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just today i was with charon and fawkes near duper' mart we killed raiders here and there till we came across a enclave camp with 2 hellfires one was killed by my trusty paulsons revolver the other got owned by charon who has the alien disentagrator as we left a albino skorpian jumped out only to eat fawkes burnmaster . after the battle my chinese stealth looked really bad we walked to citadel to get repairs and to buy fawkes some flamer fuel . when 2 overlords with laser gatling came out charon had trouble so i gave him blackhawk to try fawkes lost half health due to a mini nuke accident after we took blood samples we pressed foward. later at the citadel durga could not repair chinese armor !!! then she sold 10 flamer fuel and no recon ARMOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i recall one moment at the GNR plaza where somehow i lost the fatman that was put there to destroy the behemoth i would've loaded back but i decided to fight the beast nuke-less. takeing cover behind the fountain i popped a cap in the monsters head repeatedly. the beast ran up to my side of the fountain and swung its barbaric club at me whiched i dodged which led to me being outside the founain and exposed. Realizing this i ran for my life around the beast and back to the safety of the fountain. this pattern countinued for much to long until the beast finnaly fell at my feet. Rejoicing i took my bounty from the beast and entered the GNR building for a much needed rest.

I finished 2/3ds of operation anchorage with less than 20% health. Otherwise I don't have anything epic, I'm too good to have some challenging story to tell. I'll start playing F3 right now and come back once I have something of interest. Gabriel77cortez 13:12, 8 April 2009 (UTC)

I was walking through the Wasteland across some cliffs when I heard a wierd noise. I looked off the edge of the cliff to see a hostile brainbot patrolling underneath me. I pulled out my Chinese Assault Rifle but before I could go into VATS I took a huge amount of damage and fell off the cliff right in front of the brainbot. I killed it, looked up onto the cliff and saw that a pack of four Centaurs had sneaked up on me and pushed me off the cliff. I threw a grenade up to them, turned around and walked calmly off as the grenade blew the ugly motherfuckers into meaty chunks.

Just yesterday actually I came across the friendly giant radscorpion, I looked at him and tryed to pet him but he went evil on me, so I shot him with A3-21 rifle 3 times and he backed off. When I would walk towards him he would put his stinger up and back away! So I continued on only to be stung by the cowardly scorpion, so I turned him to a pile of goo. not 30 seconds later I run into a pair of giant radscorpions that also turn into a pile of goo. Bout a minute later I run into 3 yes 3 giant radscorpions, 2 were reduced to goo while 1 just died normally(sniffle). another minute goes by and I run into 2 giant radscorpions, a sentry bot, and a bloatfly. The sentry raped everything besides me of course and I turned it to a pile of goo also. Thats my epic fight story not much but it pissed me off.

Heres my epic tale:

I* found some super mutants rapin- i mean killing some regulators,so i decided to spawn a whole community to kill them,to i spawned all of megaton and rivet city, owned by the mutants,then one of the ugly mothers turned roudn and kill dogmeat,i was like "You killed dogmeat!" shortly after there was another nuclear apocolypse and everyone died again. Werewolfhell 14:28, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

Lol, this isn't really an epic wasteland story but i just wanted 2 share my experience. On my 1st playthrough at GNR i didn't notice the fatman on the dead brotherhood guy and then the behemoth came and i was like "ahh! WTF?" so i his behind the sandbags near GNR entrance so it couldn't get me and watched the brotherhood kill it. I thought u were meant 2 hide and let the brotherhood kill it. so i just fired away with my 10mm pistol which didn't even damage it. I then done the same thing another 2 times on different playthroughs and then releasied that there was a fat-man. after my 1st one i somehow knocked Sarah lyons unconscious and looted a fatman+mini nuke from her and then later died before i saved because i shot it too close at megaton when i had know knowledge of what the fatman was. i then tried 2 repeat it but couldn't. i also got stuck outside GNR for ages thinking there was something i missed because i couldn't open GNR door and then i Realised that there was an intercom. Silent.Killa78 >:) 09:58, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

I once Fast Moved to Kaelyns Bed & Breakfast to find one of the caravaners trapped inside and being attacked. I rushed over to save him but was too late and only made it in time to see him being killed by a Raider. I don't know how many times I reloaded before that jump but I was never able to save him. I tried stealth attack, long range sniper, and a shock and awe assault with missiles, mini-nukes and a Vengance!! Nothing worked.

So inveitably I just had to loot his caravan. Shame really!

