weather control. make it snow and rain as well as lighting and waste fires!Maccy Man the man with no plan. 04:54, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Actually, Brahmin tipping is implemented in the game. Just enter sneak mode beside a Brahmin and press the action button. You don't get any envy or reward for tipping them, but the sight of a two-headed mutated cow mooing and falling is totally worth it. Haven't tested it with pack Brahmins... But i will! AngryNorwegianDude 16:14, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

hahahaha You have got to be kidding! ... *running to my 360*

--Wally 16:51, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

OH! MY! GOD!! AngryNorwegianDude (henceforth: A.N.D.), I worship you like unto a god!! HAHAHAHA That is TOO funny! And thanks to you, I noticed several things that I have -never- noticed in all the time I've been playing Fallout 3. But first of all, there was some kind of new update for the game as I started it! I have no idea what-all it fixed, but afterward when it auto-restarted, the game damn-sure started up faster. Now, what I noticed that I never had:

A) I loaded a character with max Sneak + the Chinese Stealth Armor. Now again, I prefer 3rd-person mode, so I wouldn't have seen this in 1st-person. He was wearing the Winterized T-51b Power Armor, and equipped with the Gauss Rifle. I switched to the Chinese Stealth Armor, and noticed that the Gauss Rifle switched positions on his back, from pointing upwards angled across his back to pointing straight downwards after the armor switch. ... Hmmm, but it occurs to me that though I've had the game since launch, I hadn't played through the main quest until recently (same as I did in Oblivion) and didn't get a character with power armor until shortly after getting the Anchorage DLC. So my "notice" time is actually much reduced. OK, anyways, just tested a bunch of armors, and only the power armors do the upwards facing thing with rifles. No other types, not even metal armor, does it.

B) In my haste to run down to try and tip the Megaton brahmin, I accidentally found myself actually running alongside the building. I mean there's a lip or good-sized edge to the building alongside the railed path from your house that you take towards the main path between the entrance and the town proper. So I moved along the side of the building, and found an interesting niche in the wall behind my house, and then a little further, I could drop down onto the roof of the Brass Lantern, which is anyways readily accessible from the ground level under your house. Nothing big, just interesting that I'd never seen/tried this before. Plus I wonder if something special can be done from that niche.

In any case, yes indeed you can brahmin tip, quite funny. I'll try it on a pack brahmin next chance I get. Thanks again, A.N.D!... Now, does anyone know what this new update does?

--Wally 17:32, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

I like going on top of Lucass's house and looking out over Megaton.Maccy Man a man of steel! 23:14, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

I agree with the dude at the top exept the pack brahmin should not be a perk if its a companion you should be able to get at the diary farms or something, like you could buy it for a thousand caps or something. [Gould Fedish]Wait youve got to be shitting me about the whole brahmin tippin thing im trying that when i get home you liars [Goul fedish out!]

That works for me, perhaps as a minor quest from the actual owner/farmer of the Chaste Acres Dairy Farm. He offers you a special rate for a brahmin if you wipe out the occupying Raiders for him.

--Wally 22:24, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Hey Wally, you could dual-wield Shocker Fist & Fisto! Pararaptor 05:13, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Hell yeah!! I can see Mike Tyson VI (my Unarmed specialist) knocking his "fists" together and flexing his neck side to side, before he goes and hammers the XXXX out of a Deathclaw!! heeheehee

"In the red trunks we have Mike Tyson the IV, clanging together his chrome mitts. In the blue trunks, we have, aww lets face it, some poor bastard without enough insurance. Well Bill, at least he had the presence of mind to duct tape his ears to his head."

--Wally 05:22, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

OK, get this, so I'm just east of Jury Street Metro, and come across some wild brahmin, in this hilly area, with a small pond of radioactive schmutz. Its near where some collapsed small bridges and an overturned truck of barrels (gosh, what COULD they contain?!). Anyways, I sneak up to the closest one, and do A.N.D's brahmin tipping trick, and, hahaha, it proceeded to roll down the hill. Sideways! moo'ing all the way. heeheehee ... OK, and that's not even the best one. There's another brahmin standing ankle-deep in that "pond", so I sneak up to it, and tip it, but this one goes over with a *splash* rolls again, and then with a big splash, goes underwater, in foot-deep water, and disappears from sight for like 2 seconds. Then it resurfaces on the other side. Oh MAN, I couldn't stop laughing!! You people have GOT to try this! HAHAHAHA

--Wally 07:12, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Yup, nothing beats rolling a two-headed, irradiated cow down a hill! I actually managed to push one off a cliff one time! Ok, it wasn't a very high cliff (more like i dried-out river bed, really) but it was hilarious! Has anyone tried to tip a pack Brahmin yet? AngryNorwegianDude 15:51, 4 March 2009 (UTC)
You cannot tip Pack Brahmin. It has no effect. The animation does not play, and it does not fall. Jetholt (Jetty) 17:02, 4 March 2009 (UTC)
Damn... And here I saw myself beating Doc Hoff unconscious, tipping his Pack Brahmin and stealing all his stuff... I guess I'll just have to rob him, then... :O AngryNorwegianDude 19:25, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Yup, Jettys right you cant tip em i kinda knew it, but back to what this forums really about I think they should have baby that way i could chuck em off tenpenny. [Ghoul Fedish]

I gotta an idea for a high-level perk; Ghoulification! Skin changes, as does voice. Rads now heal you, but your charisma is lowered to 3, & cannot be improved by clothes, alcohol or the bobblehead, plus ghouls now have new, extra speech options with you, & feral ghouls leave you alone! Pararaptor 06:01, 6 March 2009 (UTC) That would be SO AWESOME! My charisma is already 1 [is a stupid stat] so as long as speech still counts, that is friggin awesome! Broeman 12:48, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

If my speculations are correct, I think you will be Ghoulified during Broken Steel. I do not know this, but think: The actions of Broken Steel will take place after the Lone Wanderer entered the Purifier and suffered a lethal dose of radiation. However, Bethesda has said that the player character in this DLC will still be the Lone Wanderer. What makes a Ghoul? Huge doses of radiation! I think this theory makes sense... anyone else have any theories? If not, a Ghoul perk would be awesome! AngryNorwegianDude 16:16, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

Autumn, stepped into the purifier, and he didn't turn ino a ghoul, so maybe they'll have the BOS do the same with you. Broeman 00:17, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

I love the idea of the Lone Wanderer getting ghoulified, but I disagree with some of your ideas about its finer points. As for voice changing, well, the player character has no voice to change! Charisma being lowered is a good idea, but I take issue with the fact that clothes, and other factors, can't raise it a bit. For example, just consider the difference between a naked feral ghoul, et al, and the intelligent, even hostile, clothed ones. Agree on the special speech options with other ghouls, I assume like the Ghoul Mask does (I've never gotten it), as well as the We Are Family situation with all, erm, post-rad-humanoids.

--Wally 02:13, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

But that's just from our perspective. To Mr. Tenpenny, say, ghouls all look hideous & all eat brains & stuff like that. The ghoul mask doesn't offer new speech options, it just means feral ghouls won't attack you until you get right up close to them. As for the voice, the Lone Wanderer yelps when they're hit, & occasionally says stuff like "Guess it was just nothing" & "What was that?"

Pararaptor 06:01, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Uh, as for the voice, that's one of the followers, I think Charon but possibly Jericho. Definitely not Our Hero/Villain/Lawyer. As for Tenpenny, he's an anti-ghoul racist and can't be looked upon as a representative of humanity (such as it is) as a whole. The ghoul mask is just a mask. Wearing it doesn't mean the Lone Wanderer knows what its like to be a ghoul, and thus how to rap with one.

Yeah man, those are definitely lines from the mouth of Charon. The Wanderer has no voice whatsoever. Broeman 21:36, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "Yo Frank, how's da missus? Oh really?! Congratz, congratz. Ok, ok, I'll have da, uhhh, how's da rat dis evenin'? Oh yeah, OK, gimme a slab o' dat, extree, heh, gravy. Hey, didja evah have all yer leg skin just slide right off? Yeah? Da left one? What year? Oh, dat explains da long sleeves. Ya know, I t'ought I'd be cold, but its fine, its fine. Dose glowin' green barrels keep me nice an' wahm. By da way, youse know dose damn 'shrooms what glow and such? Well, I t'ought I had em all out, but dammit, da bastids are back. HATE dose t'ings! *brrrr*"

--Wally 09:34, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

OK, OK, I've got some fresh ideas for some 21st+ lvl perks, because last night {this morning ~5am} I leveled Irma Geddon to 20th level, and happily turned her into a Ninja! Its my 1st time with this perk. Its so cool, I've totally turned her combat tactics around. Previously, she'd been a tank-like monster who just waded through enemy fire, originally wearing Metal Armor for most of her levels, and then after Anchorage, that lovely T-51b. Until she closed with her foe and hacks/bludgeons them to bits/pudding. But now with Ninja, she's a slasher movie-type murder-from-nowhere Sneak killer. Its so fun, especially trying it with the very least of pathetic melee weapons to see if she can still explode (re: Bloody Mess) foes with the equivalent of broken toothpicks. Well, after doing so with near-broken switchblades, police batons, knives and such (forgot about pool cues and rolling pins until now), with great, nasty success, I woke today thinking of some more, viciously powerful hand-to-hand perks.

[For ease of effect, I'm using the "generic he" herein, instead of s/he's and him/her's. No offense, ladies.] These are for characters with sky-high Melee Weapons / Unarmed skills. Ninja requires 80 of each, so I'd say at least that high. I don't think this currently exists as a perk requirement either, but I might suggest some new perks have the requirement of the character possessing other perks, as well, vis a vis Ninja in these cases. Both of these I have to admit are anime inspired, even though my many double-full shelves of anime VHS's are covered in dust.

Second idea first, I haven't really thought of a name for, perhaps Killing Rush? Eh, *shrug*, talk to me. In any case, it is totally from anime ninja-dom. All it does, plain and simple, is double the Unarmed/Melee Weapons wielder's attack range. Oooh!, and I just had the idea that this perk could have multiple ranks, each rank again doubling the range. In other words, I figure that the default hand-to-hand range is about 15 feet, for 95% in VATS instead of 0%. The first rank of this perk would change that range to 30 feet! And each greater rank could again double that. 2nd Rank would be 60 feet and 3rd rank would be, oh baby!, 90 feet! The visible effect of this could be a super-sprint at the target. 3rd-person players would see the Lone Wanderer zap towards his target with a Flash-like blur behind him, colored according to his gear. heh, 1st-person-players would see speed lines and blur all around the edges of their view, as they just blast towards their targets. OH GOD!, and imagine how awesome this would be when you target multiple foes in one VATS. JEEEZUS! ... Now, the only thing is, I have only a minimal idea of how this would work outside of VATS, if it could. The best I can say is that the target reticule would go red at the increased ranges, but going after multiple targets would be nigh-impossible, due to the speed and angle changes, even if your targets were lines up. In any case... ZOOOOOOMMM!! >:)

Now the first idea I thought of I have to call Death From Above. What it does is allow the Lone Wanderer, as long as he is at a minimum angle above his target and can target it in VATS (eg. line of sight), then he can attack, leaping down, from any height!. He'll land safely, without damage, as well. The VATS would change from the customary 0% if normally out of range, to 95%. Or perhaps it scales down the chance to hit as normal, depending on the actual distance the target is downwards from you. You tell me. Obviously, this has great use to get one from point A to point B, way down there. Followers would have to make their own way. Another limitation might be that you can only target one foe with it, for that maximum impact. Or perhaps that 1st foe would receive the full impact of that Sneak Attack Critical, with all its effects, and the others that're close enough and lined up in VATS would receive regular assaults from you, ie. with the normal chance of crits, etc.. Oh jeez, imagine this being used in Evergreen Mills! *Mwah-hahahaha* ... Oh! And I think it would be just icing on the cake if, when using this, you see the target just turn its head and look up at you, an expression of horror on its "face". For robots, they might just say something like *OH SHIII---*. hahahaha

--Wally 21:16, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Lol! Those sound hilarious. Awesome for gameplay use, but perhaps a bit too overpowered. The first one would give your fists the range of guns, changing the tactics of every unarmed player, and making them perhaps the strongest fighters in the game. For that to work, I think the accuracy would need to be lowered relative to the foes distance from you. Broeman 21:36, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Yah, OK, agree with your range idea, especially given the nice, smooth ground that's all over the world of Fallout. As for it being too powerful, look what its up against, and its supposed to be even higher, eg. more powerful, than 20th lvl perks. I mean, how can you possibly hope to be as mighty as Explorer?! I just think that's a game breaker, almost as devastating as Nerd Rage. *shudder*

--Wally 22:03, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

How about COMBONATION. wour character would get a special roll of duct tape and you can combine weapons and armour, and what you can combine with what depends on your repair skills! I for one would love to combine my Shishkebab with my Burnmaster! OutcastBOS