Gunner Bill 16:12, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

I was experimenting with some death mods when i found a file in them that was labeled "Deathclaw1" i decided to test this out by luring someone towards a deathclaw,apparently the death was like this

The death claw sliced of boths the raiders legs and one of his arms,grabs him by the head,impaled him and pulled out his organs,bit his head off,then ripped him in two and throw his mutilated corpse to the ground,seeing this i thought awesome! but the deathclaw walked towards me and i ran away like a bitch Werewolfhell 16:18, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

WOW!, that is one badass animation. I wish i had Fallout 3 on PC so i could get it. Silent.Killa78 >:) 09:33, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Ill release to the internet soon,since i cancelled the infernus mod (Too much bugs glitches and fucke dup stuff) ill be making some fun stuff,but i found another badass death animation in V.A.T.S wghile programming a death mod,here it is:

After raising strength agility nd perception to above 8,i decided to fight megaton unarmed,so i walked up to lucas simms (Who had low health due to my previous misfire) and the death animation played like this

My charcter is about to take a punch from simms when my character dodges,kicks him in the face,rips his left leg and right arm of the wesker kills him by punching a 10 foot hole through his chest.Actually,i feel like playing resi 5 now Werewolfhell 14:44, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Link to death animation mod plz, or at least the name of it. Broeman 20:54, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Its not even ready yet,and ive still to name it,i only started workign on it 2 weeks ago. It takes a lot of work to make death animation modes,more so to make them unglitched.But when its ready ill post the link on my user page along with some details on my talk page. Werewolfhell

Ok here goes my story. I was on my 2nd play through character who happens to be very evil. As you know Regulators don't like you and try to kill you (emphasis on try). Anyway, I was a lvl 6 melee character who just happened to meet a group in that place where you find the Xulong Chinees Aassult Rifl. So, I was ready to fight them with my mighty regular sledge when the main dude runs off, so I was like okay, and killed the other guy. I turned to maul one of the guys staying behind. As soon as I got there, a freakin' Death Claw, remember I was level 6 so I couldn't exactly kill it, comes out of nowhere and rapes him! So I'm left hoping he won't kill me, the Claw runs off presumably after another Regulator while I'm scrambling for the rocks to hide. Too bad he could still see me until I snuck out with my last Stealth Boy, only to bee raped by the Giant Radscorpion near by... XxInThRaXeDxX 00:57, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

Decided to fast travel to Reclining Groves yesterday, for some unknown reason. I got there and all hell unleashed. Lucky for me, i was crouched in my chinese stealth armor (always travel like this, a habit i picked long ago). So I just stood there watching the carnage, then proceeded to do the body count. 8 giant radscorps, 2 super mutants with lousy guns, 3 man outcast patrol (gatling laser, missile launcher, minigun), 2 man outcast patrol (with protectron), 4 raiders, 5 tesla troopers (yea, all of them in tesla armor with plasma rifles) and a random Sentry Bot. The Enclave troopers won the skirmish, 3 of them were still alive and I had to kill them.
How did all these guys gather up there? Hell if I know, but it was fun watching it. Uhh, maybe a talon group with a fat man would've completed the picture. Perj 12:51, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

heres my favourite battle story....

i was hunting for rockopolis and in the clifftop like bits i fell off a ledge..left me with like 3 ticks of health...seeing as i didnt SEE anything i carry on trekking...turn right 90 degrees to see two Deathclaws diving at me...i hammer UP on the D-pad (stimpack..lifesaver) then my charon and jericho pop a few caps so i get out my terrible shotty pop one claw down only to see 3...yao guais charge me and the remaining claw....more shotties and 2 'nades later i was left rahther bemused at how they didnt appear on my radar thing...but happy to be staring at rockopolis (night time helps me see the entrance).. as for the GNR stories i never use the fat man on the behemoth, ruins the epic run/hide fun =]

I went to war with the whole entire population of the capital wasteland. I killed every single person I saw. If I didn't kill everyone in the wasteland; I came damn close.

Gatling'd Paladin Bael until he was unconcious, his body flew off into the lake next to the Citadel, glitched up. I could see his body & minigun flying around like flies over that lake. Eventually I quickloaded back.

Pararaptor 02:26, 27 April 2009 (UTC)

Posted this under things to do when bored but thought I'd share here. Carried the Alien from his crash site all the way to Megaton. Tried for a VERY long time (like a day total) to get him into Megaton. You can't go through the door. Found a way to literally "surf" him up the outside wall onto the area with Stockholm. However the Megaton behind him is the "developmental" as Megaton actually loads when you enter the door. So finally after realizing there was no way to get him inside, I just placed him in the bathtub by the merchants. (Tried sitting him in the little chair to the right of Deputy Weld for hours, but he just wouldn't sit right.)02:41, 27 April 2009 (UTC)Angelonedge

As you've clearly deserved to have your Alien in megaton is there not a console command to make him appear inside? Gunner Bill 08:52, 27 April 2009 (UTC)

I'm playing on 360. I'm sure with a Geck Editor I could have the alien pinned up on my wall on a PC. Too bad the 360 doesn't have an editor.Angelonedge 01:35, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

Lol, recently when i got up to the Citadel on my new save file. I didn't know Paladin Bael Was essential, i saved and then killed him(well, knocked him unconscious but it looked like i killed him) for being a jackass. he flew about 30m in the air and then fell into the lake at the other side about 100m away just like pararaptor. Silent.Killa78 >:) 10:35, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