Okay, I don't really get the point of that, but I guess since you've said you have a flame weapon based character... Broeman 00:55, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

OK, my newest perk idea is coming, but 1st an observation. I was again playing Irma Geddon last night (*sigh* this morning) playing around and trying my shiny, new Ninja perk. I also wanted to see how well Jerk-O does with The Terrible Shotgun that I gave him. (I also redressed him in Metal Armor, Biker Goggles and a Recon Armor Helmet. I was trying other looks, but he wouldn't wear the armor. But he actually looks pretty darned good, like a knight of the dark future. Especially when he smokes. HA!) I left Clover and Charon behind for the experiment. OK, so the idea behind my Ninja trials is collecting and using every melee weapon in the game with it, from the least to the most butch. So I had read here about a previously unheard of toy named The Tenderizer. Yummy!, right? So we went to the Anchorage War Memorial, and into the appropriate area (*cough* That'sWhatSheSaid!) Anyhoo, I found that I had obviously been there before, but must've been at so low a level that most of the containers were still locked. I also hadn't explored it even close to fully. (Sissy!) And I hadn't gotten into into the secret square with The Tenderizer, obviously. ... Anyway, even at half repair, that's a fun weapon, especially against Mirelurks! But eh, *scratching head* that very quickly reminded of something I haven't had in about two decades. I'm originally from Miami, y'see (where New Yorkers go to die). And, ah, my favorite food in the whole-wide-spitball is Stone Crabs. Oh my GOD! Just thinking of picking up that li'l metal hammer and cracking open those Plate Mail +3 shells, and getting at that delicious, sweet meat within, and dunking it into that warm, drawn butter... Oh jeez, I just drooled on my keyboard. Will this electrocute me?? Well, I could go on, but I'm about to go into a diabetic coma, here. If anyone's in Miami, please, for the love of Elvis, go to the Captain's Tavern and send me out a cubic foot of that magnificent repast. Oh man! And out here in Denver there's nothing even close to slake my hunger (can ya slake hunger?) for them. Not even a high-priced call girl!

OK, Ok, anyway, Ninja kicks ass, and I like to switch the Stealth Suit to something else, just before I swing on an enemy, so as to get the coolest view of the bashing/slashing/trashing. Now on to Jerk-O. Interesting. After we exited, he got attracted to the relatively nearby enemies, a Centaur first in this case. He yoinked out his default Chinese Assault Rifle to go after it at longer range, but then closed for closer range and switched to The Terrible Shotgun. I'd never given him a medium to close-ranged weapon before, so I'd only seen him do this with melee weapons. Quite interesting. Oh, and he did much better with the Shotgun at that close range... but then, so do we all, eh? (*sigh* again, That's WhatSheSaid... AtTheCompanyPicnic)

OK, now as to my new perk idea, I'm gonna share it, but just as I was typing this, I realized the idea is already in the game. I'm sure you'll already know it, so lemme continue! *slap!* I had the idea that all this junk lying around, would be cool to be able to throw, ala Bulleye, the villain from Marvel Comics. But just as I was typing that first paragragh, I realized that (uh, you know, eh?) that this is exactly what the Rock-It already does. So, an addendum to that idea, is a perk that would allow a person with high enough Melee Weapons, and, eh, I think Agility, to be able to throw lighter weight melee weapons, eg. throwing knives, at foes, probably with some sort of positive damage modifier as it is a high level perk. (Wow, whatta run-on sentence!) Got no idea on the name, can't get Stone Crabs outta my skull. AAARGHHH!!!

--Wally 21:43, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

ok it may be a little far out but heres my idea: ghost whisperer it requires like 7 intelligence (to know of ghosts) and like 6 charisma (so the ghosts will like you) it would work like mysterious stranger but during vats the surroundigs will go dark and spooky and terrify your target which either then makes him unconsious from fright or the ghost will continue and the target and make them kill itself but that would only be for humanoids. just imagine an enclave pretty much soiling himself then deciding not to take it and blowing his brains out with his own plasma rifle while screaming in terror. Mr snip 09:52, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

I remember a while back reading(not sure where) about the user submitted perks, which Grim Reaper's Sprint won, about one called Crazy Eye(or similar), where you just have this buggy, googly eye that freaks out enemies. I don't recall its exact effects, but I think they were similar to your ghosts, Snip. Either way, a perk that makes enemies go batshit and off themselves would be fun. But seriously, that eye is creepin' me out. --JiNX Bloodfang 12:10, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

I think its a great idea. The only problem is that I think your "special effect" behind the perk, ghosts, breaks the genre of Fallout. Magic and the paranormal isn't used in the Fallout universe. Everything ultimately comes back to high technology, including the misuse thereof. This especially includes the FEV. Please correct me if I'm wrong people as I have the memory of a goldfish. I would suggest that instead of being sourced from ghosts, instead some sort of device ala the Mesmetron or the Surgeon of the Red Racer Tricycle Factory's brain chips. YMMV

But you gave me a nasty idea for that Energy Weapons custom weapon that I discussed in another topic. This could also be done as a perk, I guess, ala Animal Friend. A device that immediately controls a foe and makes it into a temporary companion, perhaps until it dies. The being wouldn't have its stats altered at all, it'd be as it was when it attacked you and got zapped by you, including damage taken. I'm also figuring its use would work very similarly to the Mesmetron, but perhaps to make it more challenging, you wouldn't use VATS to target the foe. You'd have to manually keep targetting the foe (I think manually targetting its head would be too much to ask) for a certain period of time, similar to the old hypnosis chant, "You are getting sleepy, sleepier, your eyelids are getting heavy..." and so forth) but totally via technology (or a perk). Perhaps the effect time would be based on the foes Intelligence, though most foes don't have much so that might not work. Also, I wouldn't allow affecting boss-level named foes and NPCs to be affected... even Lug-Nut. =)

If done via a custom weapon, I have an idea for one of the parts. I would think that an important component should incorporate brain matter, and I can't think of any other inventory, ie. takeable item, except for the Mutilated Skulls found in Super Mutant lairs. ... Plus its gotta look cool as part of the weapon.

Oh! And just had this thought, as a perk, it could be called Hypnosis, and the Lone Wanderer could actually pull out a swinging pendant-type thing with that spiraling effect on it. Yay!

Oh! My God! I just had this new idea as I was Previewing my message. What if, hahahaha, what if you could possess a foe, and take over its body, with all the benefits and drawbacks involved. You'd now see the world and yourself as that foe, and meld with your own kind (like the Ghoul Mask) and others allied with you (ie. ghouls & mutants), including witnessing their "natural" behavior (again ala Animal Friend) and conversations and be able to use that foes special abilities like ghouls being healed by radiation, Bloatflies flying and spitting maggots (but... bleah!), and so forth. And maybe even view the world from their perspective. I mean, as nasty as they are, how do Radroaches see things? At extreme ground level, right? Oh, also, I would imagine that, except for your companions, your "enemy radar" would switch, with enemies becoming friendly and non-companion allies becoming hostile.

In any case, I may've forgotten some stuff I meant to say, but my main idea for how this would work is a doozy. What if you had brain chips, again ala the Surgeon, that you'd have to reverse pickpocket onto a foe, ie. you're slapping it on the back of their head/neck/whatever.

I haven't had an idea for what would happen with your body while you're controlling another, no doubt via some remote control type device attached to a helmet or headband or something else on you. You can't really control both characters at once (splitscreen? naaah). So, ideas on that? Maybe you'd just have to let your body go, hopefully not doing this in the midst of combat or an enemy patrol area. Maybe enemies would leave your body alone, thinking it was a corpse.

Oh jeez, I would never allow this, but what if, hahahaha, what if you could use this on a Behemoth!?!

--Wally 21:50, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Just had another damned useful perk idea. It could be called Night Vision or Darksight or something of that nature. Simply put, it'd allow the user to, at will, see clearly in the dark. It'd be tinted and whatnot, like night vision goggles, but as its a powerful perk, a lot more clear. (See the Watchman movie and Nite Owl's goggle's view.) I'm sure it would require a high Perception, and possibly also the Night Person perk. Sometimes you may want to enjoy the natural night, so that's why I think the user should be able to toggle it on & off.

Of course this could also be from a piece of equipment, most certainly some kind of eye wear. It'd be nice to have more eye apparel that actually do something, aside from the Lucky Shades. I've always wondered why head wear gives Perception bonuses, but not eye wear, which is what they're designed for.

--Wally 23:52, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Here's a perk i thought would be pretty cool i call it lockup and it's another vats perk. if you were to get a critical or something on a power armoured enemy it would cause the armour to lock up and cease to work making the enemystiff and unable to move while you get a chance to shoot them. Mr snip 07:56, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

That sounds interesting, like a ranged version of Paralyzing Palm. Like Commando vs. Gunslinger, maybe its a more "advanced" version of the perk. I would also sumbit that, like Paralyzing Palm, its not limited to just one type of foe, ie. power armored ones. Maybe you could instead call it something like Find Weakness (hi Champions!), which works like your idea, but instead can affect any foe, because the Lone Wanderer is using an ability to find the "sweet spot" in any foe.

BTW: Sorry if these next few posts of mine have typoes or other glitches. I'm across the country, using my Mom's machine, and man is it ever quirky. Got some kinda delay from me typing to the text appearing, et al. Plus I'm using IE here instead of Firefox.

I've got some other great stuff for y'all, thought up whilst doing 80-something across our land. But I also heard a fan-damn-tastic song, blues or soul or something, that I'd never heard before. I couldn't stop laughing from it. Its right in the vein of Butcher Pete. I have to research it more for you, and I'll punch it up.

--Wally 04:31, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

OK, got it! The song's entitled "How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come Around", by Dr. John. It might've been done by previous artists, but I can't find any info to substantiate that. Anyhoo, go here to hear it: and go here to read the lyrics: and tell me if Butcher Pete don't come to mind, quite possibly talking about Dogmeat. =)

--Wally 13:56, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

Got some "serious" perk ideas this morning, what about:

Gentle Hands: You have gotten used to to treat your equipment nicely. All weapons and armor deteriorate at a 40% slower rate.

The Eagle Claw: Inspired by the GNR radio show, you have created a super powerful (and gory) attack that you use once in a while. With this perk, every critical unarmed attack will give you twice as much added critical damage.

You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Nuts: You have modified the V.A.T.S function on your PIPboy, enabling you a new target array on all humanoid enemies; The crotch. Attacks aimed in this direction has a 30% of paralyzing the enemy, and a 60% chance to make said enemy drop their weapon. However, the crotch shot is a tricky one, you have to be at point blank to be guaranteed to hit, as the V.A.T.S technology is not accustomed for this matter.

Coward: The wasteland scares you. Your best shot would be to run away and patch yourself up. You get a +20% modifier to Sneak and Medicine, but Melee Weapons and Small Guns is dropped by 10%

How about that? AngryNorwegianDude 17:27, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

Oh man, Gentle Hands is a great idea! How did you arrive at 40%, as opposed to say 50% or 25%, etc.?

I don't quite get The Eagle Claw, but then again, I don't remember it from GNR. Something Argyle does, I'm guessing? What do you mean by, "will take twice as much as normal critical unarmed attacks with the used weapon."?

You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Nuts sounds fantastic, but I don't think its workable for the additional VATS hit location. I hope I'm wrong. But if it could be implemented, instead of the "only point blank range" limiter, I would submit instead that it be a very tough shot, even more difficult than a headshot. But hey, if you can make the shot from 500 feet away, and see that bastard double over, hell yeah, man! >:) I would further submit that it be limited to human foes, not humanoids, since ghouls and super mutants don't seem to have genitalia. Oh and speaking of that, I think it'd only affect males, since women have their, eh, equipment tucked away. *cough* However, all that being said, with all those limitations, I'd say that it affects the foe same as a headshot, damage-wise, not critical after-effect-wise [word?] of course, and your other ideas about paralysis (doubled over) and weapon-dropping are great. I'd also like to hear a really funny set of sound effects from the guy. OOOOO-HOO-HOO-HOOOOoooo and so forth. heeheehee

Coward sounds okay, but I don't like how its crossing over somewhat with Daddy's Boy/Girl and Thief. Plus, if its a high-level Perk like we're discussing, I think most characters would likely have those skills maxed out, or close to it by that level. Perhaps that could be accessible at the same level as Size Matters, or maybe Tag! I dunno, I still don't care for how it "crosses over" with those other perks.

Hmmm, may I submit an idea I just-now had? How about instead of affecting skills, Coward doubles the Lone Wanderer's speed, sneaking or otherwise, when he runs/flees/slinks in the opposite direction of enemies. In other words, if enemy blips are roughly to the north, and he runs roughly south, he'd get the bonus. Eh? And perhaps he'd get 10% more DR, meaning he's ducking and cowardly avoiding attacks. Pussy!