Hell, I was level 9, my second or third playthough. For some reason i left all my stimpacks back at tenpenny tower and only had many random food items from the shops when i helped the ghouls take over. I was alone and wearing the armoured vault suit, and using the normal assault rifle and hunting rifle. I was doing the galaxy new radio quest but as soon as i got to dupont station i got distracted by raiders, ended up running into mines while under fire, cards exploding around. I had no stims with me so i had to try and cure my limbs with whatever i could fins in the houses riders were hiding in. after about 15 minutes and at least 2 limbs cripples i saw the entrance to the dry sewer for the first time. I went in and got suprised by the talon mercs and super mutants with miniguns, thank god fof frag grenades or i would've been dead. I emerged in Our Lady Of Love hospital and got jumped by super mutants again, once more one had a minugun. I survived, this time thanks to the minigunner hitting the fire extinguishers in front of him allowing me to finish him off. When i got home my armoured vault suit had a dr of abour 5 or 4 (started off with 11 or 12) and i had advanced radiation poisonnign from eating food and drinking from toilets/sinks etc). For some reason, to me that was the most memorable moment of Fallout 3 Setimir92 22:21, October 13, 2009 (UTC)

  • Here is my epic tale*

i had to go to the dunwich building to destroy the kirvbekneh, so i decided to go on a journey to get there. i started at the bottom right side of the map and decided that i would go around the perimeter of the capital wasteland. to spice things up a little i decided that i had to eat and drink, and that i could only wait by finding a bed and sleeping. i started my journey at the bottom right and made it to the republic of Dave, where i killed Dave, stole ol' painless, and made a daring escape back into the wastelands. i went west from the republic of Dave, and i recall not being able to find a bed at old olney and having to stealthily traverse its death claw ridden streets by night. i continued west where i found a group of ghouls by raven rock, traveling the wastelands like me. i decided that i would help them, by killing anything that would hurt them. a yui gui snuck up on me though, catching me offgaurd and murdering one of the three ghouls. we came to a satcom array when going south where a group of enclave started to shoot us. the second of the ghouls was killed in the beginning of the battle, and the third one was killed at my hands. i was firing a shots in VATS, when he ran right in front of me. the bullet pierced his head along with a now dead enclave soldier's. close to death, he ran at me, and i killed him in self defense. feeling 'guilty' i decided to spend the night in one of the nearby satcom arrays. i went in and made a grim discovery. i had found out where the ghouls where heading. i walked into the satcom array and there were about (not an embellishment. i was amazed myself.) 35-40 ghouls just walking around. it was a ghoul colony that was bigger then underworld. i spent the night there, and went south. i took an abandoned highway as far as i could and headed to my location. eventually, after many nights, I was standing in front of the doors of the dunwich building. i walked into the haunted house, wanting to get out as fast as i could. doors shut without me closing them, things fell off shelves when i came close, and i had a vision which scarred the sh*t out of me. eventually i came down to the sub basement, and sneaked into the room with the pillar in the middle. i murdered the ghoulified Jamie, and pressed the kirvbekneh on the pillar. with the book destroyed, i got the hell out of dunwich and rested at my house in megaton, my journey complete.

hows that for a real epic journey. this took about 3-5 days in real world time, with a few hours of play each night.Rorschach DR1 23:59, October 14, 2009 (UTC)Rorschach DR1

I had posted this earlier but it works here as well. My first experience with Deathclaws was at Old Olney. I was on the outskirts of town and I saw it off in the distance, and being my bad ass self I said "Bring it on bitch" so I left off a couple rounds of Ol' Painless into its head. Imagine my surprise when it took all 3 shots like they were bloatfly stings. It starts running toward me. I think to myself "Okay no problem, I love my hunting rifle, but it isnt exactly the strongest gun out there." Being a man who dislikes Big guns, I pull out my trusty 44. Magnum, I start plugging shots off at it, Its taking damage but nothing amazing. At this point this thing is really close, still I am not worried. I pull out my shotgun, confident that this will end the deathclaw once and for all. I let off a round close range right in his gut. He responds by slashing me in the face, which cripples my head and drops my health to 2/3. Now Im freaked out. I start going crazy with the shotgun as my vision blurs. He slashes me again, I lose more health, I take my last few stimpacks, and pull out Harkness's plasma rifle, with two shots the deathclaw is reduced to green goo. I have about 1/4 of my health left. I try to fast travel back to my home in megaton, which after this adventure, I feel I wont be leaving for some time. When I try to travel I am told that there are enemies present. I scan the area, and see another deathclaw off a ways, looking in my direction. I start to sneak backwards as a red caution sign appears on my screen. I keep going and going when all of sudden it flashes danger, I look to my left and another deathclaw is running toward me, I begin firing my plasma rifle at him, but I knew it was useless. I just wanted to go down fighting, unfortunately I doubt the deathclaw considered it much of one. He took the shots, never faltering, and with one swipe ended my wasteland adventures for good. User: Jack "the drifter" Vance 15:31, October 11, 2009

HAHAHA!!! Some awesome tales ppl!!!