--Wally 19:55, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

OH! Just had an idea spun-off of AngryNorwegianDude's You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Nuts perk idea. What if there were a high-level perk that would allow Melee Weapons and Unarmed users to be able to target hit locations in VATS, the same as ranged weapons users can, instead of the current whole body non-targeting thing (which I don't get anyways, but that's another topic)? Maybe call the perk Martial Arts Master or somesuch. This would certainly require a high amount of Unarmed and/or Melee Weapons skill, or maybe there would be two different perks, one for each skill. Martial Arts Master and Weapons Savant?

--Wally 20:05, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

Hehe... good reply. Gonna answer the things you thought about:

Gentle Hands ended at 40% because I thought that 50% was going to be a gamebreaker since it is so much, but 25% is so small that the perk may be useless in itself. Therefore, the unstylish 40% modifier.

The Eagle Claw is the martial arts attack that Argyle uses to rip out The Black Widow/Penelope Chase's heart in the "Daring Dashwood" series.

I know, the game mechanic was explained a little, ummmm... undetailed in my first post, and something was written in a bad way (that is corrected now), so I'll explain it further:

Imagine you play as an unarmed character, wielding the frighteningly awesome Deatclaw Gauntlet (daddy loves you honey). Then, you attack, say, a Raider and score a critical hit. The Gauntlet will then (normally) deal 50 DMG (20 base damage + 30 (the added critical damage)). However, with The Eagle Claw, a critical attack with this particular weapon will deal 80 DMG (20 base damage + 30*2 added critical damage = 80). This may seem ridiculously overpowered, but for all I know, Broken Steel will feature Mini Nuke-crapping Deathclaws, so it may be useful.

Coward and You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Nuts were not really serious "perk ideas", I just made them up in the last minute because those two I started with looked a little lonely by themselves. Looking back at it now, Coward is really useless. However, your idea with Martial Arts Master really is a good one. Nice!

Keep me posted on what you think, AngryNorwegianDude 21:01, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

The Eagle Claw sounds pretty much like Better Criticals.

I was thinking of my idea for Coward, and it actually has a lot of strategic and tactical usefulness. Just think about the many enhanced uses for mines, for one. Also, telling your follower(s) to Wait and then going and getting the enemies riled up and chasing you, right into you & your followers' gunsights. I'm sure y'all can think of many more applications, besides mere sissiness.

I just had another idea, sprung off my version of Coward. What about a perk perhaps called Leap of Faith, which would allow you to jump twice the distance as normal, in any direction. Just think about the increased ease in scaling the many boulders, as well as the fun it'd be if combined with Coward. Picture this: A horde of Raiders is coming after you. You run the opposite way, towards a trashed car. Continuing to run at your enhanced speed, you open fire on the car, just enough to get it flaming. You then leap clean across the car, bumper to bumper, and keep going beyond. Meanwhile, the Raiders, struggling to keep up, get to the car just as it goes BOOOOOOOMM!!!! Awww, po' baybeee. Do it hurrrttt?

--Wally 22:35, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

I have yet another high-level perk idea. I call it Exterminator. It simply allows the experienced Lone Wanderer to virtually ignore the two nuisance foes, Rad Roaches and Bloatflies. It'd have two ranks. The first rank would automatically kill any of these bugs when the Wanderer enters into close, line-of-sight proximity to them, eg. no intervening walls. The second rank, and for my money the far more useful one, would allow the Wanderer to recognize these insects for what they are on his radar. Thus, instead of seeing the red blips indicating a hostile foe, he'd see some other unique blip indicating these bugs, eg. he'd know from experience the presence of these critters instead of being fooled.

I would put forth that this perk would require a minimum Perception and a level of at least 16. I was thinking of also requiring Entomologist but that might be a bit much. (Hmm, however it might also be correct to simply tack this on as additional, higher ranks to Entomologist.) The perk's icon would look like a spray can with a skull & crossbones on it. That's the special effect of the 1st rank of it, and the player would see the bugs dying in a cloud of mist.

--Wally 18:30, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

Just had another idea as I was savaging the savages around the Capitol Bldg. Seems to me that, if your Lone Wanderer has so much experience in traveling the Wastelands, completing previously-thought-impossible quests and laying waste to all that oppose him, then word would've spread of him. Three Dog's GNR announcements also help this along. I should think that a minimum 20th level perk would be something like Famous or Infamous or something along those lines. Its idea is similar to how that one person appears next to you in Megaton and Paradise Falls (does this happen in Tenpenny Tower too? never seen it but I've never done its ghoul quest), who represents a group who idolize you, and give you gifts. I think the perk itself would work very similarly to the Dream Crusher earned perk, which causes all foes to have their chances of doing a critical to you cut in half. Famous would cause all sentient foes to literally quake in their boots when facing you, from hearing how lethal you are. The effect of this would be a fairly significant reduction in that foe's chance to hit you, perhaps a 10 - 20% hit to their accuracy. If you think this is too powerful, then how about a raising of each foe's chance of fleeing, especially after being wounded by you. For me though, I hate it when enemies flee, so I prefer the first option. In any case, I would imagine the only requirement for this perk would be the level requirement. Good, Neutral or Evil, the Lone Wanderer has walked over a mountain of bodies to get where he is today.

--Wally 03:02, 18 March 2009 (UTC)


Even the name! Except mine was about a radio station.

Pararaptor 05:54, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

When I first read EAGLE CLAW i thought that maybe it would be kinda like mysterious stranger but u teleport next 2 ur enemy and in a really gory animation, rip their heart rite out! maybe on robobrains u could take their brains and on robots pull a bunch of wires out of them that shuts them down and kills them. i think that my version of eagle claw would be a better version. Silent.Killa78

I don't have the details quite worked out yet for this but I'm calling it No Rest for the Wicked. It would reward evil characters with bonus experience for not using a bed to restore health. For balance there could probably be one for good , but it could also just be like Impartial Mediation and only available while evil.--JiNX Bloodfang 07:19, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

I don't know how that would be implemented, but it gave me a spin-off idea. Its basically in the same vein as Well-Rested, but sorta opposite, and without a time limit. How it works is as long as the Lone Wanderer resists any kind of healing, he gets +10% to any earned XP. This stops as soon as he gets any healing from any source. Perhaps it would kick-in again 24-72 hours after the last healing. I don't think of it so much as an karma-linked perk, but maybe requiring a minimum Endurance or just level. I just-now thought of a name for it: Tough It Out!

--Wally 11:35, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

Hmm, it just occured to me that Swift Learner does the same thing, but without any limitations. Perhaps instead of, or in addition to, the XP bonus, the character would also have some other benefit with it. I was thinking of a bonus to DR or hit points, maybe even APs (the increased threat of death gets you skedaddling) or something else of a combat-related defensive nature. I suppose the DR bonus probably makes the most sense, but there's already Toughness, again without the limitations. Hmm, how about a bonus to Melee Weapons and Unarmed, as characters using this have to wade through a hail of bullets and explosions to reach their target. But this perk should also give a negative modifier to Medicine, which wouldn't matter for stimpacks but would knock down the effectiveness of other chems.

--Wally 19:12, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

Lotus Kick!- When you get an unarmed criritical, you will either paralyze, cripple, disarm, or instanly kill an enemy.

Matrix- Lets you dodge enemy fire using the V.A.Ts! Basicly, in V.A.Ts, you can target enemy bullets. Once you have selected them as targets, you will not shoot the bullets, but dodge them!. This also works against melee weapons.

How bout something like "Trigger Happy"? Your fired your weapon so much it's become a reflex like breathing. Now every time you use vats and use up your points you will have X% chance of getting a bonus, AP free, shot at the enemy. and there are three ranks increasing ur chance of getting it and how many time it fires your gun.Septic101 22:55, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

Hey, what happened to, erm, "Fish Lungs"?? I would change that name to simply, "Gills." I like the idea of breathing underwater, but the fighting in water? Naah. Nobody, not even Mirelurks, can fight in water. Breathing underwater, in and of itself, is a great multi-use ability. Think of all the cool exploring there is under the waters of the Wasteland.

Lotus Kick I can't think of anything for, except that since there's already Paralyzing Palm, I submit that the paralysis be changed to a knockdown instead, like what the Victory and Gauss Rifles do.

Matrix obviously would have to be renamed. Those pesky lawyers! I don't think its feasible to target the foes' bullets, exactly. However, what if you targeted the foes themselves, as they're the real attackers; the bullets are merely the medium for their assaults. You'd actually be tracking the opponents' moves to do this dodging against, and as such, I would again submit that you do use VATS to target the enemies, but the range adjustment for your % to hit would be reversed. What I mean is, the farther you are from the enemies, the more lead time you have to gauge their actions, and have a higher VATS %, ie. easier time dodging their attacks. It'd be harder to dodge closer enemies as there's less A --> B distance and thus required reaction time.

So foes at extreme range that would normally give you a 0% chance to hit, for this perk you'd have a 95% chance to dodge. Likewise, the up-close foes that'd normally give you 95% to hit, would instead give you, ah, maybe 5% chance to dodge. Oh, and lets not even get into the cool moves that the dodging Lone Wanderer will be making. Hell yeah!

Trigger Happy sounds interesting, but planning your actions in a VATS session is an important strategic element. Given that, I (repeatedly) submit that if there's going to be a % chance of this free attack kicking in, then it should appear at the beginning of the VATS selection, instead of randomly tacking on at the end, after your other shots. I would suggest that the free attack happen via the addition of the bonus APs needed for an additional attack with the equipped weapon.

BTW: The other day I had yet another new perk idea my-own-self. You know how in a VATS session you must use the currently equipped weapon? Well, my idea allows you to change weapons in the middle of a VATS selection, for the cost of a few APs, perhaps 5 - 10. Upon researching this, I see that Fallout 2 had a similar perk called Quick Pockets. I am thinking of a perk name for this such as Fast Draw, but YMMV.

--Wally 02:48, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

I don't know if a perk like this was made up already but whatever. The perk I want is Repair Artist/MasterMind: This perk allows you to repair items without having to use the same kind of item but to do this you have to have several misc items like if your repairing the T-51B power armor you need scrap metal and another or a few more components to repair it up to a point depending on your repair skill. -- 23:44, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

I like that idea, but I think using something as common as scrap metal is perhaps a bit too easy. I just had the idea instead that for each character, the game would generate a random item, of any kind, to be combined with the target item for repairing. This in addition to the official repair items makes for one more way to repair the weapon or apparel. And since the game generates a random repair object for each weapon and apparel, set for each character's game, not player's, then there's no "cheating" by having every item in every game have the same additional repair set. The player wouldn't know which item does repairs for each weapon or apparel upon a new character's perk taking, so it'd be a mini-game in & of itself in figuring out which item repairs your target object. Maybe frustrating, but think of the elation when you hit it! And since these other items have a good chance of not being weapons or apparel, ie. with a condition level, I'd say that all items except for weapons & apparel would have a condition equivalent to 50%. I should hope that certain items like uniques would be "set" so as to never be repair items, but they could still have their own mystery repair objects. Also, given the huge amount of weapons & apparel, it would be nice that, after discovering the item's repair object, that it be listed with the item's stats. I would say the perk would certainly require a minimum level of the Repair skill, but due to its puzzle/quest-like conditions, it wouldn't be a very high level perk; say 6th - 10th level for acquisition. Your ideas for perk names are OK, but to me, Master Craftsman hits the mark perfectly.

--Wally 01:09, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

Yeah I can totally see your point, but when i was thinking about it, i was thinking it kinda like a better version of "The Stranger" except u get all the XP (I'm a greedy bastard i know). But yeah I was trying to change it it a very simple but fun way, but I see ur point. as for "Repair artist" I think there is a mod like that for the pc version of it.

Back to the point of perk ideas, what about the ability to modify and rename any gun u have? Call it something like "Weapon manufacture." U get the ability to modify and rename ur weapons but u must collect these extremely rare commonwealth weapon upgrades and add them to a weapon of ur choice, but U can only modify it so much, if not, then u'll be too powerful. And on top of that, u can name the new weapon something like "Ass Ripper", or "Bob".Septic101 01:15, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

I think that you should be able to upgrade your weapons, like add a silencer to a sniper or put a drum mag on your assault rifle and things along those lines. and to upgrade you need the knowledge of how to do it, like lvl one of the perk you can make larger mags lvl two you can make silencers, etc. and you need scrap metal and some other parts,like eyeglasses to make scopes, or you could just take the scope/silencer off of a different gun to put or yours. well its just a thought.Magmadar 04:59, 21 May 2009 (UTC) just though of something, hair trigger, decreases AP cost

I would like some perks that expands and beneifts Charisma/diplomat-style characters. Like for example: Swift Tongue Allows you to talk to any human or Ghoul attacker, provided that you haven’t attacked them. You will then get a Speech Check which, if you pass, will lead the attacker(s) to lay down their weapons. Succeeding in this will give the same amount of xp you would get for killing the attacker. A Gentleman’s Thief Allows you to (through a somewhat tough Speech Check) convince NPC’s to give you equipment. This includes worn apparel as well, although they will ask you to give them something other to wear. Maybe not exaclty those, but something along those lines. KillerIsMe 01:56, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

Septic i really like your idea of naming weapons but there should be a level 2 version of Weapon Manufacture that allows you to combine weapons together like a Ripper and Assault Rifle to create the weapon in Gears Of War but there will be some rules like you need to have a certain repair skill and science(Only two that came to mind)to create the weapons you want. I really would want a Gatling Laser with Plasma Rifle just think about all the things you can make but there has to be a catch or a down side to this just can't think of any lol. -- 02:10, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

Here's a cool perk. Bloody Fucking Mess. It causes enemies ligaments to explode while blood pours out of their heads for several hours, by the time their body hits the ground, tigers come and grab their organs and scatter them across the wastes.