Virtigos tales...#37 (I shot the Sherif)

One of my early days missions was, after becoming addicted to jet, which was after the sad loss of Charon... Oh Charon, he brightened my day, until the Regulators got juicy and with a well placed grenade, exploded Charons legs... Poor Charon... Anyway, it's only meat! So yeah, accepted Burkes mission, to destroy Megaton, said "cheers mate" and turned to Gob, who stood next to Moriarty blissfully unaware of the pact i just made... I pulled out the Man Opener, hell yeah I went to The Pitt first, killed every last Mo'Fo' that had a mohawk, with a Shovel... But that's another tale... So i let her rip in the saloon, slayed them all, laughing at the arms and heads flying about the room. Then left the saloon and faced the army of settlers and residence of Megaton, didn't take long, had 30 grenades to dispose of... All that was left, on purpose, was good old Sherif, forgotten his name, we stood before eachother near the bomb outside of Dr.s to be sure, i stood laughing at his feeble Chinese Rifle as he shot me 100 times, i did have 106 stimpaks i might add... So i pulled out ye olde' Backwater Rifle, and with one clean head shot, Simms' (ha there it is...) head exploded in to nothing, his body did a superb backflip... So there i was in Megaton, and just those bulletproof children and the Brahmin left... set the bomb, got the loot, awesome loot... (To be Continued)--Fool out (Nastia) 20:10, October 15, 2009 (UTC)

Upon leaving Onley Power Works I had a run in with a deathclaw....or so I thought.One after another about 5 death claws attacked me.Crippled one with my dart gun.....OH GOD ANOTHER!5 deathclaws.....outran them all! --FO3DLC 21:45, October 16, 2009 (UTC)

Here's mine:

Right after I leave Vault 108, Killing all my insane brothers and/or cousins, with my Red Ryder BB Gun I would soon devolop a rather.....cannibalistic taste and probably eat 1/2 corpses. But then a few seconds later I spit them out in disgust. On my way up from the dormitories, I find a rather immense mess hall and soon find 3 bottles of nuka-cola and some InstaMash I attempt to drink one of the Cola's but barely manage to get it down, for it tasted horrid. I look at the expiration date and noticed it had expired in 2/9/2214, But, desperate, put two of the bottles in my backpack. I then put some Instamash in a bowl and heated it in the microwave, Big mistake. For when The timer went off, I heard about a dozen people say "Gary? GAAAARYYY!!!!" ( I never understood why they said it so much) And about 20 of the buggers came charging in. Luckily, They went directly to the instamash and started gulping it down, which gave me enough time to escape to the vault door. I soon found a N99 10mm Pistol next to a skeleton. Then exited the Vault.

After walking about a mile, I stumble upon a ghoul wielding a Shotgun. He says his name is Charon and then hands me a Chinese Assault Rifle. Upon This action, I drop my BB gun finding it of no use anymore. We then Travel to a village called "Megaton" A giant city mad of steel and rusting Iron. Upon entering we encountered a rather nice fellow by the name of Lucas Simms. Who Introduced us to the place. We soon went to Moriarty's Saloon and got us a round of whiskey. We Then HIM. A extravagant man, (The fanciest man in town i might say) and he beckoned us over to him. He said that He would pay us 500 caps for blowing up the city, and he said to head to a place called Tenpenny Tower. So we were about 500 yards away when a group of about 10-12 Talon Company mercs surrounded me and my ghoul companion.

"Surrender now, and we won't cut your fingers and toes off slowly with a rusted knife! HAHA!" Said one of the mercs. "well ol' chump?" I whispered to my companion. "I say we try our best to fend them off best we can" "Well, whats your choice maggots?" said another merc, possibly the leader. "I SAY" "SAY ELLO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!" I yelled and starting pelting the mercs. I killed about four when my companion went down with a horrible gash in his head by a Shotgun. "Go On with out me bo-boss.." And he slowly died. Out of complete revenge, I went full out by picking up my dead companions shotgun and held each gun in both my hands, and opened fire. I killed about 6 more when I felt a bullet enter my back, Then another seven in my right arm. But I kept firing. Unfortunately, I ran out of bullets and managed to pull out my 10mm and cap 1 more. with only one left. But sadly, the last one had been the leader, and walked up to me with a familiar gun. My BB Gun. He then Aimed towards my head and shot. --User:Fallout3Maniac

Thats one pretty damn epic adventure, you should turn it into a comic.--Brandon.367 06:01, October 17, 2009 (UTC)

It was a cold day in the wastes radiation blowing in gently on the breeze. there were three remaining members of the Crimson Claw Strike Force. My self the Leader in Hellfire armor my second in command Charon in Winterized T-51b armor the stalwart ghoul, and our new recruit Miss Cross in a strange Tesla Armour we ran across two days earlier. the three of us survived a trap set by the Talon Company to remove their competition. after a savage attack leaving five of the 8 original members that left to track down a Behemoth that has been terrorizing the area around Girdershade. the ambushing squad of twenty merc. was decimated after a strike of pure luck when a Supermutant charged in with a gatling laser and aided us in our battle. After the fight we found the mutant to be a friendly and he joined our ranks. We traveled for a few days before finding the Behemoth caged by raiders. I placed a Mini-nuke on the beasts head and my allies took places picking of the raiders that scrambled for cover when the bombs went off. after cleaning up the area we took the week long journey home and received our pay for a job well done from the local who brought us the job. after that we rested for nearly a week before . . . To be Continued Antily3f 03:35, October 18, 2009 (UTC)

Alright, I understand taking a poetic license, I do it, but I myself find it more enjoyable when people keep their adventures in the realm of possibility. Granted I play on the 360 so I don't know what all can be accomplished with mods, but Im fairly sure you can't dual wield shotguns. Maybe I'm being an anal jerk here, but I just find the story more interesting without the added dialogue or exaggerated components. Some of the above stories would be more at home as a fanfiction I think. Then again thats just my opinion, I could be wrong. Jack "the drifter" Vance 20:13, October 19, 2009 (UTC)