OK. I'm playing right now, trying without success to track down damned Doc Hoff to buy the Nuka Grenade schematics, and just had this idea for a perk. I call it Valued Customer (or think of something better.) What it does is let you know where all of Uncle Roe's travelling traders are at any time, probably by showing a colored dot or special icon on your world map. Each color/icon would correspond to a different trader. Maybe yellow/gun for Lucky Harith, brown/scrap metal for Crazy Wolfgang, black/chem for Doc Hoff, and uh, grey(?)/outfit for Crow. By knowing where they are, of course you could fast-travel directly to their vicinity, and if they're not in a stopping place, you could run towards them by checking the map frequently. I figure that this perk would also give you a ~10% discount with any of them, or just raise your Barter by 10 points, like Silent Running does with Sneak. Man! After trying to hunt down Hoff this long, I really want this perk! *grumble*

--Wally 22:57, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

It's actually pretty easy to track the merchants down. Just go to Canterberry Commons and go to where the merchants stand. If no-one's there, or if the wrong merchant is there, just wait a couple of hours. In-game hours, that is ;) --KillerIsMe 23:05, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

Ha! Glad you said "in-game" because I'm still trying to find that S.O.B., several hours later. *sigh* Its not all bad though. At least I've discovered several things and places I never had before. (Did you know that the men's room in Roosevelt Academy has a condom machine in it? Gasp!) ... (j/k, don't look, just a joke. OK, maybe.) ... ("Ribbed for her pleasure, ya li'l rapscallion!")

I'll try the waiting game now. Can ya say how many hours you wait at a stretch? I don't wanna miss the trader, passing right under my nose. Also in that vein, how long do traders stay in a location before moving on?

I also had another idea for a quest-awarded perk. I have no idea what the quest would be, but the perk would significantly increase Dogmeat's abilities, offensive (more damage and criticals?) and defensive (more DR and hit points) and maybe some new "stunts", like leaping in the path of an attack to take it for you, like a loyal pooch. Or perhaps some enhanced "training", to give him better commands, like, I dunno, "Stop getting underfoot or I'll SPAY you!!" I dunno, just beginning ideas. As always, YMMV.

"...with a RIPPER!!!"

--Wally 03:01, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

I found out why I haven't been able to find Doc Hoff. I just talked to Uncle Roe about caravans and asked about chems and such, and he replied, "I'm afraid that the good doctor hasn't reported in quite awhile." Damnit! You know what that means! He's greased. Clipped. Done! Workin' with wings and a harp. Six feet under. Sleeping with the fishes. That doc got his license revoked! ... Next time I do something like this, hunting a caravan, I'll check with Roe first. At least I know I saved Lucky & company from certain death, by a Sentry Bot right near The Temple of the Union. Just as we finished capping it, here comes Lucky's caravan up the trail, unknowingly stepping right across its dust pile. ... So that's good. I can do without Doc's chems, but Lucky's too useful. ... Damn, now he's saying Wolfgang hasn't reported in either. But I just saw him! *Charon grumble*

--Wally 05:31, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

OK, this addiction is getting really bad. I just had a very realistic and basic dream that I was lying in bed, and thought I left the game on. That woke me, so I got out of bed and checked. No, I didn't. ... But now I wanna play some more. (Early this morning I discovered the National Guard Depot for the first time... then after saving "for the night", kept going & took the Experimental MIRV out to the Mall near the Capitol Bldg. for some fun.) heeheehee

Hmmm, this just gave me an idea for a new and very unique perk. Dreamer kicks in whenever your character sleeps, on any bedding. You then experience a fully randomized scenario; with random weapons & a random amount of matching ammo, randomized apparel(s), and, to give it that glorious dream/horrible nightmare feel, your level would also be randomized, with correct health for the level and Endurance, and 1 random perk/level -1. In true dream helplessness/empowerment fashion it'd be interesting to also randomize your SPECIAL and skills, I think. In any case, the kicker behind this is you'd be thrust into a simple combat-heavy indoor setting, your goal being just to escape, and it'd also have a random layout and foes, similar to the Diablo series (and, I think, the upcoming Borderlands.) Like Operation: Anchorage all equipment would be at full condition and you wouldn't need Repairs.

This all may be lack of sleep talking, but I know this'd be fun! You're dreaming, a part of life and swiftly forgotten, so you wouldn't get any XP, but if you complete the "mission", you wake up feeling great and all your SPECIALs are at +1 for, say, 12 hours. If you get killed, in the now-nightmare of course, then the reverse happens, and you feel shitty and have -1 to your SPECIALs for 12 hours. Also, since this is so unique and worthy of being called a quest, the first time you complete it, I'd also like to see an Achievement/Trophy/whatever PC users get. This outcome may also affect Well Rested's effect.

DANG! Its snowing -n- blowing like crazy here in Denver! ... I think I'll go outside and make Snow Bloatflies. =)

--Wally 18:35, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

We need more sniper oriented perks, like Silent Sniper, you need 90 small guns and sneak when you get it enemies can no longer detect you whene you fire a gun as long as the gun is a Sniper Rifle and your far away from the enemy. or Sniper expert, 90 small guns and sneak when you have it you do 25% more damage with the Sniper Rifle or calm sniper when you get it the wobble when you zoom in with the sniper scope is eleminated. and i have one completly unrelated to sniping called Call of The Wild you need 7 luck and charisma, it allows you to yell a call that attracts aa group of randomized animals to help you, i can see it now, outnumbered and outguned by a grop of mercs when you emit a call and watch the mercs have thir organs shredded by a herd of crazed mole rats you can only use it once a day and the amout of animals are 5.