My friend Sam and I are playing this, i just got him to start a game not too long ago, but he's hooked now. but anywho... sam is playing through i think he was walking to the red racer factory from the nuka cola plant to get ledeux's hockey mask and the firelance encounter happened. so we're sitting there like "awesome!" but the only thing to be found was a few bits of ammo for the thing. I'm sitting here thinking "damn, that thing probably landed on top of one of these buildings", to give you an idea where we are; go behind the red racer factory and you will find a small cliff that makes a wall and then right next to that is a building and so this makes a sort of alley way. So at this point, sam is pissed and is starting to give up on finding the firelance. I take over long enough for him to smoke a cigarette and i get on top of the cliff and try to get a look on top of the building across to see a few more alien power cells and i tell him that i could try to atleast get some some of that rare ass ammo for him so, i lob over a pulse nade and i get nothing, i lob over a second and then the game (almost knowingly...) starts to glitch up a bit to show the firelance flying in a glorious arch and landing almost exactly at the feet of sam's character. The both of us lost it and a round of high-fives were exchanged good times...yeah, goodtimes! Abelincolin 20:12, October 23, 2009 (UTC)

That is epic Jack "the drifter" Vance 21:25, October 23, 2009 (UTC)

Agreed sir! and to think, it took me two hours of reloading from a save next to vault 106 to get that damn thing hahahaAbelincolin 22:49, October 25, 2009 (UTC)

I got General Jingwei's Uniform. On Xbox 360. I had to do the entire Guns of Anchorage Quest with no Winterized Combat Armor. It was fun blasting Chinese Soldiers with a Gauss in your underwear.LW556DCJ 01:58, October 26, 2009 (UTC)

my story is this: me, fawkes and dogmeat were traveling the wasteland, out in the deep countryside. then, i was encountered by a group of, mabey 6-12 ghouls. three of them were reavers, two were roamers, and one a glowing one. the rest were regulars. so, fawkes took out his ass whiping gatling laser, and kills all but these 3 reavers. have you ever laughed your head off seeing fawkes get attacked by 3 reavers having a shit fit? i was laughing my head off! then we , rather, i went to pointlookouit and spent a week there collecting ingredients for MOONSHINE Fn6000 23:42, December 4, 2009 (UTC)

Here is my story. Fawkes, Dogmeat and I were traveling the wasteland. Deep in the country side I encountered a group of nearly a dozen ghouls. There were three reavers, two roamers, a glowing one and a few regular ghouls. Fawkes took out his ass-whipping gatling laser and killed them all; except the three reavers. Have you ever seen Fawkes get attacked by three reavers who are having a shit fit? I was laughing my head off! Then we, or rather I, went to Point Lookout to spend a week collecting ingredients for moonshine.

Three reavers, two roamers, a glowing one and few regular ghouls means there are at least nine ghouls present, not 6-12. Just saying. LVTDUDE 03:52, December 5, 2009 (UTC)

I was at evergreen mills with under ten health, the giant mutant released and 5 raiders all around me

i decided to make my final stand, I entered V.A.T.S. and aimed for the heads of the 5 raiders and the behemoth, then I heard it the SOUND THE STRANGERS SOUND HE KILLED THE RAIDERS AND THE BEHEMOTH It was AMAZING i almost cryed with joy Deathclawpoop 20:16, June 7, 2010 (UTC)

So the other day, I was wondering through a subway tunnel, heading over to GNR. I was coming into a larger open part of the tunnel, when I had to fend off some ghouls... I was in the middle of battle and had nothing left to use but VATS, so I did... Started taking out a ghoul, and by the time I had killed him, I had realized I had shot up a car that was sitting back behind the ghouls, well was I in for a suprise, before the ghoul had dropped, the VATS screen shifted towards the burning car, which was now blowing up in slow mothing, taking out several other ghouls and raiders that were heading my way. That was one of the coolest things I've ever done with VATS. Cribs: Fallout Edition 01:10, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

One time, me and my comrades: Charon and Jericho were fighting Swampfolk in Point Lookout (Console Command.) along with me, and Charon was knocked down by an accidental misfire, and when all hope looked lost, a particuarlly stupid Swampman SHOT HIS ALLY. And the two started fighting. All I could do was sit there and say: "Wow."

Doctor L Weegee

My best story was this:

All I had was a shotty and a sniper going into the our lady of hope hospital during the rilles ranger mission. The whole time th rough the hostpital and the statesman hotel, i used the sniper. In the retaurant part of the hotel, i took down a master with 3 critical hits in a row. I waited for him to come back into sight, ishot him then hid. he walked away, and i repeated. At the time, i was only like level 11! it was epic.

When I was level 3, I was doing the Arlington Library part of Wasteland Survival Guide. So, I swam from Rivet City to the Riverboat Landing. I climb up the hill and walk behind the pillars next to the first building to the right (if i remember correctley) and a missle blows up in my face! two Talon Mercs come at me, and I unsuccesfully used the pillars as cover as another missle almost kills me. Shooting at the mercs with a 10mm pistol, I grind my butt down the hill, and both have taken out Chinese Assault Rifles. I run into the bunk room of the ferry, and the holdout begins. The mercs are on land across the bridge. I am shooting out the window with a hunting rifle, and Tobar the ferryman and the other person are shooting the mercs. After ten minutes, neither of the mercs are even at halfway health and my allies are either unconscious or fleeing. So I take desperate measures, assault rifle blazing, run out of the ferry and swim into a sunken boat. I am determined to win this fight. Busting caps in them with a sniper rifle (making 7% of the shots) they give up and leave. Of course, I'm still going. I chase them up the hill. I shoot them with my 10mm. I use the door to the sewer as cover in the trench. Then I get a plan. Throwing a grenade to make sure they know I'm there, I go into the sewer and wait. The staircase goes down and turns, providing cover for me, Then it goes down more into a hallway with some doors. The silence is scary. Then, one merc comes down. Popping in and out of the corner, I wear him down until he comes for me. I shoot him in the face with a shotgun. I leave the sewer, drawing the other one in. I set a mine at the inside door, injuring the merc, who brought A ROBOT. I use three pulse grenades on the Mister Gutsy, then pop out with a combat shotgun wich soon breaks, so I switch to a sawed-off. Both mercs are dead, and I finish off the Gutsy with a laser rifle. Resting on the stairs and proud of my victory, the door in the hallway swing open and a raider comes out saying,"I have you know!". His head soon explodes from my shotgun. I walk past the Talon barrciade and (of course) a missle launcher toting merc comes out. A short shootout ends up with me living, after I used my sniper rifle. Pretty much dead and out of ammo, I head back to Megaton. -DerpFFFUUU

I'd like to tell a tale about two girls from a Vault. One was good and kind and the other was just pure evil. The good one had a bright blue ponytail, was friendly to everyone she helped or saved, never asked for a large reward, and killed a lot of bad guys. The bad sister was a killer, a slaver, and one hell of a drinker. Anyway, the good sister went to find out where her dad was when she and her evil twin escaped from their master. They use to be slaves. The bad one went off to steal, kill, and drink. The good one found decided to go to GNR and she asked Three Dog where her dad was, and he told her in exchange for her to do a job for him. She did it and got the info she needed. After that she headed to Rivet City and found out her dad went to the Jef Memorial. When she got there she cleared out every last mutant there and found out her dad was at Vault 112. She went there, saved him, and went back to Rivet soon after. She gathered a bunch of eggheads together and they went to the Memorial to make some clean water, but then the Enclave came and killed her dad. Everyone tried to escaped and they did, with no deaths. Pretty soon the good sister had become a member of the BOS and helped them activate the purifier inside the Jef building, but she died in the chamber. Or was she? 2 weeks later, she woke up in the BOS HQ and helped them destroy the Enclave's 2nd base at Adams. She tried destroying the place but her sister already got there and did something bad obviously. So she walked outside and found her friends from the Brotherhood coming to help her out. When they got back to the Citadel, the remaining Steel members thought she did it, but she didn't, it turns out her sister came by Adams, blew up the citadel, ransacked the armory, and left before the team came back. The other one had to kill off the remaining BOS people that helped her escape and then she left after burying them. But whenever she went to GNR, the Washington Monument, or that library place, the BOS attacked her. She started to get a taste for blood though and started killing anything that moved, good people anyway, she helped a man named Burke blow up Megaton, she killed off everyone in that 101 Vault, and she even overthrew the leader of the Pitt and made it even more of a living hell than it use to e. What happened to her sister you ask? She became the leader of Talon Company, killed Riley's Rangers, Blew up the Project Purity place, and killed everyone in Rivet City just so she could break some peoples legs and watch then crawl away. That is the story of the two most cold blooded, dark hearted, dangerous chicks to ever roam the Capitol Wasteland, but who knows, they might travel West in a few months... -Riond55

I am going through the Presidential Metro, and Fawkes yells and starts fighting a few Reavers. So, I kill one, and figure he can handle the other while I kill the robots and scavenge stuff. About 5 minutes later, it says "Fawkes has died". I get really confused, because I was at level 30, which means Fawkes had, like, 20,000 health. (I tested, he took about 30 mini nukes from afully repaired Fat Man without seeing a change in his health bar.) So, I turn around, and there is the ghoul Reaver I left him to deal with. I go into VATS, and see he has FULL HEALTH! Plus, he's missing his left arm. And still alive. So, I hit the invincible Ghoul glitch, so I reloaded the last auto save.--With care and happiness, Supermutantslayer450' ROAR 23:26, June 27, 2010 (UTC)

I pointed downward with my Experimental MIRV...and fired. Then I flew. I flew like the wind. Along with Fawkes' headless, armless, legless corpse right beside me and Dogmeat's head somewhere in the distance.DiarrheaDELUXE 22:54, June 30, 2010 (UTC)DiarrheaDELUXE

Cleared out old olney single handed with just Dart gun and sydey's 10mm Ultra SMG and about 4 stims. then.