Wesker skillz:Simple,when unarmed you can teleport behind your target in V.A.T.S nd punch a hole through there chest,youd also unlock a samurai edge,badass shades,have your eyes turned red and cat lie and unlike a badass outfit and trnech coat

I just awoke to a new and silly and wild and kick-ass experienced perk idea. I call it Beast Master. Its in the vein of what Den of Heavy Metal might do. This is how it works. If you are Unarmed, and successfully Sneak up on a critter-monster (not robot or humanoid) of sufficient type/size, and Activate it choosing Beast Master's Mount choice, or something like it, then you jump on its back, grab some, eh, "tender" portions, and ride that hoss to where you want. While you were on it it it'd run like a bucking bronco, automatically at full speed, but you'd be able to steer it (roughly), and not only get where you want to go, but also, of course, you could steer it right into a pack of enemies. Now being on it wouldn't provide you with any protection from exterior attack, and if the beast got hit it might override your steering control and go after its attacker. Of course you could dismount at any time, and the critter might just turn around and go after you, so this is a choice best taken once the beast engages someone/thing else. You also could not personally attack it while mounted since your hands are quite full.

The interesting challenge to this should not only be sneaking up on any of these critters at point-blank range, while bare-handed, but then Activating them for riding, holding on while you control them, especially once you start taking fire from somewhere. And lets not discount the coolness factor of being mounted on some enraged bit of death while it lashes into its enemies; getting that Death's Back view...

Only the full-sized beasts should be big enough to support your mass. Obviously, Brahmin should also be easily ridable, but, uh, *yawn*. Yao Gaiu's, barely from sheer size but more from muscle mass, should (whatta ride!). Giant or Albino Radscorpions (creepy!) should, and actually any of the mutated insects and arachnids should have far more than enough strength. But the smaller ones like Worker Ants and (regular) Radscorpions might be a little silly looking; like driving a Cooper with no body. =) Mirelurks & Mirelurk Hunters are possibilities, though I don't know where you'd find those tender, control points for them. Nukalurks would fit in the same vein, but their singular location would be too limited to warrant riding and a waste of coding, IMO. Mirelurk Kings are too "humanoid". Centaurs?! *bleargh!* Plus probably too small, slow and flabby. Of course, then there's Deathclaws! Just imagine the view from atop one of those rushing masses of slashing, gnashing murder-machinery, and maybe steering it into Evergreen Mills. Of course, the trick, again, would be to dismount and NOT be attacked by your erstwhile Battle Beast. Make sure its otherwise engaged chewing on some tasty-tasty first...

--Wally 22:25, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

I was half expecting someone to have this idea already, lol. On Air - turning on radios give you a temporary boost, kinda like taking a drug : in addition Three Dog/Enclave pays you caps for each radio you turn on tuned to GNR/Enclave Radio turned on.

Metamorphosis - Dogmeat turns into Yao Guai-meat. In addition, you get to hop onto Yao Guai-meat for a fast ride, kinda like a Horse.

Bribary - You can now pay high amounts of caps to make certain characters perform tasks for you. Eg. kill someone, steal, equip something, buy something from another town, find something... etc. (varies across different people)

Hows that? - JuNk1e

VAULT BOY SEES ALL I'd like to see a perk that shows enemies on a local map. LV30 maybe? V.A.T.S. addict 04:34, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

I got one, GENE SPLICING!- After researching the DNA of wasteland creatures, you gain their abilities! The speed of a Yao Guai, the Ferocity of a Deathclaw, and Damage Resistance of Super Mutant!

It would have to be a level 30 perk and require 8 in every single SPECIAL. You are faster and more agile, your attacks ignore damage resistance, and you gain a permanent 25% damage resistance! PLEASE COMMENT!!!! SuSpence95 04:29, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

Nice idea SuSpence95. I just thought of one. i haven't come up with a name yet but maybe it could let you catch grenades mid-air and either equip them or add them 2 ur inventory. or maybe even randomly pull out a baseball bat (kinda like mister sandman with the knife) and hit the grenade back 2 whoever through it. plz comment on whether u like my idea or not. Silent.Killa78 >:) 06:08, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

I like it, it could be called... Batter Up! or something. SuSpence95 00:16, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

I could see On Air giving you a temporary boost to Charisma, especially while in the same area/zone as the radio, since 3-Dog talks you up so much.

Metamorphosis I actually have an idea for being a chem especially for Dogmeat, instead of a perk. Or maybe a special quest-reward perk from some scientist type like Doc Lesko does to you. Another idea I just now had would be called something like Pack Leader and when you command him, Dogmeat could howl a special summons and soon you'd have a pack of Vicious Dogs on your side to help, at least until there's no enemies left, or somesuch.

Bribery is interesting but there are already quite a few characters that you can bribe, built into their dialogues. Unless, I misunderstand and you mean some kind of Sneak sub-action, like Sneaking up on a Raider and Bribing him to attack his friend or fetch you something ala Dogmeat. Now THAT is a cool idea. You could also call the perk Intimidator and have it work the same way, but through fear maybe requiring a minimal Charisma or Speech, and maybe a minimal weapon (Unarmed?) skill and the level requirement would be enough for you to be "known".

Vault Boy Sees All would certainly have a high Perception requirement, and perhaps Repair skill for the altering of your Pip-Boy for that intel addition. Nice!

Gene Splicing sounds a lot like what you can do in the new game Prototype. For Fallout, I would suggest that it work like a chem for each alteration, and that to activate it, you'd have to ingest a part from the creature you wish to emulate; Deathclaw Claws for claws (though not as nasty as the custom weapon), Yao Guai Meat for speed (even heavily laden and/or power armored), even Brahmin Steak for strength! Maybe raise your Perception with some Dog Meat. Maybe eating Radroach Meat would get them to ignore you (and shut off their red blips), for the effect's duration. You could ingest a (Giant?) Radscorpion Gland and add poison damage to your unarmed attacks, and perhaps inherit some of their toughness and raise your DR like 5 points. Either way, I suggest that activating any of these abilities requires an "edible" creature part of some kind. Thus you couldn't get anything from mutants, ghouls, robots or humans, unless they were carrying something of that nature. I surmise the perk would certainly require a high Medicine skill, as well as high Endurance.

The grenade-play idea I would call something like Fast Hands and I would say the perk would not only allow you to catch any grenades you have the APs be able to intercept (just like shooting them), but then you could choose your target and throw the caught grenade at any foe, instantly, without spending any extra APs. Heck, you may even be able to do it when a follower throws one, and then direct it yourself, for free! This perk would certainly require a good Explosives skill... HAHAHA and maybe you'd have to be carrying a Baseball Mitt too.

--Wally 07:58, 24 June 2009 (UTC)