I wasn't even winded JASPER42 13:08, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

Click here to see an epic adventure (unfinished). Sparky 15:06, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

I made a new game designed to be a "good guy" and an "assassin" (small melee/unarmed, sneak mode, and sniper only). I had trouble doing this in the Vault, and had to resort to the good 'ol baseball bat. I got out, and discovered I was a Vault Guardian! after saving Amata and Butch's mom. So..I decided to "splurge" and go kill someone for no good reason, so I went to a small ranch house in Springvale and murdered the woman, then stuck her under the bed (this took a little time using Z-Grabbing) and took a few useful items before leaving for...Megaton. When I entered, I was met by one Lucas Simms, who commissioned me to defuse the bomb. And I delivered. He gave me 500 caps, and my very own house! I repaired some pipes for some old guy, and convinced Leo Stahl to give up his drug habit. I convinced Moriarty to tell me where my dad was, and talked to Lucy West. But I had other things to do.

You see, Moria Brown shanghied me into almost killing myself for some book, so I spent an hour in front of the defused bomb, drinking irradiated water. Then she made me go to Super Duper Mart, where I encountered something interesting. Apparently 3 ghoul wastelanders and a chinese commando had tried to help me fend off the raiders, but the commando died, allowing me to loot him. The three ghouls ran off, to be replaced by some little kid screaming his head off about mutant ants. But I had my own priorities: Get Food, Get Medicine, Get Out. I found food in a fridge to the left of the entrance, but as I was lockpicking an ammo canister, a very peculiar little girl ran at me with a bloodied baseball bat saying she wished to "Rip off my legs and feed them to her dog." I had to resort to violence, and did a swift uppercut with my spiked knuckles before she had time to say "I'll rip your head off!!!" I had to avoid very flimsy and noisy shopping carts as I made my way to the back of the building, where I was met by 3 other peculiar people of the same hospitality. Fortunately, I found some 5.56mm ammo for my newly scavenged assault rifle, and some .32 ammo for my hunting rifle. Then, in a back room, I found something called a "Miniature Nuclear Device" which I pocketed, thinking that it would work great for digging a hole later on. Finally, on the back wall, I found my objective; Stimpacks. I pocketed them, and ran out, only to be met again by, you guessed it, 5 more so called "Raiders". After taking some ammo off their bodies, I ran out, and hiked all the way back to Megaton, where I was told that I wasn't done! I still had to go to a place called "The Minefield". Yeah, real friendly-sounding place, but there was money involved, so I began my trek.

I took a detour by Springvale School to pocket more ammo for my long journey. I learned that these "Raiders" were trying to dig their way into my home, Vault 101! So, of course, I had to save my poor brethren from an unfortunate fait, and resorted to killing the raiders through suburb use of grenades. I exited the school through a rear exit, and resumed my adventure. Approximately 1 kilometer away from Springvale, I encountered a rare mutated species called "Radscorpion". Fortunately, some Raiders decided to throw away their murderous past and help me to defend myself from the vile beast. Upon its death I learned that they weren't aiming to kill the Scorpion, instead to kill me! I looked at my health, to see that I only had 3 ticks left, so I rolled behind a rock, popped the last of my Stimpacks and some Buffout, and loaded my Chinese Assault Rifle (which I looted from the Megaton Armory, a venture I wish to not talk about, too many dark deeds were involved in that incident) and prepared to switch from Frags to the rifle, when a Raider in Painspike armor (yeah, those spikes caused pain) jumped over the rock I was behind and attempted to bash in my face with a lead pipe. To avoid the pain that would come, I had to resort to V.A.T.S, and targetted his arm with my Spiked Knuckles, ripping is arm off and into shreds. This left 2 raiders, both shooting at me with their Assault Rifles. I prepared a Frag, and lobbed it over the rock, to see that they were advancing, one with a sledgehammer and the other with a Submachine Gun. I whipped out my Combat Shotgun, and blew off one of their heads before he could fire a single shot. I had to run behind another rock, and clock myself with a stealth boy, to avoid the carnage from the sledgehammer. While the final raider was looking for me, I whipped out my hunting rifle, and scored a perfect headshot.

After all of that, I finally got to the Minefield. Unfortunately, it was duely named. I tried to find another way around by going west up a hill and around a radio tower to come at a sniper (who I later learned was named Arkansas) when I came across the most fierce creature in the wasteland, a Deathclaw. He stood at twice my height, and was only 10 meters away from me, when I realized that I was in deep trouble. I can only assume that he had already encountered Arkansas, who dropped his health down to the last 6 bars. However, with my hunting rifle, it was speculated that even with a headshot, I would only knock down 1 tick. I decided that this would be a job for my Chinese Assault Rifle, as the fiend was closing in on me, almost close enough to swipe me with his monstrous arms. I fired 9 quick shots, and short range, to finally see the deathclaw fall. I cut off his hand, and discovered that I was walking on a poor scavenger. His fate seemed connected to the Deathclaw, and when I searched him for anything useful, I found a batch of schematics for one "Deathclaw Gauntlet". EUREKA! My dream of having one of my own was within reach! I continued down the hill to snipe Arkansas sniper rifle out of his hands, along with his arm from his torso. I traversed the treacherous path of Mines to his body, and grabbed his sniper rifle from his clutches. Finally, my quest for the ultimate assassin gear was close to complete. Now I had to trek to the middle of the field, which was easier than it sounded. finally, armed with my sniper rifle, deathclaw gauntlet, frag mines, and experience, I, the Lone Wanderer, made my way back to Moria Brown, and her Craterside Supply. My mission was complete, and I took a nice long nap in my Megaton House that morning. None223 23:01, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Cool story bro Hazza B 20:18, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

Mine's not so much an epic story, but I was still pretty pleased with it at the time. It was when I managed to complete the entire Reilly's Rangers quest by killing every single super mutant (including the Masters) with one hit kill Lincoln's Repeater sneak attack criticals. I found myself asking "Is that it?" when I reached Butcher, Brick and Donovan on the roof of the Statesman Hotel. One especially pleasing kill was on the floor under the restaurant, in the big room with the elevator, there was a Master and a Brute. I aimed with VATS for the brute, confident that I would hit him (95% chance) and then continued to have a pop at the Master, not so sure (about 53% chance) but i was relieved to see his head an all four limbs explode (bloody mess) All in all, a rather fullfilling excursion ;D

The Slightly-Lonely Wanderer 11:15, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

I'll always remember it. I was assaulting Fort Bannister. I was still on the outside. I had killed a few talon company members, but I was down to my last stimpak. I popped it quick and ran in for one last kill. And then I saw them. 2 deathclaws. They apparently had the same idea as I did. They dashed in, and started tearing up the Talon Company guards outside. I could only pray that they wouldn't come after me. I think a radscorpion and a Yao Guai came in at one point, but I believe the Guai killed the Radscorpion and then got cut up by the deathclaws. I could only watch in awe as the deathclaws dismembered guard after guard, although losing health at the same time. The Talon Company was decimating fast. They were down to their last 2 guards outside. One was critically injured. I could tell because he tried to limp away with to crippled legs. Fat chance. One of the deathclaws tore him up before he could walk 15 feet. The deathclaws both had 1 tick in their health bars. The final Talon member finally shot them both down. I peeked my head over the rock and saw the Talon standing near the bodies of the 2 deathclaws. I decided to fire my last Hunting Rifle bullet at him, with a 45% chance of hitting. A perfect headshot. I couldn't believe it. There I stood in the blood-soaked, dead-body-ridden field. I tiptoed around, taking ammo and medicine from the dead Talons and containers scattered around. I took one of the deathclaw's hands for the future, not knowing when I would need it, but I decided to take it anyway. I hightailed it back to Megaton. I had a long nap afterwards.

HoboHunter28 00:15, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

I was attacking Evergreen Mills with Star Paladin Cross and dogmeat. At first, I wanted just to completely storm past the place without taking it on, but these raiders were coming out and attacking Doc Hoff's caravan and he had only two little bars of health left, so I had to storm in and kill the couple of asshole raiders killing my bud. So, once Hoff took off (with no freaking thanks, "Your welcome for saving your life asshole!) I decided that I would just get it over with and storm the place. I ran in and took down the ones perched up high that snipe, then started to take heavy fire from those to my right, so I ran behind the behemoth cage where a bunch of raiders were waiting. My and dogmeat killed those tards then Cross, Dogmeat, and I ran to the behemoth cage and I decided to try and pick it off through the cage, like firing through it because I didn;t have a fatman, and this raider jumped out of nowhere and started shooting at us and I didn't get hit but he shot the machine keeping the cage closed and dogmeat immediately leapt forwards and started to attack the behemoth, and I was like "Dogmeat no!" And Cross didn't do anything and I tried to get the behemoth's attention but he was totally set on beating the living crap out of dogmeat. Dogmeat died, and I restarted, AND THE EXACT THING HAPPENED AGAIN! I just gave up and said "Screw you dogmeat, if you wanna die, then you gonna die."

Haha, good stories guys. Here is mine.


Well, I had decided that I better destroy my kirvbekneh at the Dunwich Building. So there I stood infront of the building I had already cleared out around 12 levels ago. So, figuring the same thing I did last time would work, I tried it again. Putting my ghoul mask on I danced through the building without taking a single point of damage! But that is not where my story ends. As I exit the building, I hear it. The sound of the Firelance ship exploding in the air. Watching the ship crash, I decided to follow the contrail. Getting closer I hear the sounds of laser discharge. Baffled by this I come over the hill to find a war at the crash site. There were roughly 12 protectrons firing lasers like a rave, a sentry bot, an albino radscorpion, an Outcast patrol with their Mr. Gutsy, Enclave troops, five radroaches, and three talon company mercs. Switching to my steal armour I crouched to avoid detection as this post apocalyptic slaughter ensued. To my surprise the protectrons won with five of them surviving, but the second the fight ended they started attacking each other. With a quick pulse grenade they were dispatched and I claimed my Firelance! And so it was that the alien robot invasion was repelled.

BTW, on all of these attacking GNR stories, why don't you just hide on the second floor windows of the deserted school and kill the behemoth like that?

Super-Duper Mart Raider 13:10, July 31, 2010 (MTC)

i was walking through the enclave base using my trusty 44. mag and blowing holes in the enclave soldiers that dared challenge me in only a single shot for all of the ones i foughtPeters 007 05:13, August 2, 2010 (UTC)